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    Message Signed the 21-04-2014 at the 11:23  
Recd Letter On Insight In Nadis by A V Sundaram

Dear Sir,

If you recall, I had called you on phone a few weeks ago from Doha, Qatar where I live presently. I am the Dhanur lagna person, same as your lagna I think.

I have recently read your book, Insights In Nadis and am currently reading it for the 2nd time. I would like to complement you for a simply written yet excellent book. The language is straightforward, the presentation crisp and easy to understand despite a very complex subject. The book reminded me of the works of respected late Shri C S Patel. I am sure that the book mirrors your personality in some way, as well as divine grace.

I have read quite a large number of books but this is unique in content. I really liked the footnotes/special combinations mentioned after each chapter.

I hope and pray that I am able to meet you in person in this lifetime and more important, that you are able to write more such works. It is a pity that I currently live abroad and therefore, visiting Secunderabad is difficult, much as I would like.

With profound respects, regards and best wishes to you and your family.


Bhupendra Jain
Assistant General Manager - Head of Corporate Banking


    Message Signed the 16-04-2014 at the 18:26  
Dear Sir, on your FB profile have published interesting verse from Hora Ratnam 2. I want to ask whether a book HORA RATNAM 2 is available or where to get hold of the internet shop, archive etc. I never found. Do you know anything more? In book Hora Ratnam 1 in the last pages indicated that it Santhanam Associates plans to publish it. Thank you.

Dear Ivan

Soon we would be coming out with Hora Ratnam Part 2, its been a work under translation by us since few years and within a year we would be releasing it completely.
Hindi versions of Hora Ratnam Part 2 is available but not english versions
Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 15-04-2014 at the 19:09  
Someone wrote in a mail to us on Gandhi


Natural benefics in kendras make it easy for a person to be liked and so popularity is easy, but of course it depends on yogas, lordships. Gandhi's planets in Ascendant create rajayoga, he also has gajakesari yoga with moon in the 10th. although a lot of people place much focus on this yoga in his chart, it's not as powerful as the ascendant, because Jupiter is temporary malefic and moon is somewhat afflicted with rahu who doesn't like the moon or the moon's sign.
A pure amala yoga in 10th from rasi, moon chart and navamsa guarantees some immortality with reputation but that's more to do with virtue and maybe a recognition from above, doesn't necessarily mean fame forever unless the planets are in some powerful rajayoga. A lot of people go on about Gandhi's amala yoga, I don't know why I think this is because people just want to revere him. malefics in 10th cannot form this yoga, only natural benefics.

Malefics in kendras give a lot of struggle. if they are powerful lords they will give recognition after much strife and trial, and sometimes unwanted attention also. They do not guarantee recognition after one leaves. That depends on the 8th house and in Gandhi's case it is getting boosted because venus creating strong yoga in ascendant also rules 8th.

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 15-04-2014 at the 11:32  

Renowned astrologer honored by Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Ratna , Jyotishaacharya, Jyotish Visharad (KP)
Mobile: 098251 31165
Editor & Publisher

A 4 day Course on
Basic & Advance Techniques of KP Stellar Astrology
Easy To Predict Time Tested Astro techniques with ease of learning, guidance and focused attention

Course level: Basic

Date: To be decided (Mostly in May 2014)

Time: 10.30 AM to 05.00 PM

Language: Hindi

Fees: For local student Rs 7500 (The course fee will include simple vegetarian lunch & tea)

Accommodation & Venue:
Delhi (venue to be decided)
Cheap Accommodation available for outstation guests. They will have to do their own bookings.
Charges for accommodation will be extra as actual.

