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    Message Signed the 12-09-2014 at the 12:32  
Av Sundaram
This one is for the Beginners pl.
A little bird told me "" here are some details on Vargas.. lets take SHADVARGA :
1.RASI...Kama of the Body.
2. HORA...Lobha to do with wealth.
3.DREKKANA..Krodha..towards siblings.
4.NAVAMSA..Moha.. towards spouse.
5.DWADAMSA..Mada in youth towards elders.
6.TRMSAMSA.. Matshrya..jealousy towards others .
These Vargas represent our shatgunas.

1.RASI. .SUN..body/personality.
2.HORA. MOON.. wealth.
5.SAPTAMSA... JUPITER.. Children...
6.NAVAMSA.....VENUS...Marital life.
7.DASAMSA.......SATURN.. Profession/occupation.

The first .seven Vargas are represented by the week day lords from

The next 9 VARGAS are represented by combination of Planets.

8 .DWADASAMSA...Sun and Moon...Parents.
9 .SHODASAMSA.. Moon and Venus..Inner desires of the Native.
10 VIMSHAMSA.......Mercury and Rahu..(Nep**) Scientific and Spritual.
11 CHATURVIMSHAMSA...Sun and Saturn..(Ura**) Academic attainment.
12.BHAMSA..Mars, Jupiter and Saturn... Misfortunes in life.
13.THRIMSAMSA... Sun, Venus, and Mercury.....Lively hood.
14 KHAVEDAMSA....Sun, Mars, Mercury...DO and DONTS..good and bad
deeds in family.
15.AKSHAVEDAMSA.. Jupiter, Saturn Rahu. same as above but in Public.
16.SHASHTYAMSA.. ..Mars,Saturn, and Rahu..(PL**) KARMA and
PS. take note the plants ,(**) are my addition pl.

sandeep sharma 

    Message Signed the 06-09-2014 at the 13:16  
On guest book i read about sa research group in post i read if saturn placed in earth sign cal flour prescribe for deep rooted insecurty this med i used for my self and my son my son is 5 year old first time i asked aboutfood and he say yes other wise he always sayno birth data 28 apr2009 time 8.38 am ahemadabad india

sandeep sharma 

    Message Signed the 05-09-2014 at the 14:57  
I taken cal flour becoz my saturn in tarus due to this medicine my some pscological problem remove

    Message Signed the 14-08-2014 at the 17:19  
Respected Admin sir ,Namste.I think you have decided not to post 35-70 BSP rules in the current magazine saptarishisastrology.vol.10.When will you be able to post 300 such rules.Neither it will be possible in your life time nor in my life time.Who knows what is destined for us.Thanks for inbox quoted astrological rules in the book"Insight in Nadis". I see they are really pearls, corals & diamonds .I find truth behind them and many of them are Ok in real life.When you are going to publish the companion volume to'' Insight in Nadis '' with more information from real life?
2.After going through the two articles published in your esteemed magazine by DA Negandhi (1)The words "Rise"and"Position" and Nadi texts(2)Psychological problems and Nandi Nadi ,I could not get myself benefited due to non availability of more numbers of live examples in crystal clear rules.Go to psychiatry is not the only solution in case of article 55-Psychological problems and Nandi Nadi.I have a chart who is not mad as such cannot be referred to psychiatry. yours sincerely, i remain.

vivek awasthi 

    Message Signed the 14-08-2014 at the 16:09  
Dear SA Team , you all are doing wonderful job by giving platform to astrologers, and their articles are very informative to sudent of astrology.Specially i appreciate work of Mr.Ratra on Jaimini Astrology
Their 2 aricles are Wonderful-1)Upapada-A Novel Exposition 2)Matching Horoscopes-Jaimini Style Sir, with due respect i want to know from you that if u agree with Mr Ratras Kundali-Milan in Jaimini Style than why aren't you promote this article by alloting an icon to this article in ur home page,because it helps many others to match their kundali perfectly.Because at present nothing is available which we can say concrete for kundali milan. Sir i am not blaming you because you all are really doing wonderful job for all astrology lovers and for astrology( Divine Science )itself but sir if you can see persons with ruined marriages you will also feel sad for them, mental preperation for remarriage is not easy and sometimes impossible for some of them.Marriage break Or Divorce Or loss of life partner is really painful sir . Sir plz if you can make these articles easy with some more illustrations with some complex examples like Sringeri Shankaracharya examples with data of JHORA software than we will be very thankful to you sir .
Again Thankyou Verymuch Sir
Vivek Awasthi , Asst.Prof.,Indore

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 05-08-2014 at the 17:14  
Homeopathy and Astrology

In the SA Research group on Facebook Mr Rajat Bose has been helping some members with homeopathy remedies. This is one feedback from one of our other members who has been suffering from severe health issues since a long time (if i remember well few years)


On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 11:48 AM, > wrote:
> Dear sir,
> In one of the comments in some post Rajat Bose sir had said that
> saturn in Earth sign gives very deep rooted insecurity for which
> hoemopathy Calc-Flour was prescribed.
> On detailed readign on Calc-Flour i found it to be exact match for
> many symptoms i have/had and took 1m dose. Within 1 min i could feel a
> marked difference in my issue.
> I would like to thank Rajat sir for an article on such Homeo-Astrology
> wonders. also i would like to thankyou for this platform and all the
> efforts.
> If u want to post this on wall please remove _______. i have already
> sent FR to Rajat sir lets see if he accepts.


