Bhrighu Yogavali – Part 1 By Maharshi Bhrighu

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Shri Venkata Narayacharyulu Agnihotram was born in 1951 is a Sanskrit Pandit and well versed in Sankrit Vyakarana. He was graduated in Siromani Shiksha Sastri and MA Sanskrit from SV University, Tirupathi. He Worked as a Gr.I Sanskrit Pandit for 32 Yrs and now spending his retired life in Tanuku, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. He loves to upheld the tradition of Vaikhanasagama. Preface Every translation of a rare manuscript like this has a story. The story is never printed but scholars and passionate astrologers have a strong lurking desire to know the detailed process behind each work of this type. Our friend Ms Helen Patterson once insisted that we write an article describing the amount of troubles that are taken to finally get a translation out. If that is written then it could be interpretated by some as the team is trying to be boastful and take credit and one would normally not do that. Yet this has a story which might be of interest to some and some folks must be acknowledged is our main intention.  After half a dozen articles of Bhrighu Saral Paddathi (BSP) series were published some 2 to 2.5 years back we received a call from an acquaintance who had been repeatedly in touch with us regarding procurement of nadis & some other Jaimini manuscripts which we did send it to him. Here we must hasten to highlight that this acquaintance has been referred to by Mr. K N Rao as his ‘young bhrighu friend’ in his writings. This gentleman informed us in detail that he spent the complete of last 3 days testing the techniques of BSP on hundreds of charts and it was working to such an extent that it was astonishing and thus he wanted to know the source which we could not disclose at that point of time. However at this stage since BSP was yielding very good results to many a practioners including this Bhrighu friend of ours, who have been very humble in making these confessions to us, we must add that there is more to astrology than what we know of it in the last 1000s of years…. However this bhrighu friend of us mentioned the name of Bhrighu Yogavali during the course of discussions…. The name caught Bhrighu Yogavali caught our attention, we wanted to ask him where to find it but then he said that he has already given 1200 of such Bhrighu Yogavali texts, scanned in CDs to an internationally famous astrologer, which this aquaintance collected by travelling all over India and even Nepal. Then subsequently the hunt for this so called Bhrighu Yogavalis and are thankful to this ‘young bhrighu friend’ of K N Rao started for creating this strong desire, hoping to find something similar to BSPs in this Bhrighu Yogavalis. A hunt that has caused us some pain which would be mentioned in detail later. We started calling all our friends to hunt and further procure these Bhrighu Yogavalis. Finally it was SA volunteer Mr Ashutosh Kumar from Ranchi who having searched it in a lot of places got hold of it in Delhi, he probably paid Rs 5000/- ($110) for a photocopy from his own pocket and got one of the Bhrighu Yogavalis texts in Sanskrit. When he called us to inform about it, we were spell bound since texts of Bhrighu Rishi cannot be so easily obtained, but the edges of it were badly spoilt and the print very faint. Yet we were determined to translate it out since least to least some clues would be gotten. Then after having contacted many Sanskrit scholars who refused to touch it since the first 2 pages were missing and the later 30 odd pages had their edges spoilt thereby making the shlokas not possible to be properly translated, one Sanskrit translator agreed to translate and infact did some work on it but he turned rogue and later did some things of stabbing us in the back, this was a hurtful period since it showed us how bad we were in judging people. We gave up on the manuscript and it was a period of depression due to other incidents too. Finally a volunteer by the name of Mr. Upendra Agnihotram from Hyderabad contacted us that his father who resides in a village and is a Sanskrit school teacher would translate it into English but the problem was his father did not know English well and he could translate from Sanskrit to only Telegu language. Then Mr Upendra said he would in turn translate it into English. We took the chance and it took some time, infact a lot of time to get the job done since, Ashutosh took a long time getting it scanned (he had to get it done on a friends scanner) and then sending it to us, we would in return send it to Upendra, who would in turn send it to his father in a village in Andhra Pradesh and then his father would translate it on a piece of paper and then post it to Upendra who had to in turn translate and type out both Sanskrit and English during his spare time. One can wonder if a professional astrologer will be able to devote so much time to do what Upendra did, would he have the love for getting knowledge out like how Upendra had. Then a problem came about (this often happens with Bhrighu Texts) Mr Upendra got busy with official work and the work got stalled, at the same time Ashutosh was somehow not able to send further scanned copies. There was more mishaps which need not be mentioned as it would take space yet they were significant and caused more pain as the delay of reading what Bhrighu Rishi had authentically written, as for the first time in the history of astrology there was a written manuscript supposedly prescribed to Bhrighu Rishi, otherwise the Bhrighu Samhitas original leaves never come out in the open. We spoke to mentor somewhere during this period and he said that Khemraj Publishers, Mumbai had published one of these Bhrighu Yogavalis many decades back and to procure it from them, we called the owner and he was least interested in going to his godown to part with that one copy. Meanwhile during the Nadi Astrology Conference in Hyderabad we met once again the beautiful couple of Gowri Shankar and his wife Shakuntala and told them our problem, they said in an ‘instant’ they would take over from Upendra (he has completed till 200 shlokas) and type it out and further translate it. Then there were technical problems with the Sanskrit typing which took our tool since none of us are computer experts and then the rough translation was ready but what about the first two pages which would give us the period of the text. A chance talking with one of the volunteers brought a solution, he said it is available in Bhandarkar Manuscript Library, Pune and he would procure it. Finally he sent us that manuscript which completed this particular text. There is a story behind this but due to a reason we do not mention the strange story behind it. Then Shakuntala compared both the texts and has finally reproduced the best out of it, though still some shlokas are missing. We had procured the help of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and even promised to pay some money to get the Sanskrit translation double checked since this text contains remedies for the yogas and remedies cannot be wrongly translated. Atleast the best of the efforts need to be made. Somehow that deal with BVB fell through and a lady having doctorate in Sanskrit was contacted in Dehradun who promised to check the translation but after 2 months she could not be contacted again. Finally Chandrashekhar Sharma who had earlier been busy with other texts was forced to double check the translation and eventually Part 1 of this work is out, after a gap of 2 to 2.5 years. One would see after reading this text that for the first time one gets to see names of New Yogas in astrology, the reason behind a yoga, the past life karma and the remedy for it, all this escapes all the other texts on Yogas. The biggest joy for us is that it also corroborated one of the lectures that we had given in Hyderabad some years back wherein we had mentioned (without knowing if such a text exists) that each Yoga needs to state the remedy behind it and the karma done in the past life for that yoga to exist in the chart in this life. This made us most happy when recently we saw this translation of Bhrighu Yogavali. As to what we said in Hyderabad at an astrological conference and how Mr. A V Sundaram revealed some secrets to us, another article that is pending since a year will be published soon or probably together with this write up. We request everyone to read this manuscript translation of Bhrighu Yogavali which presumably is one of the 1200 manuscripts of the same name and as per the 2nd shloka, it seems to be from a period of Treta Yuga, probably making it one of the oldest Jyotish documents to ever come out. We thank that young bhrighu astrologer friend of K N Rao who directed us to this manuscript with just two words ‘Bhrighu Yogavali’, although this work is on yogas and does not contain predictive techniques similar to BSP, yet he must be thanked. Many of you would only read this work and go on with your day to day activities, our request is remove few minutes and thank the team atleast mentally, a team who dedicatedly worked on it and if you can send a Thank You note to them would be most encouraging, but do remember the word Thank You does not exist in 99% of astrologers vocabulary, you would be that rare 1% of the breed. – SA Publisher. P.S: Please do not approach us for any contact details of people mentioned in articles because as a policy we would not able to furnish the same.