For Details Contact Coordinator:
Ranjit Singh Chawla

Mythili Venkatachalam 
    Message Signed the 13-04-2014 at the 11:37  
Predictions on Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi was born in Vrishchika Lagna, Anuradha Nakshatra, Vrishchika Rasi and Vrishchika Navamsa. A very strong Vargothama Raja yoga brings him a lot of luck and fame in life. There is also the formation of one of the Panch Mahapurusha yoga known as Ruchaka Yoga as Mars is in the Lagna. A person with this yoga will either be a King, dictator, general. With the Gochar and Dasa planets favouring him he will become the Prime Minister. However with Sade Sathi in peak he will face a lot of criticisms from within and outside his party and will have to work very hard and struggle to complete his tenure.
Numerology and Major calamities
Number 8 is ruled by Saturn
Number 9 is ruled by Mars
Saturn and Mars are malefic cruel planets and bring about natural calamities , fire, terror attacks, accidents
Here are some major incidents in various dates. You will find either the Prime number or the Fate number is ruled by either Saturn or Marts or both are ruled by them
26-1-2001 Gujarat Earthquake

9-11-2001 Terrorist attack in USA

26-12-2004 Tsunami in India

26-11-2008 Terrorist attack in Mumbai

11-3-2011 Tsunami in Japan

8-3-2014 Missing of Malaysian Airlines MH 370

Mythili Venkatachalam

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 08-04-2014 at the 19:32  
On our facebook page a strange chart was posted
by Mannmit Srivastava Dear learned astrologers, I have come across a very peculiar birth chart of a friend. His birth details are 04th October 1970 at 23:12 Hrs at Meerut(UP) India i.e. 28.9N & 77.7E. In May 2011 his Venus main period started, Venus is placed in 5thH in its own mool-trikona sign of Libra. According to me his golden period should have started with the commencement of Venus Main period/Venus sub period. But in reality, it has turned out to be his worst phase: had to leave his lucrative 7500 dollars a month job, got divorced, was hospitalized, still jobless, in depression and what not? Is it all because of Sade Sati as his moon is in Scorpio(his ascendant is Gemini). Please analyze his chart and predict about his profession and prospects of 2nd marriage and also the associated remedial measures. Yours kind gesture will be highly appreciated.

One more thing I would like to add here although I don't think it can be associated with astrology. Since past 3 and half years he repeatedly dreams only one type of dreams i.e. he sees some entities in his dreams, perceives them to be as ghosts in his dream only & starts shouting some mantras of Hanuman & Durga in reality while he is actually sleeping. This shouting & recitation of mantras continues untill someone from the family wakes him up. Normally I would have ignored this type of incident but since it is going on since more than 3 years, it is puzzling me. The guy is well educated with B.Tech in Electronics & have worked in Telecom MNCs in India & abroad and is religious minded. He used to worship & pray a lot before Commencement of Venus period like 2 hours daily after his office hours at home, now its limited to 30 minutes a day at night in temple. He is child-less divorcee, he & wife separated just after 5 months of marriage although legal divorce took place in April 2013.

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 03-04-2014 at the 17:56  
Malaysian Airline Flight 370

The media is obsessed with the Malaysian Airlines mystery, which will always remain a mystery. The chart of this fated flight reveals that the reason for the disappearance will never be known due to Neptune being conjunct the Nadir (IC) of the event chart. In an interesting conversation with my friend Juliana Swanson, (we discuss world affairs relative to astrology daily), she noted that the Sun in the 4th house represents the pilot since he was in charge. She said, “You know, the nakshatra the sun is in, Purva Bhadrapada, is a very evil nakshatra.” I added that it is known to have two faces, as in being two-faced. We think maybe the public doesn’t know all there is to know about this captain of Flight 370. Also the fact that Neptune exactly conjunct the IC (the deepest, darkest degree of the chart) pertains to the end of life and Neptune as ruler of the oceans means it is in the deepest part of the ocean.
- Joni Patry in her Spiritual insights March, to be released in SA magazine
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Steven Stuckey Here are a few additional thoughts and examples to add to the above. I posted this in an earlier discussion in Jyotish Currents regarding the involvement of the combination of Neptune and Nodes in famous 'disappearing acts' and when confusion, conspiracy theories and general disarray reign supreme.

