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    Message Signed the 07-07-2014 at the 11:59  
For those finding the 'time and date of the Declaration of Independence have you seen this?

A 238-year-old “tweet” was just discovered in an old newspaper owned by Ben Franklin. The Deseret News cleverly noticed the obscure and short announcement about America declaring freedom from England in a rare copy of the Philadelphia Gazette, and dubbed it the world’s first tweet.

Benjamin Franklin owned the Philadelphia Gazette and printed a succinct notice on July 3 to announce that freedom was truly ringing in the colonies for the first time. The Deseret News felt the important yet short phrase was a precursor to Twitter’s 140-character limit on the popular social networking platform.

The 238-year-old tweet simply read:

“Philadelphia, July 3: Yesterday the Continental Congress declared the United Colonies free and independent states.”

Although our nation’s birthday is celebrated on July 4 when the Declaration of Independence was bravely signed, a vote to create a new nation was actually taken on July 2. The announcement Ben Franklin printed in his newspaper was not in big, bold text on the front page, but fairly buried under ads about runaway slaves in the classified section.

Fellow Founding Father John Adams wrote a letter to his wife, Abigail, telling her that the vote to create a free new country would be the “most memorable epocha in the history of America.”

It was also posted by Diana Brownstone

Julian Armistead's treatise also concluded July 2nd.

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 18-06-2014 at the 21:00  
Gems from Prof Av Sundaram
A little bird told me" if you want know if two persons had any connection/sharing in their past lives take the Rasis where the RAHU and KETU are located in one chart then go to the other chart find out if SUN or MOON is in one of the Rasi , then these two had shared something in their past lives, may be journey,food, stay, bed , work etc. ex. R/K IN MESHA and TULA, in A chart, check if SUN or MOON is MESHA or TULA. in B chart."


A little bird continues with the fresh students..."You must know the difference between GRAHA CHARm and GO CHARm. the first is transit of all planets with respect the natal chart and the position of Planets in it. this is used both in Astrology and Jyotish, where as the second one is transit Planets with reference to natal position of MOON only. Aspects are taken in the first one and NO ASPECTS in the second one. GOCHARm is the results from Past birth. it s known as AHDRIDHA KARMA meaning its not fixed like Dasas ( DRIDHA). hence Sade sathi is not always bad it depends on your past life karma. its like Income Tax raid. if your accounts are ok no problem some times you get refund. person got married in Sade can find even good transit of JUP.gave bad results. Saturn takes away what is not yours by right. more again"


From Prof Av Sundaram:
Don't be too much Emotional in your hurts you. Don't be too much Practical in your life that hurts others.


A little bird told me 'we start our life in WATER -our Mothers womb, come to EARTH , breath AIR, and go into FIRE. It means Water is Past, Fire is the Future and Earth and AIR are Present. If Lagna Lord is in Water Rasi the native Past oriented , if in Fire Rasi the native is Future oriented, if in Earth Rasi the native is present materialistic oriented and if in Air Rasi the native is Present attachment oriented." Pl.check it. (my note if your lag lord in water rasi when you are married to someone else you will find difficult to forget your LOVER.)


If five seconds of your Smile can make your photograph beautiful, just imagine how beautiful your life will be if you keep on smiling most of the times. KEEP SMILING.


Never be a Scissor,that cuts and divides, Always be a Neddle that joins and unites.


To read more such gems you can see it in his path breaking book "Insight In Nadis"

Punit Nayar 

New Delhi
    Message Signed the 10-06-2014 at the 14:50  
Greetings to All ,

Would like to tell about 2 little conversations I had yesterday. 09.06.2014

1. I met a waiter at a Hotel saw him punching the wall .

Me : Do you have any trouble
Waiter : No
Me : What is your age .
Waiter : 44 Complete in Aug 2013
Me : (Rem. BCP and his 9th house) Did anyone got married recently in your family this year .
Waiter : Yes , my brother-in-law son.
End on conversation

2. Then I met Security Guard handling Valet Parking . He was talking happily.
Me : You seem to be very happy.
Guard : Yes.
Me : What is your age ?
Guard : 36 complete on 6 june 2014
Me : Did you had any physical problem or any member of your family faced any disease etc during last year. (36)(12th house)
Guard : Yes , my wife had.
Me : Was she hospitalized or you spended your time at hospital taking care of her.
Guard : Yes , last year was very troublesome
Me : I just wanted to tell you that your bad time /year is just over .
End of conversation.

Moral : Apart from praising BCP technique which is magical in predicting , still sometimes people are happy in bad situations and sad in happy situations. But Astrology can depict different story of persons.

Both the persons are employees of ITC Maurya Shereton hotel , Delhi . 1. Ashok & 2. Sahilendra.

Charan Sparsh to Loved Sir.

Prasad Ede 

    Message Signed the 04-06-2014 at the 16:08  
Varnada Lagna Calculations and misconceptions

Dear _____ji,

Hope you are doing well.

The subject article contributed by Sri Abhisheka is an unique one. Thanks for your continuous efforts to publish rarest of the rare articles through your esteemed e-magazine.

Coming to the article, I have observed a discrepancy in the 3rd example ( last page of the article) and additionally I could not follow why delta is used in 3rd example when in all other 3 examples sigma is used.

I shall be thankful for a clarification and correction of discrepancy in the 3rd example.

