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    Message Signed the 22-11-2013 at the 13:32  

I have posted a major new understanding on retrogression on our new research group, you can read it their

    Message Signed the 21-11-2013 at the 17:05

Delhi Underground: Meticulous recordsExpress News Service : New Delhi, Mon Oct 21 2013, 03:02 hrs SmallLargePrint

Holy Family Hospital, which is celebrating its diamond jubilee, has meticulously maintained medical records in yellowing registers. Started in 1953 by missionaries, the hospital has witnessed the births of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Both have been identified as "baby Sonia Gandhi" in hospital records. Sonia Gandhi, then 23 years old, gave birth to Rahul on 19.6.1970 at 2.28 pm. She was admitted to the hospital at 9.10 am the same day. Priyanka was born on 12.1.1972 at 5.05 pm. Both were examined by paediatrician Dr P N Taneja. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had congratulated the hospital in a one-page note that has now been printed as a souvenir of the hospital, produced for its diamond jubilee.


    Message Signed the 17-11-2013 at the 06:09  
Sir, All your articles comming in your are amazing.All the eminent astrologers through out the world are publishing through your site.God has selected your site to reveal the secrects of astrology in this 21st centurey.Many many thanks to your people for revealing secrets of astrology. L.G.Naidu,Vizianagaram,A.P

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 16-11-2013 at the 12:34  
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    Message Signed the 16-11-2013 at the 00:18  
Recently I happen to read the following in a Malayalam work on Nadi Astrology by Mr N Peethambaran:

If Moon passes through the sign containing the Sun twice( that is twice during the same Solar Month) then it is not an auspicious month for performing important functions.

The implied principle may be that if the Moon has to traverse a house twice when the Sun would be in the same sign, then it should be once in the beginning of the month and then at the end of the month. Naturally during the commencement of the month Chandrabala or digital strength would be minimal at the commencement of the month. The corollary is that if the Chandrabala is less during the commencement of the month then that month would be inauspicious. Also on an average the overall Chandrabala would also be comparatively minimal in such months.

This shows how Chandrabala is considered as the subtle and important underlying principle for determining alround astrological merit.

Chandrabala is just a converted bala of Sun (determined from its distance from the Moon) and therefore Astrology is learnt after propitiating the Sun first. Vaacham nassa dadatu naikakirana Trialokyadeepo Ravi.

Sai Krishna 

    Message Signed the 12-11-2013 at the 18:15  
Dear S____,

This is the chart of my close friend. His birth details are
DOB: 25/07/1982
TOB: 3:10AM
Place: Chandrapur
Now he is in his 32nd year. He has purchased a land on 19th October, 2013 for the purpose of long term Investment/Business.
According to BSP technique
BSP- 29: ‘Mar’s implements its 4th aspect in the 32nd year’.
His mars is posited in 5th house, Libra from Ascendant, Gemini.
4th aspect is on Capricorn whose lord is Saturn posited in Virgo, 4th house from Ascendant.
4th house and also Saturn signifies land and properties. So i thought its working in his chart.
Regarding other BSP Techniques,
i) BSP-11: Jupiter 5th aspect rule in 32nd year.
Jupiter is posited in 5th house, Libra and 5th aspect is on 9th house which will be 9th house, Aquarius from Ascendant.
ii) BSP- 33: ‘Mercury implements its energies in the 8th house from itself in the 32nd year.
Mercury is posited in Cancer 2nd House and 8th house from it is Aquarius which is 9th house from Ascendant.
iii) BSP - Ketu is in 7th house, Sagittarius which is the 7th house from Ascendant.

Based on above 3 i am thinking that he may get married in this year i.e before 25th July, 2014.


Punit Nayar 
    Message Signed the 10-11-2013 at the 19:42  
Respected Sir ,
I have made a brief snapshot of the article series by Respected Smt Anita Khandpur ji. on "Precautions for Each Planets. " This may be used as a ready reckoner for the users as they can easily copy /delete the text and save a self copy for various precautions as prescribed in all the articles. From very beginning , I liked the article so much and was waiting for all the 9 parts.
Kindly see the attached file.