Neptune and Nodes can be prominent in event charts where there are mysterious consequences or disappearances, sometimes leading to unresolved and unexplained issues that can remain controversial for years after the event. Flight 370 may be no exception to this as Lagnesh Mars was closely conjoined Rahu while Neptune was precisely at the I.C. at take-off time.
Here’s some other controversial flights that show these planets prominent:

1. TWA Flight 800, a flight from New York to Rome that took off on July 17, 1996 @ 8:19 PM EDT. Neptune was rising within a degree of Lagna while Lagna lord Saturn closely conjoined Ketu within 4 degrees in Pisces in the 3rd house. The flight crashed shortly after take-off over the Atlantic—the cause of the crash is still very controversial.
2. Amelia Earhart announced her around-the world flight while in Miami and took-off from Miami on June 1, 1937 @ 5:55 AM EST. Ketu was on the exact degree of the Lagna, receiving the square of Neptune within a degree. She disappeared on July 2, 1937, never to be seen again.
3. Air France Flight 447 took off from Rio de Janeiro on May 31, 2009 @ 7:39 PM BZT2 on its way to Paris. Lagna lord Jupiter was precisely conjunct Neptune at 2 Aquarius in the 3rd house. The flight crashed in the Atlantic in the early morning hours of June 1st. The body of the plane and black box were not found until nearly 2 years later.
4. John F. Kennedy Jr. took-off from Fairfield, NJ on July 16, 1999 @ 8:35 PM on his way to a wedding at Martha’s Vineyard. Neptune was rising 5 degrees off the Lagna in Capricorn and Ketu also occupied Lagna about 10 degrees from Neptune. He was supposed to have taken-off at 6:00 PM, but was waiting for his sister-in-law who was late getting out of work. The plane crashed and all occupants were found still strapped in their seats at the bottom of the ocean. They later had a private memorial and were buried at sea
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Juliana Swanson thank you Steven Stuckey, brilliant as always. And may I just say I meant that Purvabhadrapada can "sometimes" be an evil nakshatra, in its less evolved state when it has been associated with sinister plots and mass murders.
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Elena Vazelova
13 hours ago · Like

Keyur Kothari · Friends with Deepak Bisaria
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I've read many similar post since the flight has disappeared with deep interest to understand the mystery from the Vedic point.. But honestly non of the explanation is making sense to me as if we take all the above calculation is mind than How come only MH370 is ill fated and no other flight or person has faced similar consequence? As there were lot of similar activity happening at the very same geographical location.. just to name it few some one might hv started driving their car or just left home or departing flight from the same airport with the difference of 3-5 mins as KL is a busy airport.. The Lagnesh and Neptune rule should have applied similar to above mentioned activities... but nothing even closer to MH370 has occurred?
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Lalit Advani Would then all the passengers of the flight also have some kind of Neptune connection in the charts?
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Sapta Rishis Steven Stuckey u are BRILLIANT, thanks Juliana Swanson for ur post. Keyur Kothari has shared a important query, maybe as some seniors says, the charts of all those present on board would show people running maraka periods, hence collectively it happens along with the timing of take off of the flight, guess no final answer can be arrived at

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 31-03-2014 at the 09:05  
Technique 24: Retrogression
This was sent by a lady astrologer from the group, this technique is well known among the elderly generation of astrologers is what i have noticed since few years. Has anyone tested this aggressively, their is Part 2 to this same technique which i will post in the next lot
1. All retrograde planets are of immense importance in a Natal Chart. The number of days after which the planet goes direct reflects the time in terms of years when the qualities of the retrograde planet come to fructification.
So, if Jupiter is retrograde at the time of birth for a person and it becomes direct after 40 days from birth, the 40th year of the person is most likely to show the Jupitarian qualities at its best.
In the above technique some say that when this person reaches the age of 40, then the house where Jup is placed gives specific Result or just after that age and/or the house which is ruled by Jupiter gives specific fructification
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Sunil Rupani wht specific result?
March 20 at 3:09pm · Like

Sapta Rishis Specific events concerning the house it is placed or owns

Regards,...See More
March 20 at 3:18pm · Like · 2

Arnab A Mukherjee I am sure retrograde planets have their own importance. But considering the fast moving planets like Mercury which stays retrograde for roughly 3weeks? How do we decipher that?
March 20 at 4:13pm · Like · 2