Best regards,

Prasad Ede

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 31-05-2014 at the 22:08  

A Mystical Foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale

Several years ago I hired a Vedic Astrologer to do a life reading for me. I was skeptical but curious. The reading was fascinating, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it until a few months later, when I stumbled across an audio recording of the reading that the astrologer had sent to me.
I listened to it and was amazed that all of her predictions had come true. I’ve been getting readings from the same Vedic astrologer ever since. Her name is Joni Patry. And she wrote the book you are now holding.
Joni is more than an accurate and expert Vedic astrologer. She is a woman wise beyond her years. I’m often amazed at comments she’ll make about life that are shockingly brilliant. For example, Joni reminds people that while Vedic astrology is accurate, you still have free will. When you make choices and decisions, you influence the course of your life and all of those around you. This is not a small comment to take lightly. This is pure wisdom.
Joni’s book is like that. It is brimming and brewing with brilliance. I suggest you sit with it, absorb it, and let it help you choose your life path with insight and awareness.
A great adventure awaits you.
Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits

    Message Signed the 28-05-2014 at the 19:02  
Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra
Oath taking chart and its implications

There is a lot of controversy about the lagna for the Oath taking ceremony of the future Prime Minister in the astrological world. Oath was taken on last degree of Libra Lagna and Gemini navansha.Here it is important to clarify certain points in the regard. The oath taking time chart is very important for analyzing the future of the incoming Government. But it is often very difficult to find a proper Muhurth. In these type of Muhurth we can only choose Day, tithi ,yoga Karan , Moon sign , Moon nakshtra and the lagna at the time of event other planetary position are fixed.
Let’s discuss the Muhurth chart in detail.
Day chosen is Monday – soft day lord good for Governance,
Triyodashi [13th tithi] is also good,
Shovan yoga is also good,
Vanija Karan is good for business and economic progress,
Hora chosen is Sun is also good, but
Moon’s placement in Bharni nakshtra is not good because Bharni is classified as cruel nakshtra and not recommended for good work –since Venus lord of Bharni is associated with Moon –the cruelty of Bharni can be said to be reduced. Narendra Modi is born in Anuradha nakshtra and in Nav Tara chakra --it comes 4th –kshema nakshtra which is considered good. So panchang factors are not bad.
Apart from the panchang factors, a lot of things have to be considered before selecting a Muhurth. Lagna Shudhi [strong lagna] is most vital part of Muhurth selection. It is a common belief that fixed lagna should be chosen for stability –but it is not always possible to choose a fixed lagna due to other malefic combination. We know that Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs –Taurus and Scorpio lagna are ruled out due to odd time [early morning or late night]. Leo cannot be chosen –because 26th May is Triyodashi [13th day of dark half] and for Triyodashi Taurus and Leo are dagdh or shunya Rashi. We cannot choose Scorpio because in Scorpio Jupiter and Mercury would be placed in the 8th house and Moon and Venus [dasha lord] in 6th which does not augur well for coming Government. So a good Muhurth cannot be chosen in fixed lagna.
Next comes the dual sign lagna – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. We cannot take Gemini and Pisces due to odd times [early morning and late night]. Virgo cannot be taken as moon will be placed in the 8th house and 8th lord Mars will be placed in lagna. Sagittarius is also not good –because just after a month Jupiter lagna lord will move to 8th house. So all dual signs as lagna are not good for oath taking.
Now only moveable signs are left to choose ---Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Here also we cannot choose Aries and Capricorn due to odd hours. Cancer is too movable to be suited for stability. So there is no other option but to choose Libra as ascendant. But taking Libra as lagna do not nullify the evil influence of Saturn and Rahu posited there. However aspect of lagna lord Venus, Jupiter and Moon on lagna is good for stability and Government functioning. Therefore Oath taking time chosen seems to be good under given circumstances. Let’s discuss Oath taking chart in detail.
Here, the lagna is occupied by two malefic; Saturn and Rahu. The Lagna lord is also afflicted by these planets –so some controversies will be there from the very beginning. SOME INCIDENTS OF VIOLENCE MAY OCCUR IN THE COUNTRY OR AROUND THE BORDER. THERE MIGHT BE SOME CHANGES IN THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OR SOME CONTROVERSY MAY CROP UP IN THE INITIAL STAGE. Aspect of Moon, Venus, Jupiter –however will ensure stability and the Government will easily overcome the odds. Seventh house is also afflicted –which also indicates some trouble in foreign relations, crime against women will increase and labor problem will increase. Sun placement in 8th is bad but Sun is exalted in Navansha and is placed in shubh-kartari yoga –so the top authority [PM] will enjoy a good reputation and his performance will be lauded. 9th house is occupied by two benefic Jupiter and Mercury –a very good sign of overall performance of Government. One might see some good laws passed which will benefit the common man –rule of law will be established –Judiciary reputation will increase , foreign travels will flourish , communication and finance sector will grow at much faster pace and intellectual and literary people will find themselves honored .Since Mars and Saturn aspect the 3rd house some sort of control will be imposed on print, electronic and social media but they will flourish –the coming year might see major shift in their strategy and influence . Coming year will see major development in science and technology field. Jupiter’s influence on the 9th house will INCREASE TRADITIONAL AND NATIONALISTIC VIEW. Government expenses will be on higher side [2nd lord in 12th] and 11th lord in 8th. 4th lord is exalted in lagna and aspected by all benefic –masses will feel connected and satisfied with the Government. Association of Saturn and Rahu will see some MAJOR CHANGE IN POLICY MAKING, some of which might be controversial [inviting criticism]. Law, communication, commerce foreign relation department performance will be very good .6th lord placement in 9th will definitely increase employment opportunity. Since Saturn and Rahu are somewhat afflicted –old [by age and association] people will find themselves neglected in comparison to youth [young and new associates]. Please note that only Narendra Modi has taken oath in Libra Ascendent and rest of Ministers has taken oath in Scorpio ascendent.

