Anti-Social and Criminal Behaviour and Astrological Perspective Dr.S.C.Kursija

The anti-social behaviour and criminal acts have increased now a day. The deep study has been conducted by many researchers in detail for the cause and nature of ant-social acts or criminal behavior or murder or murderer, particularly by Western Universities. Caitlin M. Jones from Rochester Institute of Technology, the Winner of 2005 RIT Kearse Award for Writing, came to the conclusion that the criminal behavior develops due to heredity and environment. This evidence has been generated from a number of twin, family, and adoption studies as well as laboratory experiments. Furthermore, the researches have stated that it is more often an interaction between genes and the environment that predicts criminal behavior. Having a genetic predisposition for criminal behavior does not determine the actions of an individual, but if they are exposed to the right environment, then their chances are greater for engaging in criminal or anti-social behavior.

In Indian astrology it has been accepted by our rishis and savants that the behaviour of the native depends on:

  • Desh, in present day terminology means environment i.e. under which the native has been nurtured or has grown such as the environment in family, schooling, friends, culture and the societies at large. Desh has a powerful Influence on the development of the native’s mind, and the native’s environment nurtures what is inherent in the natal horoscope. The horoscope is examined with reference to Desh, that is, prediction depends on an understanding of the Desh under which a particular native develops. Astrological interpretation and prediction will vary according to cultural customs and expectations.
  • Kala: the kala is the time of occurring of the event. In astrology we calculate the timing of the event by dasha and antar dash and transit of the planets. One with aggressive and impulsive tendencies will not act on these at all times. His super-ego developed under Desh will assert some control over his actions. In other words, his free will and the influences around him will prevent his mind from going astray at most times. But under the influences of Dasha and transit, one will lose his control over the senses and under the influence of genetic tendencies he will behave in anti-social manner.
  • Patra: is the native himself. “The self” “individual” We can say lagna which has tendencies i.e. genetic tendencies. Though the native has genetic tendencies to anti-social behaviour, but it is the Desh which develops and flourishes these tendencies. Human beings since prehistoric times have relied on the primitive instinct of aggression for survival. Some natives who have developed super-conscious minds are less aggressive, whereas others with only the slightest provocation become aggressive and impulsive and commit anti-social acts.

Our savants have come to the conclusion after deep observation and experience that the jeeva do four type of Purshartha (purpose of life)

  • Dharma, duties i.e. our duties towards our parents, our family, our society, our country etc.
  • Artha: “purpose to serve” means earning money to serve the life..
  • Kama: “Sex” “what motivates our Karma” enjoyments and enjoy comfort of life to fulfill his desires.
  • Moksha: “freedom” “overcoming Kama” in present day terms peace of mind and contentment. When one s not disturbed if one’s desire is not fulfilled.

But in resent days it is said that the anti-social behavior is due to a) Jada  i.e.. material and money, b) Joru i.e. sex and comforts of life. Desires. c) Jameen i.e. protection and safety of one’s life. One wants to survive and protect himself and his family from all calamities of nature and circumstances. There is similar proverb in English too. It says that the criminal acts are done for “W cube” i.e. wealth, woman, and wine. It indicates that the most people are interested only in Artha and Kama. They are not interested in Dharma and Moksha. The Dharma and Moksha are two banks of a river of Artha and Kama. These bank do not allow the river to go errant. Earn as much as possible and enjoy as much as you can. But take care of Dharma and Moksha as balancing factor. When you go into Artha and Kama without balancing effect of Dharma and Moksha, you will ha, full of tention, anger, remorse, and regret. When a person is full of passion and anger he commits anti-social acts and crime. So the conclusion of present researches and the thinking of our savants and rishis are the same. When a native is mentally troubled, full of tension, insecurity, and anger he commits anti-social acts and crime. When there are genetic tendencies for aggressions, impulses and anger and environment supports the same, makes the native anti-social and criminal. So an individual’s antisocial or criminal behavior can be the result of both, their genetic background and the environment in which they were nurtured.

The researchers also looked into Astrology but failed. How accurate is astrology? To find out, a member of the Kansas City Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (KCCSI) went to five astrologers posing as a man interested in working with young people. He gave each astrologer the birth date, birth time and place of John Gacy instead of his own, plus a computerized natal chart from a company internationally recognized for accuracy (Neil F.Michelsen), and asked them for their advice. The astrologers unanimously encouraged him to pursue youth work and none could see any problem with this. Gacy was selected for the test because his chart should portray a clear picture of a sadistic sexually motivated killer. If astrologers are able to spot personality traits and destinies in any chart, then this is one they should have no trouble with.

