A Personal and Very Simple Technique for Establishing the Ascendant

The Story      

Sometimes the need is the best teacher and this article is the proof of such a situation.

All of us have the experience of the people of not knowing their exact time of birth and all of us do his/her best to help any person who comes for an astrological advise. The causes for which a person doesn’t know his correct time of birth are many. These could be the efforts of a mother to deliver the baby, or the drinking of the father especially if the baby is a boy.It is very difficult to be young, gifted by God with “something” and to be nobody in your life for helping and guiding you as correct as possible. In such moments only God could give us the best ideas and so it was with me.

I was already an astrologer since two or three years long. Whenever people who did not know the time of their birth came to me, I used to avoid them. Over time I couldn’t do so, because more and more friends and very closed people began to ask a lot of opinions and good periods for all kind of activities so… I had to accept advise even those who did not know their exact time of birth. Well, but the problem remained and I had to face it in one way or in another!

One day, a good friend came for me to tell her if she could have ever a baby; she was around 30 years old and she had never been pregnant. Her time of birth was known within a range of two hours, which is something enormous for us, isn’t it? Before any astro-reading, I used to pray 2 minutes to God for Him to help and to inspire me. So did I in that day, somehow in a desperate manner, because I wanted really to help that woman. And in a minute an idea crossed my mind.

For a long period of time in my life – maybe for 20 years long – I used to have all kind of problems around the middle of August. It was around 4, 5 or even 6 days, never at the same day. During such a period I had something, that was more or less important for myself: my marriage on a 15th of August, a terrible headache, a very difficult toothache, indigestion, very hard day at my job, a minor conflict with less beloved beings, or even the death of my dear cat. As all this crossed my mind, it made me check the transits for that period of August, immediately. I discovered that at that moment the Sun was transiting the second part of my 6th house, of the physical health especially, and that it made an 150 degree angle with my natal Ascendant. I was so happy due to that solution, that I applied it instantly.

The steps

1.The supposed TOB – my friend indicated a time of birth of around two hours –from 6 to 8 in the morning

2.The supposed AS – my friend, a Pisces Sign, told me that she supposed to have an ascendant on Pisces too

3.The “forced” research – for such an interval which corresponds to the short ascension Signs, the ascendant “covers” 3 zodiacal Signs: Aquarius, Pisces and Aries

a)the external sources – I asked her, firstly, to have a new talk with her parents and to ask them to remember as well as possible her birth; after a lot of insistencies, one of her grandmothers helped us very much saying that she was born between the 6 and the 7 o’clock in the morning; very good help, indeed

b)the personal sources – I asked her to remember if around the middle of her astrological year does she use to have a lot of personal events (it doesn’t matter if they are very less important or major ones); we had to establish if that “middle of the year” was in July (corresponding to a 6th house on the Cancer) or in August (corresponding to a 6th house on the Lion); it was a little difficult but she was able to remember and she said that it is July; well again

-the next question was if she had the personal events in the beginning, in the middle or in the end of July; while she was trying to summarize all kind of her personal moments, I moved the Sun along the supposed 6th house for helping her.

4.The established natal AS degree – finally both of us observed that the events were much many in the end of July so I stopped the transits and I noted the position of the Sun; right 150 degrees before I put the degree of her AS.

5.The necessary time for the established AS degree to be checked. Both of us were very happy because this meant not only an advice, but a real possibility of reading her natal chart. I told her that I need to check our result so I made few predictions, corresponding to the transits at the time of our appointment (I remember very well that was about the Jupiter Transit upon her 5th house, in a splendid astrological conjecture, which she probably never have again since then). One of them was that, if her time of birth was correct, she could have the possibility in her life to deliver a child, with few difficulties at the moment of birth, and that child could be the only one she could have. If all my supposing next events for her life would come true, we could accept the degree of her Ascendant degrees as being very correct for reading the natal chart.

I didn’t see her anymore for few years. She came to me again 2 years ago and she confirmed me that she remained pregnant at the very period which I mentioned, that she delivered in difficult conditions but that finally she had a wonderful girl. She couldn’t have anymore any child – I can’t remember in this moment why. I think she has a physical problem.

