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    Message Signed the 18-12-2013 at the 11:53  
KP Astrology Course -

We just concluded the KP Astrology

1st KP Course: Zero To Mastery In 16 Hours Flat
Shri Sundar Balakrishnan 14th & 15th Dec 2013, Sat & Sun, 9AM to 6PM at Somaiya College

Most of the feedbacks were on Register, here is one online feedback recd via an outstation participant


This is the first time where all the rules and principles of KP astrology were clearly explained By Sri Sunder Balakrishnan without any doubts. Now the basic is clear. The system of Combination of CSL-STL-SBL was explained in a clear way. Some new rules were known. The word connected with was also made clear. Now it needs for myself to solve examples in past and also live charts for gaining confidence in the system.The workshop was very learning one presented beautifully.

I request you to kindly arrange one more workshop preferably after 3-4 months so that I can attend the same with full knowledge after revising the KP system

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ranjit Singh Chawla

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 12-12-2013 at the 20:16  
This BSP has been published earlier, one of our readers has sent some case studies
His email below


Brigu saral Padhati:
Saturn implements in the 4th House from itself in the 24th and/0r 48th year.

My chart : 18/6/1957 TOB: 4/10, Ahmedabad
24 th year started on June 18 1980 to 17th June 1981
Saturn is in 7th house lord of 10th and 9th house aspects with its forth to 10th house of karma and 9th house denotes to father. My Father got parmenent order of Job in Govt Job,during this period as proof reader its amazing to note that Saturn in 7th house gives jobs in proof reading or writings. He gets it as previously he was on monthly basis.
Also to note that moon in 10th house. Left eye is in control of moon and my left eye was operated during this period as moon is from 8th from his house and in nakashtra of Mars lord of 12th house, house of left eyes and hospital.
48 year was running from 18th June 2004 t0 17th June 2005
10th /9th lord means change of karma and bhaygya as its 2/12 position.
During this period I lost Job all of sudden change in destiny and till date I am job less as then after I changed my Carrier as Yoga Consultant and other Natural remedy /Accupressure and Astrology. But flow of money and constant work flow is not year as before 2005.Also see that Aquarius denote to nature cure and yoga teaching and human concern work.
So this rule is very much works for my case.

Case 2: DOB: 5/11/1967 , bombay
From 11/5/1990 to 11/5/1991 was his 24 Year.
Saturn is in 7th house(ret) so 4th from it is 10th house of Karma.
He is lord of 5th and 6th house.
5th house is house of destiny of his Farther and 6th house is karma of his father. Also Saturn aspects 9th house and marsh (Afflicted by Rahu drasti.)aspects Saturn.
So event is indicated that his father was in trouble during this period in his work and destiny both and change of countery/Village is also there as rahu is in 12th from 9th house aspets its lord Mars and in turn mars aspects Saturn and Saturn to 9th house .
Events: They changed their City from Bombay to Ahmedabad and up till now they are in Ahmedabad. Also 4th from Saturn is 10th house Native has to start working due to circumstances.

Case No 3: 26/7/1952 , 17/00, Godhara ( Guj)
27/7/1995 to 26/7/1976 was his 24th year.
He as Saturn in 10th house lord of 2nd and 3rd and 4th from Saturn is Lagna. So something to have with Self elevation(1st
house ) in terms of income(2nd house) and work(10th house) and change of Residence(3rd house) seems eminent,
Events : He got 1st Job on 25/6/1976 away from his home thus started earning.
27/7/2003 to 27/7/2004.(48th year)
Same house was operated so he was promoted as Vice President and his income rises in good amount.
Case: 4: 6/12/1967, 22/12/, Bombay,
6/12/1990 to 6/12/1991 was 24th year.
Saturn is in 9th house and is lord of 7th and 8th, and 4th from it is 12th house.
Now 9th house is house of father and Saturn being lord of 8th house so change /end in job to father and 12th house is house of change of land so his father was retire from his job moved to Ahmedabad from Gandhinager and had their own house in ahmedabad.Dispositer of Jupiter was in 2nd house(Wealth house) so that time they had good income and his Finacial and Social elevation was started to rise.


