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    Message Signed the 23-02-2015 at the 17:29  
Accuracy Of birth time - What Astrologers should do & have not done so far
If only all astrological organisations and astrologers had come together in educating their clients and astro students since 1970s or 80s or 90s when watches became more better in quality and people were more educated we would have been now dealing with accurate birth times. We must request all our friends and relatives and clients to note down birth time of their future generations. Astrological Organisations should distribute pamplets regarding the same.
I wish we had published an article on this in the SA magazine but there i have been lax since there are various birth times that is considered by authorities, which one to give weightage is an eternal debate and not the subject of this post.
Some broad possibilities though not exhaustive are
a) When the body (head or whatever) comes out of the stomach
b) The first breath or first cry (not possible to know the first breath)
c) Dharti Darshan
d) Navel cord cutting
f) conception time
Some of it is not possible from the above but some of it can be done esp when we double check the hospital watch few days in advance with internet clock or atomic clock
A friends wife was to deliver and i remembered it and called up twice double checking if he has done the necessary arrangements to note down the correct time. Luckily it was a normal delivery so even he was allowed inside the operation room. I think in C section here father is not allowed. Exact second of birth is important and esp for those who are testing the tatva method of birth time rectification
Anyways today his wife delivered a beautiful baby girl
Body Coming Out time:
Natal Chart
Date: February 23, 2015
Time: 14:32:34
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India
Altitude: 0.00 meters
NOTE: D60 Lagna becomes Scorpio
Navel Cord Cutting Time
Date: February 23, 2015
Time: 14:36:29
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India
Altitude: 0.00 meters
NOTE: D60 Asc becomes Capricorn

Challa Jayadevananda Sastry 

    Message Signed the 23-02-2015 at the 12:24  
Dear sirs/ pranams,

Here is my 2nd technique on job-timing.It contains some deep meaning.A clever student can easily know the meaning behind this technique.Let us dip in to the technique now..Its a pure parasharis astakavarg technique.

Identify the 7th house in the chart and make it as vicharan lagna.

Note down 7th lord and planets in the 7th house..

Now see if there are any planets in the 4th nd 12 th houses. check whether in vimshothharidasa maan is these 4th or 12th lords bhukthis r running or operating at the time of job enquiries.

Now come to natal nd transit astakavarga chart sections. check whether the 7th lord or planet placed in 7th house has more than 4 bindhus [not in SAV]


the 4th or 12th lords or planets placed in 4th or 12th or 7th lord or planets placed in the 7th[vicharan asdnt] can give a job to the native.During transits when 4-7-12th lords enter 2-6-10 houses, they wil bestow a job to the native..As a secondary option when 2-4-6-7-10-12 th lords transits through 1-3-6-10-11-12 houses a new job will favour the native..

Pl note researchers of this technique,the above planets nd houses should not be in saturns stars/should not conjuct nd aspectd by saturn,should not be placed in saturns navamsas during their can take saturns conjuction degree just 3-20.Above 3-20Degrees means there is no conjunction...

wth regards

Challa Jayadevananda Sastry 

    Message Signed the 19-02-2015 at the 13:27  
Can readers test this technique pls

Dear admin members of SA-Research unit..pranams to u all..

Here i am placing this synthesized technique to find out job timing.It uses tajak+jaimini+parashari methods.

first find out the natal karma saham,its star ruler,dispositor.placement from chandra-surya-janma lagnas.see the same from 10th/6th/2nd lords nd also from SATURN-JUPITER-MERCURY-SUN.Note all the contents..

Now come to anual horoscopes karma saham like all the above angles.Note their contents..

see end note down the AMK- from jaimini method..

come to annual horoscope kundali now.If anual[transit] karma saham falls in 2-6-10 places from natal karma saham or from saturn or from the 10th lord or from AMK or from dispositor or from moon-sun-natal lagnas nd from 2-6-10th lords, the native blessed wth job.

If it falls in 3-6-11 places expected job wth expected salary can be achieved..if it falls in 8-12 places the native can secure a job unexpectedly,if it falls in 12, the native will get a job in abroad (possibly)..

