Amavasya charts

Principle: When the Moon and Sun are conjunct, one point of Aries will prosper!!  If Aries is in a bad house or if it’s dispositor, Mars, is badly situated, then wrong things get vriddhi (prosperous)

We’re going to try it out right here!

Chart 1: Muhammad Ali

American light-heavyweight gold medalist, the only man to win the heavyweight championship of the world three times.  He began boxing professionally on 10/29/1960 and became world champ in 1964 by knocking out Sonny Liston.  His title was declared vacant after he refused military obligation as a Muslim and a conscientious objector.  He later changed his name and re-entered the ring in 1970, fighting with singular grace and beauty for 25 years. Muhammad Ali earned a reputation as a man dedicated to his goals and beliefs. A consummate showman, he used to call himself “the Greatest,” and many of his fans believe that the nickname fits.

At age 18, he won the boxing Olympic gold medal in the light heavyweight category at the 1960 Olympics in Rome.  While in Miami, he met Malcolm X who gave voice to Ali’s disgust with racism. Joining the Nation of Islam, he was given the name Muhammad Ali by Elijah Muhammad, his new title meaning “beloved of Allah.” It was the beginning of his social and political activism.

Despite his popularity in the sports world, he was loathed by many Americans when it became known that he had become a Muslim. When he took a stance as a conscientious objector to America’s involvement in the war in Vietnam, he was called everything from traitor to coward. When he refused to accept the draft, in May 1967 Ali was stripped of his title and boxing license by the World Boxing Association and charged for violating the Selective Service Act by the government. Even boxing fans and sports journalists joined the outcry, to which Ali commented, “I’m giving up my title, my wealth, maybe my future. Many great men have been tested for their religious beliefs. If I pass this test, I’ll come out stronger than ever.”

Sentenced to five years in prison and released on appeal, Ali’s conviction was overturned three years later and he returned to the ring.

On 6/26/1979, at the age of 37, Ali retired as champion with a professional record of 59 victories and three defeats.


An obvious Aries matters prospering with Ruchaka & Dhana Yogas in the 10H of career and fame!…  But not without the interventions of retrograde Saturn that will be deemed backing up to its degree of fall and on Mars and brought Mr. Ali many “trials” that is to say.  Although Saturn is conjunct Mars, it looks like given its fall, it lacked the power to cancel Mr. Ali’s Ruchaka yoga.  (Sunil, I have noted in the past that Saturn in Aries is a position that many celebrities have)

Chart 2: Jed Bush Feb

American politician and noted family, the second son of President George W. H. Bush.  Bush met his wife-to-be, Colomba, as an exchange student in Mexico.  He is as tall as his dad at 6’2″, imposing with a gentle demeanor and known as a “nice guy.” They had three kids, George in 1975, Noelle, 1977 and Jeb Jr., 1983.  In 1994 he admitted that “one of his kids” had a drug problem.  On 1/21/2002, his daughter Noelle was picked up by police when falsely ordering Xanax from a pharmacy. On 7/17/2001, she was jailed for three days for stealing pills at her treatment center.

Speaking to reporters on 4/14/2001, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 48, denied rumours of a sexual affair with Cynthia Henderson, whom he appointed to lead the state Department of Management Services.


We can see here the mischief of karaka Venus conjunct Mars (8L) and the exchange of houses between Mars and Jupiter (7L) – on this, we can certainly blame the sexual affair rumours.  Nonetheless, the sign of Aries as 8H shows the gain from the 7H (2H from 7H) and we can see that he has a stable marriage since over 30 years.  Then, since Saturn and Jupiter are in opposition, we will suspect that an aspect of the sign of Aries is also spoiled (see BSP 5).  As the 8H is also the house of happiness from children (4H from 5H) we see that child with drug addiction, has been in rehab and briefly went to jail at some point causing sorrow and gossips. 

Chart 3: Amelia Gossage

American heiress upon the death of her wealthy parents when she was a teen.  Her dad, a San Francisco advertising executive, died of leukemia in 1969 and her mom died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1974.  Amelia and her brother Eben spent their inheritance on a lavish lifestyle.

On 2/12/1975, she returned to their apartment with a dinner date.  Her brother was there and refused to leave.  Angry, she pulled his hair and threatened him with a claw hammer until he left. 

The next day, Eben came home about 9:35 AM when she was asleep.  He woke her at 10:30 AM as she had asked.  They began a violent argument.  At 10:55 AM she made a phone call then resumed their fight.  Eben later claimed that she came at him with a hammer and scissors.  In a rage, he hit her with the claw hammer over 17 times on her head and neck, then stabbed her in the back 20 times with the scissors.  Altogether, she had 62 wounds.  Amelia died between 11:00 AM and noon.


Aries is the 9H for this chart – and Mars in troubled by Saturn and Rahu/Ketu in the 4H.  The effects were disastrous as she became a (rich) orphan – and soon a dead orphan.  The 9H is also the gain of the 8H of longevity (2H from 8H) as well as the gain from the 11H of older brother (11H from 11H) and these areas became disastrous.