Punit Nayar

Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra 

    Message Signed the 02-11-2013 at the 11:53  
Sanjeev Ranjan wrote: "BSP rules are really effective. In astrology everything is derived or deduced from kaal purush kundali. Mars is first and 8th house lord of kaal purush first house represents life, prestige and self –and 8th house represents suddenness ,operation and accident and Mars is karak of land and property- so when Mars is associated with any planet or karak these qualities are automatically attached to the planet or karak. If mars is with Sun the qualities of Mars is automatically attached to Sun – father will have landed property, he will have to undergo accident, litigation and suddenness in life and he will be associated with father for long. Venus is lord of 2nd and 7th house –which is marak house i.e. Venus is naturally associated with death or pain inflicting traits .But it also represents finance, pleasure , attachment and association and is karak of beauty and pleasure –so when Venus is associated with any planet these qualities are automatically attached to these planets – when Sun and Venus is associated it means that father is good looking , person’s eyes are beautiful , father will enjoy worldly pleasure but he will have to undergo setbacks, pain and death like situation in life and the person [ not father ] will have some defect ,pain or Surgery in eye. In this way all the association can be understood. Mercury is lord of 3ed and 6th house –which represents communication, play ,siblings ,relatives , disease and enmity and is karak of speech and communication—due to this he is called God’s messenger i.e. he increases or spread the effect –when he is associated with any planet these qualities will automatically will be attached to that planet –if Mercury is with Venus –the quality of Venus and mercury will influence each other –wife will be talkative, he may have more than one wife, wife side relative will be more , wife will be perturbed by enemy and relatives, wife voice will be very sweet, she will look young and she will have smiling face. Many other such results can easily be derived. Similarly for other planets results are deduced –planet automatically give there characteristics of house owned in kaal purush kundali and its own karak quality to other planet to whom they are associated. Entire Nadi literature is full of this type of deduction. Exaltation of planets means planets become more powerful to give their effect of lordship or karakatwa—if Venus is in 12th it means that it will give strength to second Bhava I.e. Venusians quality will be much more evident for second Bhava from Venus, similarly Moon gives better result for the planet and house 12th from it, Mars gives good result for the house and planet 4th from it Mercury gives good result for the house and planet 8th from it. Jupiter gives good result for the house and planet 10th from it, Sun gives good result for the house and planet 1st from it, Saturn gives good result for the house and planet 7th from it."

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 01-11-2013 at the 14:30  
A Mail from a young brilliant astrologer


Been a while I would like to share some observations with you in relation to what I've read in the books you sent me combined with others sources. I even tried to explain to you before but my words were not very clear at the time. I would like to know your briefly opinion about what I will write.

What I noticed is that in the interpretations of the sages (broad sense) they use the house and the sign of exaltation of the planets (point of greatest strength) as a refrence.
For example. Venus affect the house in which he is placed giving medical expenses. Medical expenses, hospitalization,etc. are ruled by the naisargika sign and bhava who exalts Venus (Pisces/ 12H)! So where Venus is positioned he brings the significations of the sign of Pisces and the 12H to that house!

Quoting a principle from JN Bhasin book, he teaches that Venus grants good results for the 2H from himself. Again, If we place Pisces (exaltation sign of Venus) in the house where Venus is positioned. We will have in 2H of naisargika Kundali the sign of Aries, the naisargika 1H of self. So we can interpret that the individuals represented by the 2H from Venus will be benefited for this planet (Venus is a natural benefic planet).

Another example comes from Chandrakala Nadi. Ascendant Sagittarius: The native's father will die in the 27th year of life. (I do not remember if this is exactly how is written the shloka). The 9H becomes a major significator for the native's father being the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun (karaka of the father). The 3H is a strong Maraka house for the father. But we can also consider placing the Sun (father) at the point of greatest strength of that planet (exaltation sign - Aries). In this case the 3H (Aquarius) becomes even more dangerous to the father being 11H from Aries the Badhaka sthana (Aries is a chara rashi). Thus, combining the ascendant with naisargika kundali we can make deductions of possible events and their respective years of manifestation.

Do not seems to you that the points of maximum strength (Uccha) of the planets (where they exhibit their qualities to the extreme) are important to delineate the results of the planets?
What do you think my friend? Am I making sense or just going insane trying to understand the complexity of Jyotisha? heheheh


Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 31-10-2013 at the 20:00  
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