A Clue for the Death of the Sub Period in Main Period.

Here I am submitting one clue   to know the death of the sub period, irrespective of main period.First we have to decide the native’s Asc group. Verify the three Ascs.

 1-Asc;2-SunAsc;3-MoonAsc. Out of these three, take the group which gets the two majority of three.

Actually there are two groups.1-Sat; 2-Jup

  • Sat group-In this group Mercury-Ven- Rahu planets will come.
  • Jupiter group- In this group Sun-Moon-Mars- Ketu planets will come.

Verify the three Ascs.

RuleNo-1: If  a person’s Asc belongs to Sat group, and then native will die in his enemy’s sub period, Of  the particular main period.

Amendment-1; If any planet get exchange with another planet, then native will die in the same Ascendant’s group. In some cases Rahu and Kethu should be treated according to their position of  houses lordship.

RuleNo-2: If  Main Dasa period is Badhaka lord’s period ,then sub-period of the death is the same group of the native’s group.If any planet in Badhaka house that planet’s sub period is the last one.

Example-B.V.Raman belongs to Sat group. His Asc is Aquarius . Venus is the Badhaka lord for   Aquarius Asc .He died in Ven/Ven period. Here sub-period Ven belongs to his Asc group Sat.

RuleNo-3: If Main Dasa period is belongs to Asc lord or 8th lord  , then that native will die in the  sub-period of the same group of the Asc  group .If there exchange of planets ,

then death in opposite group sub-period.

Example-Ghantasala– He belongs to Sat group. This native died in Sat/Merc, here sat is the lord of the Capricorn Asc. So he died in Mercury sub-period, which belongs to


Another example ;Swami Vivekananda.

Here Asc is Sagittarius, its lord is Jup, 2-sun Asc is Sagittarius its lord is Jup;3-Moon Asc is Virgo its lord is Mercury ,out of these three ,two Asc s belongs to Jup  group. So this native belongs to Jup group. RuleNo-3: worked here.

If Main Dasa period is belongs to Asc lord ,then that native will die in the  sub-period of the same group of the Asc group.If there exchange of planets ,then death in opposite group sub-period.Saturn and Venus are exchanged their houses.So death took place in enemy group sub-period.

Vivekananda died in Venus sub period in Jup main period. Here the sub period lord is enemy to the group lord Jup.


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