Sapta Rishis Hi Arnab A Mukherjee, there are some opinions here among Maharashtrian astrologers i met, one said multiply it by 2 and other said 3, that means say if Mer goes direct in ones birth chart after 10 days then either 20 years or 30 years. Did u test the above method of Jupiter ? or on Saturn etc ?
March 20 at 5:00pm · Like · 1

Arnab A Mukherjee Yes ,Tested in one of my friends chart, with cancer ascendent Saturn is in leo retrograde in 2nd house and 26days after his birth Saturn turned direct. He started earning from his 27th year.
March 20 at 5:20pm · Like · 1

Sapta Rishis Dear Arnab A Mukherjee that is great, if possible pls do share the birth details so that all of us can learn from it
March 20 at 5:54pm · Like

Vijay KV Sapta Ji : So if i understand this correctly , if Saturn is getting Direct after 81 days from the date of birth , one will have to survice for 81 years to get results for house owned/placement by Sat ?
March 20 at 5:56pm · Like

Evan Dangol These outer planets saturn , jupiter stays retrograde for more than a month.I think saturn stays for 3 months or more .what if this the case .consider a person has retro saturn at the start of retrogression in his natal chart .than how we see this in that chart .Sapta Rishis sir plz shed ur views on this . I have read somewhere on net the karma associated with that retrograde planet and house frutify or completes and gives the actual results of that planet only after it comes to the exact degree where it is present in natal chart not from the calculated years when the suppossed planet turned direct.
March 20 at 6:01pm · Like · 3

Sapta Rishis Excellent question Vijay KV, i had asked the same and the reply i got was three different ones a) first calculate the age of the person then use any method in life, so if person does not survive in this case for 81 then throw the method out b) divide 81 into 3 different parts of life and then every 27th year event concerning the said houses will happen c) divide it into 2 parts so 40.5th year would be important presuming say the person survives above this age.
March 20 at 6:09pm · Like · 1

Sapta Rishis Late C S Patel had Saturn retro
March 20 at 6:10pm · Like · 1

Vijay KV Okay Sir, let me 1st digest what you just said, then i will come back. Will mail you later a chart which has two planet retro. Ju & Ma.
March 20 at 6:14pm · Like

Vijay KV Yes I read you article. abt Shri C S Patel Ji.
March 20 at 6:15pm · Like

Sapta Rishis This is not an exact example
Late C S Patel
Date of birth :31st December 1915...See More
March 20 at 6:23pm · Like · 3

Arnab A Mukherjee April 14,1979,1.29Pm,Ahmedabad...
March 20 at 6:23pm · Like

Sapta Rishis indira Gandhi (ADB)

Natal Chart

November 19, 1917

Time: 23:11:00

Time Zone:
5:30:00 (East of GMT)
81 E 51' 00", 25 N 27' 00"

Jup is retro in her chart and becomes direct 67 days later,
counting from 1917 approximately it comes to 1984, she died on 31st Oct 1984 (writing from memory)
jup is 6L of akala mrityu (untimely death) and is dispositor of Rahu (8L of death) and terrorist as some say
March 20 at 6:36pm · Like · 2

Sapta Rishis Dear Evan Dangol, pls read the next message, think so replied to ur query in the reply to Vijay KVs message. Sorry my time is short for next 4-5 days hence i just thought i would post techniques and people will keep on testing for the next 3-4 days but i am getting drawn back here, pls bear with the short time
March 20 at 6:41pm · Like · 1

Sapta Rishis Thanks Arnab, that is kind of u

Regards,...See More
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Sheevani Gill My shanidev is retrograde and stationary and 4 days after birth, shani goes direct..
March 20 at 8:33pm · Like

Sunil Rupani My Sons Saturn just got retro before his birth and was Stationary....what could it mean?
March 20 at 8:36pm · Like · 1