Chart 4: Ann Sothern

American actress with a film debut in 1929. Her first film roles were negligible and she headed for Broadway in 1930, quickly rising from small parts to leading roles.  In 1933, she returned to Hollywood under contract to Columbia, this time under her stage name of Ann Sothern. After ten years in B pictures, she became a hit in the persona of a light-hearted heroine in a series of ten films, “Maisie,” where MGM put her talents to good use as a bouncy, scatterbrained blonde.

Sothern was not entirely fluff; she showed dramatic talent in “Cry Havoc,” 1943 and “Letter to Three Wives,” 1949. She starred in her own TV series, “Private Secretary,” 1953-57, followed by “The Ann Sothern Show,” 1957-61. She received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress in “The Whales of August,” 1987.

Aries is the Ascendant, aspected by Ketu and Jupiter with Mars in its own sign (the 8H bringing hindrance).  The Ascendant being the self as well as indicating the career, after some delays, she has prospered through her career and vice versa.

Chart 5: Jean-Claude Killy

French skier and entrepreneur, the second man in history to win the Triple Sweep in the Alpine men’s skiing in the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, 1968.  Taking the gold medal in downhill, slalom and giant slalom and focusing on speed as opposed to style, Killy helped create the modern racing style that revolutionized the sport.

At 19, Killy joined the French team, whose coach was impressed by his daredevil style and came to the US for the first time.  By age 25 he was considered the world’s top skier, which he proved at the Winter Games in Grenoble in 1968, winning the downhill by 0.08 of a second followed by the easily won slalom.  The result of the final event required a decision in the committee room, where Killy was moved to first place from second place on grounds of a technicality.  He then went on to win the World Professional Skiing Title in 1973.  Within five years, the world’s top skier was a multi-millionaire from endorsements for sporting equipment.


Aries is the 10H of his prosperous career here – it’s dispositor, Raja yogakaraka Mars, occupies the 11H of gains in Taurus, sign of Kubera, the God of Wealth. 

Chart 6: Emile Zola

French writer of fiction who acclaimed great European fame during his lifetime.  His first success was with “Therese Raquin” in 1867, after which he started a 20 volume series of a heroic, often sordid family adventures.  His work includes “Nana” and “Germinal.” 

Zola began to take interest in the Dreyfus Affair in 1897, a case where a Jewish officer was accused of high treason and sentenced to Devil’s Island penal colony with skimpy evidence. In his famed letter, “J’Accuse,” Zola became a national hero with his defiance of the French officials for their prosecution of Alfred Dreyfus during his unjust scandal. During the ensuing lengthy legal proceedings for libel, he fled to England where he lived for a year. 

Zola married Alexandrine Meley in 1870, but established a permanent liaison on the side with laundress Jeanne Rozerot in 1888 with whom he had two children. Though Alexandrine deeply resented the affair, she legally recognized the two kids in 1906.


Interestingly, the sign of Aries is the 4H of happiness from the 3H of publications, the 2H of gains from the 5H of authorship and children and the 10H of karma from the 9H of publishing as well as the 7H of marriage – these matters prospered in his life despite his want of a better behaviour.

Chart 7: Prince Frederick of Denmark

Danish royalty, the son of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark.  As Frederik X he will most definitely be a modern monarch.  He runs marathons, has worked among the homeless in Boston where he spent a year at Harvard, and has been caught on film by the paparazzi diving nude into the swimming pool to cavort with his beautiful pop-singer playmate.  At 27, using the nom de guerre “Pingo,” he took part in a military drill to become a member of the Danish Navy’s elite Frogmen Corps, roughly comparable to the US Navy Seals.

He is quoted as saying, “I will not be given things on a plate or be shut in a castle.  I want to try myself out and find myself.  I will be a human being.”

On his serious side, he will be the first Danish king to have a University degree (from Aarhus).

He married Australian Mary Donaldson on May 14, 2004 in a ceremony scheduled for 4:00 PM in Copenhagen. First one and then the other of the royal couple said “I Do” beginning at 4:46 PM according to the Danish press.

Aries is the 5H and we have detected prosperity pertaining to some 5H affairs: aptitude to study and follow a discipline that can also apply to sports – he will be the first Danish king to have a University degree (from Aarhus) – kudos! 

Chart 8: Christopher Golly

American homicide and suicide at age 17.  Chris Golly was described as a typical teenager who liked to play video games, pool and enjoyed the driving, guitar-based music called “speed metal.”  A good student in elementary and junior high school, he drifted away from neighbourhood childhood friends the last two years of his life, becoming more of a “tough kid” who ditched school, neglected his studies and took drugs.  His father had taught him to shoot and despite increasing friction between them, bought his son two cars; after the first car was stolen it was replaced with a Chevy S-10 pickup truck.  A gun case with plenty of ammunition was kept in the family living room. 

Chris’s friends said he was daily drug user who liked to party with beer and pot.  He favored a type of speed known as “Pink Champagne.”  Chris had frequent and very loud arguments with his father and his friends reported that in private conversations he had often threatened to kill his father.  Also living in the family home were his father’s companion, Susan Bever, her son Aaron and Aaron’s girlfriend, Connie McGovern.  Tensions increased in the home a week earlier, since 2/14/94, when Christopher was convicted of possession of marijuana and his driver’s license was suspended for a year.

