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    Message Signed the 19-10-2013 at the 22:31  
Just wanted to say that if you did the coding for this website and put it together yourself, you should be building websites for a living. You should be very proud of your design. I've seen a lot of websites but not many measure up to the standard of yours. Excellent job!

Thanks for ur kind words of encouragement. Unfortunately our team is not technically savvy hence we are not able to progress further in coding.

    Message Signed the 19-10-2013 at the 22:15  
Dear SA

As per a recent comment on articles of Ratra ji on upa-pada giving excellent results, I found the article on your website and tried this method on some of the cases I am aware of and so far it has worked out well in all the cases i.e. wherein one can examine the results retrospectively. Except that the ability to apply rules to come up with a prediction also requires experiential knowledge that I lack as a novice so struggling to understand on what this means if - the girl has a reasonably ok chart with Jupiter and Moon aspect on upapada whereas the boy has a ketu aspect on upapada with no benefic aspects. Would the boy's destiny result in breaking of marriage or would girl's destiny protect her marriage given the two benefics ?

Excellent article and thanks to SA and its contributors for a wonderful service to this ancient science of astrology and humanity at large, as marriage is one of the most complex decisions to make in life. I noticed a line in the article that says " Hence, placement sign is called Pitree Bhava. This concept has given excellent results in age calculations, in thousands of horoscopes.".
Has this i.e. age calculations using this method, been already shared in one of the earlier articles on SA?

Dear Sir
thanks for ur kind words of encouragment to the team and Ratra jis work. His work is exceptional in Jaimini though he has written only few articles so far. Re age calculations he has not published so far, its a work in progress
Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 17-10-2013 at the 20:04  
A Note from a Editor from West

Dear S_____,
When we write an article we must think in the readers and their level of knowledge. But most important we should be able to summarize the important message we want to pass, and is hard to see the things from the perspective of others What I have seen as the worst in Jyotish articles is the excess of information, too much description of the positions of the planets and their relationships . This often hides someone who has no true knowledge of astrology. If you describe all planetary relationships and does not indicate what is actually important to a particular event... What is the knowledge that you are transmitting ? I have seen comments depreciating authors like B.V. Raman who transmitted their knowledge in the style of the classics of Jyotish . My view is that they are unable to understand when a great astrologer is capable to separate a factor so we can balance it with the other factors to male our interpretations . It is very difficult to identify and isolate these factors on a chart and establish a principle . That was the ability of the Rishis and what I have seem in the nowadays writings is an exhaustive and too verbose description of planetary relationships, who most often do not bring anything original and are even unable to clarify precisely what is already established as the astrological knowledge.

Sachin Malhotra 

    Message Signed the 17-10-2013 at the 10:13  
Dear Mr. Sunil ,

I happen to read the articles on Pada Navamsha Dasha by Late Shri Yelluripati Krishna Rao ji and also by Iranganti
Rangacharya ji . There were very interesting and opened a new dimension of learning for us. I shared those with my friends and also with my teacher Shri Naval Singh.

I would request you to release some more articles by Late Yelluripati Krishan Rao ji specially on Jaimini dashas.

Best Regards,

Dear Sachin
Nice to hear from you and nice to know that you liked the article of Late Yelluripati ji and Iranganti ji

We had some more articles of his but now we have reduced drastically our activities in Jaimini astrology which includes articles and releasing of manuscripts since some seniors do not like new knowledge on Jaimini coming out as it effects their reputation and business.

Since you love Jaimini will release some articles of Jagdish Ratra ji which have been pending since long.


Saptarishis Astrology
The Free Digital Global Astro Magazine
H.Ramadas Rao 

    Message Signed the 15-10-2013 at the 20:50  
Dear Sir,
I have gone through the excellent articles one on Uapapada : The ultimate Determination of Family & Marriage Life and the 2nd on Horoscope Matching -Jaimini Style by Shri Jagdish Raj Ratra.I have used his principles in many of the charts and found 100 % results in many of the charts.Please convey my warm regards to him in giving us the best articles and new methods.Now I am writing an article on Predicting Marriage through Jaimini System and Transits.Can you please request him that I use some of his methods in my article which I will mention in my article.But I wanted his permission.You can also give me his email id so that I can write to him directly also.

Dear Ramadas ji
Nice to get a honest feedback and that shows your honesty towards the science. The author is an old man and a friend of our mentor, the author does not have an email id as he does not possess computer. His articles come to us in hand written format and volunteers painstakingly type it out. Then it is sent to him for corrections and again changes made. Hence 2 of his great articles are still pending with us.

