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    Message Signed the 31-08-2013 at the 15:31  
11 Musings On Public Forums

These are thoughts to myself that i often tell to those close friends who ask me to start a forum.

I have written openly in the SA Magazine against Public forums for various reasons. Some of which i will list below. Then also what would be listed is Why I should not form a public forum under the name of Saptarishis Astrology Magazine.
1. The amount of time that one spends in Public forums ranges from 1 hour to 7-8 hours a day and some 12 hours a day is what i have found out from various people. Only a non professional astrologer will have that kind of time to come on a public forum whereas we must attract professional good astrologers who can divulge their knowledge out in such forums. Someone who is good in astrology and is a paid astrologer will have a line of people atleast 30 waiting for him outside their house every day, no exaggeration here. This many of us would have seen it here in India. Those who are good have no time to come on forums, this is what i have maintained in my writings though there are exceptions and i don’t mean to demean people.

2. I know people whose complete life revolves around being members of 20-30 forums and actively participating in it. In 2003/2004 i was member of 3-4 forums and wasted my life around it, almost 10 hours a day. If that kind of time i had spent in reading BPHS or Nadi books today i would have far far better knowledge. Someone at that point of time had told me that if we had friends or books as friends we would not have spent so much of time in forums, somehow i felt he was right for me.

3. Then how to monitor the compulsive repliers on forums esp of FB, where their is no control. It so irritating to read the same messages of compulsive forum addicts.

4. From 1996/1997 i think so these astro forums are popular, around 15 years have passed, i was told by someone that he is yet to meet an internet forum astrologer who can predict 15 events on a chart. Imagine those guys who have spent 15 years what kind of loss they have done to their astrological career.

5. Public Forums have many plus points and one of them is inter exchange of ideas and view points and for me i think one should take it as an internal sadhana in correcting one’s mind set, which is what i do when i see a #@%*#! abusive post, just control. Plus point is we learn to accept other people’s views, it encourages us to study further if we take it in the right spirit – that is digging deeper into our books, we learn manners, this is especially important for Indians since i find most of them only fighting in forums trying to prove how much knowledgeable they are or only writing with the sole intention of putting others down or showing off their predictive ability, esp when the shastra of astrology is not just about predictions, it is about something more divine, the purpose for which we study astrology, unfortunately in last 100 years of astro journalism i haven’t found a single writer even mention it. It shows how useless our astrology has become.

6. In Public Forums a kid with just 5-7 years of astro reading in which hardly one or two classics he would have read can react. One does not know who one is reacting with. Most who are in such forums have never had the fortune of learning from a Guru, forget a Genuine Guru. The so called pseudo scientific mindset has destroyed the art of astrology. Let me give one example, Jupiter in 8H debilitated is considered bad by many, even without debilitation it is still considered bad. So in such forums if you say that Jupiter in 8H is a form of pitru dosh one would ask to quote shloka or say one banaras astrologer by the name of Atma Ram says that 8H Jupiter is Rishi Tulya, meaning many things one of loosest meaning of it is such a person can get knowledge from the rishis. Now if one replies to Atma Ram that how is this possible even crooks have Jupiter in 8H and where they are learning shastra or how come they can be akin to Rishi Tulya, either Atma Ram would slap u and tell u to leave astrology for the sake of what ever is left of astrology or he will ask u to get out. But if you have learnt from a Guru and especially how to use shlokas of our rishis in practical astrology then you would never ever ask such a question infact you would realise what a gem of a knowledge he has revealed. Just imagine the kind of reaction one would get in public forums from the kids one finds here and even from astrologers who have spent 60 years in astrology. People don’t even know how to use shlokas, in what context it has to be used, when it has to be used but instead of learning it they just argue, in olden days one could not argue with the Guru but yes allowed to ask questions, the difference comes as manners and the humbleness to learn which most lack here. Few days back i was teaching a professional astrologer from Mumbai how to use this particular shloka, this astrologer has 40 years of experience and is a fantastic predictor and admitted, in the race to make money out of astrology, he said has forgotten about his love for astrology and instead prostituted astrology.

