Attack On Ones Name Periods

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

First and foremost I think we should see if AL has influence by rahu in some form or the other and then see the dasa as per Chara Dasa.

Here in this write up focus on Mahadashas is not given but same rules to be applied and we would see Antardasas to see how this is seen. 

  1. See Antar Dasa sign having influence of Rahu
  2. Arudha of the Antar Dasa Sign has influence of Rahu

If so person’s reputation or direct public attack on his name would be done

Chart 1: Sanjay Rath

Sanjay Rath

a) In Oct 2008 his dear student revolted and said that Sanjay has not translated the 8 chara karaka shloka properly, Word War 3 started on his own forum

b) On 7th Nov 2008 Wesley named American wrote the following on the very forum maligning Sanjay ‘I would just laugh. All that bunch of complicated and fansy Tithi Pravesh techniques for a TOTALLY wrong prediction, man I know Sanjay Rath is a bad guy, he who charges me 50 and never gives me the
 magazine, and his wife didn’t respond to my mail. Robert Koch left them is a smart move.

I am glad I left the Jaimini mess, I just stick to the basics, the
 parasharas and the western progressions, and progress to transits,and those are good enough, for 90% of the predictions, I don’t need
 the JAIMINIS and then go to the wrong track and then get disillusioned, well I learnt the hard way too.

c) Someone else told him to go take a hike.

On Oct Nov 2008 we see Sanjay is running Cp/Le – Leo is in 6H of fights and enemies, the lord of it goes into the 12th from it with 8L of scandals Venus & is with A7 (publicly insulted)

Step 1: The arudha of Antar Dasa Sign calculation

Leo is AD, its lord  Sun is in 12th from it and so AL-AD will go into the 4H of ones heart where Rahu is placed, rahu is scandal and with AL gives bad name and this is what happened.

Chart 2: PVR


He made prediction on Obama losing and faced harsh criticism publicly on forums from many & at the same time for opposing his guru on 7-8 charakaraka scheme Native was running Aq/Cn, the AD is of sign Cancer and 8th from it (remember 8th is bad name house) its lord Moon is placed with Rahu only and that too in the 6H of fights, the native fought.

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