You can use his or any other article from SA by giving the author credit. Many writers infact do not give us or our writers credit and still we do not make much hue and cry about it, though sometimes we should

Would love to read and publish your article on Jaimini and transits, sure it would be a great addition to the family

SA admin
M Imran 
    Message Signed the 14-10-2013 at the 21:21  
Muhammad Imran
8:27pm Oct 14
Buddh and riN

Bhatt Narayana of Chamatkar Chintamani says: how can one repay his riN when he has not Mercury in 11th house at birth? In other words, Mercury in 11th (i.e. 6th from 6th) house enables one to discharge his debts (both monetary and moral debts).

There are three kinds of riN (ऋण ṛṇa) or fundamental obligations to be fulfilled.

1) Deva riN (Indebtedness or obligations towards God and all his blessings. This can be repaid through charitable work, rituals, sacrifices etc.).

1) Rishi riN (Indebtedness or obligations towards sages, mentor etc. This can be ward off through acquiring and spreading knowledge).

3) Pitr riN (Indebtedness or obligations towards parents. This can be fulfilled by taking care of parents, offering their final rites, and procreating children to continue lineage).

Some philosophical texts maintain four types of debt (riN).

1) Pitra riN (indebtedness or obligations towards father and mother)
2) Brahma riN(indebtedness or obligations towards God almighty)
3) Deva riN (indebtedness or obligations towards deities)
4) Risi/Guru riN (indebtedness or obligations towards sage, mentor, teacher)

Even some later Indian canons added two more debts: Nri or Manushya riN and Bhuta riN.

Come to the point. Mercury in 11th house renders one to payback (or at least try to payback) his/her debts. Note the house lord, associated with Mercury; or lord of 11th house where Mercury resided (whether it is krura/somya, sattvik/rajjasic/tamasik, etc). This indicates the “type of riN to be repaid” and the “way or mean” how native repays obligations.

K.s.naath, astrologer, tirupur 

    Message Signed the 14-10-2013 at the 15:25  
Collection of Review on books

Kota Chakra Book

This book is unique.
this kota chakra reveals our health position very clearly.

i really appreciate the author gives a new approch regarding disease, accident anf case filing. Those who are interest to study the variuos chakaras this is very important one.
K.s.naath, astrologer, tirupur
S.C.Purandare commented on Predictive Method: Predicting with Grahas as Karakas -

Excellent book. A different thing must for every vedic astrology students and practising astrologers.
Role of Karakas as producers of different things,importance of their Ishta and Kashta and their placements are lucidly and effectively presented. Initial introduction to Grahas is rarely found in standard texts. The author should come out with many such books on vedic astrology especially on its predictive aspects.


Dr P P Panchal commented on 500 Golden Rules of Astrology -

A good informative book with various yogas that help predict correctly and must for every student and for professionals for reference.

Dr Pramathesh Panchal.



Yogesh Lajmi commented on Astro Secrets & KP - Part IV: Rectification Of Birth Time -

With this book begins a series of "new insights" (Parts VI,VII VIII) in the potential as well as rhe accuracy with which one can predict with great confidence using K.P., and the latest publocations on Twin Births in two volumes is real eye-opener and convincingly explains why twins born even 15 minutes apart or even 1 to 2 minutes apart differ in vatious aspects of life,for example why one becomes an Engineer and the other a Doctor,even one short the other tall and so on...!


usman ul haq commented on Vedic Astrology - Stock Market Analysis -

i read this book it is realy very good after read this book i can trade very well in dow thanks to trere any book for how to trade in commodities written by sir. R.J.krishnan


Karen M White commented on Predictive Method: Predicting with Grahas as Karakas -

"Laura's writing style is very clear and organized making the material
easy to learn and her book easy to use as a reference. The strengths
and weaknesses of the planets is simply explained and the list of what
each planet produces in each Varga, and the use of each Varga, is
something I now use with each chart I delineate.

The Dasa information is really interesting. I had no idea there were
so many different kinds of dasas and that some of the dasas apply only
to people who meet specific criteria in their birth charts. A great
refining technique!

She included chart examples to further illustrate the techniques she
is teaching in this book, and was so interesting, that I had to
immediately go look up several charts of clients and other people I
know to apply the techniques.

I look forward to Laura's next book about the fantastic Vedic

Paresh Desai commented on Kashyapa Hora Systems Of Nadi Astrology* -

I read this book long back and there is no doubt that this is a unique system. At times I have noticed stunning results using this method but at times failure. Maybe i have not understood it and ofcourse there is always a difference between learning from a book and learning directly from the author, hence i might be making mistakes. But i do recommend this book and request other students to go deeper into this unique system of horary astrology

IP address:

Paresh Desai commented on Astrological Applications Of Kota Chakra -

Very few authors go into writing on chakras, this is a brilliant attempt to say the least. I have read and re-read this book 3 times and everytime i can feel that we must delve deeper into chakras. Unfortunately only one or two authors have gone into publishing their works on chakras.