Bhrighu Yogavali – Part 1

Translated by

Sri. Agnihotram Venkata Narayacharyulu and Smt. Shakuntala Gowrishankar

Sanskrit Editor: Sri Chandrashehkhar Sharma

Special Thanks To: Upendra Angnihotram

श्रीगणेशाय नमः॥ प्रणम्यकेशवंशंभुंब्रम्हाणं गणनायकम्॥

पूर्वोक्तिंमनसास्थाय क्रियतेयोगसागरः॥ १॥

śrīgaṇeśāya namaḥ || praṇamyakeśavaṁśaṁbhuṁbramhāṇaṁ gaṇanāyakam ||

pūrvoktiṁmanasāsthāya kriyateyogasāgaraḥ || 1 ||

Salutations to Lord Sri Ganesha. Obeisance to Lord Sri Vishnu, Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and Lord Ganesha. I am writing “Yogasagar” on the basis of what has been told earlier and has stayed in the receptacle of my mind (from what has been told earlier).

त्रिशद्वर्षसहस्राणि सप्त —

त्रेतायुगे गते वर्षे योगसागरसंभवः॥ २॥

triśadvarṣasahasrāṇi sapta —

tretāyuge gate varṣe yogasāgarasaṁbhavaḥ || 2 ||

(First Line is incomplete in the manuscript) (Second line) However after 7300 of years had gone by in Treta Yuga, this text of YogaSagara was written.


bhṛguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

युगेवेदाकृति संख्या जन्मतः प्रश्नतोपिवा॥

ग्रहयोगप्रमाणेन ज्ञाय पूर्व कर्मकृत्॥ ३॥

yugevedākṛti saṁkhyā janmataḥ praśnatoopivā ||

grahayogapramāṇena jñāya pūrva karmakṛt || 3 ||

There are 2244 yogas formed by grahas that are known in astrology that occur on account of the karmas performed (in previous lives).

