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Guru Gita

O Lord, O knower of all the Dharmas, O Shambhu, please narrate to me the glory of Guru, which is the best of all Vratas. (13)
Thus repeatedly prayed to by Parvati, the great Lord Maheshwara, spoke the following words with joy. (14)
Lord Mahadev said, ” O Devi, this Supreme Truth is the greatest of all the secrets that is why it isn’t proper to reveal. I have never revealed it to any one before. But still I shall tell you because of your great devotion to me.” (15)
O Devi, you are my own Self in another form . Therefore I shall narrate this to you. This question of yours will benefit the whole world. No one else has put me this question. (16)
Who so ever has the Supreme Love & adoration for the Lord and as for the Lord, likewise for the Guru; to him these great matters, when they told, become clear of themselves. (17)
He who is the Guru is Shiva Himself, so declare the scriptures, and the fact that Shiva is the Guru, is reminded to us in all the Smritis. He, who makes any distinction between the two, is guilty of the crime of uniting with his own Guru’s wife. (18)
The Vedas, the Shastras, Puranas, the Itihasas etc., the science of Mantras, Yantras Mohana, Uchatana etc., cults like the Shaiva, Agama, Shakta, etc., and other cults existing in the world today are merely false theories expressed in corrupted words which confuse the ignorant and deluded Jivas. Japa austerities, observances, pilgrimage sacrifice, charity – all these become a mere waste without understanding the Guru Tattva. (19,20,21)
The Guru is not different from the conscious Self. Without doubt, this is the truth; Therefore wise men should make an effort to seek knowledge of Atman from Him. (22)
The hidden ignorance, absence of the Knowledge of Self, the world- Maya, the body are all caused by ignorance (Ajnana). By whose grace one attains direct Knowledge of the Self- he is known by the name Guru. (23)
Out of compassion for you, I shall tell you how the embodied soul becomes Brahman, having been purified of all sins by serving the feet of the Guru. (24)
The water of the Guru’s feet (has the power) to dry up the mire of one’s sins, to ignite the light knowledge, and to take one smoothly across the ocean of the worldly existence. (25)

For the purpose of acquiring Knowledge and dispassion, one should drink the water with which Guru’s feet are washed, which uproots the ignorance and the bondage of actions of innumerable past lives. (26)
The kirtan of One’s Guru’s name becomes the kirtan of Infinite Shiva, and the meditation of Guru’s name becomes the meditation of Infinite Shiva. (27)
The place where the Guru lives is Kashikshetra and the water with which the Guru’s feet are washed in Ganga (River Ganges). The Guru is Lord Vishwanath personified and he is undoubtedly the living Brahman saviour. (28)
The service of the Guru is pilgrimage Gaya, His body is the imperishable banyan tree, His feet are the feet of Lord Vishnu and the mind concentrated on His feet becomes set there. (29)
Brahman resides in the mouth of the Guru i.e.; his words, and one attains Brahman by the grace of the Guru. One should meditate on His Guru at all times, just as a devoted wife thinks of her husband only. (30)