I have devoted  my life and have studied deeply about ½ million horoscopes of persons from the various parts of the globe. I have recorded my practical astrological experience in eight books in the field of advanced predictive astrology. These books are illustrated with hundreds of practical examples from the research dairy of the learned author.  In 1990 in Orlando USA conference, I represented India when most of the educated persons of India did not recognize the value of astrology as a science. Educated persons ignored astrology up to 2000 A D but today we find thousands of educated persons are learning astrology. It is a very popular subject through out the globe.  Whatever our sages have written in their classical works are true and valid in real life even in present age. No body can overcome the cosmic influence on a person bestowed by God. Everybody takes birth on this earth according the balance of purvapunya (can be judged easily from the 5th/9th house and from the adverse position of planets) Astrology is indeed a branch of science. I strongly believe in the existence of God, dance of stars, fate and Karma theory in shaping one’s mundane journey. I fervently request intellectuals, who criticize astrology without knowing the wonderful work of sages of Yore in India, to study the brilliant mystic science. Each person comes to this earth with a predetermined fate. With will power he can change 10 -15% of his sufferings at the hands of destiny. There is an unforeseen hand, which does not allow anybody to grow beyond a certain limit. Some persons are born to suffer because they have to pay back some karmic debt (they have afflicted 8th/12th house). The higher the affliction of 8th lord, higher in the sufferings in life). For a colourful life 8th/12th houses should be vacant. Disgrace, downfalls, scandals surface out when 8th/12th houses are occupied by malefics. According to famous astrologer Mridula Trivedi, Mars in 8th house is a graveyard for ladies. They never enjoy life fully.

When 9th house/9th lord are weak, everything evaporates in air. So for uninterrupted happiness in life one’s 9th house/9th lord should be strong. Significators of lady luck are Jupiter and Sun. So both these planets should be strong for a colourful life. Jupiter’s influence is daily manifesting while Saturn contract and densifies, Jupiter expands and liberates. Thus Saturn is the lord of fate and Jupiter is the giver of fortune. Sun is the lord of success. Mercury is the lord of intelligence, good Venus provides refinement and luxuries in life. Moon controls our mind and money. Aspect of 6th lord on Jupiter is a grisly combination for any native and it is to be feared. Poverty may hunt him for life. This aphorism is stunningly true to the knowledge of the author. When the angles of 6th lord are occupied by malefics the native struggles very hard in life and his life becomes cupful of sorrows.

In an average horoscope we see controversial planetary groups such as Mars – Saturn, Saturn – Rahu, Sun – Venus, Jupiter – Rahu, Saturn – Ketu etc. Also planets getting exalted in evil house, weak in navamsa, bhava sandhis, dasa of Yogakaraks intervening at wrong periods etc which we may conclude as resulting from the misdeeds from the previous birth. Generally a horoscope merits no consideration if there is no planet in the 10th house and if Jupiter, Venus, Moon or Mercury does not occupy a Kendra. Most of the planets posited in 2/12 shows a life full of misery and setbacks. Great men appeared to the ushered into this world when Jupiter and Saturn are in mutual trines or angles. 6/8 relationship of Jupiter and Saturn indicates ups and downs in life. If 5th and 9th house are weak, the native will earn a bad name, will have scant respect of others, and will suffer from many diseases which sometimes prove fatal. 6/8 relationship of 5th and 9th lords also produce terrible ups and downs in life. Malefics in 8th does not allow earning money easily. Malefics in 12th brings poverty, disgrace etc. All the rich persons do have benefic either in 8th/or 12th. Lord of 10th in 6th with 6th and 8th lord will make the native without any power and may not give him a permanent job. If the 8th lord occupies 10th house and Saturn aspects this house, the native will be poor throughout his life. The 10th house being subjected to relationship with 8th/12th lords is set back for uninterrupted happiness in career. When a malefic planet or 8th lord occupies the 10th house, the native’s thinking power will be clouded and his action will invite wrath of the government. If the 10th lord occupies 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native will be imperfect in his works. This is very much true to the knowledge of the author. Retrograde Saturn or retrograde Mars in the 12th house, spins a man like a wheel of a potter. Retrogression of 6th/8th/12th