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    Message Signed the 17-02-2014 at the 00:10  


Vizianagaram,Andhra Pradesh
    Message Signed the 24-01-2014 at the 06:39  
Dear ____ jee and other members of Saptarishis Astrology. Heartly pranams. Iam very thankful to you all for excellent arrangements of venue,Boarding and food arrangements near venue.All the 4 topics on Lal kitab,Nadi Astrology, Medical Astrology and Outer Planets are excellent and Ihave learned a lot.The Speakers are very good and having very deep and sound knowledge.I excepted a lot from Sundarum jee sir.He revealed only general topic on nadi.But he has to reveal a lot for which time is not sufficent.Dr K.s Charak jee has given very systamatic and very deep subject of Medical Astrology.Mrs Rodica jee Though uropian has revealed lot ot information on Outer planets.MR Naik bee done same thing.Regarding Lal Kitab MR Bhandari jee has revealed good subject,But it is in Hindhi.I may not follow because Iknow Hindhi very little.Overall the courses from 17-01-2014 to 20-01-2014 are very excellent.Once again Iam very thankful to all the digneteries and staff of Saptarishis Astrology espessilly to Mr ____. Thanking you all L.G.Naidu,Vizianagaram (A.P)

ravishankar devangan 

    Message Signed the 22-01-2014 at the 00:34  
pranam to all Sirs of Saptarishis Astrology,
i felt highly honoured to have opportunity of participating in the work shop organized by SA on 17th,18th and 19th Jan 2014,and i was unfortunate for missing 20th Jan work shop due to some personal reason.Great moment i evidenced,My all forefathers would have been feeling from heaven obliged for my presence amongst SA members...
i found myself well fortified by the knowledge sprade over there in the workshops,All team members of SA gave memorable affection,when left mumbai i was enriched by a lot of knowledge as well as memorable affection received from SA members,specially from ____ sir,one of the greatest human being a ever came across.
Lal Kitab expert Shri Bhandari Sir,Nadi astrology expert Shri Sundaram sir,and medical astrology expert shri Charak sir all having treasure of Knowledge of their respective field...tried their best to teach us. i would like to draw attention of participent ...many of them were creating disturbance repeatedly by interruping speakers now and then...which was very pinching for those who were silent listeners and attitude of disrespect towards honourable speakers...i request all to not to repeat such mishappening in future...
i am much thankful to be a part of such work shop by SA with such great astrologers...

sudhir kumar Pandey 

    Message Signed the 05-01-2014 at the 16:45  
:D great service of humanity by s.a. may god bless all.

David Nalbadian 

    Message Signed the 04-01-2014 at the 01:19  
Dear Sir, is it true that there is a place in India, where all you have to do is hold some rice grains and send it to them, and they can tell you (from that alone) your name, your parents' names, and your past, present, and future. Do you know of such an ashram in India?

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 18-12-2013 at the 11:53  
KP Astrology Course -

We just concluded the KP Astrology

1st KP Course: Zero To Mastery In 16 Hours Flat
Shri Sundar Balakrishnan 14th & 15th Dec 2013, Sat & Sun, 9AM to 6PM at Somaiya College

Most of the feedbacks were on Register, here is one online feedback recd via an outstation participant


This is the first time where all the rules and principles of KP astrology were clearly explained By Sri Sunder Balakrishnan without any doubts. Now the basic is clear. The system of Combination of CSL-STL-SBL was explained in a clear way. Some new rules were known. The word connected with was also made clear. Now it needs for myself to solve examples in past and also live charts for gaining confidence in the system.The workshop was very learning one presented beautifully.

I request you to kindly arrange one more workshop preferably after 3-4 months so that I can attend the same with full knowledge after revising the KP system

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ranjit Singh Chawla

Saptarishis Astrology 

    Message Signed the 12-12-2013 at the 20:16  
This BSP has been published earlier, one of our readers has sent some case studies
His email below


Brigu saral Padhati:
Saturn implements in the 4th House from itself in the 24th and/0r 48th year.

