‘The planets control and govern the Universe and Pancha Bhutas [1]. So it is very clear that the astrology is the Master Science”

Disease diagnosis through Astrology :-

Varieties of diseases suffered by man can be diagnosed by keenly analysing the Zodiac in which the position of planets and seven angas are marked and remedy for the same can also be found. Making use of the zodiac analysis, it is possible to predict untimely deaths, natural deaths and other sorrows and miseries and appropriate
solutions can be arrived at. This subject has been deeply discussed in great astrological texts such as ‘Prasana Margam’, Skandha Hora’, ‘Parasara hora’, ‘Soura hora’, ‘Prajapathyam’, ‘Vasishtam’, ‘Badarayana hora’ and ‘Ashtanga Hridayam’.

Varahamihiran has done extensive studies on the subject referring the above books and came out with strong insight in his text ‘hOrASAstram’.

Prediction of all the above said topics depends on horoscopical zodiac position, prasnam, Aroodam, Udayam, Trisphudam, Pancha Sutram, Chatusphudam and Amsakam.

Shastram :

                    “AdhAre pradhanam Sahasra kiranam taradhipam Swashraye

                    Maheye mani purakam hridibudham Kantecha Vachaspadim,

                    Bhrumadhye Bhrigu nandanam dinamanai puthram thrikudasthale

                    Nadi marma surahu kethu gulikan nityam pranamamyaham”.

According to the above mentioned verse, Sun who is the root cause of all represents mUlAdhAra( = a mystical circle situated above the generative organs), the moon represents the buttocks and thighs, kuja
represents the digestive system, Mercury represents cardiac or heart, Jupiter represents throat and associated parts, Venus represents bhrumadhya(interval between eyebrows), Saturn represents brain and its associated nerves, ‘Rahu’, ketu, and gulikan  represents eyes, dental, feet, nerves and marmas|(vulnerable points) respectively.

Through prasnam, based on planets and its associates as mentioned earlier,  disease and disorders can be diagnosed very clearly.

According to the Acharya, the source of disease depends on Trinadi.

Sasthram :

                    “Proktam tridosha sambandoh Varaha mihiroditah

                    Grahanam pragadhe danim Vachamuktam Sarasamgrahe”

[Prasnamargam Chapter – 12, 10th verse – Sarabodhini Vyakhyanam]

Thrinadis are (i) Vatha  (ii) Pitha and  (iii) Kapha.(Note 2) Science of Ayurveda argues that the adverse effect (Kopas) of these Trinadis are the reason for any disease. Even the Badha (affliction) causes disease by provoking these nadis.

We can predict the healthy and unhealthy conditions of mind, heart, lungs, liver, digestive system with glands, bones, brain nervous system, blood, muscles, hydration, stomach, reproductive organs, stimulation, erection, audibility, sight, touch, taste,
respiration etc by making use of astrological datas. Here I do explain exclusively the psychic condition and menstruation.

Psychic Condition :

There are a lot of persons who suffer from psychic disorders and diseases:

Even thousands of years ago, the researches by Indian Rishis, , prescribed proper remedies for these. According to the Rishis psychic problems are mainly divided into two:

  1. i) Hysteric (Apasmara)
  2. ii) Madness (Unmadam)

Shasthram :            “Mandeshtamasthe Bhujageswareva

                    Papagraha Veerya yutastrikone

                    Karvantyapasmaramasadya rogam

              mandyanvithasche subha dwaira drishtyah”.

According to the above verse, in zodiac, if saturn (mandi) or rahu (sarpi) or both together at the eighth house and be any one of the powerful (with the position) papagrahas at fifth and ninth house, then powerful hysterical disease is to be predicted.

It is to be noted that if any one of the yoga or drishti of ‘maandi’ is there for the above mentioned planetary situation without any Subha yoga prospects, then the resultant hysteria will be very  severe.

Hysterias (Apasmaras) affect in three different ways :-

  1. i) Badha
  2. ii) Disease

iii) Disease and Badha

“janmanthara kritam papam

vyadhi rupena jayate”

These kind of severe diseases affect to bear the results of bad karmas done in the previous births. To overcome this, one has to propitiate the deity concerned and with appropriate treatment, one may fully recover from these.

There are three different hysterias (Apasmaras)

  1. i) Hanthu kaman
  2. ii) Ranthu kaman

iii) Bhokthu kaman

Hanthu kaman

According to the Acharyas, this kind of apasmaras never leave the body once entered even with treatment or prayers, and will continue in the body till death. They exhibit severe and diabolic
hysteric activities. They will harm and attack others. They shout at people very angrily.

Ranthu kaman

This kind of apasmara dhuties’ or evil spirits enter only into the body of adults. They do intercourse in the dreams of the victims with utmost feelings and get even orgasm. After this  they feel very very tired. They loose all the youthfullness and charmness in them. Later this disease can be cured by medicine or manthras.

Bhokthu kaman

This kind of apasmara dhuties can be eliminated from the body by proper ‘Balis'(sacrifices), and ‘Tarpanas’.(offerings)

Modern medical science with the help of astrology, the treatment of these kind of diseases can result in more success.