    Message Signed the 30-11-2013 at the 20:36  
The Secrets of Baskara Astrology - Part 3

This arrived 2 weeks back but we did not get the opportunity to upload this much awaited book


    Message Signed the 30-11-2013 at the 16:16  
Pranam sir,
i would like to salute SA team for serving us such invaluable articles so fast. here i want to mention 'Bhrigu Chakra Paddhatti & Ketu' by Shri Sampath kumar Medavarapu.i tested in some charts found working very well.may God bless us more articles in future from Sampath Sir...
thanking you, sir...

Ravishankar devangan

    Message Signed the 26-11-2013 at the 20:37  
Technique 9: Maturity of Moksha Houses
Houses and Maturity Years
Houses 4,8, 12 mature around 40 years of age
Similarly Cancer, Sc and Pisces mature around 40 years of age (not much experience in this part)
Kindly post your feedback and testing results.

    Message Signed the 24-11-2013 at the 13:11  
Technique 7: Marriage
One more method of timing of marriage [ it really works] --------Rahu- Ketu is said to be karmic planet its transit over certain points in natal chart or Navansha triggers marriage or relationship event.
Rahu-Ketu must transit through any of the following position
A] Navansha lagna or its own Navansha axis
B] Natal lagna or its [Rahu- Ketu] natal position /axis
C] Natal Moon
D] Navansha position of Moon
E] Natal axis of Venus
This method along with the method posted earlier of Jupiter transit [Technique 2] gives perfect result.
Example -1 Indra Gandhi
19.11.1917 23.17 Allahabad
Marriage ---26.03.1942 Rahu –Ketu was transiting D9 Moon axis.
Example 2 Chart provided by Mauricio Avila in previous post
Date--2: August 24, 1973 at 12:15 , 52W21 31S46 tz. 3,00W,
Date of marriage – 20.05 1993 Rahu –Ketu was transiting over natal lagna axis
Example -3 data as per previous thread given by Yuvraj Ajay Singh
Date-- 06th April 1982 ,07:45 AM, Delhi..
Date of Marriage – 14.07.2010 Rahu –Ketu was transiting over natal axis. charts are there n the group -not able to past it --if it suits you than post . Source own working
From Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra

    Message Signed the 23-11-2013 at the 21:32  
A Post on Facebook
Have edited few points in this, some points on his mama (Mothers brother is a learning for us all)

Respected Sir ,
Charan Sparsh.
Please give me an opportunity to share something.

On my maternal side i had three uncles. The youngest one was a great palmist, astrologist and numerologist. He was some master in occult science and used to do only sidhis, tantric and all that can be there. He never used to sleep at night and was all involved in some meditation /sidhis. He spent whole his life like a fakir. He himself used to say that either he was destined to be a very rich or he will be a fakir. My Nana used to work for a British co. and until his job my mother, mama's all was living a lavish life till 1970's. After his job, all responsibility came upon my elder mama and he supported with his little income his parents, wife, kid & two brothers. The situation came that they were hand to mouth living in a rented property.
Now when at age 8 or 10 i used to visit them i always read books of my youngest mama, and that Cheiro book on palmistry (which u mentioned today) and many others. Whn i was growing up i always used to ask my Mama that why not he starts some astro consulting and he could earn much and also support the rest of the family. But he used to refuse saying that charging on astro would further bring him bad karma and bring him bad luck. even when i used to ask to teach me some he never agreed. And never even tell anybody bout anything to friends or family. Maybe unknown people, cos we always used to hear praise for him from outside. That he predicts very right & does not charge anything.

Then one day, when elder Mama was also out of job and things were really bad my Mami cried and asked my yougest mama for some guidence. He often used to spend his max time on a nearby Dargah. One day he took along her to that Dargah , where the head priest really praised him and said because he has served so much at this dargah and today himself does not want anything and came for help for his brother , he gave a blessing of half his earning in the form of half chapati.
From that after some time my elder mama got good job, and earned tremendous wealth , today his son is married to one of the biggest industrialist whose mansion would be in acres.