7. If i were to create a forum then i would create a very special forum after probably creating a normal forum. Few months back Yuvraj has asked me first to create a normal forum and then select the special ones from that and create a special forum. What would happen in that special forum. Every week 2 or 3 techniques would be given to those 100 selected, easy and simple techniques which requires not much of hardwork at all. 100 people give systematic feedback on one chart each based on the technique given and within 2-3 days you have a technique tested on 100 charts. I have advocated this method to so many forum founders but i wonder if they follow it, but i feel atleast by the end of the year, with 52 weeks, 2 techniques a week, atleast you would have 108 techniques thoroughly tested and know where you stand. Most of us do not know where we stand with each technique, it does not matter if a technique is working or not, what matters if we know the truth about it hence many of us land up using a technique which works on some charts and after 20 years we realise it is not so universal. Here in such a kind of forum i would reveal some rare BSPs and many other rare methods and get them more thoroughly tested. If one member defaults he is requested to leave so that one weak link does not drag the others enthusiasm down, one can obviously be given sick or vacation leave like in an organisation. This can only happen if dedicated people are there, for example how long does it to take to find out what happened in a persons life in the 21st year, one phone call in our database to one of our friends and we get the list of events and then u can post and check, if Venus gives an event in the 2nd house from itself in the 21st year. In 3 days u know on 100 charts if the technique works or not. I see each forum founder boasting to me he has 2000 members or 7000 members. One astrologer by the name of Gupta boasted to me he has lakhs of readers, then has a particular technique on his forum got tested by these lakhs, if not then his forum is as useless as useless can be for my kind of astrology.

8. Sometimes i feel i am not made for public interaction, one needs to have a polite person leading the group especially so since Indians seem to have a very bad name in public forums for the display of their manners. Juliana being a westerner has more patience and is more polite, Yuvraj has lot of external patience and is a very hard worker. I feel more i am not made for forums especially after the change that happened to me when i took up to following (not reading the book) the rules mentioned in the Last Book of Astrology. My whole life went into a 360 degree, it’s as if the internal Nadi opened up a bit and what all we have been doing is so wrong dawned on me and the words of the Yogi from that book became my Bible. One of the side effects that come from time to time is my rudeness and harshness for the category of astrologers that exist today, even the biggest names in astrology for me are now only the worst things that have happened to astrology. Though i accept their contribution much more than before but i also now know the damage these guys did to astrology and continue doing so. Getting nostalgic with that book (its not available pls dont write to me for it, over the years many have written and i am tired replying back and explaining what the book is) one line in that book i remember so fondly, the Yogi says name one astrologer who after having spent 60 plus years in astrology can write on 5 techniques of astrology that he has preserved for the younger generation, 5 articles, 5 solid techniques that he can bet his life upon if proven wrong like Varahamihira and ready to cut his right arm off. I do not know if such astrologers exist who can take up the challenge and this line prompted me to reveal the BSP (bhrighu saral paddathi) series which has become a source of income now for many astrologers unfortunately also to some bad elements like a tantric astrologer from Bangalore who claimed to me that Narendra Modi consults him when he has the wrong chart of Modi and i showed him the real one, stating from memory that Modi needed to have Pluto in his 10H. Yesterday Prabodh Purohit ji also called me and said that this particular tantric astrologer who seems to have used K N Rao and BSPs to exalt himself to a high status in front of the young kids of FB was using the wrong chart of Modi with the wrong month of birth and when Purohit ji pointed it out, his chelas called Purohit ji and requested not to take this matter further. I wonder why we still associate with such astrologers, PR giri in astrology is a curse to the spirit of our Rishis. Coming to this FB page in itself took me 3-4 years of resisting from persistent friends like Souvik Dutta, Juliana and Yuvraj. FB consumes far too much of ones time and my time is better spent editing the articles of the esteemed authors and doing more fundamental study which i feel like today i need 10 years of break with no one around me to absorb all that is available in books and do a lot of thinking on that knowledge.
9. Above i wrote of a forum of modest 100 people who can do some serious work and serious contribution to astrology but if i can get 7 honest workers that in itself would be a miracle. These 7 would maybe one day become light workers of the knowledge of our Rishis and present something raw for people to chew upon.
10. Then comes the fake Ids of FB or people with some odd names, its better to avoid them, how is that possible, some suggested to take Pan Card names or Passport names ids with people submitting scans of the same in order to avoid fake ids. With some millions of fake ids and atleast 100,000 created by Indian astrologers who write to themselves with a quiz and with their other id they reply to that quiz, or they make the other id reply to them as Guruji in order to create an image among others in the forum, does one think that such people will accept such a condition of submission of their real identity.
11. Here at Mumbai SA Club few members said to create an inner circle in mumbai where real secrets of astrology i should share and i should share it only with non professional astrologers who come there. Or charge a hefty amount to the professional astrologers who come to learn there. I don’t know what to do in such a situation since my team says why should we work so hard, hunting these manuscripts down, translating them , researching all these techniques and giving it out free for astrologers who want to sell astrology, who only boast of their predictive ability. My only reply is we are considered fools by them but atleast one consolation is that God has not stopped manufacturing fools, God exists.


