Basic Rules Of Predictions Clarified ‘Laghu Parashari’-1 By Pt. Satyadev Sharma, India.

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Pt. Satyadev Sharma, born in 1948 has pioneered the spreading of jyotish in the western parts of India. Apart from being a simple & humble human being he has authored & also translated some rare works which includes Siddhanta Shiromani, KetkiGrahan Ganitam, Brihad Bhartiya Kundali Vigyan, Saral TrikonaGanitam, Aryabhatiya, Dridhavrath Lakshanam. He is expected to contribute some interesting articles in time to come.

Basic Rules Of Predictions Clarified ‘Laghu Parashari’-1

By Pt. Satyadev Sharma, India.

Fundamental Rules for predictions are given from stanza -6 of our classic text called ‘LAGHUPARASHARI’, the most popular book on predictive astrology. In this space, we take some stanzas, which are extremely important for predictions and understand the intricacies of it which this author feels has not been deeply understood so far.

Now we take stanzas one by one and unravel the obscure meanings of them.


सर्वे त्रिकोनेतारो ग्रहाः शुभफ़लप्रदा।

पतयस्त्रिषडायानां यदि पापफ़लप्रदा॥६॥

In this stanza, 2 different rules have been mentioned one in the first line and second in the second line.

In the first line it is narrated that all the planets whether benefics or malefics by nature give beneficial result if any of them is the ruler of TRIKON Houses i.e. lord of 5th or 9th or 1st. The Ascendant is counted both as KENDRA AND TRIKON house.

Here the second sign of that planet may be anywhere that is not to be considered for this rule.

In the second line it is narrated that if any of the natural benefics or malefic s are the lords of the 3rd (TRI), 6TH (SHAD), 11th (AAYA) houses, they give malefic results. This is separate & a different rules than the first line above. In any horoscope following is the position of lords of 3.6.11, houses.


From the above table we can see that 3rd & 11th house lords can never become lords of 1st 5th 9th houses and thus can never become benefic as per the rule 1st given above. Because only those planets can become benefics which are the lords of 1st, 5th or 9th houses. Thus for the lords of 3rd & 11th houses we can say that “they can never give benefic results” .If they are lords of TRIK (6, 8 & 12) houses then they will definitely give malefic results but if they are the lords of 4th or 10th house then as these houses are not malefic houses they will not give malefic results but not great benefic results also. It will also depend much on whether the lord of 3rd or 11th house is natural benefic or malefic planet.

Now, the lord of sixth house as per above table can be the lord of 3,7,11, houses which are not benefic houses or Lagna (1st) or TRIKON (5th or 9th). If the lord of any of 1st,5th or 9th house then as per the 1st line of the stanza -6 it will give beneficial results irrespective of it being lords of sixth house, which is a TRIK house.Therefore, we see that the second rule is an exception when it comes to being the lord of the sixth house.

In all Indian Astrological texts Ascendant (lagna) house been said to be always benefic. Here also, in stanza-9 second line it has been said that if the lord of RANDRA (8th house) is also the lord of Ascendant (lagna) then also it has benefic qualities to it.

Stanza 7:-

न दिशन्ति शुभं  नृणां सौम्याः केन्द्राधिपा यदि।

क्रूराश्र्चेदशुभं ह्येते प्रबलाश्र्चोत्तरोत्तरम्॥७॥

This stanza states that if any natural benefic planet is the lord of any kendra (4, 7, 10) house, then by simply becoming the lord of Kendra (benefic houses) it cannot give benefic results. In the same manner Kroor (natural malefic) planet does not give benefic result (or malefic result). All the benefic or malefic properties acquired by the planets as said (above) get stronger in the sequential order of the houses i.e. 4,7,10 houses means 7th is stronger than 4, 10th is stronger than 7th house.

Here a very important thing more has been said in the first line of the stanza 10, that the demerit acquired on becoming lord of Kendras & hindrance in giving benefic results is most to Jupiter and less than that is to Venus.

The above rule does not mean that benefics on being lords of kendras give malefic results and the malefics give benefic results. The rule only says that simply on becoming lord of Kendra any benefic planet cannot be taken for granted to give benefic results similarly the malefic planet also.

