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Analyzing Your Organization’s Astrological Chart – Part 1 A Western Approach to Business Astrology By Jimmy Junoy, USA SA Team: Karina Weil, USA

There are numerous ways to work with business astrology. Nonetheless, astrological studies of organizations occur in a fragmented way. Specific techniques are used but not always with a broad view of what is being investigated. Good predictive techniques are used as directions, transits, solar, lunar and planetary revolutions, and harmonics to deepen some aspect. All these techniques are very good and should actually be used. However, how can we use them to make sure we are starting from the right point? Many astrologers begin their calculations by looking at the astrological charts of the owners or directors of the company. Others seek to be guided by planetary transits and aspects that are formed at positions between transit-transit. Still others make their analysis based on the positions of the moon, its phases, eclipses and lunations. There may still be those who want to merge all this information and add some primary directions and secondary progressions to be able to visualize how certain changes occur in time. The introduction of conjunctions with fixed stars and other zodiacal sensitive points also been used, among other latest news.

Well, all these views are correct. They provide important information for decisions to be taken, but they are definitely insufficient to ensure a more seamless and comprehensive worldview that reveals the backdrop in which these aspects and astrological positions are entered. The astrological aspects and positions relate to planetary rhythms and how they will triangulate with reference charts used. Personally I have seen many negative events happen in a positive influence and vice versa, of course. For those who wish to do an efficient job in business approach would require many more elements.

Surely we should start with a much broader approach. It is necessary we do first a mundane chart that ensures what will be the world stage we are operating. Mundane chart reveals to us a lot of information and trends which will support our study and where we apply our techniques to be successful. There is no possibility to counteract the slopes revealed by planetary cycles only because we want our opinion makes a difference or increase the business of any company. This will not work, or at best, will make a good job partially.

A mundane chart is a representation of the global trends, the planetary needs in the context of its evolution. It is a map of the purposes of the relationship between the higher hierarchies who watch over our evolution, and how humanity reacts to them, within the context of duality that is grounded in our earthly existence. Without this top of our prospect, whether material or immaterial, is no consistent basis to give us support in our astrological study. Especially if we take into account that a company is an inanimate being and therefore 100% at the mercy of karmic and deterministic events. A company does not have free will, and as such, it reacts completely to the energies of the moment of conception, which are the same that are in place in heaven. So, the company has an idea of its own characteristic of birth and personality, independent of interference from the people who run it.

Therefore, rule number one is to make a mundane chart. Technically, a mundane chart must be calculated from the nearest exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in a new sign. This conjunction cycle lasts about 20 years and is known as cycle specialis. Then we do the chart of Sun ingress in Aries previous to this conjunction for the desired geographical coordinates. This is the mundane chart of the world’s current cycle on which to interpret the eclipses, the ingresses in signs, the lunations and events in cities, countries or regions surveyed.

The second step would be to identify the most important solar and lunar eclipses in that mundane astrological chart. Measured by duration in time of the eclipse it will have an efficiency of at least 3 years of validity. Every hour in real time of a solar eclipse representing one year in a specialis chart and a lunar eclipse will last one month. The most powerful eclipses will certainly have a longer duration and form more squares aspects. Its effect will also be involved in the region corresponding to its visibility, its angularity and its zodiacal correspondence and affinity with the region we are searching for.

There are specific rules for the interpretation of these special maps according to traditional astrology. For example, if the sign of the ascendant chart is fixed and its ruler is also fixed this map represent events for the whole year. If it was cardinal would be necessary to make charts of ingresses to all cardinal signs because they are short-lived (the cardinal signs only last the time of your season = 3 months each). If the rising sign was a common sign, it means that the time of its validity would be for the last 6 months of the year, for instance.

So we could make a good political or sociological interpretation, for example, the lunations would be very important, especially the new and full phases. Along with that we would have to have the political charts of the places in question. And this is an issue sometimes a little controversial, depending on the region. Usually the time of legal constitution of a country, its independence, a moment of a revolution that resulted in a new political and social setting, or some significant event which caused a change in political, economic or domination scheme can be used. Surely every one knows better understand these important dates in your own country or region. Nowadays there are numerous publications specializing in providing dates for worldwide horoscopes.

So we took the first steps to working with a business map. With our mundade chart we know now that global trends in economy, sociology, politics, finance, production of goods, availability of  raw materials and other natural resources and especially the kind of temperament or mood in which people through the world are involved . For example, with the entry of Regulus star in Virgo constellation, has begun officially the era of Aquarius and with that many human values ​​are descended to our planet and minds.