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 25-05-2014 at the 21:20  
32nd Meeting - Saptarishis Astrology Mumbai Club Meet – 1st June 2014

The details of the 32nd meeting of "Saptarishis Astrology Mumbai Club'' are:
Date: 1st June 2014
Time: 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Venue: Saptarishis Astrology, NEAR PMC Bank, Suswagatam CHS. Ltd. BLDG. NO. 41 Room No. 1329/1330,TAGORE NAGAR, VIKHROLI EASTMUMBAI 83

a) Easy To Do Self Remedies in Vastu – By Anita Khandpur
b) Unknown Secrets of Nakshatras With Charts Illustrations – By Dr Arjun Pai
c) Nadi Method of Birth Time Rectification – By Saptarishis Astrology

Kindly confirm via email only to

    Message Signed the 23-05-2014 at the 21:09  
Rahu & Ketu (RESULTS OF THE NODAL AXIS) (Knowledge from Chandulal S Patel)
By Bhola Nath Shukla on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 3:25pm
Note : with courtsey of Krishna Kumar Bagri ji :

Draw a Line between Rahu and Ketu in Your Chart. Now observe the following:-

1) If Mars is on one side and Venus on the other side of this Nodal Axis, the natives MARRIED Life would not be smooth and harmonious. If they are on same side, then harmonious.
2) If Saturn and Jupiter are on opposite sides of this Rahu Ketu axis, then native is employed far away from his native place and has to struggle for positional status in Life.
3) If Saturn Mars conjunction on one side and Venus Jupiter conjunction on the other side, then native will suffer from great Calamity in his 49th year.
4) If this axis falls between Mercury and Jupiter, then native will often have disagreements with his own children.
5) If the axis falls between the Moon and Saturn, then disagreement with ones mother.
6) If the axis falls between the Sun and Saturn then disagreement with Father.

Other Important Points about Rahu and Ketu :-

1) Whenever Rahu in transit, touches the Natal positions of any Planet degrecally, good results would come to pass.
2) Whenever Ketu in transit, touches the Natal positions of any Planet degrecally, bad results would come to pass.
3) If Venus or the lord of the 7th house are in conjunction with, or trine to ketu in the Birth Chart, there is potential problem in the married Life. (If Spouse has Venus or Lord of 7th house in trine or in conjunction to Rahu, then this Dosha will be nullified).


We all know that the Planets Mercury and Venus canot stay away from the Sun more than 28 degrees and 48 degrees respectively. So within an area (Arc) of maximum 76 degrees you will find these three planets together. Now whenever this point of the zodiac (Arc) is transited by Rahu in your Birth chart, then you will experience highly beneficial results in terms of profession and earnings, promotions in service etc. After 9 Years and 3 1/2 months when Ketu will transit through this same arc, be ready to face setbacks in professional field and earnings therefrom, and troubles in service.

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 23-05-2014 at the 21:03  
नक्षत्र - सूक्तं (नक्षत्रेष्टि;)

तैत्तिरीय ब्रह्मणम् । अष्टकम् – 3 प्रश्नः – 1
तैत्तिरीय संहिताः । काण्ड 3 प्रपाठकः – 5 अनुवाकम् – 1

ॐ ॥ अ॒ग्निर्नः॑ पातु॒ कृत्ति॑काः । नक्ष॑त्रं दे॒वमि॑न्द्रि॒यम् । इ॒दमा॑सां विचक्ष॒णम् । ह॒विरा॒सं जु॑होतन । यस्य॒ भान्ति॑ र॒श्मयो॒ यस्य॑ के॒तवः॑ । यस्ये॒मा विश्वा॒ भुव॑नानि॒ सर्वा॓ । स कृत्ति॑काभिर॒भिस॒ंवसा॑नः । अ॒ग्निर्नो॑ दे॒वस्सु॑वि॒ते द॑धातु ॥ 1 ॥

प्र॒जाप॑ते रोहि॒णीवे॑तु॒ पत्नी॓ । वि॒श्वरू॑पा बृह॒ती चि॒त्रभा॑नुः । सा नो॑ य॒ज्ञस्य॑ सुवि॒ते द॑धातु । यथा॒ जीवे॑म श॒रद॒स्सवी॑राः । रो॒हि॒णी दे॒व्युद॑गात्पु॒रस्ता॓त् । विश्वा॑ रू॒पाणि॑ प्रति॒मोद॑माना । प्र॒जाप॑तिग्ं ह॒विषा॑ व॒र्धय॑न्ती । प्रि॒या दे॒वाना॒मुप॑यातु य॒ज्ञम् ॥ 2 ॥