lords are never welcome. Moon and Sun are royal planets Cancer and Leo are royal signs, strong Sun and Moon or benefics in Leo and Cancer produce successful persons of the society. Without the strength of Sun and Moon, it is impossible to have a blissful life. When sun is aspected by Jupiter, the native receives good name and fame, for which no justification can be given. Strong Sun provides a strong health and a strong Moon provides enough wealth. A Moon free from malefic affliction or aspects, strong and enjoying benefic conjunction or aspects would be a great asset to any horoscope conducting to physical health, and giving mental power and brilliance and also affluence, because, Moon is also Sampathkaraka (bestower of wealth). Only a strong Moon grants nationwide fame. So to be a famous man, one should have strong Moon. Moon becomes strong, when its Kendras are occupied by natural benefics like Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Dharama Karmadhipati Yoga, Amala Yoga, Parijata Yoga, Gaja Keshari Yoga (when Kendras of Moon are vacant, one struggles very hard in career), Neech Vanga Raja Yoga, Mudrika Yoga, Laxmi Yoga, Adhi Yoga, Vashumati Yoga, Panchamahapurush Yogas etc are excellent Yogas which help a man to roll in money, and happiness, all the great people in history have strong Sun, Moon and strong Lagnadhipati aspected by natural benefics. Weak lord of Lagna and weak ascendant destroys all the raja yogas. A horoscope becomes weak when the Lagna and Moon are not aspected by a single benefic planet. Two three planets debilitated in navamsa robs the merit of the apparent good looking horoscope.

Badly aspected Mercury manifests as cunning, trickery and theft. Moon represents mind caliber and she is the mother of all planets. When Moon becomes weak all the planets automatically become weak. These two planets in airy signs are most unsteady. Given any form of authority the native will become petty and callous (under affliction). Notoriety and scandals will surface, he follows an extremist sect with distorted emotionalism. Idealism may reach fatal level. There will be lack of inner stability. He could be a troublesome rebel. In debates he will only defend his side of argument. Mercury in watery signs makes one dishonest with himself trying to please others. He is likely to embrace an erroneous view. In fiery signs Mercury instills the urge for power and may drive him towards self destruction. This faster planet in airy signs makes one weak willed, tactless, easily influenced and these people are susceptible to corrupt practices.

An afflicted Uranus in airy signs converts one into a misfit and abuse of power is seen. If his selfish urges go out of hand, there may be utter disregard for law. Justice for him may be anything, he can manage to get away with. Astrologically, Mars & Rahu in conjunction makes a very angry man. Saturn brings state of fulility. Uranus many times brings a violent temperament. The brain storms refered to above may become many fold intense if an adverse aspect of Uranus is also simultaneously present with the affliction of Mars.  Mars often Mars the beauty of people of bilious temperament and transforms them into malefactors. Perhaps the contact killers of Britain with strong sinews, great vitality, strong passions and tenacity of purpose may be subject of afflicted Mars. If the lord of the 6th house in aspect to Mars and Rahu or the shadowy planets are in the signs of Mars, the native is quarrelsome and becomes a thief. Rahu – Saturn combination anywhere in the horoscope makes the native quarrelsome and mean. A spoilt Neptune turns the native into an eccentric with extreme views. Pluto turns dangerous when afflicted and the native will be a racist who tries to spread his views with hatred and violence. He will be a glory seeker leaps on any bandwagon that is popular. A politician with Moon in Aries will all show puff and wind. His ideas will be magnificently unworkable and he makes indiscrete public statements. Paying lip service to public demands is the hallmark of Taurus Moon. A politician with an afflicted Moon in a fixed sign chooses his companies with dubious reputations and sly habits. With an afflicted Moon in watery cancer the native is likely to be impressionable to the point of foolishness and has no mind of his own. 4th house is house of happiness. To be really happy and wealthy 4th house should have aspect of benefics or 4th house should be occupied by a natural benefic. Strong social conscience, optimistic outlook, high mental caliber can be found if the 5th house is free from pollution. When this sector is badly afflicted by nodes or Saturn, lowering the expected goals, he will change sides frequently and will remain pitiably ignorant of public criticism. When 5th lord (lord of intelligence) and 9th lord (lord of super intelligence) are