प्रथमाध्याय मध्येतु पंचाशद्योगकाः क्रमात्॥

तेषुखेटप्रमाणेन ज्ञातव्यः पुण्यसंग्रहः॥ ४॥

prathamādhyāya madhyetu paṁcāśadyogakāḥ kramāt ||

teṣukheṭapramāṇena jñātavyaḥ puṇyasaṁgrahaḥ || 4 ||

In the middle of the first chapter, 50 yogas are mentioned serially. One should understand their results on the basis of grahas (position of grahas) from the meritorious work.

अथ योगनामानि॥

atha yoganāmāni ||

Names of Yogas (is as follows)

मनोज्ञा वैभवः सौम्योयातु धन्यश्च भीष्मकः॥

जीमूतोविजयाऽऽनन्दौ पिंगलो विफलः समः॥ ५॥

manojñā vaibhavaḥ saumyoyātu dhanyaśca bhīṣmakaḥ ||

jīmūtovijayā”nandau piṁgalo viphalaḥ samaḥ || 5 ||

Yogas like Manogna, Vibhava, Saumya, Yatudhaanya and Bhishmaka. Jeemuta, Vijaya, Ananda, Pingala, Viphala are to be understood.

महोदधिः पिशाचश्च दामिनीचक्रदामिनी॥

वाग्भवः श्रीमुखः क्रूरो गजश्च अद्भुतसागरः॥ ६॥

mahodadhiḥ piśācaśca dāminīcakradāminī ||

vāgbhavaḥ śrīmukhaḥ krūro gajaśca adbhutasāgaraḥ || 6 ||

Mahodadhi, Pishacha, Daamini, Chakradaamini, Vaagbhava, Srimukha, Krura, Gaja and Adbhutasagara.

ऊर्ध्वोद्भूतोनिपातश्च विलासःशक्रमाहिषौ॥

देवेंद्रराजशूलाश्च भास्करास्तश्च विश्रुतः॥ ७॥

ūrdhvodbhūtonipātaśca vilāsaḥśakramāhiṣau ||

deveṁdrarājaśūlāśca bhāskarāstaśca viśrutaḥ || 7 ||

Additionally the followings yogas are also known: Urdvodbhuta, Nipata, Vilaasa, Shakra, Mahisha, Devendra, Raja, Shoola and Bhaskaraasta,


भ्रात्रुहारिपुघातश्चच्छत्रोवज्रोजगत्पतिः॥ ८॥

caṁdrāstodāruṇaścaṁdraścatuḥsāgarasāgarau ||

bhrātruhāripughātaścacchatrovajrojagatpatiḥ || 8 ||

Chandraastha, Daaruna, Chandra, Chatusaagara, Saagara, Bhratruha, Ripughaata, Chatra, Vajra and Jagatpati,

वैनाशिकः कलापश्चमानसो अनुभवः शुभः॥

वैजितोदत्शून्यश्चनंदजीवावितिक्रमात्॥ ९॥

vaināśikaḥ kalāpaścamānaso anubhavaḥ śubhaḥ ||

vaijitodatśūnyaścanaṁdajīvāvitikramāt || 9 ||

Vinaasha, Kalaapa, Maanasa, Anubhava, Shubha, Vijita, Shunya, Nanda, Jeeva in the order.


तस्यतादृग्ग्रहैरेवाभद्राऽभद्र फल स्थितिः॥ १०॥

yasyādauyādṛśaṁkarmaprahatiścaivayādṛśī ||

tasyatādṛggrahairevābhadrā’bhadra phala sthitiḥ || 10 ||

As one can see the effects of the karmas, that we can see (Karmas in present life), in the same manner one can see good or bad results from the position of grahas, of those karmas that we can not see (past karmas).