सोमो॒ राजा॑ मृगशी॒र्॒षेण॒ आगन्न्॑ । शि॒वं नक्ष॑त्रं प्रि॒यम॑स्य॒ धाम॑ । आ॒प्याय॑मानो बहु॒धा जने॑षु । रेतः॑ प्र॒जां यज॑माने दधातु । यत्ते॒ नक्ष॑त्रं मृगशी॒र्॒षमस्ति॑ । प्रि॒यग्ं रा॑जन् प्रि॒यत॑मं प्रि॒याणा॓म् । तस्मै॑ ते सोम ह॒विषा॑ विधेम । शन्न॑ एधि द्वि॒पदे॒ शं चतु॑ष्पदे ॥ 3 ॥

आ॒र्द्रया॑ रु॒द्रः प्रथ॑मा न एति । श्रेष्ठो॑ दे॒वानां॒ पति॑रघ्नि॒याना॓म् । नक्ष॑त्रमस्य ह॒विषा॑ विधेम । मा नः॑ प्र॒जाग्ं री॑रिष॒न्मोत वी॒रान् । हे॒ति रु॒द्रस्य॒ परि॑णो वृणक्तु । आ॒र्द्रा नक्ष॑त्रं जुषताग्ं ह॒विर्नः॑ । प्र॒मु॒ञ्चमा॑नौ दुरि॒तानि॒ विश्वा॓ । अपा॒घशग्ं॑ सन्नुदता॒मरा॑तिम् । ॥ 4॥

पुन॑र्नो दे॒व्यदि॑तिस्पृणोतु । पुन॑र्वसूनः॒ पुन॒रेतां॓ य॒ज्ञम् । पुन॑र्नो दे॒वा अ॒भिय॑न्तु॒ सर्वे॓ । पुनः॑ पुनर्वो ह॒विषा॑ यजामः । ए॒वा न दे॒व्यदि॑तिरन॒र्वा । विश्व॑स्य भ॒र्त्री जग॑तः प्रति॒ष्ठा । पुन॑र्वसू ह॒विषा॑ व॒र्धय॑न्ती । प्रि॒यं दे॒वाना॒-मप्ये॑तु॒ पाथः॑ ॥ 5॥

बृह॒स्पतिः॑ प्रथ॒मं जाय॑मानः । ति॒ष्यं॑ नक्ष॑त्रम॒भि सम्ब॑भूव । श्रेष्ठो॑ दे॒वानां॒ पृत॑नासुजि॒ष्णुः । दि॒शो‌உनु॒ सर्वा॒ अभ॑यन्नो अस्तु । ति॒ष्यः॑ पु॒रस्ता॑दु॒त म॑ध्य॒तो नः॑ । बृह॒स्पति॑र्नः॒ परि॑पातु प॒श्चात् । बाधे॑ता॒न्द्वेषो॒ अभ॑यं कृणुताम् । सु॒वीर्य॑स्य॒ पत॑यस्याम ॥ 6 ॥

इ॒दग्ं स॒र्पेभ्यो॑ ह॒विर॑स्तु॒ जुष्टम्॓ । आ॒श्रे॒षा येषा॑मनु॒यन्ति॒ चेतः॑ । ये अ॒न्तरि॑क्षं पृथि॒वीं क्षि॒यन्ति॑ । ते न॑स्स॒र्पासो॒ हव॒माग॑मिष्ठाः । ये रो॑च॒ने सूर्य॒स्यापि॑ स॒र्पाः । ये दिवं॑ दे॒वीमनु॑स॒ञ्चर॑न्ति । येषा॑मश्रे॒षा अ॑नु॒यन्ति॒ कामम्॓ । तेभ्य॑स्स॒र्पेभ्यो॒ मधु॑मज्जुहोमि ॥ 7 ॥

उप॑हूताः पि॒तरो॒ ये म॒घासु॑ । मनो॑जवसस्सु॒कृत॑स्सुकृ॒त्याः । ते नो॒ नक्ष॑त्रे॒ हव॒माग॑मिष्ठाः । स्व॒धाभि॑र्य॒ज्ञं प्रय॑तं जुषन्ताम् । ये अ॑ग्निद॒ग्धा ये‌உन॑ग्निदग्धाः । ये॑‌உमुल्लो॒कं पि॒तरः॑ क्षि॒यन्ति॑ । याग्‍श्च॑ वि॒द्मयाग्म् उ॑ च॒ न प्र॑वि॒द्म । म॒घासु॑ य॒ज्ञग्ं सुकृ॑तं जुषन्ताम् ॥ 8॥

गवां॒ पतिः॒ फल्गु॑नीनामसि॒ त्वम् । तद॑र्यमन् वरुणमित्र॒ चारु॑ । तं त्वा॑ व॒यग्ं स॑नि॒तारग्ं॑ सनी॒नाम् । जी॒वा जीव॑न्त॒मुप॒ संवि॑शेम । येने॒मा विश्वा॒ भुव॑नानि॒ सञ्जि॑ता । यस्य॑ दे॒वा अ॑नुस॒ंयन्ति॒ चेतः॑ । अ॒र्य॒मा राजा॒‌உजर॒स्तु वि॑ष्मान् । फल्गु॑नीनामृष॒भो रो॑रवीति ॥ 9 ॥