On the evening of 2/21/94, Christopher Golly wolfed down a big dinner and spent time with his friend Matt, sitting outside in front of the house talking over an hour-and-a-half period. Steven Golly came out three times and argued with his son about the truck, each time becoming longer and more explosive. Matt went home by 10:30 PM, with Chris’s promise to not kill his dad. 

Connie McGovern returned home around 11:30 PM and was asked by Chris to drive him to a local store to buy cigarettes.  When they came back, they went to the back yard where he sniffed nitrous oxide, an anaesthetic called “laughing gas.”  Connie went to bed in her room at the opposite side of the house.   Chris turned on his music, a title “The End,” in which singer Jim Morrison fantasized about killing his father.  Just before 1 AM, Susan Bever awoke from the vibrations from the stereo in Christopher’s room next door.  Five minutes later, the sound was cranked to its highest volume, awakening Connie and Aaron.  Steven went to his son’s door.  Susan heard Steven open the door and angrily ask his son what was “going on?”  Chris was waiting with an AR-15-type assault rifle.  When his father opened the door to his room, he shot and killed him. There was a flash of light and the “pop” sound of a gun. 

When Susan started to go toward Steven, Chris calmly warned her to get out of the house.  Aaron joined his mother in the hallway and was also told to get out.  They left.  Connie had already been outside because she thought the music was coming from the garage, when she heard the shots.  She ran back inside for a cordless telephone and called 911.  When the police cars arrived, Chris fired at least 14 shots at two squad cars as the officers emerged.  Killed was rookie policewoman Christy Lynne Hamilton who had ironically graduated from the Police Academy only four days earlier and who had been given a bulletproof vest by her mother. The bullet entered through the vest armhole.  Hamilton’s father was a retired police officer.

Chris then took a .22 calibre handgun and shot himself to death. 


Besides Aries being the 7H and afflicted by the Nodes, Saturn’s aspect and 6L Jupiter’s conjunction, Mars is conjunct Saturn in Cancer, its sign of fall.  So, with these compounded factors, many things prospered wrongly with 7H matters such as sociability, morality, visible enemies, wars and death.   Incidentally, Aries/7H is also the 11H house of gains form the 9H of father, the father’s gains that is – and the 3H of actions from the 4H of happiness or, the 4H of happiness from the 3H of actions (screwed either way).

Chart 9: Erica Janelle McCoy

American abandoned baby who was found in a garbage pail in a rest room at the emergency center of the local hospital.  A note with her date and time of birth read, “Please someone, give my daughter a home, I cannot.”   A medical technician found the baby and, with permission, took her home; his wife and four year-old son wanted to keep her.  Eventually the biological mother of the baby was traced by police and charged with Child Endangerment.


Aries is the 3H of incoming thoughts and counselling.  It is aspected by death-karaka retrograde Saturn and liberation-karaka Ketu.  These aspects definitively got impregnated in her incoming thoughts that were “abnormally” (or prosperously) developed in this good lady as she sought to help folks reach a form of liberation through their inevitable physical death process through her counsel.  We’ll note that Mars, is in the 2H, a maraka, in the unbounded sign of Pisces.

Chart 11: Ross Perot

American super-achiever, a bantam-sized self-made Texas billionaire in the industries of computer, aero-space, bio-tech and hi-tech fields.  He built Electronic Data Systems in Dallas into the multi-million dollar business that it is.  With his financial skill and expertise, he was appointed by Governor White in mid-1983 to chair a select committee on public education to make recommendations for a comprehensive reform.  

During the Vietnam war, Perot flew food and supplies to North Vietnam for U.S. prisoners but Hanoi could not deliver the shipment.  He had two of his employees rescued from Iran after the Ayatollah took over.  In his book, “On Wings of Eagles,” he tells this story, which was later made into a TV miniseries.  Though he portrayed himself as a man of action and a hero, critics say that he actually got in the way of American diplomatic efforts to safeguard thousands of other Americans in the chaos, and owes embassy workers a debt of gratitude for his own safety, instead of the contempt with which he has treated them.

As a boy, he managed to get himself an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis where he was president of the class and a battle commander during his four years in the Navy.  When he first entered the navy, he said they gave him two pair of shoes and he “wondered what the other pair was for.  That was my first example of government waste.”

After leaving the navy, Perot became a salesman for IBM and his wife taught school.  They lived on his salary and saved hers and when Ross decided to start his own company in 1962, he had $1,000 savings to invest into Electronic Data Systems.  He spun that original investment into gold; six years later when EDS went public, he was suddenly worth $220 million.  When he sold his company to General Motors several years ago, it was worth about $12 billion.


Aries is the 11H of gains – owned by Mars, Aries also deals with much that is technical, brave and daring.  Rahu sits therein with Mars, lending in its psychological and scientific abilities for the sake of great prosperity.  Marriage, also signified by the 11H, is also his forte which is amazing considering the conjunction of Rahu/Mars there, the presence of retrograde Saturn in the 7H and of Ketu in the 5H of love.