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The last article by this scribe was very well received & so we thank the readers for their love in accepting new theories. Jyotishis rarely have open chakras & their accepting it is praiseworthy. Some emails were received complaining that the concept could not be easily understood. For this we request everyone to keep an open mind & not read articles in a jiffy[1] but to spend time applying the methods on various charts, it is obvious that this magazine is for the very advanced pupil & hence students with 5-10 yrs & above 25 yrs of experience might find it difficult to digest.

After writing articles for Shri Ashok Upadhayay we almost gathered the concept of his secret methods so one day we called him and asked if we can apply Rahu to the method and if it would implement itself the 3rd from it, he said ‘Bingo’ & gave us encouragement. The following is this scribes own methodology with the grace of a mentor like Shri Ashok Upadhayay but faults if any would be scribes and not of Ashok Bhai.

‘Rahu ‘Implements Its Energy’ in the 3rd from wherever it is placed in a chart’


  • Rahu implements its supreme energy in the 3rd house from where it is placed.
  • Rahu makes it either stronger or weaker depending on the natural condition of the Rahu in our charts.
  • This 3rd from Rahu at times shows the main events that will dominate in the charts of those who have a significant Rahu (important point).
  • Use in your analysis the planets placed in the 3rd from Rahu, aspects on it, lordship of that sign & the nakshatra (asterism) lord/owner of Rahu.
  • One would observe that ‘Yogini Dasa’ works well to see those events that Rahu is showing in the 3rd house from it, use it creatively & flexibly till one forms one’s own systematic methodology.
  • See the planets with Rahu & its dispositor in the dasa pattern of Rahu & its dispositor and/or the dispositor of the 3rd from it the event will happen.

What is presented below is just a rough working guide for scholars to take it further & not the final method.

Chart 1:

In the chart[2] Rahu is in the 1H with Mars, so it implements its energy into the 3H of younger brothers. Incidentally, the 3L of brother Mars is with Rahu and Mars as such is significator of younger brother. Therefore, we can expect this rahu, mars & mandi (a malefic) to deliver something terrible in the life of younger brother. When will this happen, in the periods of Rahu or Saturn (as it is dispositor of Rahu) or in combos of Rahu/Mars.

One simple way to start with this method is to see where Rahu is placed & use its dispositor to check periods, here it would be Rahu/Sat or Sat/Rahu periods.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

Sat MD/Rah AD:  1977-Aug-09 to 1978-Dec-09

 See this period of Sat Main Period & Rahu Sub Period, first and foremost Sat is 8th from Rahu & Mars (brother), one bad point, next Saturn is in the 6th house of accidents from 3H of brother. At a very young age her brother expired due to an accident.

[1] Jyotish is no fast food item hence readers are requested to start studies of each article at an auspicious time along with praying to ones Guru. It is understood that student should be running good transits or dasas to grasp subtle concepts of Jyotish.

[2] Native is from the jyotish forums and her chart has been discussed many times on internet forums.

chart 246

Now reverse this period and take Rahu/Sat period which was from July 1993 to Nov 1994. Rahu ‘Implements its Energy in the 3H of travel’ & Saturn is in the 8H of foreign. We asked her if she travelled a lot during this period. She said every month she was out of the country.

This way we can see that Rahu has implemented its energies in the 3H of younger brother and short travel thereby giving respective results in its periods of Yogini Dasa.

Chart 2: Heart Attack

This chart belongs to our Guru bhai where Rahu is in the 2H implementing itself in the 4H of heart, in sign of Leo which again stands for Heart as per some classics & there Pluto & Uranus is placed. So one can say that this implementation of Rahus energy is pretty strong as since its dispositor Sun goes into the 8th from the 4H of heart.

In this 4H there is Arudha of the 8H which means chronic disease and death like situation. When will this be implemented in let’s say Rahu dasa and as its energy goes into the 4H (3rd from it) of Leo, it can be Sun antardasa, his RahuMD/SunAD worked during 15th July 2007 to 24th Dec 2007 for a period of 5 months and it was on 4th Sept 2007 he got an heart attack which shook the entire life of this astrologer for many many months to come. Thus, we can see how beautifully the technique works.

Chart 3: Most Wanted Man on Internet Jyotish Forums[1]

Everyone hates the guts of this man of steel who is known to fight with everyone yet at the same time, people love him for his clean heart. Rahu is in 3H with Yogakaraka Mars the warrior, this energy will be implemented in the 3H of communication. He is known for his throat cutting emails (3H of communication) and his fights (3H has Arudha of 6H –A6 which means disputes) on the forums.