श्रेष्ठो॑ दे॒वानां॓ भगवो भगासि । तत्त्वा॑ विदुः॒ फल्गु॑नी॒स्तस्य॑ वित्तात् । अ॒स्मभ्यं॑ क्ष॒त्रम॒जरग्ं॑ सु॒वीर्यम्॓ । गोम॒दश्व॑व॒दुप॒सन्नु॑दे॒ह । भगो॑ह दा॒ता भग इत्प्र॑दा॒ता । भगो॑ दे॒वीः फल्गु॑नी॒रावि॑वेश । भग॒स्येत्तं प्र॑स॒वं ग॑मेम । यत्र॑ दे॒वैस्स॑ध॒मादं॑ मदेम । ॥ 10 ॥

आया॒तु दे॒वस्स॑वि॒तोप॑यातु । हि॒र॒ण्यये॑न सु॒वृता॒ रथे॑न । वह॒न्॒, हस्तग्ं॑ सुभग्ं॑ विद्म॒नाप॑सम् । प्रयच्छ॑न्तं॒ पपु॑रिं॒ पुण्य॒मच्छ॑ । हस्तः॒ प्रय॑च्छ त्व॒मृतं॒ वसी॑यः । दक्षि॑णेन॒ प्रति॑गृभ्णीम एनत् । दा॒तार॑म॒द्य स॑वि॒ता वि॑देय । यो नो॒ हस्ता॑य प्रसु॒वाति॑ य॒ज्ञम् ॥11 ॥

त्वष्टा॒ नक्ष॑त्रम॒भ्ये॑ति चि॒त्राम् । सु॒भग्ं स॑संयुव॒तिग्ं राच॑मानाम् । नि॒वे॒शय॑न्न॒मृता॒न्मर्त्याग्॑श्च । रू॒पाणि॑ पि॒ग्॒ंशन् भुव॑नानि॒ विश्वा॓ । तन्न॒स्त्वष्टा॒ तदु॑ चि॒त्रा विच॑ष्टाम् । तन्नक्ष॑त्रं भूरि॒दा अ॑स्तु॒ मह्यम्॓ । तन्नः॑ प्र॒जां वी॒रव॑तीग्ं सनोतु । गोभि॑र्नो॒ अश्वै॒स्सम॑नक्तु यज्ञम् ॥ 12 ॥

वा॒युर्नक्ष॑त्रम॒भ्ये॑ति॒ निष्ट्या॓म् । ति॒ग्मशृं॑गो वृष॒भो रोरु॑वाणः । स॒मी॒रय॒न् भुव॑ना मात॒रिश्वा॓ । अप॒ द्वेषाग्ं॑सि नुदता॒मरा॑तीः । तन्नो॑ वा॒यस्तदु॒ निष्ट्या॑ शृणोतु । तन्नक्ष॑त्रं भूरि॒दा अ॑स्तु॒ मह्यम्॓ । तन्नो॑ दे॒वासो॒ अनु॑जानन्तु॒ कामम्॓ । यथा॒ तरे॑म दुरि॒तानि॒ विश्वा॓ ॥ 13 ॥

दू॒रम॒स्मच्छत्र॑वो यन्तु भी॒ताः । तदि॑न्द्रा॒ग्नी कृ॑णुतां॒ तद्विशा॑खे । तन्नो॑ दे॒वा अनु॑मदन्तु य॒ज्ञम् । प॒श्चात् पु॒रस्ता॒दभ॑यन्नो अस्तु । नक्ष॑त्राणा॒मधि॑पत्नी॒ विशा॑खे । श्रेष्ठा॑विन्द्रा॒ग्नी भुव॑नस्य गो॒पौ । विषू॑च॒श्शत्रू॑नप॒बाध॑मानौ । अप॒क्षुध॑न्नुदता॒मरा॑तिम् । ॥ 14 ॥

पू॒र्णा प॒श्चादु॒त पू॒र्णा पु॒रस्ता॓त् । उन्म॑ध्य॒तः पौ॓र्णमा॒सी जि॑गाय । तस्यां॓ दे॒वा अधि॑स॒ंवस॑न्तः । उ॒त्त॒मे नाक॑ इ॒ह मा॑दयन्ताम् । पृ॒थ्वी सु॒वर्चा॑ युव॒तिः स॒जोषा॓ः । पौ॒र्ण॒मा॒स्युद॑गा॒च्छोभ॑माना । आ॒प्या॒यय॑न्ती दुरि॒तानि॒ विश्वा॓ । उ॒रुं दुहां॒ यज॑मानाय य॒ज्ञम् ।ऋ॒द्ध्यास्म॑ ह॒व्यैर्नम॑सोप॒सद्य॑ । मि॒त्रं दे॒वं मि॑त्र॒धेयं॑ नो अस्तु । अ॒नू॒रा॒धान्, ह॒विषा॑ व॒र्धय॑न्तः । श॒तं जी॑वेम॒ श॒रदः॒ सवी॑राः । चि॒त्रं नक्ष॑त्र॒मुद॑गात्पु॒रस्ता॓त् । अ॒नू॒रा॒धा स॒ इति॒ यद्वद॑न्ति । तन्मि॒त्र ए॑ति प॒थिभि॑र्देव॒यानै॓ः । हि॒र॒ण्ययै॒र्वित॑तैर॒न्तरि॑क्षे ॥ 16 ॥