In this, if sahama star lord or AMK or dispositor r associated wth nodes,the native wil be favoured by the nodes indicated religion frnds nd also get job assignments in abroad..

By chance if any planet gets 10th lord ship nd placed in 12th from natal karma saham in anual transit sahama chart,it immediately gives job wthout any delay r lag.

one can use both jaimini[rasi drustti] nd parashar[planetory] aspects in this technique this, kendra nd konas are associated wth transfers nd promotions: means if subha graha placed in konas[from natal to transit karma saha point],they wil give transfers+pramotions nd if papa graha placed r associated with it in kendras,harrasment nd more work burdens wil be seen on natives.

workless or jobless conditions are also be seen by using [10th lord/karma sahama lord/its dispositors degree]either CHARUBELs or SEPHARIALs Degree zodiac symbolisams..but first we attempt only the above method.once we check the accuracy of this method, we can further improvise it wth more options, like how to decide whether the native does a job or business.

In this, what i stress is, if transit karma saham/lords/star rulers/10th lord/saturn-sun-jupiter-mercury-AMK placed in ardha thrikonas from the natal sahama points nd lords-star rulers/saturn-sun-jupiter-mercury-AMK job is assured to the native..Conjunctions r more powerfull than parashari aspects in this method but agian jaimins rasi drusttis r equally powerfull..

If have any doubts in this method pl send mail sir..

wth regards



r k rath 

    Message Signed the 15-02-2015 at the 18:24  
respected admin sir, this soul is unable to open recent articles(vol.10) by clicking on it to download and read/view as i have closed the old e mail id at yahoo and now opened another with same id in yahoo.your log in/register says id exists and not allowing me to open a new one as advised by you to my new yahoo email. i have also tried astrology bookshop id of mine which open there to read articles now you have made email address and pass word mandatory but not as a guest.kindly help this senior citizen please.yours truly, rkrath.

Sir, sorry about this
There is a problem we are trying to solve it
Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 06-02-2015 at the 11:28  
The Ganapati Remedy - A Great Remedy For Removing Problems

Dear Mr._____,
As discussed with you on facebook,sending you one of the remedial measures for fellow jyotish practitioners and spiritual people who find it fit enough to try out... I have personally gained by following this remedy and hope it benefits others. Would request you to keep my identity hidden. Thanking you for the great job that you are doing....All the best and my sincerest best wishes for your future astrological journey.

Namaste ,
The below practice was taught to me by Pt. K.P Tripathi ji. The practice is done if one is facing constant obstacles in one’s life due to problems in job, business, academics or there is a prediction given by soothsayers of an impending danger. The practice finds its mention in Durva Tantra ( a tantric work on the worship of Lord Ganesha). Lord Ganesha the first to be worshiped is easy to appease and he is the remover of obstacles. As the scriptures says , he can be appeased by simple offering of Durva – grass which can be easily found.
All that is needed is 11 durva grass ,10 durva grass to be tied with the 11th one. Sit in a meditative position facing east or northeast in either padmasana ,sidhasana or normal sitting posture. Keep the durva in the left hand palm and cover it with the right hand one and place your enclosed palms near to the mooladhar chakra and chant 108 times the basic mantra of Sri Ganesha (Om gam ganapathaye namah).
After the above thing is done, One can keep the durva with oneself for 7days or one can also feed the durva along with jaggery to a cow. If the cow avoids eating the durva, it means one must experience the fruits of the impending karma.
The above ritual was also recommended to me by Late Swami Ramanandnath ji from Karpatri Maharaj’s tradition for all astrologers as many knowingly unknowingly share the karma of people seeking consultation and the relief comes from the worship of Cow with the above ritual to be done on Thursday.