Apasmara dhuties are further divided into three

(1) Siva dhuties – Apasmara

(2) Vishnu dhuties – Gandharvas

(3) Brahma dhuties – Brahma Rakshasa

As per the astrological version the above said diseases are bound to happen in their previous birth.  These kind of diseases can be cured by repentence and refuge in the ruling deity in all respect. Along with the above means one may also need to take proper medicines.

Astrological procedure of cure from Apasmaras

As we examine zodiac and planetary positions, we can predict what kind of sins and the kind of apasmaras there with the body. Now convince the patient and their relatives and tell them what course of action to be carried out for cure. Fnd the sins done in the former birth and do kriyas proposed by Acharyas for repentence. Next balis, tharpanas and dharas are to performed. One can also have medical opinion and take medicine and shall also undergo surgery if necessary by a surgeon who is blessed by God.

Establishing disease through Astrology

Sasthram :

                    “Aroode prabale vadanthi sudhayo

                    Rogolbhavam badhayam

                    Praglagne prabaletadamaya gane

                    Vachya tridosholbhavam”.

In the ‘prasnam’, if aroodam is powerful, it shows the affliction (Badha). If Udayam is powerful then thrinadi doshams (diseases).

This doctrine must be followed for all kinds of disease finding ‘prasnas’. On astrological analysis, ‘Unmadam’ and ‘apasmaram’ may feel alike, but care should be taken since they are different. In the divine text “Prasnamargam” 12th Chapter, apasmaras and unmadas and their differences are clearly explained. Its authenticity and effectiveness is proved beyond doubt.

Shasthram :

                    “Mande randra gathe  hau chitrakona baline  shubham

                    Yogo pasmara do bhanur bhaumascha gada dau yadi”

The curing method of apasmaras and ‘unmadas’ are explained from 31st verse to 62nd verse of Acharya in the same book and the same chapter.

“swasana malina nidra jjrubhikanasana tadha…..”

According to the above ‘Sasthra’, all the 12 dhuties are siva dhuties

  1. i) Swasana – produces gasping
  2. ii) Malina – producing pollution or dirt

iii)     Nidra          – producing sleepness

  1. iv) Jrimbhika – producing yawning
  2. v) Anasana – Reluctance to food
  3. vi) Thrasini – producing startling

vii)    Mohini        – unconscious state

viii)   Krodhini     – producing anger

  1. ix) Thaapani – producing burning grief
  2. x) Rodani – producing crying sound
  3. xi) Soshani – producing leanliness

xii)    Dhwamsini – perishing of body

When such diseases affect the persons due to planetary positions and if  long life due to  ‘Mahayogams'(special combinations) are there in  the horoscope, the disease can be cured making use of medicines and surgery beyond any doubt.

Menstruation & Associates :


                    “Kujendu Hethu pratimasamarttavam

                    Gatetu peedarkshmanushna deedhithau

                    Atonya dhasthe Subha pum grahekshite

                    Narena Samyoga mupaiti kamini”

The above Sasthra verse is taken from Varaha mihira hora (4th chapter)

Menstruation is the biological process of protecting the womb and keep it clean and tidy for a lady. There are many factors which may adversely affect the above
process. This depends totally on their zodiac planetary positions. Hence these defects can be found out by analysing their horoscope or by prasnam and remedies can be proposed for the same by astrological acharyas.

Astanga hridayam’, ‘Brihat Prajapathyam’, ‘Vasishtam’, ‘Skandha hora’,
‘Soura hora’, ‘Saravali’ are some of the popular texts which authentically describes about the above mentioned subject, and vividly describe, methods of curing such disorders.

Acharyas explain with the aid of Shasthras that a girl who attains puberty is capable of motherhood and crave for sex at the age of 15. Capability of motherhood and inclination towards sex slowly starts around the age of 15 declining after the age of 51.

By analysing the planetary positions, dasas and apaharas, we can clearly
understand the age or period during which one can be blessed with an offspring. In spite of having yoga for an offspring, some might not get issues due to some other external problems. For such couples, by having their names, star and time of birth astrologers can find out the hindrance and propose remedies through ‘prasnam’. Then they will surely get issues.

There are some other situations which also hinders reproduction. It may be due to former birth sins, bad activities of the present life, Curse of father or mother, provocations of ‘paradevathas’ (paradevata = supreme deity / family deity), serpental Curses and diseases.

It is experimentally proved that a fitting and rewarding remedy can be proposed for such disorders by making use of prasnam. In the ‘prasna’ on analysing the aroodam, Udayam, Amsakam, Trisphudam and the pancha sutras the above said can be done.

According to Acharyas, a foetus need nine months, nine day, nine ghatis(1 ghati = 24 minutes) and nine vighatis (1 vighati = 24 seconds) to mature from the fertilized day onwards. Acharyas are very keen to explain the growth stages of foetus of every month, every week and every stage. They also exhort the mothers what to do and what not to do for the proper growth of the foetus in corresponding months and weeks together with the use of medicines at the right time and right amount.


  1. Vata is the combination of air and ether: it is what makes things move in the body. Pitta is the combination of fire and water: digestion and other metabolic activities are caused by Pitta. Kapha is the combination of earth and water. Kapha is that which makes for both lubrication (mucus) and structure (bones, muscles, fat, joints, etc.).

[1] According to ancient Indian philosophy, everything in this universe is composed of five elements or pancha bhutas: i.e., Prithvi or earth, Apa or water, Tejas or fire, Vayu or air, Akash or space.

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