इन्द्रो॓ ज्ये॒ष्ठामनु॒ नक्ष॑त्रमेति । यस्मि॑न् वृ॒त्रं वृ॑त्र॒ तूर्ये॑ त॒तार॑ । तस्मि॑न्व॒य-म॒मृतं॒ दुहा॑नाः । क्षुध॑न्तरेम॒ दुरि॑तिं॒ दुरि॑ष्टिम् । पु॒र॒न्द॒राय॑ वृष॒भाय॑ धृ॒ष्णवे॓ । अषा॑ढाय॒ सह॑मानाय मी॒ढुषे॓ । इन्द्रा॑य ज्ये॒ष्ठा मधु॑म॒द्दुहा॑ना । उ॒रुं कृ॑णोतु॒ यज॑मानाय लो॒कम् । ॥ 17 ॥

मूलं॑ प्र॒जां वी॒रव॑तीं विदेय । परा॓च्येतु॒ निरृ॑तिः परा॒चा । गोभि॒र्नक्ष॑त्रं प॒शुभि॒स्सम॑क्तम् । अह॑र्भूया॒द्यज॑मानाय॒ मह्यम्॓ । अह॑र्नो अ॒द्य सु॑वि॒ते द॑दातु । मूलं॒ नक्ष॑त्र॒मिति॒ यद्वद॑न्ति । परा॑चीं वा॒चा निरृ॑तिं नुदामि । शि॒वं प्र॒जायै॑ शि॒वम॑स्तु॒ मह्यम्॓ ॥ 18 ॥

या दि॒व्या आपः॒ पय॑सा सम्बभू॒वुः । या अ॒न्तरि॑क्ष उ॒त पार्थि॑वी॒र्याः । यासा॑मषा॒ढा अ॑नु॒यन्ति॒ कामम्॓ । ता न॒ आपः॒ शग्ग् स्यो॒ना भ॑वन्तु । याश्च॒ कूप्या॒ याश्च॑ ना॒द्या॓स्समु॒द्रिया॓ः । याश्च॑ वैश॒न्तीरुत प्रा॑स॒चीर्याः । यासा॑मषा॒ढा मधु॑ भ॒क्षय॑न्ति । ता न॒ आपः॒ शग्ग् स्यो॒ना भ॑वन्तु ॥19 ॥

तन्नो॒ विश्वे॒ उप॑ शृण्वन्तु दे॒वाः । तद॑षा॒ढा अ॒भिसंय॑न्तु य॒ज्ञम् । तन्नक्ष॑त्रं प्रथतां प॒शुभ्यः॑ । कृ॒षिर्वृ॒ष्टिर्यज॑मानाय कल्पताम् । शु॒भ्राः क॒न्या॑ युव॒तय॑स्सु॒पेश॑सः । क॒र्म॒कृत॑स्सु॒कृतो॑ वी॒र्या॑वतीः । विश्वा॓न् दे॒वान्, ह॒विषा॑ व॒र्धय॑न्तीः । अ॒षा॒ढाः काम॒मुपा॑यन्तु य॒ज्ञम् ॥ 20 ॥

यस्मि॒न् ब्रह्मा॒भ्यज॑य॒त्सर्व॑मे॒तत् । अ॒मुञ्च॑ लो॒कमि॒दमू॑च॒ सर्वम्॓ । तन्नो॒ नक्ष॑त्रमभि॒जिद्वि॒जित्य॑ । श्रियं॑ दधा॒त्वहृ॑णीयमानम् । उ॒भौ लो॒कौ ब्रह्म॑णा॒ सञ्जि॑ते॒मौ । तन्नो॒ नक्ष॑त्रमभि॒जिद्विच॑ष्टाम् । तस्मि॑न्व॒यं पृत॑ना॒स्सञ्ज॑येम । तन्नो॑ दे॒वासो॒ अनु॑जानन्तु॒ कामम्॓ ॥ 21 ॥

शृ॒ण्वन्ति॑ श्रो॒णाम॒मृत॑स्य गो॒पाम् । पुण्या॑मस्या॒ उप॑शृणोमि॒ वाचम्॓ । म॒हीं दे॒वीं विष्णु॑पत्नीमजू॒र्याम् । प्र॒तीची॑ मेनाग्ं ह॒विषा॑ यजामः । त्रे॒धा विष्णु॑रुरुगा॒यो विच॑क्रमे । म॒हीं दिवं॑ पृथि॒वीम॒न्तरि॑क्षम् । तच्छ्रो॒णैति॒श्रव॑-इ॒च्छमा॑ना । पुण्य॒ग्ग्॒ श्लोकं॒ यज॑मानाय कृण्व॒ती ॥ 22 ॥

अ॒ष्टौ दे॒वा वस॑वस्सो॒म्यासः॑ । चत॑स्रो दे॒वीर॒जराः॒ श्रवि॑ष्ठाः । ते य॒ज्ञं पा॓न्तु॒ रज॑सः पु॒रस्ता॓त् । स॒ंव॒त्स॒रीण॑म॒मृतग्ग्॑ स्व॒स्ति । य॒ज्ञं नः॑ पान्तु॒ वस॑वः पु॒रस्ता॓त् । द॒क्षि॒ण॒तो॑‌உभिय॑न्तु॒ श्रवि॑ष्ठाः । पुण्य॒न्नक्ष॑त्रम॒भि संवि॑शाम । मा नो॒ अरा॑तिर॒घश॒ग्ं॒सा‌உगन्न्॑ ॥ 23 ॥