M Imran 
    Message Signed the 12-10-2013 at the 21:36  

Muhammad Imran
6:30pm Oct 10
Dear Ehsan Kh,

The apparent difference between Indian and Western formulas of Lots/Saham is on account of different computation techniques. But the end result would be SAME, whatever system you follow. Indians have been slightly complex in approach than Westerners/Persians/Arabs. Let’s understand through simple illustrations.


Suppose in a day born nativity, Sun is at 10 degree Virgo; Moon is at 10 degree Scorpio; and Ascendant is at 10 degree Sagittarius.

Fortuna through Western/Persian/Arabic method:
Lot of Fortune is computed from Sun to Moon, and added to Ascendant (if birth is diurnal). In other words, starting from Sun, count how far Moon is lying from Sun, and project the difference on Ascendant. Mathematically it is formulated as:

=> Ascendant + Moon – Sun

= 10* Sag. + 10* Sco. – 10* Vir. = 10* Aqu.

Hence native of Example-1 has Lot of Fortune at 10 degree Aquarius, and its lord is Saturn.

Even we can mentally/orally calculate Lot of Fortune here (because longitudes of all parameters are close enough). From Virgo-Sun, Scorpio-Moon is three signs away. Therefore add three signs into Sagittarius-Ascendant. This becomes Aquarius. Simple is that.

Now compute Lot of Fortune for the same native through Indian way.

Punnya Saham through Indian Tajika System:

Indians’ Punnya Saham is actually Lot of Fortune. Punnya is a translation of Arabic term Sa’adatt (means virtue). B.V. Raman in his book Varshphala maintains Punnya Saham as follows.

Punnya Saham = Moon – Sun + Asc.
(add 30 degree if Ascendant is NOT lying between minuend and subtrahend).

In above equation, minuend is Moon, and subtrahend is Sun. Now check starting from minuend (Moon) up to subtrahend (Sun). If Asc. is not falling in between them then ADD 30 degree. If Asc. is falling in between them then DO NOT ADD 30 degree.

Here Moon is in 10*Scorpio and Sun is in 10* Virgo. Since, Ascendant at 10* Sagittarius is NOT falling in between Moon and Sun therefore we need to ADD 30*.

Punnya Saham = Moon – Sun + Asc. + 30*
= 10* Sco. – 10* Vir. + 10* Sag. +30*
Indian first translate longitudes of three parameters into 360 degree format.
= 220* – 160* + 250* + 30*
= 340*
=> 340* is equal to 10 degree Aquarius.

Thus native of Example-1 has Punnya Saham in 10 degree Aquarius, and its lord is Saturn, which is same as we computed earlier according to simple Western/Persian formula.

With regards,
M. Imran

Gopalakrishna AV 

    Message Signed the 11-10-2013 at the 10:58  
The Article on Intercepted Houses by Anitaji is wonderful.

This is one of the best articles ( on Astrological subjects) I have ever come across.

Many thanks for this.

I expect more articles from Anitaji as she always handles unique subjects with utmost simplicity. After reading every such article I feel enriched.

    Message Signed the 10-10-2013 at the 12:41  
Steven Stuckey commented on your status.

Steven wrote: "One combination for possession mentioned by B.V. Raman in his "300 Important Combinations" is #287, "Pisacha Grastha Yoga". The combination is defined as: "When Rahu is in Lagna and in conjunction with the Moon and the malefics join trines, the above yoga is given rise to." He goes on to say that "when the Moon is with Rahu and Saturn, or Saturn aspects Moon-Rahu combination, especially in Lagna, the person doubtless suffers from evil spirits or devils." I've found the above combination of Moon/Rahu/Saturn to be true when found in the Lagna. I once met a woman who admitted to seeing ghosts all the time--she had a close conjunction of Moon/Rahu/Saturn in Scorpio in the Lagna. Rahu is the main 'planet' that opens the doorway to the unseen and subtle worlds. If one has, in addition, an unbalanced combination for mental and emotional health such as a difficult Moon/Saturn combination, then the invisible realms may intrude, unwanted, into one's present reality. Rahu and Moon can be positive factors also for seeing the 'other side', but when together and combined with Saturn, they tend to attract more negative factors."

Astrloger Raju Ramrakhyani Truly said ...even I have come up with charts of rahu and moon ...the same experience you told us,and about b v Raman I salute him for his dedication towards astrology ......


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