Lord of the 4th or 10th house can also become lord of 3, 7,11,1, 5 or 9th house only.

Lord of 7th house can also become lord of 4, 10, 6, 8,12th house only.

Lagna lord is always beneficial.

From the above it can be inferred that if any benefic planet is the Lord of 4th or 10th house & also he is lord of 3rd 7th or 11th house then he will give malefic results and if he is lord of 1st ,5th 9th house also then as per stanza 6 rule first, it will give benefic results. Similar is the case of malefic (KROOR) planet.

In another case if any natural benefic or malefic planet is lord of 7th house which is MARAK i.e. house of death then definitely it will be malefic. Regarding the intensity of this KENDRADHIPATI DOSHA it is clear that the most naturally benefic planets are Jupiter & second Venus, if they are restricted to give their benefic results then who is left in the Horoscope to give benefic results. Thus, this demerit is most harmful in case of Jupiter and Venus.

Thus, the rules given in the stanza -8 & part of 10 are clear now. KENDRAS have not been vested with the power to make its lord benefic, although KENDRAS are powerful houses as per astrological principles.

Stanza 8:-

लग्नाद्‌व्ययद्वितीयेशौ परेषां साहचर्यत।

स्थानान्तरानुगुण्येन भवतः फ़लदायकौ॥८॥

This stanza narrates that lords of 2nd and 12th house from the Ascendants is a benefic or malefic depending on where its other sign is deposited in the chart.  According as is its property being lord of its second sign deposited house or its association with the lord of another (malefic or benefic) house.

Here we see that the lord of second house or 12th house can also lord of only 3, 7, 11, 1, 5 0r 9th house. Thus here also if any planet is lord of 2nd or 12th house and also he is lord of 3, 7,or 11th house then be cannot be a benefic.  In another case if any lord of 2nd or 12th house is also the lord of 1, 5, 9th house then he is definitely a benefic as per stanza -6 Rule 1. Thus, the rule

narrated is justified. Extra property of acquiring benefic or malefic as association of its other lords is narrated here, which will be clear on further explanation of these rules.

Stanza 9:-

भाग्यव्ययाधिपत्येन रन्ध्रेशो न शुभप्रदः।

स एव शुभसंधाता लग्नाधीशोऽपि चेत्स्वयम्॥९॥

This stanza states that the eighth house being the loss (Vyaya) house in the horoscope, it is not a benefic house and thus it Lords is not benefic. The second part of the starnra has been explaned above with the explanation of stanza -7 here.

This eighth house is named as TRIK house along with 6th &12th .There are said to be the most malefic houses & their lords also have been designated likewise. Here in these stanzas we are studying the characteristics of only the lords of different types of houses.

Stanza 10:-

केन्द्राधिपत्यदोषस्तु बलवान्गुरुशुक्रयोः।

मारकत्वेऽपि च तयोर्मारकस्थानसंस्थितिः॥१०॥

First part of the stanza has been explained above with the explanation of stanza 7.

Second line of the stanza narrates that in case Jupiter or Venus are situated in MARAK houses i.e. 2nd 7th then they become or acquire MARAK Characteristics & thus become MARAK Planets. Here also this demerit of Jupiter being more harmful than that of Venus.

This is because as they are the most benefic natural planets and give most benefic results, if they become or acquire characteristics of malefic then it will be in respective degree to their power & thus more property of MARKATVA respectively.

Stanza 11:-

बुधस्तदनु चन्द्रोऽपि भवेत्तदनु तद्विधः।

न रन्ध्रेशत्वदोषस्तु सूर्याचन्द्रमसोर्भवेतू॥११॥

In continuation to the stanza – 10 it is stated here that the property of MARKATVA, BUDH (MERCURY) is lesser then Venus and Moon is lesser than Mercury in the same way.

In the sequence of benefics the third planet is MERURY which acquires benefic or malefic property according to the association of such planets. At the last comes Moon, which is malefic for half month atleast. Thus as per the degree or intensity of beneficence the degree of malfeasance is acquired.

The malefic characteristics acquired by other planets on becoming lord of RANDHRA (eighth house) is not acquired by Sun & Moon, both have been exempted from this malefic characteristic.   

To Be Continued…….

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