My chart : 18/6/1957 TOB: 4/10, Ahmedabad
24 th year started on June 18 1980 to 17th June 1981
Saturn is in 7th house lord of 10th and 9th house aspects with its forth to 10th house of karma and 9th house denotes to father. My Father got parmenent order of Job in Govt Job,during this period as proof reader its amazing to note that Saturn in 7th house gives jobs in proof reading or writings. He gets it as previously he was on monthly basis.
Also to note that moon in 10th house. Left eye is in control of moon and my left eye was operated during this period as moon is from 8th from his house and in nakashtra of Mars lord of 12th house, house of left eyes and hospital.
48 year was running from 18th June 2004 t0 17th June 2005
10th /9th lord means change of karma and bhaygya as its 2/12 position.
During this period I lost Job all of sudden change in destiny and till date I am job less as then after I changed my Carrier as Yoga Consultant and other Natural remedy /Accupressure and Astrology. But flow of money and constant work flow is not year as before 2005.Also see that Aquarius denote to nature cure and yoga teaching and human concern work.
So this rule is very much works for my case.

Case 2: DOB: 5/11/1967 , bombay
From 11/5/1990 to 11/5/1991 was his 24 Year.
Saturn is in 7th house(ret) so 4th from it is 10th house of Karma.
He is lord of 5th and 6th house.
5th house is house of destiny of his Farther and 6th house is karma of his father. Also Saturn aspects 9th house and marsh (Afflicted by Rahu drasti.)aspects Saturn.
So event is indicated that his father was in trouble during this period in his work and destiny both and change of countery/Village is also there as rahu is in 12th from 9th house aspets its lord Mars and in turn mars aspects Saturn and Saturn to 9th house .
Events: They changed their City from Bombay to Ahmedabad and up till now they are in Ahmedabad. Also 4th from Saturn is 10th house Native has to start working due to circumstances.

Case No 3: 26/7/1952 , 17/00, Godhara ( Guj)
27/7/1995 to 26/7/1976 was his 24th year.
He as Saturn in 10th house lord of 2nd and 3rd and 4th from Saturn is Lagna. So something to have with Self elevation(1st
house ) in terms of income(2nd house) and work(10th house) and change of Residence(3rd house) seems eminent,
Events : He got 1st Job on 25/6/1976 away from his home thus started earning.
27/7/2003 to 27/7/2004.(48th year)
Same house was operated so he was promoted as Vice President and his income rises in good amount.
Case: 4: 6/12/1967, 22/12/, Bombay,
6/12/1990 to 6/12/1991 was 24th year.
Saturn is in 9th house and is lord of 7th and 8th, and 4th from it is 12th house.
Now 9th house is house of father and Saturn being lord of 8th house so change /end in job to father and 12th house is house of change of land so his father was retire from his job moved to Ahmedabad from Gandhinager and had their own house in ahmedabad.Dispositer of Jupiter was in 2nd house(Wealth house) so that time they had good income and his Finacial and Social elevation was started to rise.


    Message Signed the 30-11-2013 at the 20:36  
The Secrets of Baskara Astrology - Part 3

This arrived 2 weeks back but we did not get the opportunity to upload this much awaited book


    Message Signed the 30-11-2013 at the 16:16  
Pranam sir,
i would like to salute SA team for serving us such invaluable articles so fast. here i want to mention 'Bhrigu Chakra Paddhatti & Ketu' by Shri Sampath kumar Medavarapu.i tested in some charts found working very well.may God bless us more articles in future from Sampath Sir...
thanking you, sir...

Ravishankar devangan

    Message Signed the 26-11-2013 at the 20:37  
Technique 9: Maturity of Moksha Houses
Houses and Maturity Years
Houses 4,8, 12 mature around 40 years of age
Similarly Cancer, Sc and Pisces mature around 40 years of age (not much experience in this part)
Kindly post your feedback and testing results.


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