We lived in a transition phase and our situation was similar to those who live in a room lit by a lamp of 10 watts. We lived within this luminosity and saw just what this light allow us to see. Now, someone changed our light through this to another of 100 Watts, and begin to see much more than saw before. All those cobwebs have not seen, those droppings in hidden corners of the room, and scattered mess in the periphery of the room surfaced. We can no longer hide these nasties anymore. Thus, the collective unconscious of mankind today is an urgent need of exposure of human values ​​that arise from this revealing illumination. So we are looking to implement increasingly constant emotional, intellectual and spiritual factors that are relevant to these emerging human values. Feelings like transparency, honesty, cooperation, kindness,  mercy, love, friendship, sincerity, ecological concern and many others are printed in all relationships, whether personal or business and those who do not fit their business or personal attitudes into this ethics of  a new Age of Aquarius, sorry, but they will be out of the market and the acceptance of society.

Now exactly we are going straight to the vital point of our approach. What kind of astrological maps should be chosen and how to use them to show the best times to specific issues?

We need to start with the birth time. And what is the birth time of a company? What characterizes it?  We must take into consideration the factors that materialize the appearance of the company.

1 – The date of signing the social contract;

2 – The date of approval of this agreement by statutory bodies. If there is a need for more than one approval, then we should consider how many dates are the required approvals;

3 – The date of opening the doors of the company to the public, either virtually or existentially.

Made those previous maps it will be very interesting to make the owners’s charts (if any) of the company. If the company is a corporation and there is no an owner specifically, we can do the company’s president chart. As an additional measure we can make charts of the people who make the major decisions in the company (usually a board).

All these maps we said before, since the original mundane map of the world situation must be related in the form of composite chart, checking that the broad objectives of the company are in accordance with the global context within which it will operate. If we don’t do this we will never know what the true potential of the company and how severe it can reach its local or global market.

Once all these outlined astrological maps, and that will serve as fixed parameters and references for our further analysis, then we can go to the specific company departments that wish to intervene.

My suggestion, among others that are equally creative, is to do a quadruple figure containing: 1) a composite chart of the company, with the radical maps of the main dates of its opening, adding 2) another wheel with secondary directions of this map, adding 3) another wheel containing solar arch progressions and 4) another one with the transits for the present time of the astrological study. With this quadruple wheel astrological chart in hands then we can analyze one by one the areas of our interest.


We need to make sure that our composite chart used as a parameter, which is the result of the summation of the other individual maps, is a representative figure of that company. On many occasions we will need to analyze numerous maps simultaneously, compare them and create new patterns of review. Is not an easy task we can reduce the qualities of a company in its most essential and profound level. Only experience can bring us the certainty.


The basic signs that the composite map done would be representing the company are:

  • The 1th house and its ruler show the nature of the consuming public and its relationship with the sales department, forms of dissemination of products, how to reach the public with effective advertising campaigns.
  • The house position of 2th and its ruler will reveal the economy, values ​​, banks and other institutions involved.
  • The position of the 3th house and its ruler show the communication channels of the company, the media, and also internal competition (local, the local market).
  • The position of the 4th house and its ruler should show the properties and of the resources of raw materials and primary activities of the company.
  • The position of the 5th house and its ruler should show the stock markets, the associations and what the company offers such benefits to their employees, and the growth opportunities, creating teams of product development.
  • The position of the 6th house and its ruler present workers and workplaces. As a derived position, can show the social benefits linked to health officials.
  • The position of 7th house and its ruler should reveal diplomatic relations within the company, agreements, and also what the nature of the declared opponents of explicit conflicts.
  • The 8th house and its ruler present the type of debt, insurance, taxes and government aid.
  • The 9th house and its ruler show the legal department of the company, its international relations, travel to making significant decisions and also the relationship with lawsuits, agreements and other issues involving laws.
  • The 10th house and its ruler should reveal the owner, the president, the board or the Executive Board of the company, or persons who have authority.
  • The 11th house and its ruler may show the consortium partners, trade allies, groups, networks of digital media, trade unions, trade opportunities.
  • The 12th house and its ruler, certainly reveal opposition groups of the company, the consequences of a misguided media, the dissatisfaction of consumers and suppliers, the difficulty in filling job positions in the company.


