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This section was intended to be launched during the C.S.Patel issue of Aug 2008 as we had bought some nadis from him. This section is launched with obeisance to Sun God on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti.

Only 20-30 pages per manuscript will be kept for download at a time with the intention that Sanskrit scholars take the effort to translate it and send it back for publishing in the magazine. If full manuscript is given out people feel it’s a hefty task of translating it, but if we do it in small portions at a time it won’t appear as a daunting task. This is what has been experienced in the last 3 years when we went from scholar to scholar throughout India requesting them to translate including some well established institutions. Many took the complete manuscripts but never translated a single page. We must also be compassionate in understanding that scholars can be busy natives & doing anything for free is not possible by everyone as most scholars live in relatively poor conditions whereas we do nothing to help them.

How You Can Help

  1. If you as a student of astrology know any Sanskrit scholar of whatever capability, then you could write to them and send them this manuscript, after his translation it would be passed for verification to another scholar and this way within several months we would have a good translation, thereby helping the whole community.
  2. If you have any manuscript or know of anyone who has any manuscript you can procure it and upload it here. It would come in under the heading 'Contribution By So & So'.
  3. You can download the manuscripts for free, take it to any Sanskrit Scholar in your locality or to a University in your city having Sanskrit Professors, sit with them personally and get it translated. This would be your personal service for Jyotish, something that others before you have failed to do so.
  1. Guru Nadi - 25 pages of 561
  2. Amsa Nadi - not yet scanned
  3. Bhrighu Samhita - 2 pages - not yet scanned
  4. Vasishta Samhita - As previously given by 'Anuj Behl'
  5. Arun Samhita (Lord Surya's) /Vradha Surya Arun KarmaVipaka - As previously given by 'Anuj Behl'
  6. Maharaja Ranvir Mahanibandh - not yet scanned
  7. Jyotish Ratnamala of Sripathi - not yet scanned
Jaimini Astrology

Today the need of the hour is deeper study into various commentaries of Jaimini Astrology & today we do not have a single ancient commentary of Jaimini Astrology nor are aware of even the total number of commentaries written in the past centuries. Here effort is being made by lovers of Jaimini to present for the first time the following manuscripts to the community to translate them for the benefit of jyotish community.

  1. Jyotish Phala Ratna Mala - Page 1 to 20 - As previously given by Ravindra Bhagavat & current version is a clear & neat scan by Shanmukha
  2. Kalpalata - As given by Madhura Krishnamurthi Sastri.
  3. Jaimini Sutras Telegu Commentary By Lakshmanacharya.
  4. Jaimini Padyamritam - in our library but not yet found.
  5. Jataka Sara Sanghra by RaghavBhatta. - (in Telugu, as provided by Shanmukha) 
  6. Sutrartha Prakasika By Akumalla Nrisimha Suri - last chapters only.
  7. Jaimini Sutras – Venkatesh Vyakhya – as provided by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  8. Jaimini Sutras – Balakrishnanda Saraswati – as provided by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  9. Jaiminiyasutra-Nagiri Script (first time in Manuscript Form) – donated by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  10. Jaimini Sutra-Neelakantha Commentary (Manuscript Form) (Full) – donated by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  11. Jyotish Phalaratnamala- (Manuscript Form) Grantha Lipi – donated by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  12. Jaimini SutradaPrakashika (Manuscript Form) by NarasimhaSuri (script not known) – donated by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  13. Jaiminiya SutraVritti (Manuscript Form) by Balkrishnanand Saraswati – donated by Ravindra Bhagavat. 
  14. Jaimini Padyamritam (few pages uploaded only) – donated by Rajendra Shah 
  15. Jaimini Jatakachandrika (20 pages) – donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  16. Jaimini Sakun (06 pages) – donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  17. Jaimini Subhodini (74 pages)- – donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  18. Jaimini Sutram tika sahit (Venkatesh Commentary) (161 pages) – donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 

Miscellaneous Manuscripts
  1. JatakaKalpavalli of Aleshvar-Dated 1543 Samvat
  2. Lomesh Samhita - Bhavaadhaya
  3. Sighrabodha of Kashinath-Dated Samvat 1738
  4. Stree Purush Janma Kundali
  5. SukaJatakam-Jatakaldkarkram
  6. Vidya Madhaviyam - 40 pages
  7. Vivaha Chandrodaya Prarambh of NarHari Saptarsi
  8. Vivahapatala
  9. Lomash Samhita of Rishi Lomesha-(full manuscript contains 60,000 shlokas)-only 10 chapters recd the person donating requests anonymity 
  10. Brighu Samhita (140 pages) donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  11. Dasa Phalani (Vriddha Parasari) (18 pages) donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  12. Jataka Chandrika (34 pages) donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  13. Dasa Chintamani (12 pages) donated by Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja 
  14. Purva Parasharyam/Vriddha Parasari (26 pages)-donated by a 60 year old Unknown Devotee of Jyotish 
  15. One Hand Written Work Containing 'Nakshatra Chudamani, Jataka Chandrika, Jataka Shiroma, DwadakshBhava, Nadi Vi Nadi' (50 Of 115 pages)- - Gotten from the Late C S Patel 
  16. a) Jataka Chakramu b) Jatakalankaramu c) Jyotisha Vishayamu (all 3 in Telegu)- - Donated By Shri Raghavendra Rao 
  17. Daivajna Bhushanam- - Donated By Shri Raghavendra Rao 
  18. Bhrighu Yogavali 13 of 122- - Donated By Shri Ashutosh Bharadwaj 
  19. Gautam Samhita (Telegu) 56 of 100- - Donated By Shri S.V.L.N.Sarma 
Notes On Miscellaneous Manuscripts Click Here.


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