The story behind the Jupiter exaulted. On the month of February three person came to one by one at the same day. All three have had same problem of delay marriage and all have had Jupiter exaulted. Then I tried on more horoscope I found the rule about Jupiter works wonderfully I also discussed with Mr. Sunil. He said that this is the rule of Bhrigu Maharaj.


Whenever Jupiter is exaulted , it results either no marriage in native married life of the native result in separation or divorce.

  1. She has virgo ascendant and Jupiter is exaulted in 11th Till now she is unmarried and she had done her Master Degree thrice in different discipline. She is very brilliants When I asked her why she is still unmarried, she said she has no brother or sister she is alone child of her and she used to think that when she get married her parents will alone. After the death of her parents she don’t want to live anymore.
  2. This person had business of Precious stones, he is a labourious man. Till the age of 20 he had not anything to eat even. He was vey poor. At the age of 21 he entered into the business of stone and earned lot of income and also made path for his tow youngers brothers. Now his tow younger brother is earning 3 to 4 times more than him. In year 2000 he fell in love and girl went to abroad for study. She is working presently in MNC. She has higher education and Boy has studied till standred. So the parents of girl didn’t agreed for marriage as there is huge age difference also. February 2010 girl got married and he has decided that he will remain a bachelor. His Jupiter is exaulted in 2nd house in Gemini Asc.
  • The native belongs to has virgo ascendant and Jupiter is exaulted in the 11th He is religious by nature. For his marriage, his parents were searching for a nice girl but in vain. In some cases either girls were not good looking or their was not matching to him. Now he is 36 years old and still unmarried. He is working in DD News Channel he makes programe for Doordarshan.
  1. The native had virgo ascendant and Jupiter is in 11th This person has ownbusiness of water supply in Delhi & also has Huch’s Franchises. Initially he was preparing for C.S. (Company Secretary) after completing his Graduation. He has four younger sisters. I met him in year 2008 and till that time he was unmarried.
  2. The native has virgo ascendant and Jupiter is in the 11th He get married at the age of 22. After 11 months of their marriage his wife died. After Death of his wife he decided to remain widower.
  3. The native has Gemini ascendant and Jupiter is in his 2nd The person is suspected in nature. Due ot his nature his wife left him and he is alone wright now.
  • Some ether event I am giving you which reason behind no success of marriage life or no marriage at all I don’t know.


He is an astrologer & he belive that astrology is for monk (Sanyasi) and he decided to be unmarried.

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