Rahu is in Leo, so in Rahu/Rahu periods of yogini dasa, which runs from Sept 2006 to Aug 2008 one can expect him writing lot of emails, lot of fights (A6 in 3H) which is what happened on the forums. Next he was asked if he had a younger brother and if during the above period he had disputes with him (A6 in 3H) on which he replied in affirmative that during this period he developed inimical relations with younger brother (3H). Incidentally he was also featured on CNBC for 6 times in this period, television field is 3H of communications & Ven aspects it at the same time being trinal to Rahu (Rahu is photography – he was photographed symbolically speaking). Thus, Rahu has implemented itself in the 3H in period of Rahu/Rahu.

[1] To exhibit authenticity of chart data the native was contacted and he himself gave permission to use his name.

chart 248

Now Rahu implements itself in 3H of Libra whose lord is Ven, so we can expect some events in Rahu/Ven or Ven/Rahu of yogini dasa. See Ven/Rahu, which ran from Jan 2001 to Aug 2002, Ven is in the 9H of father and also 9H of blessings with SL (Sree lagna). This Ven aspects 3H & so does Saturn the 6L, 6H is the house of loans and loans recd so its arudha A6 will show that and this is placed in 3H of Libra (Ven) where Rahu implements, hence he got a loan (A6) from a relative who later wrote it off (blessings of 9H of Ven). However, such an event would be difficult to predict but it can be used to understand the dasa working better.

Chart 4: Different Example – Mothers Sickness & Death

In previous charts we dealt with examples where the 3rd house from Rahu is empty, so here we take a chart where a planet is placed in the 3rd from Rahu.

Rahu is in the 7H and implements itself in the 9H where Moon is placed who is the 6L of disease/hospitals where an exalted (big effect) Jupiter is placed. Also moon means mother. So we can expect that in Rahu/Moon (planet placed in 3rd from Rahu) something can happen in relation to disease/hospitals (Moon is 6L) and maybe mother (moon is natural significator of mother). Rahu/Moon was operation from Jan 2007 to March 2007 during which Amitabhs Mother went into hospital, the whole of 2007 she was hospitalized. Then after Sun antar will come Jupiter Antar who is 8L from 4H of mother and also ‘The Pre-Dispositor of Moon who is getting the implementation of Rahus 3rd energy’, it was in Rahu/Jup his mother became closer to God at the age of 93 on 21st Dec 2007

chart 249

Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Grant, Kevin Costner, and Johnny Depp all refused the role. Schwarzenegger later said he was sorry he did not do it. What is written in Fate will come to oneself & that’s what happened to Val ‘The Saint’ Kilmer as he was called after his stunning performance in ‘The Saint’ a remake on the character of Simon Templar created (in 1928) by Leslie Charteris.

Let us first see Rahu it is in its own sign Virgo [1] and it implements itself in the 3H of acting, so one can expect that his Rahu dasa will show all great characters of mystery(Rahu is mystery) & his acting talent coming out in the forefront. Rahu dasa whic ran from 1990 June to 1998 June, so Rahu ensured to give top notch movies like ‘The Doors’ ‘The Heat’, Batman Forever’ ,’ The Ghost & the Darkness’ & The Saint (got 6 million triple his salary of that of Batman Forever). This dasa made him noticed in the international market.

Now see Rahu implements its energy in 3H, where Ven is placed, the planet for arts. Therefore, in Rahu/Ven/Rahu his film ‘The Saint’ released on 4th April 1997[2] & it became a instant hit displaying his acting prowess.

Chart 6: Ben Affleck

[1] Sanket Nidhi Chp 1 Shloka 30 Virgo is Rahus Svakshetra (own sign)

[2] Source:

Rahu is in the 8H of sudden fame with foreigners and Jupiter ensures a role on the right side (America in this case). Rahu implements in the 3rd from it where there is Mandi (tensions) and A6 (fight) and its dispositor is Jupiter, this 10H is aspected by Mars (war) and Mars is in 3H of flying (note this). As we saw earlier first we take Rahu as MD & the dispositor of the 3rd from it which is Jupiter here so in Rahu /Jup he got the role of a lifetime in the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ which became a huge international hit. The movie was about war (Mars aspect on A6) & flying (Mars in 3H of flying). Rahu/Jup ran from 16th May 2001 to 14th Jan 2002 this & Pearl Harbor was released on 25th May 2001 just when Jup antar started and with Jupiter in the 7H of public fame, he got it straight with Rahu involved from 8H, it was sudden like Rahu and the gross revenue of the movie was $449,220,945.

Thus concentrate on Rahu and see how its energies are playing up in the charts we see, test it on 20-30 charts to get the methodology and develop your own system of interpretation even if it is different from the one presented above.

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