I am saying this cos , for some people earning money is not their goal (like you ) , We all know that you can make a lot money , my mama did live like a fakir but he gave his wealth to his elder brother . Having said all this , my youngest mama died at the age of 40-42 in 2003 and did not earn much respect in his family , i was the only guy who used to be at his side whenever he get unwell (because he used to devote max time in meditation & nt eating well his health was poor. I was also with him in his last 4-5 days and live with him full time , and tried to serve the best i can and he died in front of me and i performed his last rituals. (Writing this, I also remember when you told bout urself and ur Respected Guruji during their last time in hospital) Just because somewhere in my heart i knew his real worth , i loved his knowledge , loved his books and asked him thousand questions. I always treated him with same respect as my other wealthy mama's. Always touched his feet like other. I have only regret that he didnt tell me anything. But said that i will earn well and that i will have many assets. But never shared his knowledge, for i was too young i dont know. So i left my interest in astrology.

Until a day came when under my stress i started reading SA website and my interest grew again and i read all one by one and then it became a habbit. Now this time also i wanted to come to mumbai , just because of money problem of up & down . But soon when i will get my struck up money back from my (again failed project) i will surely come and try to learn. As you also saw in my chart during your post on “Dispositor of Neptune & 9H” I am inclined towards astrology .

So i very humble request to you is Sir please never stop sharing with us and me of-course. I have a very deep feelings for you, because of you I am living. What my mama did, he never shared his knowledge , i dont want that from you or any other. Yes there are many scoundrels, now i am using harsh word, in private that are jealous of others and do not let them do some good to the society or community. So please dont get distracted by the criticizers. They are also imp like film industry. ha haa . I was suprised to learn that you worked for film industry too.....Sir , koi chota role hai...joking.

(deleted part)

At last I want to say, I read each and every word written by you, today also and when you told about your Respected Guruji and Mentor. And I am always touched by your feelings.

High Regards



    Message Signed the 22-11-2013 at the 19:05  
Dear sir, I read the article the rise and position and nai texts by is an exellent one. I know Negandhi Saheb.He is a nadi astro scientist.He wrote about 5 books on essence of nadi astrology.In those books he reveiled all secrets on verious combinations of planets.Thanks for his research work.Like him how many Nadi scientists in India ?. I want to know about Ravana Samhitha in english.Is there any publications in english?.So far you have published 7 articles on Ravana samhitha through your site.What about the remaining 20 articles on pushya to revathi.Imuch be very Thankful to you sir to release as early as possible. Thanking you sir

Naidu ji

Yes Negandhi ji had done some very good work, only thing is it needs to be presented well for ordinary astro lovers to understand. You and others should do the same with his work for benefit of young ones. re Ravana Samhita, we at SA lost interest in it due to various reasons of non feedback from the readers. Also, it used to take exactly one month to write a commentary on each of the nakshatras, searching for those charts, testing it and then writing it and those days of original testing are gone. We have become old and the younger generation are not forthcoming enough to carry the torch. Maybe at some other point of time we surely want to carry on with the Ravana Samhita as it is a beautiful and original series on nakshatras.

Thanks for your kind encouragement, most appreciated

    Message Signed the 22-11-2013 at the 13:32  

I have posted a major new understanding on retrogression on our new research group, you can read it their

    Message Signed the 21-11-2013 at the 17:05

Delhi Underground: Meticulous recordsExpress News Service : New Delhi, Mon Oct 21 2013, 03:02 hrs SmallLargePrint

Holy Family Hospital, which is celebrating its diamond jubilee, has meticulously maintained medical records in yellowing registers. Started in 1953 by missionaries, the hospital has witnessed the births of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Both have been identified as "baby Sonia Gandhi" in hospital records. Sonia Gandhi, then 23 years old, gave birth to Rahul on 19.6.1970 at 2.28 pm. She was admitted to the hospital at 9.10 am the same day. Priyanka was born on 12.1.1972 at 5.05 pm. Both were examined by paediatrician Dr P N Taneja. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had congratulated the hospital in a one-page note that has now been printed as a souvenir of the hospital, produced for its diamond jubilee.


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