Basic principles of matching horoscopes of bride- groom & bride By Hari Prasad Bhatt

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In Indian tradition marriage is sanskar (tradition) &it is a Godly stepping stone for a new life our &tradition is moksha oriented.

Religion, meaning & work & moksha these are the four parts.

In meaning &work, religion is involved then you could go on the path of moksh.

Society has social rules &regulations. Maintain the balance of society marriage is essential.

The foundation of marriage is love.

If love exists, than souls meet. It is easy to love but difficult to digest marriage might be the union of two bodies but there a many forces involved be hind it which makes happy & boring, successful or a failure.

In olden days there is a tradition of matches horoscopes before marriage, this tradition has reason, so that different smartness, Dharam (Religion), Nature, system according finding an appropriate life partner making marriage a heaven, or hell .

Happiness, settlement, friendship, security bonding, thunder & lighting all come into a marriage.

In olden days the learned sages suggested to match Horoscopes before marriage.

Iv Indian all states have accepted own understanding matches Horoscopes & gets married. You also find sometimes a contest existing. Today we will try to understand this.

In Indian vedic Astrology, moon has got a lot of importance.

“Chandrama manso jaat” meaning moon has been to treated on the way you feel from your heart.

Humans have moksh because of their mostly we name ourselves after the Rushi of the mooni.

“Manchanga to kathrot main Ganga” is a famous proverb.

When we match horoscopes we give importance to moonnakshatra, & mooni Rashi Accen to steps &divisions of Nakshatra, class color sex, creased, etc have been given more importance when you match 36 marks, 18 or more are considered to be good.

Famous method of matching which Astrologers follow where they give importance is mangal Dosh & then decide whether its matching or not.

This method is incomplete.

The match a Horoscope the following points need to considered having as 100% match.

It is important to considered needs to be judged individually.

Many Astrologers ignore thin matter. Many times, Boys &girls parents are involved behind this.

They do not give time to the astrologer &get the matches done on an urgent basis.

Now to match the Horoscopes let is consider the points to be taken care of.

  1. How to match the points- from the panchang or books one can see 36 marks Ashtdha , Gunekya table to calculated.
  2. Mangal dosh thoughts, which one feals right &then to take a decision.
  3. Between Boys &Girls both birth &marriage Rashi, shubh Navpancham, (middle) Madhya navpancham, pratish dootak, shatrushdastak, shubha dwidharashak, ashubh dwidharshak, samaeplak 8 10th chaturthi, thoughts to be thought.
  4. both kundalis, sun means soul, & moon means heart, on that accodiyth number 3, one has to think.
  5. Other Grahas (houses) see there valuation with others
  6. Any one lagna with other sun or moons valuation is god yog.
  7. If there is god yog between both s buddh than understanding of both would very good.
  8. If there is good yog between both Guru than there would be good relation of love and resped.
  9. If good yog of sukhra-good sexual life.
  10. If both Lagna Grah are same than its good e;g ,mithun , kanya urushubha ,tula min,mesh, vrusik, maker kumbha.
  11. If any ones Grah is match with others sun or man Grah than its bad yog. Boths way of working would be different and even thougt want match.
  12. Any ones sukan if matchs thens mangal than its good it keeps sex attraction to both, and due to that they can’t stay without each of hi.
  13. Any ones Chandra if units with other Guru its good . due to it there is good there is good velation and understand between then.
  14. If Lagnest in on 7th block than the person would. Always try to keep marriage life good.
  15. Any ones Chandra if combins with othe. Lagans or samples than it result good.
  16. Any ones Chandra if combins without shukra give good result in marriage life.
  17. In mans horoscope, if mangal is in 6th Rahu is in 7th & shani is in 8th place than it separate the person from his wife, but if the position of graham are some in his wife case than its veg good for then as two negative  mahes  one positive.
  18. If ladies Chandra rashi is Gents saptmesh upper rushi than gives good results.
  • Lagna and Chandra rashi sumsupt is good only kark-makar and leo –kumbha kumbha is vargiya.
  1. Elemant earth is friendly it element water. five element is friendly with air element.
  • Five –water, water Air, earth-Five, are cnements to each other.
  1. Same Chandra signs persons can have different Nakshatra. Same birth Nakshatra person’s feet can be different.
  • Now a days more importance’s is given to Nadi, Dosh.parents of boy &girls are able to know that then any kind of Nadi Dosh in Astrology of both, some times Nadi can be done are same but Nakshatra are different, if Nakshatra are same and charan are deferent, than there is no Nadi Dosh in such kind case. In three Nadi‘s eg; top, middle and last the middle Nadi can be trited as a fouty Nadi. Because middle nadi indicates that the person might suffer from cold & Graha problem other two Nadi can identify acidity problem other two nadi indicates that the person might suffer from cold & crustra problem. Middle Nadi indicates Acide problem but only after judging panch Bhav, panchmesh & Karka one can take any decision.
  • Lagna and seventh house if there is kalsarp yog than it might raise any kind of problem in marriage life at age of 36 ( Rashi ketu ‘s second round it can be happen ).
  1. Chech Gents Astrology sukra with ladies astrology and chech ladies astrology chandra with gents astrology. If that good position is 1-44-7-10 centere 5-9 triagle position the its good.
  2. If in ones Astrology Sani, comes on any others Chandra or surya then they have to think twice before they marriage decision.
  3. If in lady astrology male oriented Graha surya –mangal & if in men’s woman oriented Chandra –shukra is associated then Karka shubha yog & then married life is good.
  4. One’s kundli’s paapgrah in on the other kundli’s Lagna bindu or saptam bindu then marriage life would be Anisnt.

30.From Lagna or Chandra to 7th house owner, comes in saptam sthaan or any other good graha comes in that place then the girl’s chances of being children is possible.

  1. If the shubh dristi of Guru is on 7th position or falling on saptamesh then the marriage life is stable.

32.If any One’s saptamesh is troubled ( suffered) through Rahu saptamesh coming in Dishwabhaav Raashi or paap griha is suffering from then possibility of getting married more than once is greater.

  1. Both kundali : 1-5-7 Bhaav, over all 27 points more, than match is perfect.

34.Our Astrologers why have they given importance to 36 goons, the reason is, we are having 3 groups, in which there are 12 Rashi’s from mesh kark, from sinh to vrishik, From Dhanu to each Nakshatra has 4 (charan) =36 Navmaas means 36 is important.

  1. Ones Lagnesh comes in other’s 7th house or on 7th houses owner or on shukra or opposite then boths marriage is happy.

Couinted as Ramantic Love Birds.

  1. A girl who has mangal, of gets married with Army- before –police – medical –Engeneering related or field of boy then the mangal dosh becomes lighter.
  2. In a normal cirumdkace if girls rashi is far from Boys rashi then it is shubh.
  3. Boys rashi male oriented & girls birth female oriented is important, Both Birth’s are the same or friendship is also fine.
  4. If boths come in purush varh like Ashwa –Barad –Gaj then understand levels would be low. Less compatible, then prashn kundli should be incepted.

In a prash kundali-Guru –Shukra –Budh coming in lagna or happy married life.

After matching both horoscopes of girl &boys & (2) marriage happennins in a shubh muhurat then life is happy. Because shubh muhurut –paani –grahan, Hast melap like Birth of child, same way Birth of marriage is couted.  People insist astrologers for lagna muhurat but oversee whether hast melop happens or not.

If maching of horoscopes is tried then fame & success is inevitable,

Any girl or boy’s  janmakshat matching 100% is hot possible.

After all life is an adjustment.

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