(The person who has sent me does not want name or fame or money, so i trust him explicitly even though i have not tested this remedy). Many times i have posted upayas and many have done it and benefitted but they post their feedback privately in messenger or via emails. It is of no use to me and the astrological world, what will be the use is to Post their observations/feedback here on the wall page so that others who come later can read it and be inspired to do the remedy, that way you would do more better karma. I think this is a very simple remedy and can be done by most people. You can forward this to many people, but tell them that by just doing remedies its not of much use, our character should change, we should become better human beings, thats when the true blessings come. This no indian astrologer stresses in my limited experience of meeting astrologers but this is mentioned in the LBOA, a book that changed my life.)

1)For the Druva and Ganpati Remedy, does one need to do it everyday, for 7 days.
One needs to do the remedy once every 7days. or for better results preferably on chaturthi.

2)What does one do with Druva grass after it ?
If one is not feeding the druva grass to the cow, then one may keep it with oneself for 7days and after 7days, the durva may be thrown in to a sea or waterbody.

3)What happens if one is doing puja in the manas form instead of the real Druva. What to do in such a case?
Mental worship or Manas puja is definitely a more stronger form of worship compared to external ritual as it requires deep contemplation and there is no distraction apart from ones own thoughts. One who does mental worship for himself or herself, the object of contemplation is Lord Ganapathy himself , the durva is ones own breath and the fruits of such a worship may be just more than what actually one intends to achieve.
Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 13-01-2015 at the 13:52  
Anyone Seeking Predictions from Shri KN Rao

Rao Saheb is getting a mega research done on Job Timing as in today’s environment of private jobs many suffer for long spells of being jobless
Shri Rao Saheb at this old age has agreed to give predictions to such individuals who are without job for quite some time. Pls note that this is not a guarantee and he will try his best keeping in mind his advanced age. Also note that many would apply for this and some are bound to be disappointed.
For his research, the following needs to be emailed in as systematic a manner as possible and it will be forwarded to him. Email to . Kindly do not email us asking when or why not a prediction was given to you. Once we receive reply from Shri Raos office it will be emailed to you, if you do not receive an email from us then we have not received any news. Pls note this is a free service and not a guaranteed reply service from Shri K N Rao or Saptarishis Office.
Emails should be sent with two separate headings as applicable
Subject: Job Wanted/Request to Shri K N Rao
Subject: Job History/For Research of Shri K N Rao

Full Name: [Specify: Name To Be Withheld/Name Can be Used in Publications]
Sex: ____ [Male/Female]
Birth Date: ______ Day Month Year Format [Note Month has to be mentioned as Jan Feb and so on and not in numerical format]
Time Of Birth: _____ [In 24 Hour Format only]
Place of Birth: City, State, Country [Format to be maintained]
Lat Long: ____ If Possible
Source of Time Of Birth: _________ [Birth Certificate if available pls attached in jpeg format, if other sources, mention Level of accuracy in brackets]
Following Details Required for Birth Chart Verification, only on birth chart verification will prediction be given
Number of Siblings: ____ (1st Elder Sister, 2nd Elder Brother, 3rd Myself, 4th Younger Brother],
Education Background: ____ [From Month Year To Month Year]
Profession: ______
List of Jobs Joining and Ending Dates
1.______ To ______ [ eg Working In Wipro from 21st Jan 2010 To 25th Sept 2013 From To Format to be maintained]
2. ______ To ______
3. ______ To ______
4. ______ To ________ etc
Note: If date is known its best, if date is not being remembered then Month [Jan, Feb format] and Year has to be mentioned

Good Periods in Profession:-
Bad Periods in Profession
Marriage Date:
Children Birth Dates
Death Of Family Members
1.______ [ eg Mother died on 21st May 1995]
Significant Events In Life
Some Rare Mystical Event that has Occurred In Individuals Life or Family

Data Contributors Details
a) Name:
b) City Location:
c) Email Id
d) Telephone Number:
e) Address:

I Agree this data would be used by Shri K N Rao and his Research Team in any format or publications or by the Akashic Records Project of Saptarishis Astrology Magazine [] & Saptarishis Research Software []


Nirav Panchal 

    Message Signed the 26-12-2014 at the 10:22  
Resp. Sir,

With immense pleasure, I am writing this; something good with astrology in india has finally happened. Books available are like treasure of divine science. i've also gone through the videos on youtube. All videos are amazing & worth to million. Where i can fond more videos, let me know.