सौरीस्तुंगेथतुर्येभवतिकुजयुतोमेषसंस्थश्चभानुः शुक्रोजीवोबुधोवा भवति यदियुतो राजमान्योधनाढ्यः॥

स्थूलोदातधनाढ्योवरकनकयुतो भूरिरत्नादिपुर्णो पालैर्यातिसायंबहुसुत भृतकैर्दीर्घमायुर्मनोज्ञः॥ ११॥

saurīstuṁgethaturyebhavatikujayutomeṣasaṁsthaścabhānuḥ śukrojīvobudhovā bhavati yadiyuto rājamānyodhanāḍhyaḥ ||

sthūlodātadhanāḍhyovarakanakayuto bhūriratnādipurṇo bhūpālairyātisāyaṁbahusutabhrutakairdīrghamāayurmanojñaḥ || 11 ||

Manognya yoga is formed when Saturn is in its exaltation (Libra in 10th house), Sun is conjunct Mars in Aries in the 4th house and Venus is conjunct either with Jupiter or Mercury. On account of this, the person will be stout, generous and rich, has abundant gold and precious gems. He will have many sons and will be long lived. Also he will either be a king or will be respected/honoured by kings.

हरिगेहंकृतंपूर्वंतेनैतद्योग संभवः॥

येनाऽस्मिन्सुखमाप्नोति धनाढ्यो राजपूजितः॥ १२॥

harigehaṁkṛtaṁpūrvaṁtenaitadyoga saṁbhavaḥ ||

yenā’sminsukhamāpnoti dhanāḍhyo rājapūjitaḥ || 12 ||

(This yoga is formed) Because of constructing a temple for Lord Vishnu in the past life, the person in the present life will be wealthy, happy and will be honoured by the king.


वृद्धकालेमहादुःखैपुत्रपौत्रादितोध्रुवम्॥ १३॥

putrapautrādiyuktaścajāyatenātrasaṁśayaḥ ||

vruddhakālemahāduḥkhaiputrapautrāditodhruvam || 13 ||

He will be blessed with Sons and Grandsons. However, in old age he will definitely face misery and grief because of them.


nakṛtaṁcaharegehaṁpurātenāpiduḥkhitaḥ ||

॥ शुक्र उवाच॥

|| śukra uvāca ||

Sukra asked,

किं जाप्यं कस्य पूजा च किं दानं च किमौषधम्॥ १४॥

kiṁ jāpyaṁ kasya pūjā ca kiṁ dānaṁ ca kimauṣadham || 14 ||

What Japas, Pujas, and Danas should be performed and what medications should be taken (to avoid the above situation)?


bhṛguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

शनेः सप्ताक्षरे मन्त्रं भौममन्त्रं षडक्षरम्॥

प्रत्येकं द्विसहस्रं तु जप्त्वा देयं धनं ततः॥ १५॥

śaneḥ saptākṣare mantraṁ bhaumamantraṁ ṣaḍakṣaram ||

pratyekaṁ dvisahasraṁ tu japtvā deyaṁ dhanaṁ tataḥ || 15 ||

Seven lettered Shani (Saturn) mantra and six lettered Kuja (Mars) mantra should be chanted for 2000 times each and then money should be donated. रजतं सप्तषट्कं च हाटकं च तथैव च॥ rajataṁ saptaṣaṭkaṁ ca hāṭakaṁ ca tathaiva ca|| The native should also donate 42 (7 x 6) silver and gold coins each.

त्रिंशत्पलं ताम्रपात्रं घृतेन परिपूरितम्॥

वृषभं वस्त्रगोधूमौ प्रदद्याब्राह्मणायच॥ १६॥

triṁśatpalaṁ tāmrapātraṁ ghṛtena paripūritam||

vṛṣabhaṁ vastragodhūmau pradadyābrāhmaṇāyaca || 16 ||

(The native should) Donate a copper vessel (plate) weighing 30 palas filled with ghee. Also donate a bull, clothes, wheat to a Brahmin.

देशं स्वं भूमिदानं च कारयेच्छ्रद्धयान्वितः॥

एतद्दानोपचारेण निरोगी च सुखि भवेत्॥ १७॥

deśaṁ svaṁ bhūmidānaṁ ca kārayecchraddhayānvitaḥ||

etaddāanopacāreṇa nirogī ca sukhi bhavet || 17 ||

The person should also donate a part of his own land with full faith. By performing the (above said) danas, he will become free of diseases and will be happy.

सप्तजन्म विना दानौरेत द्योगाद्दरिद्रता॥

कविनाच कृतः प्रश्नो भृगुणा परिभाषितः॥ १८॥

saptajanma vinā dānaureta dyogāddaridratā ||

kavināca kṛtaḥ praśno bhṛguṇā paribhāṣitaḥ || 18 ||

For one born in this yoga, by not performing the remedial measures, the person will become a daridra (poor) for the next seven births. Thus answered Bhrigu to Sukra’s question.

इति मनोज्ञयोगफलम्॥

iti manojñayogaphalam ||

End of Manognya yoga phalam.

अथ विभवयोगफलम्॥

atha vibhavayogaphalam ||

Vaibhava Yoga Phalam.

