Bharitya Janata Party (BJP) TURMOIL- Any Analysis


We have recently witnessed a form of rebellion and all sorts of problems that are happening in BJP- did we just wonder why is it so?

Is there a correlation in stars and numbers.

Astrological Data:

a)BJP, is pronounced as Bharatiya Janta part . Starting with syllable “BHA”.

This syllable “BHA” is connected  by Sagittarius. That is the planet Jupiter.

  1. b) BJP = 2+10/1+16/7 = 10 = SUN ,but there is affliction of SATURN as well due to number 0.
  1. c) We could take Sagittarius as the ascendant = First house, so the 12th sign= Pisces = 4th house , the house of family, which again is of Jupiter

Astrological Analysis: 

  1. What does JUPITER and SATURB mean to BJP

Now as JUPITER is the ASCENDANT, that is the BACKBONE- let us see what is happening to it.


  1. Above 25 Degrees, so OLD
  2. Is in CAPRICORN, that is it is DEBILITATED WEAK
  • RAHU is in the same sign, with power to harm


BJP, apart from representing SUN energy has affliction of SATURN as well.

As Saturn is in bhava sandhi(transiting from one sign to other), it can create basic problems this time.

  1. b) Why a rebellion and opposite behavior in BJP?

Also as 4th HOUSE  is also ruled by JUPITER, as 4th HOUSE  has PISCES in it and  PISCES is ruled By JUPITER( 1st house = Sagittarius, 2nd house = Capricorn, 3rd house = Aquarius , 4th house = Pisces).

So the 4th HOUSE  mind/Family/house of BJP gets affected.

Also due to JUPITER staying very close to RAHU in transit, it creates energy of REBELLION /OPPOSITION  and SUDDEN ACTIONS in mind of people, house/ family of BJP(HOUSE #4).

  1. c) Hidden Matters coming up and Status getting affected in BJP?

UPITER is currently in 2nd HOUSE = WEALTH/STATUS- we can at least clearly see how status and also wealth gets effected.

Also aspect of JUPITER-RAHU on 8th house – HIDDEN MATTERS = THINGS UNDER THE CARPET get opened up.


  • As  by September ending  JUPITER gains in degrees(That it is out of old age), also the malefic power of RAHU decreases. Things should slowly come to normal.
  • As mentioned BJP has energies of SATURN as well- as SATURN is in bhava sandhi we see more trouble to BJP.

The BJP trouble should stabilize a bit after a few weeks in September.
It would slowly become more stable as JUPITER transits to its more comfortable sign.

May God wish the best to every one.