A Post-Mortem Analysis of ‘Timing of Death’


A Post-Mortem Analysis Of ‘Timing of Death’

Application Of Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati


P.L.Chakraborty, India.

ABSTRACT : Timing of Death is a difficult subject and there are many taboos associated with it.  The present write-up avoids the difficult path and   tries to find out whether there are any common observations in all the death cases. For a highly knowledgeable astrologer, there may be multiple common factors. The write-up only picks two such factors from one chart and tries to find out whether they are common in other cases too.

Few randomly selected charts were taken to find out whether the observations noted are random in nature (only applicable to this particular chart) or a common sets of observation which can be applied to many chart. And if the premise is applicable, are there any short-cut methods to arrive at the same conclusion. It is assumed here that the readers are familiar with BCP system and theory of progression of planets in BCP, viz.,  30 deg is traveled in 1 year


A blind chart was posted in AIA forum by Smti Bhagavathi Hariharan-ji to analyze for cause of death

Native X : DOB 03 Feb, 1981, 18:52 hrs, Carson City, Nevada USA  *

Death : 27 May, 2007 at approx 0100 hrs at San Francisco, CA, USA.

The natal lagna was  at  9 Leo 30’9” and  LL Sun was at 20Cp 51’.   **

(Note : All natal charts were prepared in Astrodienst with Lahiri Ayanamsha and later adopted for C-Hari Ayanamsha , by deducting 44’  from the longitudes)

 While trying an application of Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) in the chart, it was observed that timing of death, was closely interlinked with longitudes (degree) of Ascendant & Lagna Lord.

If  1 Year = Calendar year (365.242 days) scheme is followed, then death had occurred after  114 days from last birthday in 27th year. If 1 year = 360 days scheme is followed, then death had occurred after 250 days from last birthday.

Considering Ascendant, taking 1 year = 365.245 days,   the lagna had traveled   9deg 30’ out of total 30 degree of the sign. So travel time =   ( 365.242/30o x 9o 30’) = 114 days.

Again, considering LL Sun, taking 1 year = 360 days, LL Sun has traveled 20deg 52’ out of total 30 degrees of that sign. So, time elapsed is (360/12 x 20 deg 52’) = 250 days in the 27th year.

Both the calculations do match with actual event.

But the question regarding the present   observation (day of death is related to longitude of Lagna and longitude of Lagna lord) is –

  1. Is it a random co-incidence (applicable to this chart alone) or  does it occur in other charts too ?
  2. If it occurs in other charts, is it a strong correlation ?
  3. Are there any other factors involved ?

Please note that this can not be a 100% rule. Otherwise,  twins having almost same data have to die within a week.

However, the premise needed to be tested for in few charts for basic applicability before it is tested in large numbers of chart. It need to be seen whether  the day of death can be linked to longitude of  Lagna &  Lagna Lord in each cases


Before checking further data, few  points need to be put in place

  1. Data sample need to be random – No cherry picking here

The problem was solved by asking friends to provide some data.  Few data were picked up from net too.

  1. The longitudes of lagna and lagna lords are of paramount importance. It was decided that horoscopes shall be prepared in Astrodienst for Lahiri Ayanamsha. Same will be adopted here, after deducting 44’ to get C-Hari ayanamsha ( my personal choice only).
  2. In some cases, there might be some errors in TOB data (few minutes). So, longitude of lagna may somewhat differ.
  3. In above case, the relation between longitudes and timings can be expressed as

N + L x 12.17 = N1  + LL.x 12


N = Nos. of Calendar years survived

N1= Nos. of  360 days years survived

L    = degree of Lagna

LL  = degree of lagna lord

In some cases, N=N1. However, it is understood that  in some cases, especially when L > LL, the relationship might be  a mathematical impossibility.  The possible case would be (30-L) or (30-LL).

Data & Analysis

Total 15 charts were prepared and analyzed.   The data of L & LL were calculated in Astrodienst as mentioned above.   Then, based on the nos. of days since last birthday, the Lagna was calculated in reverse order (given as calculated lagna). Similarly, LL degree was calculated in reverse.   Then these calculated values were compared with actual Lagna (as in Natal chart).

Chart 56

If we look closely,  the relation between longitude of Lagna / Lagna lord with timing of death is haphazard.   The summary is presented below :

  1. Among 4 homicide cases, 3 nos. cases do match closely (marked in yellow). One case do not match at all (marked in red).
  2. Out of total 15 cases, only in 4 cases, the calculated lagna and actual lagna re close.
  3. In two cases, Actual Lagna = 30 deg – Calculated lagna .
  4. There appears to be some relation with node degree and calculated lagna / LL.

It appears that there might be a strong relation of longitudes of lagna /Lagna lord with timimg of death in cases where the native was killed / assassinated. However, the sample size  (15 nos.) is too less for any  worthwhile comment.

It is felt that further search, using at least 50-100 nos. cases, where the native was killed / assassinated, need to be done before arriving at any conclusions.

The end


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