Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) & Prashna

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings
Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi

Our office accountant came and said there is a problem, we instantly did question. Noticed that Moon is in the 6H so there is a health issue, the Hora Lord was also Moon and Kaala Lord is Saturn sitting in the 10H of father. The dispositor of this moon is also with debilitated Sun (karaka father) the 9L of father & also 10L Mercury. So both ways 9H or 10H of father are afflicted. He said it is heart problem of father so we saw the 4H in the chart and also the 4L from 9H or 10H. This 4L from 9H is Mars sitting with Ketu indicating operation and in the 8H of longevity, so the conclusion was it’s a serious question re the longevity of the father. He said he has been admitted to the Govt hospital in Kerala and he does not want to shift to private as they would charge a lot. So our attention while he was talking went to Lagna Lord Jupiter sitting in the 2H of money. So the issue was about money, where lagna lord sits the issue is seen is a dictum that many a times comes true. The dictum of where Moon is in the prashna chart does not always come true and there is more to it. The Key is at times to look in the Navamsa chart too and here in the Navamsa chart Moon is in the 8H with Ketu so the question is about longevity. Unfortunately Moon in one of the most important divisionals is with Saturn who is the 8L of death there and in the 4H of one’s home. So death or a chronic disease to an old man (Saturn) can come in ones house.

Now Saturn has to play a very important role and in Rasi chart it is in the 10H and in Bhava Chalit Chart it has gone into the 9H of father. Saturn means Peeda karaka (troubles significator), always look at it in a prashna chart, don’t ignore it at all. Saturn in a Prashna Chart signifies the Karma that is pending. It is gone in the Bhava Chalit Chart in the 9H of father, in the sign of Leo whose lord Sun is the karaka of father and the boy needs to rush to his native place and be next to father.

Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) & Prashna


How do you use BCP to double check what is happening and where is the remedy. We asked him what is the age of his father currently and he said 64 years. Now deduct from age multiples of 12 (refer Vol 3 issue for articles on BCP). So deduct 60 from 64 which is the 4H of heart and he had to query relating to heart condition of his father. The 4H has A8 (longevity) A6 (diseases) and HL (money) in it. Its lord Jupiter is with Rahu in the 2H of family and money. The issue is of the heart of the father or you can take it this way since 9H is father, 8th from it which is the 4H is the issue, which is the longevity of the father (4H). Do u see now with BCP methods one can double check the prashna.

You will notice that there is some logical issue here since 1H is self the querent and the 64th year is not of his but of his father, yet it has been observed that by some strange coincidence it does work at times and gives us clues.

Actual BCP Method

One is seeing from Prashna about father so see 9H is father, its 64th year would be 4th from 9th house which is the 12H, it has Gulika Mandi so there will be problem to father in the 64th yar, now its lord is Mars (operation) with Ketu (scissors) in the 8H of longevity (question for client) but in 12th (hospitals) from 9H of father in the sign of Cancer (heart-4H of natural zodiac) it is aspected by Jupiter, so Jupiter will give the remedy as it is also 6H (health) from 9H of father. All this is matching and within an hour from this write up we would come to know if operation is really needed or not. The remedy lies in the recitation of mantra of Jupiter as it is in the 2H of the chart.

As predicted to the accountant his father did go to hospital, money was an issue so they operated in a Govt hospital instead of private hospital and he has now come out of the hospital (Jupiter’s aspect) with the bi-pass operation which went well. Probably in the next issue will try to reveal some more methods of usage of BCP which since a year we have ignored.

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