(John Gacy was born in Chicago on 17 March 1942 at 00:49 CST, or 05:49 GMT, CST being the time required by Illinois for birth registration even though War Time was then in effect. Some hospitals did not follow this rule, so the actual birth time might have been an hour later at 06:49 GMT. Both times give a Sagittarius ascendant.) The astrologers declared him as guy boy. (I think that the horoscope was prepared on calculations based on Sayana system not on Nirayana system which mislead and prediction failed.)

According to Nirayana system the ascendant should be Scorpio where you include war time or not and apply the rules of astrology. You will find him anti-social or having criminal behavior. We will analyse the chart in the article. One must remember that such persons are always aggressive and impulsive and are not able to keep attention focused on one subject.

A more elaborate test was carried out in the 1960s by Michel Gauquelin. In his book Astrology and Science (Mayflower 1972), which is an English translation of his book l’Astrologie devant la science (Planete 1966).

In his 1972 book, Gauquelin concluded “Confronted with science, modern and traditional astrology are seen to be imaginary doctrines. To predict the future by consulting the stars is to delude the world, or at least to delude oneself.” (p.138)

The recent studies between self control and criminal activities,  published in Science Alert, Sydney by Mel Wililams, suggests that “the low self-control to be the strongest risk factor for crime.”  It is what the astrology suggests. The sudden flare up of anger, and irritability and low self-control is the main cause of criminal activities. It also points out toward prevention and cure of the criminals. It point outs that the Prayanam and Yoga can prevents and cures criminals because they increases self control.

But according to me the astrology is capable of pin pointing the behavior of the native. The Astrology can indicate aggressiveness, impulsiveness, his passion and full of anger behaviour of the native. According to astrology, a native is aggressive, impulsive, full of anger and passion, if there are following yoga present in his chart.

  1. The 4th house indicates mental make up and manners of thought. Rahu in 4th, if aspected by Mars in lagna and Saturn in 7th, it indicates the revengeful behavior of the native.
  2. Gulika in 3rd point to impulsiveness and thoughtful action.If Lagna lord is weak and afflicted.
  3. The combination of Sun and Mars in any sign makes the native murderer.(Saravali,  Ch     15, sh 2)
  4. If there are malefic in kendra, Sarpa yoga is formed. The native with Sarpa yoga becomes murderer. (Saravali, ch:21, sh 42)
  5. Even if there are malefic planets in three kendra i.e.4th, 7th and 10th and lagna is afflicted, there is Sarpa yoga.
  6. if Sun and Mars are posited in Lagna, one becomes murderer. (Saravali, Ch:31, Sh:6)
  7. When Gulika is in 9th house, the person will be murderer of his parents and preceptors. (Jataka Parijat, IX, sh:5)
  8. If a person is born in Atiganda yoga, the native will be murderer. (Jataka Parijat, IX, sh:97)
  9. If a person is born in Dwadashamsha own by Scorpio, the native will be murderer, master of rogue and robbers. (Jataka Parijat, IX, Sh:121)
  10. If Jupiter is debilitated and aspected by a debilitated planet, the native will commit crime. (Jatak Parijat VI, shloka 6)
  11. When debilitated Jupiter or Sun occupy kendra, conjunction with malefic,
  12. When malefic planet be in kendra without benefic aspect and Jupiter in 8th house, the native will be slaughterer of animals. (Jataka Parijat Ch: VI, Shloka 14)
  13. If Jupiter is in Lagna and Mars in 7th or vice versa, the native e become aggressive and impulsive.(Jataka Tattva, Chapter lagna, shloka 145 to 154)
  14. If Saturn is posited in lagna and Mars in 5th, 7th or 9th.
  15. If 3rd lord is debilitated in 6th and aspected by malefic planet, the native become aggressive and impulsive after drinking or taking some drug.
  16. The native become impulsive and aggressive after the punishment from government officials, if 2nd lord, Sun and Saturn conjoin.
  17. If 2nd lord, Mars and Saturn are conjoined.
  18. If Sun and Moon are posited in Trine or lagna, Jupiter in Kendra, and there is kala hora of Saturn or Mars at birth.
  19. If Sun and Moon are in lagna and aspected by Mercury.

