An Astrological Approach to Education Yeluripati Krishna Rao

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Yeluripati Krishna Rao

Published in Astrological Magazine of August, 1982

ACCORDING to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, education is defined as follows: — Bringing up (of the young): systematic instruc­tion; course of this, as classical, commercial, art education; development of character or mental powers.

In ancient times education was meant for the sake of education, and not necessarily for the sake of eking out one’s livelihood. Originally moral training was also part of education in addition to the scholastic pursuits. But then as the centuries rolled by, the purpose of education came to be associated with one’s livelihood. Morality is a forgotten word at least for the past 50 to 60 years owing partly to the unending problems of man’s existence and partly to man’s avarice. Be that as it may, education in the present times is literally job-oriented, and moral training which a part of education is appears to have been much neglected, may be due to the changing times. If bread-winning is one aspect of education the other aspect is to elevate the mind so that man will be able to lead a life of moral, mental and spiritual development—all-round development of the personality being the main purpose of education.

According to the rules of traditional astrology the 4th house in a nativity is said to be the house of education. Many Western astrologers believe that, the 3rd house from the ascendant is the house of education as the 3rd   house rules the lower mind. The 5th house is the seat of emotions as also the seat of creative faculties of the native, while the 9th house gives us a clue as to the native’s moral strength and higher mind. In Indian astrology the 5th house is considered as the house of intellect. The relevant Jaimini aphorism which clarifies the above point is as follows:

Guruunaa sarvavid granthikascha

If Jupiter joins Karakamsa or the 5th from Karakamsa, he will be an all-round man and will know many branches of knowledge, well read in sciences and author of various works. He becomes a versatile genius.

The above Jaimini aphorism can be extended to the Parasari System of Astrology and it can be interpreted in a number of ways.

  • In the Rasi chart, if Jupiter (Guru) is strong in the 5th house, the native will be a good-hearted man, will be an all-rounder and he will be endowed with creative faculties.
  • Similarly if Jupiter is well placed in the 5th house from Aroodha Lagna, and is in a friendly Navamsa, then the native will become a scholar and an author.
  • If the 5th lord from the ascendant is well placed either in a quadrant or in a trinal house and is in conjunction with Jupiter, the native in all probability will be a scholar and a famous author.

In the Parasari System of Astrology the 4th house is considered as the house of education whereas in Jaimini Astrology the 2nd house and the 5th house are considered as the houses of education or scholarship. The 2nd house from the ascendant is the house of speech, and so one or two benefic planets in the 2nd house either from Lagna or from Aroodha Lagna will make the native a well-read man or a poet.

I have seen natives with exalted Jupiter in the 4th house in Cancer having neither qualifi­cations nor scholarship, while some natives having one or two malefic planets in the 4th house have secured very high qualifications. This is a paradox in Indian astrology. Chart 1 is of a Brahmin lady, who became rich over­night by marrying a widower. She lives in a very decent well-furnished house, has lands, jewellery, cows, buffalos and servants to attend to her needs. But she has not even passed matriculation. The Sun and Mercury in the 2nd and exalted Jupiter in the 4th should have given her very high qualifications. This lady has neither scholarship nor academic qualifi­cations. She is leading a comfortable life, reading stories and film magazines.

chart 311

In contrast to the above chart, Chart 2 belongs to a lecturer in a commerce college. He passed M.Com in 1st class and then joined a college as lecturer. He lost his mother when he was 3 or 4 years old, and was brought up by his step-mother, whose horoscope (Chart 1) is given above.

Chart 3 belongs to my revered Guru Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy Sastri, who is an autho­rity on Jaimini Astrology. He is so great in this branch of astrology that it is difficult to assess his greatness. The readers of this Magazine will be surprised to know that he did not even pass 5th standard. On passing his 4th standard, he was admitted in a Vedic school by his father who was dead against English education. Sri Rama Murthy Sastry, being a man of sharp intellect and quick grasping ability, easily mastered a Veda in a decade or so, and then took to Astrology as a duck would take to water. His Vedic background and Sanskrit knowledge helped him a great deal in his pursuit of Jaimini Astrology. He mastered all the available books on Jaimini Astrology.

As far as I know he is the only astrologer who gives predictions solely based on the Jaimini System. I met him on several occasions, but I have never seen him using the principles of the Parasari System. The Sun and Jupiter in the 4th house and the 4th lord well placed in the 5th house should have given him a brilliant academic career, but alas, he did not even attend high school. He does not know even the alphabets of the English language.

I do not say that our ancient astrologers are wrong in attributing the educational attain­ments to the 4th house, but I would prefer to say in the light of my experience that the 10th house in a nativity appears to be connected with higher education, research and attainment of university degrees, as the 10th house is the house of career. The 10th house is essentially connected with one’s attainments in scholastic pursuits, research, business matters, political activities, fame, etc. During the time of edu­cation (between 5th year and 25th year roughly) the 10th house rules one’s educational pursuits, and after the completion of education, the same 10th house takes control over the native’s career and worldly fortunes, etc, for career in the present times is usually dependent on the qualifications one obtains, barring a few exceptional cases where doctors and engineers have become film actors, and persons devoid of any qualifications have shot to fame and riches in the field of politics. These are a few exceptions to the majority of persons who eke out their livelihood by securing jobs for which they have been qualified and trained. For instance a commerce graduate will naturally take to an occupation where his knowledge of commerce is put to use. It is logical to say that a commerce graduate, under normal circumstances, will not become an engineer or a doctor or lawyer. Similarly we do not usually come across law graduates becoming engineers or doctors. A qualified architect will naturally eke out his livelihood by prepar­ing plans for constructing houses, theatres, offices, etc., but under normal circumstances he will not and cannot become a doctor or an accountant.

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