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32 in 2nd House From Moon Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

Decoded from Bhrighus Teachings & if any mistake its this scribes, these methods are not aggresively tested and only 2 charts so far

a) Due to the Moon, in the 2nd house to it an event will happen in the 32nd year, (now here Moon u can take as lordship 3L of travel, 2L of family or just as significator (karaka) of mind), the lordship part I just used my mind and implemented it, so far only tested it on one chart (mine lol) and now friend called whom I don’t like and he is learning astro since 18 years and is 12 years senior to me in astro so I must share so I gave him the technique too and this is his chart

Chart 1 : A.B, Delhi

Rashi A.B, Delhi

2nd houe from Moon is the 11H of elder brother over there debilitated Saturn, the 8L of confusion sits in the 11H of fights (twin house of 6H). Moon is the 2L of family and is with 6L of fights Mars so it will implement itself in the 11H ‘With Those Energy’ .

32nd year would be Feb 2001 to Feb 2002, native is an astrologer friend and helper to Saptarishis Astrology, he said he had massive fights in that year with his elder brother and break up in share of family was supposed to happen, this was a bad year with elder brother. 

Chart 2: S.J, Mumbai

S.J, Mumbai

Moon is in 3H of travelling involved in a Maha Bhagya Yoga (High Fortune) with exalted Sun in 11H of position. Now see this way, 2nd from Moon is 4H of fortune and home, its lord goes in the 11H of position and gains being in the 8th from 4th house of home, so this fortune should rise away from homeland. Moon is the 2L of wealth & also authority & carries energy of 3H of travelling as it is positioned in 3H, so it means some high position in job (aspect of 6th of job Mars) should happen due to this moon in the 32nd year. Now 32nd year would be May 2004 to May 2005, during this point of time he got a high paying job (Sun Mer in 11H of money with Moon being 2L of wealth) for an international assignment in a TV station (3H is television in horoscope & 5H is movies). This shows that this verse seems to be working in this chart.

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