I have been off FB for some time and hope it continues for quite some time more :)

UC Mehta 

    Message Signed the 26-07-2014 at the 18:06  
this is my observation on books HOW TO MAKE MONEY USING ASTROLOGY

MY observation on THIS BOOK
1, concept of Rahu Ketu moon nod this concept I have read in some Nadi books in that books he has how to find out Rahu & Ketu nod SIR C S PATEL HAS ALSO mention in his book navamsa and Nadi and also given formula to calculate Rahu Ketu moon nod in MR R.G RAO BOOK he has mention Rahu & Ketu in birth chart when slow moving planet cross over Rahu he will be benefited at this age by calculating slow moving planet
2, she has mention about Nakshatras for wealth and money inheriting
1, Purvaplguni
2, Dhanista
3, Uttar Bhadrapada
4, Revati
Nakshatras 1, 3, for inheritance wealth
For ultras’-rich billionaire’s
Jyeshta, Visakha in Scorpio and Swati in Libra
She has also return on rasi element AIR, WATER, FIRE, and EARTH this element are important for share market
In my opinion those who want to predict on money matter of jataka he must read this book
Upendra Mehta

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 07-07-2014 at the 11:59  
For those finding the 'time and date of the Declaration of Independence have you seen this?

A 238-year-old “tweet” was just discovered in an old newspaper owned by Ben Franklin. The Deseret News cleverly noticed the obscure and short announcement about America declaring freedom from England in a rare copy of the Philadelphia Gazette, and dubbed it the world’s first tweet.

Benjamin Franklin owned the Philadelphia Gazette and printed a succinct notice on July 3 to announce that freedom was truly ringing in the colonies for the first time. The Deseret News felt the important yet short phrase was a precursor to Twitter’s 140-character limit on the popular social networking platform.

The 238-year-old tweet simply read:

“Philadelphia, July 3: Yesterday the Continental Congress declared the United Colonies free and independent states.”

Although our nation’s birthday is celebrated on July 4 when the Declaration of Independence was bravely signed, a vote to create a new nation was actually taken on July 2. The announcement Ben Franklin printed in his newspaper was not in big, bold text on the front page, but fairly buried under ads about runaway slaves in the classified section.

Fellow Founding Father John Adams wrote a letter to his wife, Abigail, telling her that the vote to create a free new country would be the “most memorable epocha in the history of America.”

It was also posted by Diana Brownstone

Julian Armistead's treatise also concluded July 2nd.

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 18-06-2014 at the 21:00  
Gems from Prof Av Sundaram
A little bird told me" if you want know if two persons had any connection/sharing in their past lives take the Rasis where the RAHU and KETU are located in one chart then go to the other chart find out if SUN or MOON is in one of the Rasi , then these two had shared something in their past lives, may be journey,food, stay, bed , work etc. ex. R/K IN MESHA and TULA, in A chart, check if SUN or MOON is MESHA or TULA. in B chart."


A little bird continues with the fresh students..."You must know the difference between GRAHA CHARm and GO CHARm. the first is transit of all planets with respect the natal chart and the position of Planets in it. this is used both in Astrology and Jyotish, where as the second one is transit Planets with reference to natal position of MOON only. Aspects are taken in the first one and NO ASPECTS in the second one. GOCHARm is the results from Past birth. it s known as AHDRIDHA KARMA meaning its not fixed like Dasas ( DRIDHA). hence Sade sathi is not always bad it depends on your past life karma. its like Income Tax raid. if your accounts are ok no problem some times you get refund. person got married in Sade can find even good transit of JUP.gave bad results. Saturn takes away what is not yours by right. more again"


From Prof Av Sundaram:
Don't be too much Emotional in your hurts you. Don't be too much Practical in your life that hurts others.


A little bird told me 'we start our life in WATER -our Mothers womb, come to EARTH , breath AIR, and go into FIRE. It means Water is Past, Fire is the Future and Earth and AIR are Present. If Lagna Lord is in Water Rasi the native Past oriented , if in Fire Rasi the native is Future oriented, if in Earth Rasi the native is present materialistic oriented and if in Air Rasi the native is Present attachment oriented." Pl.check it. (my note if your lag lord in water rasi when you are married to someone else you will find difficult to forget your LOVER.)


If five seconds of your Smile can make your photograph beautiful, just imagine how beautiful your life will be if you keep on smiling most of the times. KEEP SMILING.


Never be a Scissor,that cuts and divides, Always be a Neddle that joins and unites.


To read more such gems you can see it in his path breaking book "Insight In Nadis"

Punit Nayar 

New Delhi
    Message Signed the 10-06-2014 at the 14:50  
Greetings to All ,

Would like to tell about 2 little conversations I had yesterday. 09.06.2014

1. I met a waiter at a Hotel saw him punching the wall .

Me : Do you have any trouble
Waiter : No
Me : What is your age .
Waiter : 44 Complete in Aug 2013
Me : (Rem. BCP and his 9th house) Did anyone got married recently in your family this year .
Waiter : Yes , my brother-in-law son.
End on conversation

2. Then I met Security Guard handling Valet Parking . He was talking happily.
Me : You seem to be very happy.
Guard : Yes.
Me : What is your age ?
Guard : 36 complete on 6 june 2014
Me : Did you had any physical problem or any member of your family faced any disease etc during last year. (36)(12th house)
Guard : Yes , my wife had.
Me : Was she hospitalized or you spended your time at hospital taking care of her.
Guard : Yes , last year was very troublesome
Me : I just wanted to tell you that your bad time /year is just over .
End of conversation.

Moral : Apart from praising BCP technique which is magical in predicting , still sometimes people are happy in bad situations and sad in happy situations. But Astrology can depict different story of persons.

Both the persons are employees of ITC Maurya Shereton hotel , Delhi . 1. Ashok & 2. Sahilendra.

Charan Sparsh to Loved Sir.


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