BCP Cycle Ruler Mars and Jupiter


Sampath Kumar Medavarapu

Ahmedabad, India

Sampath Kumar Medavarapu  is a practioner of astrology since 35 years. He has written 8 books on astrology in Telugu language which includes Guru Shukra prabhavamu & Chandra kala nadi. He is an M A in Sanskrit and has translated 64 Tantras from sanskrit to Telugu language. He has submitted several research papers in national and international conferences. His email id is

BCP with Cycle Ruler is a special methodology that attributes every Bhrigu Chakra (i.e. 12 year cycle) with 9 planets. Scribe has been doing research on death and longevity in the perspective of BCP Cycle Rulers. In this regard Mars and Jupiter appear playing pregnant roles, especially in those horoscopes where longevity falls slightly less than or more than madhya aayu (medium life). It should be borne in mind that BCP Cycle Ruler Mars owns the 12-year from age 49 to 60, whereas Jupiter owns the 12-year from age 61 to 72, in all nativities. This article addresses crux of author’s research on finding year of death during BCP Cycle Rulers Mars and Jupiter.

The first section of this article deals with BCP Cycle Ruler Mars and Longevity, while second section aims at BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter and Longevity.

Section 1. BCP Cycle Ruler Mars

Life and death has a subtle connection with Mars, since it is the lord of 1st and 8th signs of natural zodiac or Kalapurusha (time personified). First house denotes janma (birth), deha (physical body), roopa (appearance), vartamAna (living or existence of life) etc. Eighth house signifies ayus (longevity), marana (death)[1], klesa (anguish), ripu (enemy or adversity), randhra (hole or fall) etc.

Saturn – being farthest and darkest heavenly body of solar system – symbolizes death, or in other words, destined term of life or longevity.  It is found in this research that whenever Saturn aspects Mars, it curtails longevity, provided 2nd and 7th houses are afflicted at birth. Conversely, if Mars aspects Saturn (while Saturn does not aspect Mars in return) than it is not as bad as former case. In both situations, other standard procedures of longevity determination should check out, especially ayusthana (8th and 3rd houses). If lords of 8th and 3rd are badly placed in marakasthana (7th and 2nd houses) or dusthana (6th, 8th, and 12th houses) then decrement in life span is indicated.

Snap Shot

  1. Whenever Saturn aspects Mars, it curtails longevity, provided 2nd and 7th houses are afflicted at birth.
  2. Conversely, if Mars aspects Saturn (while Saturn does not aspect Mars in return) than it is not as bad as former case.
  3. If lords of 8th and 3rd are badly placed in marakasthana (7th and 2nd houses) or dusthana (6th, 8th, and 12th houses) then decrement in life span is indicated.

Mars and Longevity Combinations

  • If Mars is posited in enemy houses 2nd-7th-12th, while 3rd-8th-12th houses are occupied by malefic planets, and afflicted by Badhaka lord (through placement, aspect or conjunction), then native will be victim of death during BCP Cycle Ruler Mars (age 49 to 60). The year of death will correspond to the house that is occupied, owned or aspected by Mars.
  • If Mars is posited in friendly house/sign whereas 6th-8th-12th, and 2nd-8th-12th house are occupied by malefic planets and afflicted by Badhaka lord (through placement, aspect or conjunction) then native will pass away during BCP Cycle Ruler Mars (age 49 to 60).
  • If Mars is posited in a good house (1st-5th-9th), whereas 7th-8th-12th houses are occupied by Marakas and afflicted by Badhaka, then native will die before completion of BCP Cycle Ruler Mars (age 49 to 60).


  1. Nethaji Subhas Chandra Bose (Indian Freedom Fighter)

Subhash Chandrabose

Here Mars posited in 2nd house (an enemy and Maraka house). Subhash Chandrabose died at the beginning of BCP Cycle Ruler Mars on August 22, 1945 at the age of 49. According to BCP scheme age 49 corresponds to 1st  house .In Mars cycle period 49 year  from Mars  is Mars posited house.This house is aspected by malefic Sat from 8th house. So the year of death is the house where Mars is posited.

  1. Benazir Bhutto (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan)

Benazir Bhutto

In the chart of Benazir Bhutto, Mars is relegated in enemy and Maraka house 7th. She was assassinated on December 27, 2007 at the age of 54.  The age of death (i.e. 54) becomes 6th house as per simple BCP scheme. On BCP Cycle Ruler plane it becomes 6th from Mars. Here 6th house from Mars is 12th house from lagna i.e. Scorpio (a house owned by Mars).

  1. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (Indian Mystic and Seer)

. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Here Mars is sitting alone in enemy 12th house, so the probable slap of longevity should fall in BCP Cycle Ruler Mars. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa breathed his last on August 16, 1886 at the age of 51. On simple BCP scheme, age 51 becomes 3rd house from lagna (i.e. Aries – a house owned by Mars). Whereas according to BCP Cycle Ruler scheme, age 51 is equal to 3rd house from Mars (i.e. Pisces – a house powerfully occupied by Badhaka lord Venus).