Vijay KV 07/11/1975 - 9:30 AM (IST) Long: 78:09:35 . Lat : 29:57:26 Jupiter & Mars Retrograde.
March 20 at 8:39pm · Like

Deepen Thakkar my mercury is retro stationery , and gets direct the next day , so that brings us 1st year itself , my maternal grandmother expired in a yr after i was born and mercury is 6th lord in 7th house and 7th is 4th from 4th which is mothers mother ... my details are 29/11/79 4.15 pm mumbai
March 21 at 12:34am · Like · 2

Sumanta Ghosal Respected S.A , In this context i can provide my birth details. In my chart Jupiter is retrograde and occupy in 4 th house.27/07/1985, 12.05 pm ,Calcutta. But according to me retrograde planets give results as per their signification as well as their star lord.
March 21 at 12:36am · Unlike · 1

Milan Vyas Respected Sir, please throw some light if native has three retrograde planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in addition to Rahu & Ketu in the birth chart then how & when it will impact on native's life and whether its bad or good effect due to their retrogression in birth charts?
March 21 at 12:41am · Unlike · 3

Nikki Markwell Yes, I remember this from the first Astrologer I went to 20 years ago, because I was born the day Venus went retrograde, He counted the days until it would go direct and turned the days into years and I believe it was 43 years. So I was under the influence of Venus Retrograde for the longest time period possible. Oh my.
March 21 at 12:48am · Unlike · 2

Sapta Rishis Hi Nikki Markwell, thanks for giving feedback, seeing u here after a long time. so what happened re Venus and the houses it owns around 43 years of age
March 21 at 10:08am · Like · 1

Sapta Rishis Dear Milan Vyas, am not a Guru to reply to questions and u must ask such questions in the appropriate forum and topics, this is a research forum where people test a technique and send in data with feedback, hope you do not mind, in order to save us time and to be focused we all must stick to the forum goals
March 21 at 10:10am · Like

Sapta Rishis Dear Sumanta Ghosal, thanks for ur post but u did not tell in how many days it got direct and what was the result
March 21 at 10:10am · Like · 1

Sapta Rishis Dear Deepen Thakkar, thanks for posting the result, in 4 lines u have adequately show how it is being used
March 21 at 10:11am · Like · 1

Nikki Markwell Hi Sapta, The Astrologer told me at the time that my relationships in general all around would be improved and that my relationships up until that point had been degraded by retrograde venus in the forth house. I think he may have been correct, but, also I was looking for it because of his words. I think patterns are created after 43 years of energy that may be difficult to break and it wasn't a sudden change, but, maybe a subtle influence of improvement.
March 21 at 10:19am · Like · 1

Sapta Rishis Dear Sunil Rupani, on stationary planets i will share a research piece in time to come, i have it written down somewhere with lots of examples and when the time is right i will share, after i am more convinced
March 21 at 10:24am · Edited · Like · 3

Sapta Rishis Dear Sheevani Gill, pls share what happened
March 21 at 10:25am · Like

Sapta Rishis Dear Vijay KV pls post ur observations and events on the chart mentioned by you
March 21 at 10:25am · Like

Sapta Rishis Dear Arnab A Mukherjee thanks
March 21 at 10:26am · Like

Sumanta Ghosal Generally retro planets makes some hindrances to put its results. but it is a general view, we should observe whether that particular planet is in kendra,kona or upachaya house or connected with kendra,kona,upachaya lords or their star etc ,both in D1 and other divisional charts. then we should come to any conclusion.
March 21 at 10:27am · Edited · Like

Sapta Rishis Dear Evan Dangol have replied to ur query in other posts
March 21 at 10:27am · Like

Nikki Markwell If I picked one thing that may have improved around 43 was finances. but, I don't know what houses venus owns in my chart. Venus in scorpio in the 4th house in my Vedic chart. ruled by mars in the 6th... so maybe this is making sense now.
March 21 at 10:33am · Edited · Like

Norah Nasturas FacebookThis is one of the Medieval European techniques, and in my experience work very well, the name of this method in western astrology is Directions. working with the Natal chart , when you look in the Ephemeris and you do 1 day = 1 year every time...See More
March 21 at 10:20pm · Like · 3