I used this “technique” a number of time but I never paid the attention to my data base as I do now, so I can’t provide example charts for the technique. I share it with you hoping that from time to time, some of you will use it and that it will help you. It is a good technique. All the people whom I used it for, came and still come to me for their solar returns (Varshaphala in Jyotish) because the supposed events happen at the indicated time. Nobody told me ever that the supposed events didn’t happen. All the time I ask the feed/back and all the time I receive it.


-if there is a planet squaring the degree of the natal AS, it is possible that this degree to be somehow difficult to be established, because the transit of the Sun trines that planet and the cause of the events could be confuse

-if there is a planet or a sensitive point in the 6th house, it could make the use of this procedure difficult.

-I indicated health or professional events but the events can be in any area of the 6th house domain, it is a very personal matter by their nature

-finishing this article I realize that we can establish the degree of the natal AS using the 8th house too, because, from it, the transiting Sun makes an 150 degrees angle with the natal AS.

Why the 150° angle?

Behind this very personal technique there is a philosophical idea, but I became aware of it few years later, due to my Guru. It is about the Law of the 3 and of the 7: Every process takes place in all the 3 worlds (physical, astral and causal) and it has 7 steps. During these 7 steps there are two important moments of discontinuity, when there are possible two actions:

-the process could take a descendent direction because the energy of the Beginning is over; at this level, the process could die (end) for ever or it can take an unpleasant aspect, due to its low energy

-the process can be supported with an external energy and to take an ascendant direction.

These 2 moments of discontinuity take places at the 3/7 and at the 7/7 of the process. They are called hiatuses, the word hiatus having a Latin origin. It means “stopping” or “break” or “the place of the Void”, because it is made by 2 different energies which are not of the same quality or features, one of it being in its end and the other of them being in its beginning.

At this point, the vital energy of the native is all the time in danger, if it is not supported from outside with an energy of the same quality or higher than it. If nothing comes from outside, the native tends to become ill or to experience an unpleasant event of his/her life. If, on the contrary, he/she is supported from outside with a good or very good energy, he/she could realize a spiritual jump which is very easily seen by the others.

In Western astrology such a “personal hiatus point”  be could associated with the vertex.

The vertex is one of the sensitive point in the natal chart, in analogy with The yodiacal Sign of Libra, with Venus and the 7th House. It is always situated in the Southern part of a chart, in one of the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th House. It indicates a life lesson/test which has to be experienced together someone else (be him/her a busines or life partner). It indicates too the karmic meetings of those individuals who already passed by similar experiences in the previous lives. Such situationas are more surely as the vertex is in conjunction with a planet or an angle of the chart.

Of course, we are intereted only in the 6th House position of the vertex

The vertex can be activated by any planet which transits it or it could remain in a potential condition until a long time transit “wakes it up”. During my direct astrological experience along the time, I observed that:

-if the vertex point is right upon the hiatus point, the native is confronted with his pending karma either frequently, until he/she is able to become aware of it and to do something until he/she passes over it

-or he/she has a severe life lesson once or two times a life but in a very difficult manner (as the extirpation of a limb is, for example, or losing a good job).

If we take into account that the 6th House represents prarabdha, that karma which can not be changed, we have one reason more to use this simple way of establishing a TOB or the correct degree of the ascendant, because, when the native’s Sun reaches it, a spiritual activity (sadhana, meditation, Laya Yoga, long term prayer) could change the frequency of the native’s vibration and he/she could transcendes his/her karma or diminishes it at least. As all of us know, karma which is not manifested it still could be transcended.

I used the round chart because, moving the transiting Sun through the 6th House, it is very easily to focus the attention between the 150° distance between the supposed ascendant and the transiting Sun.

I used, only for the purpose of rectifying/finding the TOB the Equal System of Houses.

TOB the Equal System

TOB the Equal System

TOB the Equal System

Although I used this personal and simple technique numberless times, I never imagined that one day I would share it to the others. That’s why I could hardly remember very few charts for exeplifying it. I hope that some of you will find it interesting as an astrological tool for using it in some special astro readings.

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