क्रूरक्षेत्रे यदा जीवः सुतेशः क्रूरसंमतः॥

कर्मेशो ना विलग्नेशः क्रूरः क्रूरगृहे यदा॥१९॥

kṛurakṣetre yadā jīvaḥ suteśaḥ kṛurasaṁmataḥ ||

karmeśo nā vilagneśaḥ kṛuraḥ kṛuragṛuhe yadā ||19 ||

When Jupiter is in a rasi owned by a malefic and 5th lord is with malefics, 10th lord or Lagna lord are malefics and in a placed in a malefic rasi,

भौमार्क वीक्षितोऽधिशस्तदा योगो हि वैभवः॥

पूर्वं तीर्थे कृता सेवा ऋषीणां च पुनः पुनः॥ २०॥

bhaumārka vīkṣito’dhiśastadā yogo hi vaibhavaḥ ||

pūrvaṁ tīrthe kṛtā sevā ṛuṣīṇāṁ ca puanaḥ punaḥ || 20 ||

(and) Mars and Sun aspect Lagna Lord, Vaibhava Yoga is formed. This is because the native in his past life had served the Rishis in holy places again and again.

तेन सौख्यं भवेत्तस्य धनाढयो राजपूजितः॥

गौरश्च चपलो वक्ता गुणि च मृदुवाक्सुधीः॥ २१॥

tena saukhyaṁ bhavettasya dhanāḍhayo rājapūjitaḥ ||

gauraśca capalo vaktā guṇi ca mṛduvāksudhīḥ || 21 ||

(As the result of this yoga,) The person (in the present life) will be rich, happy and is respected by the king.  He will have reddish complexion, will be fickle minded, good orator, wise, soft spoken and will be endowed with good qualities.

बहुस्थानेषु दाता च मित्रशत्रु समो भवेत्॥

संतानो न भवेत्तस्य जातोपिच न जीवति॥ २२॥

bahusthāneṣu dātā ca mitraśatru samo bhavet ||

saṁtāno na bhavettasya jātopica na jīvati || 22 ||

He will be known as a donor in many places and will have equal number of friends and enemies. (However, because of this yoga) He will be childless or the child will not survive even if he is born.

सतीकलंकमाऽऽदाय ब्रह्मशापनिराहतः॥

satīkalaṁkamā”dāya brahmaśāpanirāhataḥ||

The above (problems in case of children) are because of defaming a virtuous married female and acquiring a Brahmashapa (curse) that could not be taken back in the past life.

शुक्र उवाच॥

śukra uvāca ||

Sukra asked,

किं जाप्यं कस्य पूजा च किं दानं च किमौषधम्॥ २३॥

kim jāpyaṁ kasya pūja ca kiṁ dānaṁ ca kimauṣadham|| 23 ||

“What Japas, Pujas and danas (donations) (as remedial measures) should be performed and what medicines should be taken?”


bhṛuguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

रीतिपात्रं पलान्पंच तन्मध्ये तत्र मंडले॥

सतीरूपंच कर्तव्यं तदग्रे कारयेज्जपम्॥ २४॥

rītipātraṁ palānpaṁca tanmadhye tatra maṁḍale ||

satīrūpaṁca kartavyaṁ tadagre kārayejjapam || 24 ||

Take a brass vessel (plate) measuring 5 palas (a particular weight equal to 4 Karsas) and draw a mandala in the center. On the mandala draw a picture of Sati (virtuous married woman) and perform japa (of the same) in front of such a yantra.

अयुतं पद्मनाभस्य मंत्रं बीजाक्षरं जपेत्॥

पुरोपरितनं कार्यं पूर्वोक्तविधिना सह॥ २५॥

ayutaṁ padmanābhasya maṁtraṁ bījākṣaraṁ japet ||

puroparitanaṁ kāryaṁ pūrvoktavidhinā saha || 25 ||

Perform Padmanabha beeja mantra japa 10,000 times in the sanctuary of a temple as stated in the procedure earlier.

ततो दानं प्रकर्त्तव्यं नवषट्कं च हाटकम्॥

रजतं भानुषत्कंच दिव्यं वस्त्रंवरस्त्रियै ॥ २६॥

tato dānaṁ prakarttavyaṁ navaṣaṭkaṁ ca hāṭakam ||

rajataṁ bhānuṣatkaṁca divyaṁ vastraṁvarastriyai || 26 ||

(After the japas) donate 54 (9 x 6) pieces of gold and 72 (12 x 6) pieces of silver. Also donate beautiful clothes to women.