Thanks Sapta Rishis. The forecasting technique, you mentioned is effective. Here I want to add that the REVERSE criterion of this methodology also works. That is, Direct to Retrograde after birth....See More
March 22 at 8:16pm · Like · 4

Prabodh Purohit retro mars in female chart and retro Venus in male chart disturbe married life, even as par progress system when these planets become rero( though at the time of birth it may be direct) from that time( year) they face unhappy merried life and many time they become saprate for many years. we should use this technique wisely, considering birth as whole.
March 26 at 7:40pm · Like · 1

Ramadas Rao I had explained the theory behind Retrograde planets some 9 years before in one Astrology group.I have applied it to many charts and giving excellent results.
March 29 at 10:48pm · Like

Evan Dangol Ramadas Rao sir can u explain ur theory here?
March 29 at 10:53pm · Like

Evan Dangol Ramadas Rao sir can u explain ur theory here?
March 29 at 10:54pm · Like

Ramadas Rao If somebody has got access to SOHAMSA group I have explained in detail.
March 29 at 10:55pm · Like

Norah Nasturas FacebookWhen you have a Retro planet, the first thing to do is look the houses or signs where is the ruler, or the planet inside of this places and see the relationship with the whole chart. Mars retro can be problem with husband
or with brother, with son or whatever other signification of the planet Mars
as a male figure in the chart, but can be other significations as energy
action, land or whatever other proper signification of Mars in relation
with the houses or the strength in sign as Exalted, ruler, fall, or other. Sometimes, I think in astrology is as mathematics, 2 times negative can give positive then if Mars is retro in Cancer, Pushya Nakshatra, Sat ruler and
in the degrees of Mercury Pada 6*40 to 10 degrees, this 2 times negative maybe give good. I always say planets beehive as people, then imaging talking with someone
and this person is turning the back to you, is looking back not you but what is behind, what you don’t see..... this is the reason sometimes the action of a Retro planets are more effectives in the 12 house of their position.. This in my experience.
Yesterday at 1:07am · Unlike · 1

Av Sundaram retro planets indicate that the native has some work left over in his/her past birth. if you cheching the dasa take 9 house has lagna and place the retro planet in the 12 to his original plce and find the resuts. example. aries lag , jup in Gemini reto. take sagg. has lagna place jup. in tauras and give the resuts.(nadi says)
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Sapta Rishis Dear Prabodh ji, Ramadasji, Norah Nasturas and Av Sundaram ji thanks for posting with your insights

anju purohit 

    Message Signed the 21-03-2014 at the 15:40  
Respected Sir, want to know what is in narendra modi chart that everyone is against him which planet is responsible and which planet is so powerful that inspite of all round enimies he is going strong which planet will help him become PM or otherwise

Dear Anju Purohit,
Honestly wonder if anyone has Narendra Modis authentic chart, met many ( facebook fame ) astrologers who claimed that he consulted them and found out that they were using his wrong birth year. (his birth year has been under dispute as per TOI article few years back) and then all these astrologers were using different birth time giving different lagnas.

If one is forced to answer the 2nd part of your query, guess he has done some good karma in this or previous life by which he is going strong and guess he has done some wrong karmas in this or previous life by which everyone is against him.

As one of the greatest astrologers we have ever met has told us that concentrate not in giving brilliant minute/ accurate predictions but concentrate on lighting the Jyoth (light) in your clients life by which he becomes a better human being with more better karma. If astrologers are able to do that then they are practising the real jyotish otherwise its only a madari ka tamash.

With Love and Light
Saptarishis Astrology Magazine
rakesh jain 

    Message Signed the 25-02-2014 at the 13:05  
Dear _____ ji
I think you have stopped loading articles in saptarishis astrology magazine.
Pl advise the position


Dear Mr Jain
Few articles have been released. During the Jan workshop we also released our first publication and the ensuing work after that has delayed articles release. Some new articles were released last week

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