Of course these are just examples of how it should present a composite map of the company more practical. But it is not always clear that all departments of the life of a company are as defined and where will you need to get the precise details of the shares. Often times, these questions will be revealed by the planetary aspects and positions by the planetary regents of the houses and dispositors. The astrological analysis always has many difficult elements to see, many variables and we need to establish a guiding principle for a good read. The sequence I recommend, according to astrological tradiction, but often overlooked, is as follows:

  1. First analyze the planets in astrological signs, their weaknesses and dignities.
  2. Review the signs in their triplicities of decanates. For example, we have the position of the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. The sun in the first decanate of Sagittarius (Sagittarius ruled by itself) is much more faded than the sun in the second decanate of Sagittarius (ruled by Aries, the sign of exaltation of the Sun), or third decanate (ruled by Lion, sign of the domicile of the sun. Therefore, the Sun in Sagittarius will be much weakened in the first 10 degrees and more strengthened in the last 20 degrees.
  3. Analyze the planet’s position in astrological houses and check if there is any accidental dignity. For example Mars in the first house, Venus in the second, Mercury in the third house, Moon in the fourth house, Sun in the fifth house, and so on. These planetary positions are very important because they allow the energy to flow or park in the astrological mandala company.
  4. Check the planetary aspects and begin your analysis by major aspects, mainly conjunctions, oppositions, parallels of declination, squares, Trines, semi quadratures, sextiles, sesqui squares, semi sextile. Then depart for the minor aspects. Aspects only serve to model the essencial quality of the planetary energies and they do not alone define facilities or difficulties. For example, Jupiter in Sagittarius in opposition to Mercury in Gemini. This could never be a negative aspect because those planets are domiciled and therefore emanate the best of its dignities. Another somewhat different example. The Sun and the Moon in opposition. Usually many astrologers consider it as a challenging aspect. But let us stop a moment to think: the Sun and Moon are of course planets that are opposite in nature. When one wakes up the other is going to sleep. They are opposites, so, their energy is opposite. One is hot and dry and the other is cold and moist. To see this as a negative aspect goes against common sense. A close conjunction between them could be considered a tense position. Be careful not to fall into the foolish rules of astrological recipe books.
  5. Make composite maps (the sum and composition of individual maps) of the teams working in the company. Each team will have a specific map, with specific attributes and challenges. All these composite maps in comparison with the map of the company, defining priorities, communication strategies, sales, human relations, hiring, training needs and vocational training, how to motivate people, creating new products, the major advertising campaigns, the image that the company should develop institutionally, in short, all aspects involved.
  6. To map a department of the company is important to note certain criteria. You must state importance, values ​​and specific conditions for each group. A hierarchy for data input must be observed. For example, a sales group may have the following flow chart of the company: 1 sales director, 1 sales manager, 3 sales supervisors and finally 30 salles men. Let’s imagine that each sales team has 10 salespeople and 1 sales supervisor. So we have three sales teams, each with 10 vendors and everyone accountable to the same sales manager and the director of sales. In this case we have first to make the map of the vendors first, and then a composite map of those 10 vendors and sum it with the map of the sales supervisor, which will result in a map that team specific sales. So we will proceed for all other teams, so each will have its own composite map. Done that we can analyze the effectiveness of each team, their potential, their aggression, their search results, your commitment, and also its negative potential, such as irritability, lack of cooperation, lack of commitment, radicalism, lack of empathy, etc. After each sales team have your composite chart, we add the results of these 3 composite maps (3 sales teams) and we will add the other two elements are: the individual maps of the sales manager and director of sales and we add all in one new composite map, the map will be the company’s sales sector. This last one chart will give us a worldview of how occur overall sales in the company. We may also observe individual maps of the sales manager and sales director. We will verify the alpha qualities of leadership that both express in their work and how to minimize the risk of some undesirable qualities.


The procedure described above can apply to every department in the company, with its specific qualities, specific astrological rulers, specific questions and we will have a broad overview of how the energies are flowing in that company. This is a fantastic job because, on this basis, we outline the ways that the company can follow, its actual attributes to achieve the objectives, maneuvers intended to correct the differences, strategies for hiring people according to the nature of the company, policies sale and communication, such as increasing efficiency, etc. But mostly how to bring the company into the vision of a better world, laden with human values ​​and seeks happiness and fulfillment of people.


Why is this important? If my company shares love with others, if that’s its purpose , then the more it works, the more it will make money, and the more money the company makes the more people it will be helping, sharing love, inspiration, joy, wellness, human values​​, etc. That is a sacred wealth! If my company makes billions of dollars means that it will be working for the welfare of billions of people around the world! It is magnificent and super motivating and inspirational for both those who work in the company as to who buys the products it sells and its suppliers and associates.

This is the path of true success!


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