क्ष॒त्रस्य॒ राजा॒ वरु॑णो‌உधिरा॒जः । नक्ष॑त्राणाग्ं श॒तभि॑ष॒ग्वसि॑ष्ठः । तौ दे॒वेभ्यः॑ कृणुतो दी॒र्घमायुः॑ । श॒तग्ं स॒हस्रा॑ भेष॒जानि॑ धत्तः । य॒ज्ञन्नो॒ राजा॒ वरु॑ण॒ उप॑यातु । तन्नो॒ विश्वे॑ अ॒भि संय॑न्तु दे॒वाः । तन्नो॒ नक्ष॑त्रग्ं श॒तभि॑षग्जुषा॒णम् । दी॒र्घमायुः॒ प्रति॑रद्भेष॒जानि॑ ॥ 24 ॥

अ॒ज एक॑पा॒दुद॑गात्पु॒रस्ता॓त् । विश्वा॑ भू॒तानि॑ प्रति॒ मोद॑मानः । तस्य॑ दे॒वाः प्र॑स॒वं य॑न्ति॒ सर्वे॓ । प्रो॒ष्ठ॒प॒दासो॑ अ॒मृत॑स्य गो॒पाः । वि॒भ्राज॑मानस्समिधा॒ न उ॒ग्रः । आ‌உन्तरि॑क्षमरुह॒दग॒न्द्याम् । तग्ं सूर्यं॑ दे॒वम॒जमेक॑पादम् । प्रो॒ष्ठ॒प॒दासो॒ अनु॑यन्ति॒ सर्वे॓ ॥ 25 ॥

अहि॑र्बु॒ध्नियः॒ प्रथ॑मा न एति । श्रेष्ठो॑ दे॒वाना॑मु॒त मानु॑षाणाम् । तं ब्रा॓ह्म॒णास्सो॑म॒पास्सो॒म्यासः॑ । प्रो॒ष्ठ॒प॒दासो॑ अ॒भिर॑क्षन्ति॒ सर्वे॓ । च॒त्वार॒ एक॑म॒भि कर्म॑ दे॒वाः । प्रो॒ष्ठ॒प॒दा स॒ इति॒ यान्, वद॑न्ति । ते बु॒ध्नियं॑ परि॒षद्यग्ग्॑ स्तु॒वन्तः॑ । अहिग्ं॑ रक्षन्ति॒ नम॑सोप॒सद्य॑ ॥ 26 ॥

पू॒षा रे॒वत्यन्वे॑ति॒ पन्था॓म् । पु॒ष्टि॒पती॑ पशु॒पा वाज॑बस्त्यौ । इ॒मानि॑ ह॒व्या प्रय॑ता जुषा॒णा । सु॒गैर्नो॒ यानै॒रुप॑यातां य॒ज्ञम् । क्षु॒द्रान् प॒शून् र॑क्षतु रे॒वती॑ नः । गावो॑ नो॒ अश्वा॒ग्॒म् अन्वे॑तु पू॒षा । अन्न॒ग्ं॒ रक्ष॑न्तौ बहु॒धा विरू॑पम् । वाजग्ं॑ सनुतां॒ यज॑मानाय य॒ज्ञम् ॥ 27 ॥

तद॒श्विना॑वश्व॒युजोप॑याताम् । शुभ॒ङ्गमि॑ष्ठौ सु॒यमे॑भि॒रश्वै॓ः । स्वं नक्ष॑त्रग्ं ह॒विषा॒ यज॑न्तौ । मध्वा॒सम्पृ॑क्तौ॒ यजु॑षा॒ सम॑क्तौ । यौ दे॒वानां॓ भि॒षजौ॓ हव्यवा॒हौ । विश्व॑स्य दू॒ताव॒मृत॑स्य गो॒पौ । तौ नक्ष॒त्रं जुजुषा॒णोप॑याताम् । नमो॒‌உश्विभ्यां॓ कृणुमो‌உश्व॒युग्भ्या॓म् ॥ 28 ॥

अप॑ पा॒प्मानं॒ भर॑णीर्भरन्तु । तद्य॒मो राजा॒ भग॑वा॒न्॒, विच॑ष्टाम् । लो॒कस्य॒ राजा॑ मह॒तो म॒हान्, हि । सु॒गं नः॒ पन्था॒मभ॑यं कृणोतु । यस्मि॒न्नक्ष॑त्रे य॒म एति॒ राजा॓ । यस्मि॑न्नेनम॒भ्यषिं॑चन्त दे॒वाः । तद॑स्य चि॒त्रग्ं ह॒विषा॑ यजाम । अप॑ पा॒प्मानं॒ भर॑णीर्भरन्तु ॥ 29 ॥

नि॒वेश॑नी स॒ङ्गम॑नी॒ वसू॑नां॒ विश्वा॑ रू॒पाणि॒ वसू॓न्यावे॒शय॑न्ती । स॒ह॒स्र॒पो॒षग्ं सु॒भगा॒ ररा॑णा॒ सा न॒ आग॒न्वर्च॑सा संविदा॒ना । यत्ते॑ दे॒वा अद॑धुर्भाग॒धेय॒ममा॑वास्ये स॒ंवस॑न्तो महि॒त्वा । सा नो॑ य॒ज्ञं पि॑पृहि विश्ववारे र॒यिन्नो॑ धेहि सुभगे सु॒वीरम्॓ ॥ 30 ॥

ॐ शान्तिः॒ शान्तिः॒ शान्तिः॑

courtsey Sri Rahul Gupta ICAS Kanpur

This was furnished by Bhola Nath Shukla ji who has taken the trouble to bring this to our attention.