Saptarishis Astrology Magazine

Lalitha Devi Yes, I understand sir. And everybody knows that you have dedicated a lifetime to your studies and are still working very hard to diffuse only the highest Vedic teachings. Intelligent people can see that. Thank you for sharing your great knowledge.
18 hours ago · Unlike · 6

Bárbara Díaz Hernández Beautifully said
18 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 2

Astro-Numerologist Suniiel Naik Well said and I subscribe to all your views.
18 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

Balroop Mukunda Your work in Astrology is revolutionary.Keep it up Sir.
18 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Tres Devas Great Article! Great Points!!
18 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Saurabh Surya Dear Sapta Rishis Sir, I wanted to one of 7 Rishis. I also wanted to do research on techniques . I have large data bank of birth details. We can do some content work in astrology. Regards
17 hours ago · Unlike · 1

16 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Astrologer Ghanshyam Singh Rathore great n superb. god bless our mission
16 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Bhupendra Popat real ... thank you ...
16 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

K.s. Asuri You are absolutely right sir.Your efforts in this direction are really appreciable,which will definitely bring the desired results one day;may be GOD has not stopped manufacturing fools
15 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Astrloger Raju Ramrakhyani I would request all learned people to share data base and carry further studies ....and not to stop....bcse of crooked people in markets who with limited knowledge think they are astrologers........ I appricite sapta rishi ji fr work ...for astrolo...See More
14 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

Deepen Thakkar sir kudos for your hard work and dedication and vision ... carry on the good work .... it is this age where filth and junk will attract lots and lots of people(pigs) ...
3 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Vishwajiet Babbal Dear Sapta Rishis Sir, I discussed this post’s contents with my wife late night and early morning, with my mother. This article did the same thing to me as happened to you while following the rules mention in the Last Book of Astrology. Suddenly, you ...See More
2 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Sapta Rishis Dear Deepen Bhai, thanks for your kind and compassionate response. In general i am actually stunned by the response of most of the esteemed friends here, my musings was not a sermon but a vision of how a forum should be and what i want to do, so far only Saurabh Surya has desired to be in.
44 minutes ago · Like

Sapta Rishis The only thing i can request is for people to read the SA magazine, especially the old issues, some of the articles in it were gems as per me written by simple astrologers but fantastic work.
41 minutes ago · Like · 1

K.s. Asuri Dear Sapta Rishis your magazine is really very nice and contains valuable articles of the esteemed authors
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37 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

Sapta Rishis Dear Vishwajiet Babbal, reading your mail reminded me of the old days, such love is not to be seen among the young ones these days. So was very pleased with your response, yes pls do come for the Jan workshops, i have now been reading since 2 days what Sundaram ji is going to speak on Nadi, it is going to be the most stunning discourse ever in the history of astrology.Yet its so subtle we would all have to make fast but extensive notes and see to it that for years to come we can chew on it. no recording would be done and my worry is during any event i am always outside the hall doing the admin work and i will miss most of the techniques. Can we upload an audio file here, i can post one of his recordings that was done in a nadi astrology conference that SA had organised.
19 minutes ago · Like

