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Aphorisms from the Secretum Secretorum

Among them what Mercury the Babylonian says in his Aphorisms entitled Secret of Secrets, from which we have picked out 45, where we can find a lot of the knowledge in whose path we are in.

(1) The content of the first one is that anyone who pretends to gather the powers of the stars is forced to assume their character.
(2) The Sun should be asked for the raise of prestige, praising of fraternity, amplitude of designs, authority over the powerful, humiliation of the sovereigns, splendor of lights and vanishing of darkness.
(3) The Moon should be asked for fluidity of movements, disclosure of secrets, abundance of waters, extinguishing of fires, and invalidation of completed facts and dissolution of harmonic atmospheres.
(4) Saturn should be asked for limitation of movements, hiding of secrets, impoverishment of countries, decrease of intentions, temptation of souls and water stagnation.
(5) Jupiter should be asked for the accumulation of goods, conciliation of opinions, rejection of temptations, mitigation of grief and security of earthly and maritime paths.
(6) Mars should be asked for promotion of animosity, boldness of spirit, taming of beasts, subordination of passions, splendor of lights, generation of insurrection and submission of enemies.
(7) Venus should be asked for harmonization of the souls, expansion of enjoyment, rejection of preoccupation, influx of desires, nobility of lineage, extinguishing of fire and domestication of animals.
(8) The Scribe should be asked for manifestation of the hidden, study of mysteries, unfastening of the tongue, circulation of wealth, defamation and transmission of slanders.
(9) Abundance of smoke, untarnished animosity, observance of feast, intensity in invocations, procure as possible; election of the correspondences and minutia in the petition: those are the milestones of talismans.
(10) If the objective is in the nature of the ruler the acquisition will be easier, and vice versa.
(11) Signs can degenerate the actions of the celestial bodies and neutralize their positions, but they can also improve them.
(12) If the ascendant sign is not from the same nature of the request or the requester, the invocation would be meaningless and; the requester bewares!
(13) The talismans of fixed stars last longer than those of the planets.
(14) If possible, the planets must be reinforced with a fixed star from the same nature, because it concentrates the power of the influx and the duration of the work.

(15) When the request is from the same nature than the ascendant and the dominant star, and is reinforced with a fixed star, one can be sure that it will be obtained easily and the influx will be strengthened.
(16) For dynamic the Eagle Star must be used, for the static the Lira Star .
(17) Conjunction of celestial bodies is a great support that we have to take advantage of.
(18) Positions are as fundamental as conjunctions for talismans.
(19) The dominant star being in the Midheaven, exalted or in its domicile and taking part of the ascendant.
(20) Entrust the Sun when you are depressed because it means renovation, growth, and quick response.
(21) Entrust the Moon when you’re blocked because it’s influent and of quick response, besides it means renovation and growth.
(22) Entrust Saturn when you are excluded because it means renovation and growth.
(23) To become wealthy use Jupiter because it has influx and quick response there; besides it means renovation and increase of goods.