afflicted, one develops a misdirected talent. Such a yoga is visible in the birth chart of Hardshad Mehta who brought dishonour to Narasima Government and who ultimately lost his life in prison. The 7th house is the house of diplomacy, spouse, business calibre and enemies. The Moon in 7th house makes the native unreliable, Mars makes him argumentive and quarrelsome. Jupiter too egoistic and Venus makes him licentious. These are all negative indications for success in diplomacy. The words of a person with Rahu in 7th will have no conviction. On the other hand Ketu in 7th house makes him capable off hiding secrets. Mercury in the 7th house confers the power of deception though appearance and speech. Saturn in the 7th house makes one lazy and careless about his personal appearance and speech. Saturn in 7th house does not allow the native for the fuller utilization of his hidden talents. On the other hand Saturn’s aspect on the 7th house, especially when that house happens to be under Saturn’s own house or friendly sign, makes one very successful in dealing with masses. This aspect is usually present in the horoscopes of successful leaders and public figures. The aspects of Jupiter and Mercury earn respect and appreciation from the masses while that of Venus makes one a beloved leader. We know Smt. Indira Gandhi was born with Cancer Lagna where Moon and Saturn exchanged places. Contact of Saturn and Moon in Cancer sign made her a very charismatic leader of India between 1964 – 1984.

In any horoscope, if the Yogakaraka from Lagna or Moon occupies 8th/12th house from Lagna, such a person entertains destructive thinking.  Moon with malefics like Rahu in 5th/8th/or 12th promotes the tendency to be always scurrilous. If Mars, Saturn or Rahu is posited in the 4th house the native have a deceitful mind. Benefic influence on the 3rd house will decrease the evil effect. For example Vidyasagar had Saturn and Rahu in the 4th house in Pisces but his 3rd house was occupied by Jupiter. When Moon & Venus exchange places, these people do Yeoman’s service. Mother Teresa and Vidyasagar had this yoga in their horoscopes. The 5th – 11th   axis in a horoscope is vital one and benefic association on these two houses bring distinction and prosperity for the native and lifts him/her to a great height of success.  Any three or more planets situated together in the 9th/10th and 11 house indicate that the person will do well in adult life, no matter how dismal the situation would have been during his early life. These three houses being important never let a person down or drown. They remain busy in multifarious activities. Saturn is the lord of faith and 8th lord controls longevity. Inspite of all lacunas in the horoscope if 8th lord and Saturn are strong the native does well in life. Actually these two vital planets should be aspected by benefics. The most difficult task of an astrologer is to find out the benefic or malefic planet for the particular native. It requires intuition foresight, correct judgment and vast knowledge in the field of astrology for correct predictions. Ordinary astrologers can find out the various evil or benefic events in life after one incident has taken place in the life of a native. Very few astrologers can foretell the entire happenings of a given life. Until and unless the 3rd eye develops, it is too difficult to penetrate through the darkness of unknown in the near future, quite naturally it is quite debatable whether any astrologer following the classical authority of astrology could have predicted at Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s childhood that he native of this horoscope would become a world leader and the Father of the Nation. There is a dictum that Lagna and its lord should be free from 6th/8th lord’s connection for success. In Gandhi’s birth chart we find that Mars, Venus, Mercury occupy his Libra Lagna and 6th lord Jupiter aspects all these planets from Aries. 6th lord, 8th lord, 12th lord are all exchanging aspects forming formidable malefic yogas. Moon is placed with Rahu. Moreover Saturn and Jupiter have generated 6/8 relationships. So how can this man be a father of the Indian Nation?  