K.s. Asuri Dear Sapta Rishis you are working hard to bring back the glory of ancient vedanga Jyotish.You will definitely get its reward from GOD
16 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

Sapta Rishis Dear Mr Asuri, that is kind of you but rewards is not what SA team ever expects, those in it who expect do not stick with us.
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ravishankar devangan 

    Message Signed the 30-08-2013 at the 17:30  
pranam to SA,
extremely sorry sir for delayed response,
the asked by you is given below pl:
s.n. name dob tob pob achievement

1 ravishankar devangan 26/10/1965 2:10 AM bilaspur(cg) 6 th in state board merit list
2 devendra 20/02/1967 10:35 AM bilaspur(cg) started earning
3 garima 13/12/1988 3:39 PM raigarh(cg) very good result
4 mahima 15/9/1990 7:44 PM raigarh(cg) very good result
5 mithilesh 12/3/1971 5:55 AM bilaspur(cg) very good result
6 guha 23/11/1968 8:00 PM champa(cg) very good result

7 pratishtha 6/6/1980 3:15 PM mandsaur(mp) mother promotion
8 pankaj 2/8/1982 4:02 AM mandsaur(mp) mother promotion
9 prashant 20/2/1985 9:45 AM mandsaur(mp) mother promotion
10 premlata 10/3/1958 5:00 AM mandsaur(mp) mother of above three
11 uday 15/9/1976 9:05 AM ghaziabad(up) very good result, and husband of no.7

12 ramlakhan 20/1/1976 1:05 AM maihar(mp) very good result in spite of bad health
13 tripti 14/11/1982 9:01 PM bilaspur(cg) better result than ever before
14 anoop 12/12/1981 12:30 AM raipur(cg) very good result,place in merit list
15 satish thakur 20/2/1967 4:05 PM durg(cg) better result than ever before
16 chunchun 30/4/1994 2:20 AM bilaspur(cg) very good result
17 pinky 18/4/1986 7:00 AM korba(cg) very good result

note: from s.n. 1 to 5 belongs to one family very very close relative like brother sister daughter
from s.n. 7 to 11 belongs to one family very very close relative like brother sister daughter,mother

ravishankar devangan 

    Message Signed the 24-08-2013 at the 13:39  
pranam SA,
i have 15 charts with rahu in lagna or 10 th house, yes it works in all that between 15 to 17 th year there was some very good achievement,this 15 charts includes myself with my daughters garima & mahima.
'jyotish sarv sangrah' by merrut wale pandit ji..
where this book can be received from, pl tell sir..

Dear Ravi ji
This is great, can you email us the list of charts and the events pls, it would be great for us
The book was mentioned and the link for it was given in the newsletter recently sent out, did u not get it
here is the link for the book
Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 21-08-2013 at the 20:37  
Dear All
Need ur help
If Rahu is placed in Lagna or in the 10H then in 16th year (around that year) there has to be a significant event or health related issue – From Jyotish Sarva Sangraha of Meerut wale pandit
If anyone has charts with above combination, can they indicate if such an event happened, provided ofcourse they able to cross check events with the owner of the charts and ofcourse the chart owner remembers his life story.


    Message Signed the 21-08-2013 at the 20:26  
Around sixth Century BC great thinkers and philosophers like Buddha, Mahavira, Zoroaster, Confucius have emerged in the world.

It is to be studied by Researchers whether any disastrous planetary combinations occurred in 7th Century or so necessitating the appearance of the great souls. Also what was the fortunate distinguishable planetary situations happened when these personalities lived.

Also we observe tremendous technological advancements in 20-21 century compared to any earlier periods. Also the magnitude of destruction of nature and pollution of earth by mankind for short term benefits is the highest during this period. Whether there have been any planetary combinations or situations- extra saturnine included- responsible for this..

