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Astro Diagnosis By P.M.Gopalachary

This chart belongs to  a  lady,  who  was  born  on  17-08-1948  at  6.10  a.m.,  at Madhurantakam  in  Tamilnadu.

She was not blessed with any child. Her marriage took place on 20 June, 1975.  In the year of 1979 I advised her that it is better to adopt a child, as the planets are not at all promising progeny.

Rasi chart

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Navamsa ChartSaptamasa Chart

In Sapthamsa chart also Lagna is Leo. Sun, Mars and Sat are Lagna.  In second house Mercury and Ven are there.  In the 4t h i.e., Mars’ house Jup is there. , in 6th Ketu, Moon and Rah are in 12th.The 5th lord is in 4th as we see in Rasi chart.  Rahu aspects Jup from 12th house. In one way it is kalasarpa Yoga.  No benefic aspect on 5th or 5th house.  Sani connected with Mars aspects putrarudha.But Mars aspects  it  and  conjoined  with  inimical Merc. At  the  time  of  Marriage  she  was  running  Rahu  dasa.

In both Rasi & Sapthamsa charts we don’t see any encouraging and supporting points for child birth. In navamsa chart also 5th house is spoiled as Rahu and Kuja are there.  Rahu aspects the fifth lord Sun with his 9th aspect and putra arudha house with 5th aspect.  Here also putrarudha is aspected by Rahu and Kuja.

Let us move to Ashtakavarga.

Natal Chart

Here in sarvashtakavarga there are only 24 points.  In Jup Ashtakavarga the 5th house from jup got only 3 points.  In the asc. Chart there are only 2 and 1 dots in 5th and 9th houses respectively.


D-1 Natal Chart

Pleases find after sodhana we see zero in 5th house in SAV and in 5th from jup In jup varga.Now let us refer some pages of old Astrological books for further details to get actual pictutre.  Inability to conceive is also a disease.In Prasna Marga edited by Dr. B.V. Raman see the pages 361,366,454,476.

This means that “Diseases have to be assumed from the planets occupying 6,8,12 houses, thosedeposited or aspecting the lord of Lagna, and those that occupy or aspect the lagna.

So here, the houses concerned are 1,6,8,& 12 to determine the diseases.

In  her  chart  the  1st  house  is  occupied  by  lagnalord  Sun,  6th  lord  Sat  and  2nd  lord  Merc.    Jupoccupies 4th aspecting 8th and 12th houses.  Mars being malefic aspects 5th,  8th and 9th from 2nd.

So here, Sat,Jup and Mars are determinig factors (planets) to cause disease and failure of Uterus(8th house) in performing its natural function.

Now let us check Kalapurusha chart.

The 6th is Virgo, the 8th is Scorpio and 12th is Pisces.  Being the 5th and 8th lord in natal chart  Jupis in 8th of kalapurusha chart, aspecting  8th from Lagna of rasi chart, plays an important role.

Mantra -2


The physical and Mental ailments can be determined or diagonised by considering the strength ofthe 8th house, its lord, the aspecting or occupying planet.

Here guhya means the inner secret parts of the body.  In this chart Guru occupies and aspectsthe Kalapurushas 8th and natal 8th house respectively.