  • Osho Rajneesh (Guru of Spirituality and New Age Tantra)Age TantraMars is posited in friendly sign (Pisces) yet it is in 8th house along with four other planets. Osho Rajneesh died on January 19, 1990 at the beginning of age 59. It was during BCP Cycle Ruler Mars. Age 59 makes 11th house from lagna (i.e. Pisces) as per simple BCP scheme. Note Mars is casting full aspect on Pisces as well as its lord Jupiter. Here age 59 becomes 11th from Mars (i.e. Libra) as per BCP Cycle Ruler. But Libra is not directly connected (ownership, occupation or aspect) to Mars.
    1. Parama Hamsa Yogananda (Yogi and Seer)

    although Cancer Mars is in friendly sign (Pisces) with friendly Jupiter but in 8th house. Paramahamsa Yogananda passed away on March 7, 1952 at the age of 60. The BCP corresponding year is 12th house to Leo lagna (i.e. Cancer).  Here, although Cancer is not occupied, owned or aspected by Mars, but Jupiter – who is dispositor of Mars and also associated with Mars – is directly aspecting Cancer (a sign that corresponds to age 60 as per BCP)

  • Adolf Hitler (Nazi German dictator)


    advocated rule

    Here advocated rule B applies. Mars is occupied in own but Maraka house along with Sun and two inimical planets (Mercury and Venus). The 3rd   house is tenanted by malefic Ketu whereas Libra ascendant is aspected by Badhaka lord Sun. As a result, he died in Mars cyclic ruling period at the age of 57 on April 30, 1945. As per BCP, the age 57 is equal to 9th house from lagna. Here it is Gemini, a house occupied by Rahu. Counting from BCP Cycle Ruler Mars, Gemini is 3rd from Mars.

  • Ghantasala (Telugu Playback Singer and Music Director)

Badhakesh Saturn

Here rule C worked. Mars posited in friendly sign and good 5th house. But Badhakesh Saturn is aspecting Mars from Badhakasthana (Aquarius).  He died on February 9, 1996 at the age of 60[running].  BCP Cycle Ruler Mars was active at the time of death. According to BCP, age 60 becomes 12th house from lagna (i.e. Pisces). Here Pisces is directly aspected by 12th lord Jup from 8th house. While as per Cycle Ruler Mars , the age 60 becomes 12th from the Mars (i.e. Cancer). Here Cancer is hemmed between two malefic planets Mars and Ketu. So death took place in Mars cycle and in 12th from Mars corresponding year.

  • Ghantasala (Telugu Playback Singer and Music Director)

Lagna lord Saturn

Mars is domiciled in inimical 2nd house. The 12th lord Jupiter is aspecting Mars. Lagna lord Saturn is associated with Rahu and Gulika. Badhaka house (Scorpio) is occupied by two malefic (Sun and Mercury) and retrograde Venus. He died during BCP Cycle Ruler Mars on February 11, 1974 at the age of 52. The BCP corresponding year of death (age 52) is equal to 4th house from lagna i.e. Aries – a sign owned by Mars.  As per BCP Cycle Ruler, age 52 is equal to 4th from Mars i.e. Taurus. Here Taurus is under full aspect of Mars.  Moreover, Taurus is also occupied by Moon (7th lord markesh), and aspected by Venus from Badhakasthana (Scorpio).

Section 2. BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter

Although Jupiter is generally deemed a first rate natural benefic that bestows all around prosperity and expansion in every area of life. But Jupiter becomes Badhaka as well as Marakesh for Gemini and Virgo lagnas. It is also an enemy of Venus that rules Taurus and Libra lagnas. Similarly Jupiter generally plays a negative role for Capricorn and Aquarius lagnas.

Scribe has found some clues to determine the year of death during BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter that spans from age 61 to 72. Jupiter and Badhaka play a key role in killing one in between age 61 and 72. So we have to verify these two factors (Jupiter and Badhaka) in the purview of placement, aspect and conjunction.

Jupiter and Longevity Combinations

If Jupiter is afflicted by Maraka and Badhaka planets then one will probably die during BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter (age 61 to 72). The age of death will correspond to the house that is connected with Badhaka or Badhakesh (through placement, aspect or conjunction). Sometime, planets connected with Badhaka or Jupiter also indicate year of death.