My humble regards

Nirav Narendra Kumar

Dear Mr Nirav Kumar
Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement
It seems to be coming from your pure heart

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 24-11-2014 at the 14:00  

Astrology Making Progress in Britain's House of Commons
News Item sent by Norah Nasturus from Canada

Conservative MP remains an open, fearless advocate for the ancient art

"I'm absolutely convinced that those who look at the map of the sky for the day that they were born and receive some professional guidance will find out a lot about themselves," said Conservative MP David Tredinnick.

CHICAGO, IL, July 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The world may not be ready for this, but astrology has a pulse in Britain's House of Commons, where Conservative MP David Tredinnick fearlessly serves on both the health committee and the science and technology committee as an open advocate for the ancient art.

He admits to casting the occasional astrological chart for colleagues in Parliament, and recently told BBC News he's not afraid of the ridicule and abuse that comes his way.

"There is no logic in attacking something that has a proven track record," he maintains.

Mr. Tredinnick says he studied the Indian astrological system lahiri and the way it was used by that country's government. And he recalled how Chris Patten, Britain's last governor of Hong Kong, had an official astrologer.

The MP said he consulted with the governor's Hong Kong astrologer while on a parliamentary delegation there.

Mr. Tredinnick recently expounded upon his beliefs at the Glastonbury Festival, where he shared the stage with Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer. At this event, he said he was invited to serve on the health committee in the House of Commons because of his radical agenda on complementary medicine.

He currently is vice-chairman of the government's herbals working group and calls the skeptics who persistently attack him "bullies who have never studied the subjects."

"I'm absolutely convinced that those who look at the map of the sky for the day that they were born and receive some professional guidance will find out a lot about themselves. And it will make their lives easier," he said.

Mr. Tredinnick said he was right about herbal remedies and healing, which are now becoming accepted in parts of the National Health Service (NHS). He now wants to promote astrology, which is "not just about predicting the future but gaining an insight into personal problems."

He stopped short of suggesting astrological readings on the NHS, but said he wanted to raise awareness of it as an alternative among patients and clinicians.

"I think it's something that people should be aware of as an option they have if they are confused about themselves," he said.

"David Tredinnick has shown immense courage and performed a great service in raising this issue, knowing he would face popular misunderstanding that would be fanned by public figures who ought to know better," said Roy Gillett, President of The Astrological Association of Great Britain.

As an example, Gillett cited a popular TV talk show aired in the UK. When commenting on the MP's observations neither of the show's two interviewers or their guests understood that the astrology he was referring to was more than popular newspaper sun sign columns.

"Sun sign columns are to real astrology as a child playing Chopsticks on the piano is to Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Neither the interviewers nor their guests understood that a chart for the exact moment of birth involves the position of all the planets in all the signs, not just single sun signs," Gillett said.

"Neither David Tredinnick nor any serious astrologer is suggesting that astrology takes the place of diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Rather that knowing upcoming pressures in advance can lead to early changes of life-style that avoid illness altogether, or lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

"When a problem is unavoidable, a more mindful and positive relationship with the treatment and convalescence afterward may be possible. All of which could save considerable amounts of money as well as easing human suffering.

"With such possibilities available, rather than ridicule astrology with simplistic misinformation we should consider it fully and respectfully," he said.

The Astrology News Service (ANS) is jointly sponsored by the American Federation of Astrologers, the Association For Astrological Networking(AFAN), the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and the Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA).


    Message Signed the 24-11-2014 at the 05:35  
Great website! :cool: :cool: :cool:


New Delhi
    Message Signed the 09-11-2014 at the 12:31  
To cast a Horoscope for Shashti-Purthi, on what basis should the Lagna be calculated - Solar return, Jovian return, Saturnine return or Janma Chart?
Please help.
With Best Wishes & Warm Regards,


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