Hello Members,
Thought of sharing the below Nakshtra sooktam meaning in English of each nakshtra mantra of the constellation

Each Nakshatra reflects certain wishes , that those who born under them are inclined to have. In the Vedas each Nakshatra deity reflects these desires, that those who worship this deity and its Nakshatra will gain.

1. Ashwin... Ashwins desired blessed with good hearing and not to be deaf.One who makes the appropriate offering to the Ashwins and to Ashwini becomes possessed of good hearing and will not become deaf. This Nakshatra grants the power of hearing on both outer and inner levels.
2. Bharani.. Yama desired to win the lordhip of ancestors. One who makes the appropriate offering to Yama and to Bharani wins the lordship of the ancestors and wins the lordship of his peers.
3. Krittika.. Agni desired,,,be blessed with good eater of food offered to God. One who offers to Agni and Krittika the appropriate offering becomes an eater of food for mortals.
4. Prajapati desired to be blessed Rohini and me unite together.One who makes the appropriate offering to Prajapati, to Rohini, his beloved approaches him and he unites with her.
5. Soma desired to be blessed with the lorship of plants.One who makes the appropriate offering to Soma, to Mrigashira, wins the lordship of his peers.
6.Rudra desired that he became the lord of animals.One who makes the appropriate offering to Rudra, to Ardra, becomes the lord of the animals.
7.Earth desired to blessed with growth of herbs & trees.One who makes the appropriate offering to Punarvasu, produces progeny and cattle.
8.Brihaspati desired to be blessed with the lord of powr of knowledge.One who makes the appropriate offering to Brihaspati, to Pushya, gains the splendor of spiritual knowledge.
9.One who makes the appropriate offering to Aslesha, drives away his hateful opponents.
10.Fathers desired to blessed with flourishing capacity of ancestors in the world.One who makes the appropriate offering to the Fathers, to Magha, flourishes in the world of the ancestors.
11.Bhaga desired to be blessed with partaking the best portion of the God.One who makes the appropriate offering to Bhaga, to the P. Phalgunis, gains the best portion among his peers.
12.One who makes the appropriate offering to Aryaman, to the U. Phalgunis, he becomes the lord of the animals.
13.Savitar desired to be blessed with God's trust with Savitar.One who makes the appropriate offering to Savitar, to Hasta, men place faith in him. He becomes the Sun among his peers. Committment and true to one's word.
14.Twaster desired to be blessed with progeny.One who makes the appropriate offering to Twashtar, to Chitra, gains a wonderful progeny.
15.Vayu desired to be blessed wih freedom to move in every parts of the world.One who makes the appropriate offering to the Vayu, to Swati, gains the freedom to move as he wishes in all the worlds.
16 Indra and Agni both desired to be blessed with gain in greatest splendour among the Gods. One who makes the appropriate offering to Indra and Agni, to Vishakha, gains the greatest splendor among his peers.
17.Mitra desired to be blessed with be regarded as a best friend in the Universe.One who makes the appropriate offering to Mitra, to Anuradha, becomes regarded as a friend in all these worlds.
18. Indra desired to be blessed with gain in supremacy among the gods.One who makes the appropriate offering to Indra, to Jyeshta, gains supremacy among his peers.
19.Prajapati desired to be blessed with power to find the root cause of progeny. One who makes the appropriate offering to Prajapati, to Mula, gains the root of progeny.Mula is ruled by Prajapati, the Creator, who also rules Rohini. This gives Mula a more creative energy. Mula means root. It gives the root of progeny or strong creative powers, somewhat like Rohini. In the negative sense in the Vedas, Mula ruled by Nirriti takes away the root of one’s progeny or causes the loss of one’s first child.
20.Under Purvashadha one seeks connections like water desiring to reach the ocean. It is a creative, nurturing and healing Nakshatra.
21. World God desired to be blessed with power to win victory that cannot be lost.One who makes the appropriate offering to the world Gods, gains a victory that can never be lost.Uttarashadha nakshtara causes us to seek great achievements, but in alliance with others, in great partnerships, organizations and associations.
22.Vishnu desired to be blessed with people always speaks good words for me.One who makes the appropriate offering to Vishnu, to Shravana, hears good words about himself and does not come to any bad regard. Shravana nakshtra native will strive to keep themselves in good repute.
23. Vasus desired to be blessed with pwer to revolve around summit of gods. One who makes the appropriate offering to the Vasus, to Dhanishta, gains the summit among his peers.
24.Varuna desired to be blessed with the power of firmness and not unsteadiness.One who makes the appropriate offering to Varuna, to Shatabhishak, becomes firm and not unsteady.
25.Aja ekapat desired to be blessed with gain in radiance and splendour in Spiritual knowledge.One who makes the appropriate offering to Aja Ekapat, to Purva Bhadra, gains radiance and the splendor of spiritual knowledge.
26.Ahir Budhnya desired to be blessed with the power of good foundation. Uttara Bhadra grants a firm foundation in life, connecting us with the wellsprings of vitality, the serpent who dwells in the middle of the sea.
27.Pusha desired to be blessed with the lodhip of animals. Revati gives lordship over domestic cattle, richness of harvest and fertile fields. Those born under this Nakshatra like the good things of life but as are in harmony with nature.

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