एतदुक्तं मया पुत्र जपांते तु विनिर्दिशेत्॥

ऋत्वंते स्त्रीषु दातव्य मर्घ्यं सूर्याय दापयेत्॥ २७॥

etaduktaṁ mayā putra japāṁte tu vinirdiśet ||

ṛtvaṁte strīṣu dātavya marghyaṁ sūryāya dāpayet || 27 ||

My son, I have been told that one should offer arghya (water) to Sun and the donation as indicated be made to 6 women after performing the japa.

सवत्सानां गवां पन्च्च ऋतौ स्त्रिभ्यः प्रदापयेत्॥

भौमे नक्तं च कर्त्तव्यं तदैव कथ्यते ध्रुवम्॥ २८॥

savatsānāṁ gavāṁ pancca ṛtau stribhyaḥ pradāpayet ||

bhaume naktaṁ ca karttavyaṁ tadaiva kathyate dhṛuvam || 28 ||

(The native should) Donate 5 cows along with their calves, each, to 6 women. Also he should definitely fast in the day (i.e., eat only in the night) on Tuesdays.

भौमयंत्रंतुपार्श्वे च धारयेद्विधिना सह॥

एन द्दानोपचारेण प्राप्यते संततिध्रुवम्॥ २९॥

bhaumayaṁtraṁtupārśve ca dhārayedvidhinā saha ||

ena ddānopacāreṇa prāpyate saṁtatidhruvam || 29 ||

The native should wear a yantra of Mars in the hand above the elbow (below the armpit) after following the (purification) procedures. By performing (the above said) danas and remedial measures, he will definitely have children.

मृतवत्सत्वदोषघ्नं चिरंजीवी सुबालकः॥

तस्मा द्दानंप्रकर्तव्यं पूजायंत्रं च तत्त्वतः॥ ३०॥

mṛtavatsatvadoṣaghnaṁ ciraṁjīvī subālakaḥ ||

tasmā ddānaṁprakartavyaṁ pūjāyaṁtraṁ ca tattvataḥ || 30 ||

By performing the danas, pujas and wearing yantras to the extent, the dosha (defect of having a child who does not live long) gets cancelled and the native will have beautiful children who are long lived.

श्रुत्वा त्वनुसवं कार्यं बिलंबं नैव कारयेत्॥

कविनाच कृतः प्रस्नो भृगुणा परिभाषितः॥ ३१॥

śrutvā tvanusavaṁ kāryaṁ bilaṁbaṁ naiva kārayet ||

kavināca kṛtaḥ prasno bhṛguṇā paribhāṣitaḥ || 31 ||

After hearing, the remedial measures should be performed without delay. Thus answered Bhrigu to Sukra’s question.

॥ इति विभव योगफलम्॥

|| iti vibhava yogaphalam ||

End of Vibhava yoga phalam.

॥ अथ सौम्ययोग फलम्॥

|| atha saumyayoga phalam ||

Result of Saumya yoga.

लग्ने षष्टाष्टमे चन्द्रः क्रूरयुक्तोथ वीक्षितः॥

क्रूरक्षेत्रेच जीवज्ञौ सोम्याः केंद्र त्रिकोणमाः॥ ३२॥

lagne ṣaṣṭāṣṭame candraḥ krūrayuktotha vīkṣitaḥ ||

krūrakṣetreca jīvajñau soumyāḥ keṁdra trikoṇamāḥ || 32 ||

Saumya yoga is formed when Moon is in the Lagna, 6th or 8th house, is conjunct or aspected by malefics, Jupiter is placed in a rasi owned by malefics and benefic planets are in Kendras or Trikonas. Sanskrit Editor’s Comment: The text appears to talk of Jupiter and Mercury in the house of malefic, but apparently it is a misprint since then it goes on to talk of benefics in plural. With Jupiter, Moon and Mercury already accounted for the only benefic left out is Venus. So there is some misprint and thus the translation as above seems to be right. However the yoga being named after Mercury (one of whose names is Saumya) one could also consider Mercury occupying malefic owned house and conjunct Jupiter being the condition.

सौम्यकृतः पूर्वे मातुलान्याश्च संगमः॥

तेन पापानुसारेण शुक्लकुष्टी प्रजायते॥ ३३॥

saumyayoge kṛtaḥ pūrve mātulānyāśca saṁgamaḥ ||

tena pāpānusāreṇa śuklakuṣṭī prajāyate || 33 ||योगे

Saumya yoga is formed because in the past life, the person had sexual union with maternal uncle’s wife. As the result of that misdeed, he will suffer from white leprosy in the present life.