It is clear from above that the nature of the native is indicated by the lagna. But lagna has 30 degrees. So our savages have described the nature of the native with reference to Dreshkona of the lagna. (Saravali) Others savants have also described the nature of the native from Navamsha of the lagna. The Moon is controller of impulsiveness of mind. If Moon is afflicted or posited in malefic sign in malefic house, the native becomes impulsive. If Moon is influenced by Mars, the native is impulsive and aggressive. Therefore Moon is also treated as Lagna in Indian astrology. The lagna, 3rd, 11th and 10th house are indicator of self. Mercury is another planet which controls our nervous system. Though Mercury is not lagna in Indian astrology, but its affliction weakens the nervous system of the native and native becomes aggressive, revengeful and impulsive. One should also note the malefic Argala i.e. malefic planet in 2nd, 4th and 11th house from lagna and Moon. One becomes impulsive, aggressive, ant-social, criminal or murderer only when its Lagna, lagna lord, Moon or its dispositor or Self, or navamshesh or kendra are occupied by malefic planets without the influence of benefic planet. For micro analysis one should examine D/3, cyclic Dreshkon and cyclic Trimshamsha. D/30 varga of the chart.

It will be clear from the following charts.

Case 1

John Gacy was born in Chicago on 17 March 1942 at 00:49 CST, or 05:49 GMT, CST being the time required by Illinois for birth registration even though War Time was then in effect. Some hospitals did not follow this rule, so the actual birth time might have been an hour later at 06:49 GMT

Birth Navamsha

If we examine the chart, we will find that the malefic planets are posited in three kendra 4th, 7th and 10th and lagna lord is afflicted in 7th, (rule 6) Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn, maraka and is dispositor of Sun and Moon, the two lagna. There is exchange of houses between 3rd lord Saturn and 7th lord Venus. Venus is maraka and 12th lord also. Moon is combust. The lagna, Moon, 10th, 3rd and 11th are the houses of self. So the impulsive, revengeful and aggressive behavior are indicated. The astrologer in Chicago predicted him a guy boy and Sagittarius lagna, because calculations were not based on Nirayana system.

More over if we see the Navamsha chart of the native, we would find that lagna is occupied by Rahu and aspected by Mars, (rule 1st). The 10th house is occupied by Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Gulika and aspected by Saturn. Again the same aggressive and impulsive behavior is indicated.

Case 2

The chart is of a female. She was born on July 1, 1961, at 11:25 hrs at Delhi. She got married at the age of 21st. with a boy whom she does not love. She was attached to another boy physically and mentally. She murdered her husband.

Birth and Navamsha

The lagna is a malefic sign and occupied by Ketu and aspected by Mars and Rahu.(rule 1) The lagna lord is retrograde and posited in 12th with Jupiter, in debilitation and conjunct with another malefic Saturn, the 12th lord.(rule 11th and 12th) The 10th house is aspected by Mars. The 2nd house (family) is occupied by Gulika, and is also aspected by Mars and 2nd lord is posited in 12th that indicate to run away from her family.. The Sun and Moon are aspected by retrograde Saturn. Sun is 7th lord and conjoined with 8th lord Mercury retrograde in 5th, indicating love affairs. Venus and Saturn are in the nakshatra of Sun, the 7th lord. So the lagna lord, 7th lord and karaka Venus are linked indicating love affairs. As lagna, 3rd, 11th and 10th are afflicted indicating aggressive and impulsive behaviour. 7th house is afflicted by Rahu, Mars, Moon, the 6th lord, and Retrograde Saturn and aspects 7th lord and 8th lord Mercury, the murder of husband.

If we examine the Navamsha chart, the lagna is malefic sign of Mars, occupied by the 12th lord Jupiter in sign of Mars and aspected by the Moon, the 4th lord. The 2nd house is occupied by Rahu, Mars in 3rd aspected by enemy Mercury indicating impulsiveness, Sun with Saturn in 11th. 10th house is occupied by the 2nd and 7th lord Venus conjoining Gulika, aspected by Mars.

She ran away with her friend after murdering her husband after marriage.

Case 3

She was born on 8th March, 1924, at 3:35 Delhi. She killed her three children and hanged herself.

Birth and Navamsha

The lagna is occupied by Mars, 12th and 5th lord, and Gulika. The lagna lord is posited in 12th and aspected by retrograde Saturn from 10th. Saturn aspects Moon from 10th and 7th house as 10th aspect. 6th lord Venus is posited 5th in Mars’s sign, 10th lord is posited in 3rd and combust, conjoined with Sun and Ketu.11th house is occupied by Saturn. So all the houses of self are occupied by malefic planets. Therefore the native is impulsive and aggressive. The 5th house of children is occupied by 6th lord and aspected by Rahu. 5th lord Mars is posited in lagna with Gulika. The karaka of children Jupiter is posited in 12th in Mars’s sign. So the killing of children is indicated. The 8th lord Moon is posited in dual sign in kendra and dispositor is posited in 12th.and aspected by Saturn. (See article Suicide)

In Navamsha chart Mars, the lagna lord and Rahu are conjoined in 8th house in the sign of Mercury, aspected by Saturn. The lagna is Mars’s sign and aspected by Sun, Gulika and Venus, the 12th lord. The 3rd house is aspected by Mars with Rahu from 8th house indicating suicide. There is no improvement in the chart.