The truth behind his glories of life is that Moon-Venus-Jupiter in mutual angles have generated Mudrika yoga-a yoga which lifts a man to dizzy heights. Any planet in the angle of 9th lord behaves in a very favourable manner. Except Sun and Saturn, all the planets are in the angle of 9th lord, which turned all the malefics to benefics. Further Sun in 12th flourishes luck factor and 9th Bhava’s indications. Mao-Se-Gung of China had also Sun in 12th. Now whenever 5th lord is placed in the 2nd it indicates that the native has done some extra-ordinary meritorious deeds in his past life. He comes to this earth for harnessing only rich dividends. Placement of Jupiter in the angle of 9th lord in a Kendra made his horoscope extremely powerful. Rahu in the 10th usually endows one with innovative genius and such a native whatever  their field of activity, discover or blaze a new path. His Rahu in 10th helped him to work for the upliftment of the downtrodden masses of India. He set out on the path of nonviolence to wage a relentless fight for Indian  Independence. The Mahatma’s approach was hitherto unknown to the national life of any country. Bhavartha Ratnakar extols that the conjunction of Mercury and Venus with Jupiter or receiving his aspects making one wealthy and fortunate. Venus in Lagna has generated a powerful Malavya yoga – a Maha Purusha yoga, for long life and eminence. Rahu in the 12th house of Moon (longitudinally) energises a man for gigantic purposes because it forms Maha Shakti Yoga. His Rahu is indeed found behind the Moon. Moon is posited in 9th lord Mercury’s constellation, in her own house, and she is very strong. Further this Moon has acquired extra powers from Jupiter and Venus in angle from them. So this extra-ordinary strong Moon made him world famous and also the father of the Indian Nation. Unless the Moon is well connected with strong Jupiter or strong Venus, one does not get nationwide name and fame.  Astrology can easily tell the present, past, future, latent potentialities, talent in a man and the great maladies which are going to strike the native in near future. We shall now study the horoscope of a mighty king of England before the independence of India who became beggar at the fag end of his life and had to die in cancer in 1972. This unfortunate native is Duke of Windsor who became the king after the early death of the king George V.  He fell in love with a married lady Bessiewalis Simpson (this lady married thrice). As per British Rules, any king who will marry a divorcee will have to quit the throne. Ladylove compelled him to abdicate his kingdom and went almost into a kind of oblivion. His younger brother George VI, became the emperor after his departure. Duke of Windsor could have incited a civil war, but he went almost into self-exile, away from his relations and country and lived a life almost of hermit. He had the moral strength to face the hardest ordeals including that of penury.  Now we will examine his birth Chart.  Capricorn – Lagna; Aquarius – Moon; Pisces – Mars, Rahu; Taurus – Venus, Jupiter; Gemini – Sun; Cancer – Mercury; Virgo – Saturn – Ketu.

Usually people with Capricorn ascendant have some tragic tinge in their lives and they are pyramid of failures. Capricorn Lagna (ruled by malefic Saturn) is an unfortunate thing as they have a useless life. When Saturn and 8th lord become strong Capricorn natives do well in life. So every thing in life for these people revolve round the 8th lord and Saturn.  The higher the affliction of 8th lord and Saturn the higher is the sufferings in life. So for a long inning of life with free from worries and anxieties of life, one should have a strong Saturn and strong 8th lord aspected by Jupiter, Venus or Mercury. His both 8th lord and Saturn are highly afflicted. So afflicted 8th lord and Saturn brought tremendous sufferings in his life. Gajakeshari Yoga protected Moon, but Sun, the 8th lord is severely afflicted by Saturn, Mars & Rahu. Afflicted Sun always produces many diseases in the body. Affliction of Pisces and Virgo by Saturn, Mars, Rahu – Ketu axis produced cancer in his body. (See advance Medical Astrology P. 210 by Dr. S.S. Chatterjee). When all the benefics are weak, Rahu and Mars in any sign produce cancer . So we are not surprised that he developed cancer at the fag end of his life in 1972. When Ketu in 9th/or 12th is aspected by divine Jupiter one develops a taste of spiritualism. He lived like a hermit for the aspect of Jupiter on Ketu in 9th house. He lost kingdom for the wrong placement of Moon (7th lord is posited in 2nd i.e. in 8th house from its natal position). 4th/11th lord is placed in Pisces. Here Mars is placed in the 12th house from its own house Aries, until or unless 9th hosue/9th lord are strong everything evaporates in air. Saturn – Ketu in the 9th house and in the 8th house from Moon and afflicted 8th lord Sun reduced his wealth.  Venus in 5th always forces a native towards a love marriage. Strong 9th lord in an angle developed moral virtues and helped him take birth in royal family. According to Hora Ratnam by R. Santhanam one with Mercury in the 7th house will enjoy many pleasures, will have a chaste spouse, will not have deep desires be helpful to others and be modest. He will obtain a spouse who will be exceedingly learned and a scholar of repute. His name and fame will spread all over. He will enjoy conveyance and properties.  dy=x% lkselqr% lqlR;a uja izlwrs cgqHkksxHkkte~A ifrozrkdkUreHkh’Vghua ijksidkja iz.kra lnSoAA So all the prophecies of sages came true in his life.