Hope some modern astrologers would be successful in finding the answers

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 20-08-2013 at the 10:45  
Jayantrao Salgaonkar is no more
One of the doyens of Maharashtrian astrologers died today on 20th Aug 2013. He was ill since a week is what is told.
He popularised panchang all over Maharashtra via his Kalanirnay Panchang and Calender. His life story was guided by Nadis, in a talk once he mentioned that it was predicted to him in a nadi reading that he would do printing business. When he did just that he incurred losses and he tried everything in printing, setting up 16 business with losses and law suits. Finally he took up printing Panchang and then there was no turning back from great prosperity. For those who understand Marathi here is an interview

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 16-08-2013 at the 15:12  
Juliana Swanson on Memory

From my notes: 1. Mercury is the karaka for memory per Phaladeepika (and others I cannot recall). If Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo with other great influencing factors, the memory might be very good. If Saturn or Jupiter influences Mercury, the ability to retain information might be exceptional depending on other factors such as if Saturn is a good planet for the chart, and what other aspects and influences it has, etc. Mars influencing Mercury can also give an incisive mind and ability to remember details.
2. The 2nd and 3rd houses and the lords of these houses signify memory. The 5th is also important for creative intelligence. I also find the 8th important for a good sense of observation.
3. Hasta is a very important nakshatra that I have found to relate to a good memory, especially if the Moon and/or Mercury are here.
4. If Mercury is stationary it can contribute to a good memory.
5. Ardra, Ashlesha and Pushya can also give a great memory (the latter two because the sign of Cancer is abundant and retentive). Perhaps there are a few other nakshatras that indicate a good memory but I cannot recall them now.
6. Moon in Capricorn gives a good memory (according to Brihat Jataka).
7. Hora Sara says Sun in 5H gives good memory.
8. Jataka Parijata says that memory will fail (temporarily?) in Rahu-Mars dasha.
9. Saravali says one born in Vosi yoga will have a good memory. Also, the Moon in Virgo aspected by Saturn indicates that the native will not have firm memory. Likewise, it says that Mercury in Leo will not have a firm memory, but “should Jupiter aspect Mercury in Sagittarius/Pisces, the native will be rich by memory, intelligence.”
10. Sarvatha Chintamani says, “If the lord of the 5th house and Mercury are located in Mridu etc. Amsha [benefic navamsha] and aspected by benefic planets the native has an efficient & retentive memory. Conversely, “If there is no benefic planet in the 5th house, also this house contains Saturn, Mandi & Rahu, & the lord of the 5th house is aspected by malefic, the native often loses memory.”…and, “Memory should be subject to forgetfulness if Mercury is associated with benefic planet but the lord of the 5th house is with malefics (Saturn, Rahu etc.) & is associated with the shashtiamsha of such malefics.”…and, “During the sub period of a malefic planet located in the 12th from the main dasha lord, the native meets with sorrow, loss of wealth, punishment form government, loss of position and loss of memory.”
11. Satyajatakam also indicates that the lord of the lagna, if afflicted, can harm the mind and memory.

1. Claudia Abbado, the Italian conductor who instantly memorized musical scores and conducted every instrument in the orchestra by memory, born 6/26/1933, 02:00, Milan, Italy. His chart shows Mercury (3rd lord) conjunct Moon in Cancer in the 4th house opposite Saturn in Shravana in the 10th house.
2. Mark Chestnutt, the Country Western singer known as the “Human Jukebox” because he memorized a thousand or so songs during his years frequenting country bars, born Sept. 6, 1953 at 23:58 in Beaumont, Texas. His chart shows exalted and stationary Mercury in the 4th house in Hasta; and Mercury trines Saturn in its own sign in the 8th house.
3. Swami Vivekananda was said to have nearly photographic memory. He was born Jan. 12, 1863, at 6:33 AM Calcutta, India, and his chart shows Saturn (2nd and 3rd lord) conjunct Moon in Hasta in the 10th house trine Mercury in Shravana in the 2nd house, and most importantly, Mercury and Saturn exchange signs (Parivartana Yoga).
4. A family member with an eidetic memory and IQ off the charts, born 8/19/85 at 19:34 Danvers, MA with Moon in Hasta in the 8th house exchanging signs with Mercury, which is conjunct Mars (3rd lord) in Ashlesha/Cancer, and note that Mercury and Mars are opposite Jupiter (2nd lord) in Shravana.....................Per the biha sounds in Sanskrit, there is a link between SHRavana with SHRuti. In some cases, depending on what else is happening with the chart, Shravana relates to an ability to carefully listen and repeat exactly what is heard.