Case 4

The native is a muslim boy. He was born on 5th July, 1962, at 16:52 at Delhi. He has premarital relation with a Brahmin girl. The brother of girl took objection to the affairs.  The muslim boy killed the brother of the girl with the help of his friend.

Birth and Navamsha

The lagna is a malefic sign, the lagna lord Mars and 8th lord Mercury and Rahu from 9th with 7th lord and karaka Venus aspect the lagna. So he loved a Brahmin girl. Lagna lord Mars is posited in 7th in enemy sign with enemy Mercury. The Moon is posited in 10th with Gulika in fiery sign. The dispositor is posited in 8th. The 3rd house is occupied by its lord Saturn and Ketu. 11th lord Mercury is posited with Mars, enemy and aspecting lagna. So Lagna, lagna lord, Sun, Moon and houses of self are afflicted. So the native is aggressive, revengeful and impulsive. Jupiter is retrograde posited in 4th in the sign of Saturn and aspected by Moon and Gulika. If we consider the 7th house as the lagna of spouse, 5th and 9th are her brothers and both are afflicted.

If we look at the Navamsha chart, we will find again malefic sign in lagna, occupied by Rahu and aspected by Saturn, retrograde. Mars occupy the 4th and aspected by Saturn. So the native is first grade aggressive and impulsive.

Case 5

The native was born on 2nd April, 1959, at 10:12, at Kanpur India. The native was uncontrolled child since childhood. He got enmity with co-student during an election. The native lost election and had nurtured enmity toward the said student. After a couple of years, both got posted in the same city and in the same office. The native’s revengeful feeling woke up. He killed the co-student in Sat/Sun dasha.

Birth and Navamsha

The lagna is occupied by 6th and 11th lord Mars and aspected by 8th and 9th lord Saturn. The Mars aspects Rahu and Saturn. The Saturn aspects Rahu. Rahu is aspected by Sun and Mercury. The Mercury is lagna lord, retrograde and combust. All the kendra are occupied by the malefic planets forming Sarpa yoga indicating impulsive, revengeful and aggressive behavior. The Jupiter is also retrograde and posited in Mars’s sign in 6th. Jupiter is 10th lord. There is no benefic influence on lagna.

If we examine Navamsha chart, we would find that the lagna lord is posited in 2nd house in the sign of Mars with Mars. The Sun is posited in 4th with Gulika in enemy sign. The 10th lord Moon is posited in 6th, the dispositor, the Jupiter  is posited in 12th with Mercury, the dispositor of Rahu. The Self is occupied by malefic planets and there is Sun in kendra. Moon has Argala of Rahu and Sun. Therefore there is no relief in Navamsha chart also.

Case 6

The native was born on 1-901970, at 23:35 hrs at Ajmer, Rajasthan. He had love affairs with a girl. The brother of the girl took objection to it. He killed her brother with the help of his friend.

Birth and Navamsha

The lagna is Vargottama. The lagna lord is posited in 6th. The malefic planets are posited in Kendra with out benefic aspects and no benefic planet in kendra. Moon, 3rd lord is combust in 4th. The 4th house is occupied by Sun, Mars and Ketu also. The Jupiter, the 11th lord is posited in 6th.  11th house is also occupied by Gulika. The Saturn 10th lord is posited in 12th and aspecting 2nd, 6th and 9th house. So all the factors indicating Self are afflicted.

If we examine the Navamsha chart, we find that lagna is occupied by Mars and aspected by Moon and Gulika. The 4th house is occupied by Sun and aspected by Mars. The Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are in 8th house. Therefore the native is aggressive and impulsive and committed crime.

I am unable to understand that why the general masses at large and scientists desire to hear anti-social or criminal word from the mouth of an astrologer. The astrology is the science of Time (Kala) based on the science of astronomy and indicates only the traits of the personality of an individual and time, when the even will take place.. If there is malefic influence on the Self of the chart, influence of Mars, Sun, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, the native will be aggressive and impulsive. In his impulsion and aggressiveness he commits crime. It is the society or say environment which converts these traits of impulsiveness, aggressiveness, and revengefulness into an anti-social or criminal behaviour or turn these traits into service of society i.e. give employment in the department of police or army where these traits are required. They have low self-control. The Prayanam and Yoga creates self-control and can prevent and can cure criminals. The recent researches of the various universities also support the same.


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