नक्तांधो दीर्घरोगी वा शुकहीन श्च जायते॥

अल्पदाता भवेत्क्रोधी पुत्रस्त्रीमित्रदुःखदः॥ ३४॥

naktāṁdho dīrgharogī vā shukahīna śca jāyate ||

alpadātā bhavetkrodhī putrastrīmitraduḥkhadaḥ || 34 ||

The person will also have night blindness, will suffer from long lasting diseases and will be unhappy. He will not make any donations and will have an angry temperament. He will be the cause of grief for his wife, children and friends.

शुक्र उवाच॥

śukra uvāca ||

Sukra asked,

किं जाप्यं कस्य पूजा च किं दानं च किमौषधम्॥

kiṁ jāpyaṁ kasya pūjā ca kiṁ dānaṁ ca kimauṣadham ||

“What Japas, Pujas and danas (donations) (as remedial measures) should be performed and what medicines should be taken?”


bhṛguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

कांस्यपात्रे पला रुद्राः पंचकोणं तु मंडलम्॥ ३५॥

kāṁsyapātre palā rudrāḥ paṁcakoṇaṁ tu maṁḍalam || 35 ||

Take a bronze plate of eleven palas weight and draw a pentagonal shaped mandala in that plate.

स्त्रीरूपं च प्रकर्त्तव्यं तन्मध्ये चंदनाक्षतान्॥

तदग्रे च जपं कुर्यात् रुद्रमंत्रं नवाक्षरम्॥ ३६॥

strīrūpaṁ ca prakarttavyaṁ tanmadhye caṁdanākṣatān ||

tadagre ca japaṁ kuryāt rudramaṁtraṁ navākṣaram || 36 ||

In the center of that (mandala) draw a figure of female with sandalwood akshataas (rice mixed with of sandalwood). Subsequently, perform japa of 9 lettered (Navakshara) Rudra mantra in front of that yantra.

पंचसाहस्रमानेन पूर्वोक्तविधिना सह॥

हाटकं च ततोप्यष्टषट्कं तारं च शोभनम्॥ ३७॥

paṁcasāhasramānena pūrvoktavidhinā saha ||

hāṭakaṁ ca tatoapyaṣṭaṣaṭkaṁ tāraṁ ca śobhanam || 37 ||

The japa should be performed 5000 times as per the method stated earlier. Later donate 48 (8 x 6) gold coins on a day of auspicious star (nakshatra).

माषाक्तं च गुडं तैलंगाश्च वृषभसंयुताः॥

एतद्दानं प्रकर्त्तव्यं जपः कार्यो न संशयः॥ ३८॥

māṣāktaṁ ca guḍaṁ tailaṁgāśca vṛṣabhasaṁyutāḥ ||

etaddānaṁ prakarttavyaṁ japaḥ kāryo na saṁśayaḥ || 38 ||

Later donate blackgram, jaggery, oil along with a bull. These donations (danas) and japas should be performed without any doubts.

ततस्तु श्रीफलं भव्यं मायामंत्रेण मंत्रयेत्॥

ऋतौत्रिवारं दातव्यं भोजनं पायसं घृतम्॥ ३९॥

tatastu śrīphalaṁ bhavyaṁ māyāmaṁtreṇa maṁtrayet ||

ṛtautrivāraṁ dātavyaṁ bhojanaṁ pāyasaṁ ghṛtam || 39 ||

Next purify a good coconut with ‘maya’ mantra. Donate food to two women thrice (2 x 3) along with ghee and payasam (rice boiled with milk and sugar).

एतद्दनोपचारेण पुत्रो भवति नान्यथा॥

चिरंजीवी भवेत्सूनु र्दानकर्म प्रसादतः॥ ४०॥

etaddanopacāreṇa putro bhavati nānyathā ||

ciraṁjīvī bhavetsūnu rdānakarma prasādataḥ || 40 ||

By performing the danas, the person will definitely get a son who is a chiranjeevi (long lived), there is no other way he shall get a son.

शुक्र उवाच॥

śukra uvāca ||

Sukra asked,

केन पुण्येन हेतोर्वा रोगहीनः प्रजायते॥

kena puṇyena hetorvā rogahīnaḥ prajāyate ||

“What sacred deeds should be performed so that the native will become free of diseases?”


bhṛguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

पूर्वोक्तपुण्यं कृत्वा तु कृष्णकंबल संयुतम्॥ ४१॥

pūrvoktapuṇyaṁ kṛtvā tu kṛṣṇakaṁbala saṁyutam || 41 ||

(The native should) perform all the earlier said religious measures and take a black woollen blanket,

चत्वारिंशत्पलं लोहपात्र तैलेन संभृतम्॥

महा एकार्द्धषट्कं च सद्विप्राय तु दापयेत्॥ ४२॥

catvāriṁśatpalaṁ lohapātra tailena saṁbhṛtam ||

mahā ekārddhaṣaṭkaṁ ca sadviprāya tu dāpayet || 42 ||

also take an iron vessel weighing 40 palas filled with oil, and donate them along with 3 (half of 6) cows to a good brahman.