The working of the law of Karma is not a simple matter. Many forces impinge on the individual. Therefore sometimes one finds several patterns emerging in a horoscope. The same individual may be confronted in his life with one set of conditions which have resulted his meritorious deeds in past whereas he will also have to meet the repercussions of his gross omissions and neglect of the opportunities in other areas which produce Karmic impediments. In many horoscopes, a large number of planets are in adverse signs from their own signs (3,6,8,&12) of rulership; this shows that the individual concerned in the past life had not adequately cared to develop the corresponding virtues. When such cases are accumulated en bloc, it is necessary to counterbalance them so that the path for the onward journey is smoothened. Such afflictions will however be experienced as great handicaps. In case, one could understand these Karmic problems, much of the physical and psychological pain emerging from these terrible restrictions causing miserable existence could be overcome and the future assured to be better and harmonious.  Jupiter is the lord of happiness in life. In Duke’s chart, Jupiter has moved to 3rd/6th house from their natal positions. We have already criticized the placement of Moon and Mars. Saturn the most dreadful of all planets, whose signs of Capricorn and Aquarius occupy the Ascendant and the second house, is placed in the 8th house form its Moolatrikona house of Aquarius. We are not drawing any specific conclusions resulting separately from these planets but are trying to decipher the mysterious nature their placements. On an overall consideration, such situations suggest that all his friends and other aspects of life have abandoned him except the Sun and Mercury; he must have made the best use of his intelligence from his difficult phase of life but there was obviously some bad Karmic burden arising from the misuse of his past. When Sun is posited in Capricorn and Saturn is posited in Virgo, such natives are completely failures in life. They are abandoned by their kith and kin. So the bad placement of Saturn, Jupiter, Moon and Mars forced the karmic laws to unfold in a very tragic manner in the life of Duke Windsor. There is a dictum that 6th, 8th & 12th lords destroy the houses wherever they are placed. We find 8th lord in 6th and 6th lord in 7th. Weak and afflicted  6th house destroys  5th,7th and 12th Bhava indications. Weak 6th and 7th house forced him to take a bad decision in life.  For a single lady, he had to bear all the burdens on him. Jupiter is the lord of happiness. Its wrong placement with Venus added fuel to the fire. Now in Margaret Thatcher’s Chart (Libra – Lagna, Mercury, Saturn; Scorpio – Venus; Sagittarius – Jupiter; Capricorn – Ketu; Cancer – Rahu; Leo – Moon; Virgo – Sun, Mars) Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus are posited in the 2nd signs from there natal positions. This array of good planets is supported further by Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius. Only Mars is sixth from its own sign Aries, which happens to be second from Moon representing creative potential of the person. We can very well understand the tremendous creative impact of Mrs. Thatcher not only on the British economy but on the world as a whole while she was the Prime Minister of Britain.  The 2nd and 5th house in a chart are connected with creative potential and creativity of the Individual. She is uncompromising, she is ruthless, (she own the war against Argentina) but she has a unique position in the British History. In her personal life, there is nothing which she lacks. She has an adorable family life, a loving husband, a handsome personality, a fine sense of diplomacy, adept in refinements of culture and above all God’s grace. So all the benefic planets shaped her destiny pattern in a very nice manner. Her horoscope reveals that she has not done any bad work in her previous life. In the horoscope of the 1st president of the India Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s we find  (Capricorn – Lagna, Pisces – Ketu; Taurus – Moon, Saturn (R); Leo – Jupiter; Virgo – Rahu; Libra – Venus; Scorpio – Sun; Sagittarius – Mercury, Mars) his Lord of Lagna Saturn is placed in Taurus, in his friend’s house from where it is aspecting his 7th house. This Yoga made him popular among masses.  