Saptarishis Astrology 
    Message Signed the 16-08-2013 at the 14:00  
Emergency Declared :200 dead in Egypt & 2000 wounded in Egypt
Joni Patry had predicted this unfortunate event in Egypt in an article published in Saptarishis astrology magazine. The article number is 70 at this link. Her prediction was bang on to the day, presume she uses only Lahiri Ayanamsa
She had written this
Mercury turned retrograde around the degree of their natal Mercury ruler of the 5th and 8th house. The 8th house indicates death and extremes of power. As transiting Mars crosses over Mercury at 27 degrees of Virgo August 14th it will also square natal Saturn and Neptune in the 8th house causing all hell to break out.

    Message Signed the 15-08-2013 at the 16:03  
Respected admin sir, Namaste . As per Sa Vol.4 publitorial_part-1 Saturn's aspect from Kumaraswamiyam remained unreached as the author discontinued it after 4th part long back and it is now available in tamil only which this self does not know.Does Saturn has more aspects than 3, 7, 10 ?As per B S P Rules i think Saturn has effects in 4,6 too. Kindly advise. .Many thanks for completion of 4 parts of each...Phalaratnamala and Vanchanadhiyam.Please arrange to expedite ,if possible,further parts on Kalpalata as only one part available.Jay Jyotish, Saptarishisastrology is really gift of GOD through the sages and yogis and enlightened astrologers. May the ALMIGHTY open the gate of knowledge and light through the team of SA. rkr

ravishankar devangan 

    Message Signed the 13-08-2013 at the 17:52  
Pranam to SA,
Sir it is my humble request to you that kindly keep fee for work shop not less than 1500/- per course,
One who opt for all three courses should pay 4000/-. Sir already SA is availing us great valuable articles
Free of cost, and we people never want to miss any chance of contributing to SA, we people learn from
SA and earn a lot through the same learning by applying its formulae etc. with out any hesitation then why you are in hesitation, please never worry about those people who ever wish to get in free and never want to give, it is not a quality of astrologer ,please reconsider as far as fee is concerned , I assure you sir that all who attend the work shop in present fee structure will also attend in fee structure advised by me, as we all ardent votary of SA are ever ready to gain knowledge more and more ,fee does not matter sir…. I am now completing 48 and I don’t know how much time is left in this birth, but always pray to my GOD Shri GANESH and my spiritual GURU Shri MANOHAR SWAMI JI that my astrological journey with SA should continue in next all birth from quite early age with out any delay …

Dear Sir,
Very kind of you to write this mail from your heart. It is most appreciated to see such love from the readers. Its a risk we are taking by keeping such low fees and lets see what learning is there for us here. Every month we would be increasing the fees so those who register early will avail benefit. If even 5 % of the people who read the magazine had your gratitude SA would have been financially well off and be able to give more better quality articles. Wonder if that day would ever come.

I have never shared any account of my life as it is not allowed by company rules but we must understand that not everyone is financially well off though for professional astrologers in India, Rs 500 is 10 mins of income. Lets visit a story of someone, in 1993, someone wanted to learn astrology, he had no money, the only pocket money he recd was from his parents for eating lunch from the college canteen. So around Navaratri time, for a month he did not eat lunch and saved that money for a month and then went to a book shop in Matunga and bought many books on astrology. He had some money left so he went to eat in a very good restaurant near his college and ordered Puri and Veg Kurma, he could only eat half of the dish as he felt guilty over some issue and also since a month his hunger was not there in the afternoons. There are many in India still who do not have money to buy books or attend courses conducted by famous astrologers as they charge a lot. We want Saptarishis to experiment with this model and see if people support us, otherwise God knows what will happen.

Once again many thanks for sending this love from your heart.

Love and Regards
Saptarishis Astrology Magazine

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