Astro-Numerology of NANO CAR?


Have you ever wondered that does astronuemrology apply to Nano as well?

Yes, you would be surprised that it does apply.

Now Let us get the BASIC   NUMBERS of NANO:

  1. Name Value of NANO:
    N  A  N   O
    = 5+1 +5   +6 = 17/8 = SATURN
  1. Full Name value of NANO
    Also N   A   N     O
    = 14 +1+ 14+ 15 = 44(As N=14th alphabet of English there fore the value is 14,
    And also reducible to 5).
  1. Also Note the Starting alphabet of NANO = N = 14th
  1. Also N= Na in Hindi, this belongs to sign of MARS (SCORPIO).
  1. NANO was finally launched on March 23, 2009 = 03(march)+ 23/5+2009/11 = 19 = 10 = 1+0 =1.= DAY THE NANO WAS BORN in this world


a)What does the NAME VALUE of NANO Tell you?

The total Name Value of NANO  gives us number 8 = SATURN.

i)Now number 8 and Saturn deal with engineering essentially. So one can See the NANO word itself suggest an engineering feat.

Also number 8 is a result of 1+7.

ii)The last number 7 means specialization.

So combining i) plus ii), it was a specialization of engineering effort to create NANO.

Now is this not correct? Nano design was very special.

  1. b) What does Full Name value of NANO Tell you?

It is 44, the number 4 = RAHU = RESTRICTION or COMPACT!

Now don’t you think NANO was something which is compact.? YES, it is designed to be a very compact car.

  1. What does the Starting alphabet of NANO (= N = 14th )tell you? 
  1. Also N= Na in Hindi, this belongs to sign of MARS (SCORPIO).

Now number N=14(FOURTEEN) in the starting and its value being equal to MARS, which is a planet of FIGHT/ACTION.

So we all know the kind of fights(mars) and ups and downs(Number 14) this car had to face initially before being finally launched. The plant had to be moved from west Bengal to some other place- we all know that.

Also it got launched in year 2009 . This has a 9 at the end. The number of MARS. This is HARMONIOUS with the starting alphabet!!!

Also 2009 = 2+0+0+9 = 11 = 1+1=2= MOON = Friendly to MARS

It could not start in 2008 as 2008 = 2+0+0+8= 10 = 1+0 =1=SUN.

SUN is a great enemy of SATRUN the name number of NANO.

  1. e) What does the date of birth of Nano tell you?

March 23, 2009

It is 23= 2+3= MERCURY = Friend of SATURN.

Also the month comes under the influence of  MARS= Friendly to N starting in NANO.

So it could expect good success- but with fair amount of proving as the destiny number is 1.


One can easily see that how Astro-numerology of NANO closely matches with what has happened in reality.

Astro-numerology can help us to solve many problems before hand and also very well – but right choice of name, numbers and colors!!!

So make best sue of this.

Wishing you all the best.