In this unique chart, every planet is in either quadrant or trines or in a quadrant house from other planet. When Moon – Jupiter – Saturn are in mutual angles one rolls in money and spiritualism. Though he was the President of India, he preferred the life of a quiet hermit. The Ascendant Lord in tenth from Jupiter and is in 7th house form Sun. Mercury which is in quadrant position from its own sign Gemini and Virgo is associated with Mars, which itself a lord of quadrant house, Aries. The Sun is in a quadrant house form its own sign Leo and is placed in the 7th from Moon and in a quadrant relationship with Jupiter. The Moon is in angle vis-à-vis the Sun and is in 10th from Jupiter.  Jupiter is in a quadrant position with the Sun, trine to Mars and Mercury; Venus is in its own sign and quadrant to the Ascendant forming Malavya Mahapurush Yoga. As for as Saturn is concerned, it is in a quadrant vis-à-vis Sun, and Jupiter and in trine position vis-à-vis Ascendant. Thus we find that the planets in auspicious combination and configuration made the person most likeable, brilliant in academic career, captivating in his manner and the very incarnation of politeness and the most intensive in his search.

These examples show that the Karmic influence on individuals in very special cases with adverse placements show their Karmic impediments which ought to be counterbalanced. So as to pave a better future. It can be done by understanding the nature of planetary impulses and their relationships at different levels of one’s personality. In some cases the favourable placements enable the individuals to putforth their best foot forward as a result of which they can make an impact on the society in which they live. In one case, we showed that certain relationships could indicate the fructifying capacity of different planets which could be harnessed for one’s best evolutionary goal;. From the horoscopic pattern, it is also possible to predict the possibility of making one’s impact on the society in which he lives and with that discovery, the responsibility of the astrologer and that of the person concerned is immensely increased. An important contribution of this way of approaching horoscopic pattern is to find out the purpose of one’s birth (the strongest planet of the horoscope and the 9th lord tell this point), to identify the impediments in achieving the same, and the method of overcoming those impediments. So I request the astrologers of future India to reveal the truth to their clients for avoiding bad karmic influences in their lives. The author believes that by wearing the Jems of 9th and Lagna Lord one can avoid the punishments at hands of destiny. One should always avoid the colour of 6th and 8th lords.

Conclusions : When planets are posted in trines/ quadrants from each other they increase the intrinsic strength of the horoscope. 6/8, 2/12 relationships of planets cause downfall to the native. Malefic lords 2, 3, 6, 8,11 & 12 should occupy only evil houses 2nd 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th & 12th. Benefic planets in Upachaya houses (3, 6, 10 &11)  form Vasumatiyoga, a Yoga for easy financial success in life. We can say, a horoscope is a good one when the benefics are in mutual Kendras to each other. Occupation of Malefics in Kendra and in 8th, 12th house accelerate decaying procedures at the hands of destiny. Wrong placement of planets from their own house (in 3/6/8/12 from their natal position) also invite wrath of God. He becomes a sacrificial goat in the currents of Karmic forces. Remedial measures may save the victim.  This is the discovery of the author. May God keep everybody under happy conditions wherever they take birth on this beautiful planet earth. Astrologers can really help a native to overcome or smoothen his difficult period of life. Author is very glad to observe the tremendous growth of Indian Astrology between 2000 to 2009 A.D.  By 2020 astrology will be a great tool in forecasting the mundane disasters. I remember our learned astrologer of Cuttack Prof. Nimai Banerjee forecasted the hazards of Tsunami of December 26, 2004 in Planets and Forecast atleast one month earlier from the date of actual occurrence. Sh. Dayashankar of Times of Astrology is also very famous for his mundane forecast. He is hell bent on restoring the lost glories of astrology in last four hundred years.

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