  • K.S. KrishnaMurty (Founder of K.P. Astrology)

Sri KrishnaMurty

  • Sri KrishnaMurty died on March 3, 1972 when age 64 was running.  This age (64) falls under period of BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter. Here Jupiter is placed in 8th house, while Badhaka lord Mars is posited in 9th house and Ketu is occupied in 12th house (Pisces – a sign of Jupiter). Therefore Jupiter got the power to kill the native in his ruling 12 years cycle. According to BCP Cycle Ruler, age of death i.e. 64 becomes 4th from Jupiter. The 4th from Jupiter is Scorpio which is a Badhaka house of Capricorn lagna. Moreover, as per simple BCP scheme, age 64 is equal to 4th from Capricorn lagna, i.e. Aries. And this Aries sign is not only owned by but also aspected by Badhaka Mars.
  • Indira Gandhi (Former Prime Minister of India)

Badhakasthan for Cancer

Indira Gandhi was assassinated on March 31, 1984 when she was running age of 67.  This is again the Jupiter cycle ruling period. Jupiter is domicile in 11th house (Badhakasthan for Cancer lagna). So Jupiter became a deadly malefic to kill the native[1]. Here Venus is Badhakesh and posited in 6th house along with Rahu, whereas Mars is occupied in 2nd Maraka house. As per BCP Cycle Ruler, age 67 becomes 7th from Jupiter. It falls in Scorpio. Now Scorpio[2] is under spell of four evil factors. Firstly it is occupied by Markesh Sun, secondly, it is occupied by 12th lord Mercury, thirdly, it is aspected by Jupiter from Badhakasthana (11th house), and finally Scorpio is aspected by Mars from Marakasthana (2nd house).

  • Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Indian Nationalist and Author)

malefic Rahu1

B.G. Tilak died on August 1, 1920 at the age of 64 running.  This is the Jupiter cycle ruling period (age between 61 to 72). Even though Jupiter is nicely placed in his own house, it is conjoined with malefic Rahu and aspected by Saturn from 12th house Gemini. Hence Jupiter has attained killing potential. Age 64 becomes 4th house from Jupiter (i.e. Gemini) as per BCP Cycle Ruler periodic scheme. Here Gemini is neither Badhakasthana, nor has any kind of connection with Badhakesh Venus or even Jupiter. It is only located in 12th from Cancer lagna.

But if you consider BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter’s placement (Pisces) as tentative lagna then Gemini contains evil influence of both Markesh and Badhakesh. Take Jupiter’s placement sign Pisces as lagna. Mercury (lord of Virgo) is Badhakesh as well as Markesh. Similarly, Saturn (being 11th lord) is second grade Maraka for Pisces. Both Saturn and Mercury are occupied in Gemini which 4th from BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter.

  • Lal Bahadur Sastry (Former Prime Minister of India)

Moon is Badhaka lord

Veteran Indian politician Lal Bahadur Shastry died on January 11, 1966 at the age of 62 running. It was BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter period. Here Moon is Badhaka lord (for Scorpio lang) and it is posited in 8th house. Retrograde Jupiter is domiciled in 6th house and aspected by 7th lord (Markesh) Venus from 12th house. So Jupiter becomes the agent of Yamaraja or death inflicting planet. Death occurred at age 62 that becomes 2nd house (Taurus) from BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter. Taurus is a powerful Marakasthana from Scorpio lagna. Moreover, Taurus falls 12th from Badhaka lord Moon, while Taurus’ lord Venus is directly aspecting Jupiter.

  • Pedda Babu (Indian Industrialist)

Venus is Badhaka1

The native died on March 11, 2012, when he was running age of 62 (BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter period).  Although for Aquarius lagna, Libra is Badhakasthana, and Venus is Badhaka lord. But here Maraka role played greater role than Badhaka. Jupiter alone imbibes killer potential mainly because Jupiter owns 2nd and 11th houses and sitting in ascendant. Moreover, Jupiter is also under full aspect of 7th lord Sun, and 12th lord Saturn. Thus Jupiter is got power to kill the native. Native died at age 62 which is analogous to 2nd house from BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter i.e. Pisces. Three major afflictions fall upon Pisces. Firstly it is a Marakasthana for Aquarius, secondly it is occupied by Rahu, and lastly 8th lord Mercury is aspecting Pisces from 8th house.

  • M.S. Savitri (Karnatic classical vocalist, scribe’s mother)

mother of scribe

This horoscope belongs to a famed singer of Karnatic state of India, and mother of scribe. She passed away on January 25, 1993 at the age of 66. This age falls under BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter period. From Gemini lagna, Jupiter rules 7th and 10th houses and beautifully placed in 10th house. But here Jupiter stands for Maraka and Badhaka also. Furthermore, Jupiter is under aspectual influence of 12th lord Venus. Therefore Jupiter possesses killing propensity.  Native died at age 66. It becomes 6th house from BCP Cycle Ruler Jupiter, i.e. Leo. This place (Leo) is aspected by 8th lord Saturn, while lord of Leo (Sun) is itself conjoined with Saturn and moksha karaka Ketu.


Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) is one of the simplest yet robust forecasting tools. Experience shows BCP based longevity rules works well when judiciously applied with Cycle Rulers. Advocated rules have yielded satisfactory results on applied cases. Lastly, these rules are outcome of my rigorous and continuous research. These rules may have some limitations and conditions. Readers are requested to test these rules on greater of sample size so that a better longevity determination technique can be developed.


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