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This author has for the past one decade been using a modified chart of India as per his researches and that is Aquarius Ascendant instead of the traditional Taurus Asc which most astrologers use since last 60 years. For last 10 years this authors predictions have been published in Mr. Sane’s own magazine which is known for the yearly national level predictions. In our attempt to bring our rare methods & astrologers, which can ignite a new thinking for the betterment of the science we present this space of Mr. Sane a very successful predictor on national level events for the past 10 years.


Normally astrologers India take Taurus as ascendant in India’s chart whereas this author takes Aq as Asc. In this chart (of India), it has been observed that combinations (yogas) in Fixed signs are more effective / influential than that of movable signs.

In this article you will observe how significant planets in fixed signs and Kritika Nakshatra have played a role in some of the significant events in history of India in recent times.

For example, in the first battle of Panipat i.e. on 21st April 1526, Jupiter and Mars were in conjunction in Taurus. Also there was Kendra yoga of Uranus and Neptune through Taurus and Aquarius. This battle was fought between Babar and Ibrahim Lodi constantly for eight days. Babar won the war. This (war) had opened a portal for the entry of Mughals in India. At that moment, explosive planet Pluto was retrograde, placed in Capricorn. And it was about to make a combination (Pratiyoga) with 1L (Saturn). The second battle of Panipat happened on 5th November 1556. Also at this time, (there were similar combinations) there was a combination (Pratiyoga) in fixed sign of Sun and Rahu

(Scorpio- Taurus).

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The other combinations were, Sun – Neptune combination (Pratiyoga), Saturn- Mars Shadshtaka yoga (Mars placed in Leo). This battle was fought among Akbar and Hemu, in which Akbar was the winner. 

Rahu (in Taurus) and Mars were in the Navapancham combination at the time of 3rd war of Panipat. (At this time) Uranus was in the kendrayoga (Kendra) position with the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto. In addition to this, Saturn- Uranus combination (yoga) happened in mutable (dual-natured) sign. This war (3rd war of Panipat) was fought between Mughals and Maratha and Mughals got the victory. After this war, Muslims established their rule in India. We have already seen that combinations were strong enough in fixed sign.

The next important chapter begins with the war of 1857, which were fought when Mars-Uranus were present in Taurus (in cruel [this may not be appropriate word] Krutika nakshtra). (In this was) their conjunction has proved to be significant. The lagna-bindu of Aquarius ascendant of India would have been 160 and mercury were near to that. In the chart of India of 15th August 1937???? (It should be 1947), Neptune and Saturn were in the Shadashtaka combination with the lagna-bindu. Let us understand this fact of Fixed Signs Kendras of India with one more example.

At the time of India- Pakistan war Rahu and Sun were present in Kendrayoga houses (Kendra) at 15 degrees each and placed in Taurus and Leo respectively. This yoga was formed in fourth-seventh house in the Aquarius ascendant chart of India. Also in gochar Saturn was present in Aquarius (ascendant), with Uranus and Pluto being in Leo forming a pratiyoga.

Second war with Pakistan happened on 15th December 1971. At this time also, there was Saturn- Neptune pratiyoga in the fixed sign of Ta-Sc. There was Mars in conjunction in kendrayoga with Jupiter. These combinations were formed in Taurus – Aquarius and Scorpio.  Bangladesh came into existence with this decisive & significant war.

chart 271

moon. There is a pratiyoga in lagna-bindu and Neptune, Sun – Venus Pratiyoga with Uranus in Taurus and Scorpio Signs again fixed signs.

Natural Calamities

We can find the conjunction of Saturn and Venus in the chart of Quetta earthquake of 31st May 1935. All other combinations (yogas) happening in fixed signs like Neptune – Saturn pratiyoga had Sun in kendrayoga house, moon in the kendrayoga house of lagnabindu in Krutika Nakshatra. This notorious combination (of planets) got strengthen with the Rahu – Pluto pratiyoga. Koyana earthquake happened in combinations like Pluto- Neptune kendrayoga, Mercury – Jupiter kendrayoga in fixed sign. Also there was a Jupiter – Mars Shadashtaka combination in which Jupiter was placed in fixed sign while Mars in Capricorn. The major earthquake of recent times is the Gujarat earthquake which happened on 26h January 2001 at Bhuj. This incident’s chart has fixed sign ascendant. There are other combinations like Mercury – Saturn Kendrayoga, Pluto – Rahu Shadashtaka yoga, Moon- Mars kendrayoga, Mars – Uranus Kendrayoga which are noteworthy. Out of these combinations first two yogas happened in fixed sign while others in movable signs. In the most recent calamity of Tsunami (26th December 2004), it was a Full moon day (Pournima) and kendrayoga of Moon – Mars in fixed sign.  This is a historical truth that, all these incidents have influenced / affected India. So a chart of India with the Aquarius ascendant is more useful for Phalit (jyotish). India’s lord of ascendant i.e. Saturn is placed in 6th house, that’s why India always acts feebly/secondarily. Also it tolerates pressure of others unnecessarily. But if we analyse the planetary combinations in next few years, certain issues which were pending for long time will come to limelight and India should take a strong stand in order to solve them. Specially, India will have to decide firmly on Kashmir issue in time to come.

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