मृत्युंजयं महा मंत्रं विधिना सह लेखयेत्॥

धारयित्वातु शीर्षेवैकारये द्द्विजपूजनम्॥ ४३॥

mṛtyuṁjayaṁ mahā maṁtraṁ vidhinā saha lekhayet ||

dhārayitvātu śīrṣevaikāraye ddvijapūjanam || 43 ||

write ‘Mrityunjaya maha mantra’ as per the procedure and wear it in the head after worshipping Brahmins. Sanskrit Editor’s comment: I think the word शीर्षेवैकारयेत् is a misprint and should be शीर्षैवैखारयेत् (śīrṣaivaikhārayet) and thus the meaning would be, one should should write the mrityunjaya mantra, hold it on one’s head and recite it loudly after worshipping a Brahmin.

सोमवारैकभक्तं च कर्त्तव्यं च विशेषतः॥

तत्तद्दनोपचारेण रोगहीनः प्रजायते॥ ४४॥

somavāraikabhaktaṁ ca karttavyaṁ ca viśeaṣataḥ ||

tattaddanopacāreṇa rogahīnaḥ prajāyate || 44 ||

especially, eating food only once on Mondays is worth doing. By performing (the above said) the danas and remedial measures, the native will be free from ailments.

भौमेनक्तंच कर्त्तव्यं पुत्रार्थे विधिसंयुतम्॥

कविनाच कृतः प्रश्नो भृगुना परिभषितः॥ ४५॥

bhaumenaktaṁca karttavyaṁ putrārthe vidhisaṁyutam ||

kavināca kṛtaḥ praśno bhṛgunā paribhaṣitaḥ || 45 ||

If one desires a son, he has to eat only in the nights (i.e, fast in the morning) after seeing the stars on Tuesdays. Thus answered Bhrigu to Sukra’s question.

इति सौम्य योगफलम्॥

iti saumya yogaphalam ||

End of saumya yoga result.


yātu dhānyayogaphalam ||

Result of Yatudhanya Yoga.

धर्मे क्रूरा रिपुक्षेत्रे कर्मे पापाः परेथवा॥

छिद्रे वा भवने पापाः क्रूरैभ्रष्टं सुतं गृहम्॥ ४६॥

dharme krūrā ripukṣetre karme pāpāḥ parethavā ||

chidre vā bhavane pāpāḥ krūraibhraṣṭaṁ sutaṁ gṛham || 46 ||

Yatu-Dhanya yoga is formed when 9th house, 6th and 10th houses have malefics, or 8th house, 4th house have malefics and malefics have afflicted the 5th house.

यातु धान्ये सदा दोषः पूर्वं गोत्रवधः कृतः॥

तेन पापानुसारेण सुतहीनः प्रजायते॥ ४७॥

yātu dhānye sadā doṣaḥ pūrvaṁ gotravadhaḥ kṛtaḥ ||

tena pāpānusāreṇa sutahīnaḥ prajāyate || 47 ||

The native, in his past life was an evil spirit, always committing sins and poisoned the food of his clansmen (or people of his own lineage) causing their death. Because of this sin, in the present life he will not have sons,

अथवा जायथे कुष्टी राजरोगी तथा भवेत्॥

कृपणो दुष्टवित्तश्च कृतघ्नो निर्गुणः खलः॥ ४८॥

athavā jāyathe kuṣṭī rājarogī tathā bhavet ||

kṛpaṇo duṣṭavittaśca kṛtaghno nirguṇaḥ khalaḥ || 48 ||

or he will be born with leprosy or tuberculosis. He will be a miser, will earn money by evil means, and will be ungrateful, worthless and wicked.

गर्भोत्पत्तौ भवेत् कष्टं स्त्रीयोऽपि पुरुषस्य च॥

गर्भस्रावो भवेत्तस्य जातोवापि न जीवति॥ ४९॥

garbhotpattau bhavet kaṣṭaṁ strīyo’pi puruṣasya ca ||

garbhasrāvo bhavettasya jātovāpi na jīvati || 49 ||

(Because of this yoga) in both men and women there will be destruction of offspring. There will be abortions or even if the child is born, he will not survive.

पापात्मा दुष्टकर्मा च एतच्चिह्नयुतो नरः॥

ब्रह्म हत्यादि पापानिचकारासौ गोत्रहा॥ ५०॥

pāpātmā duṣṭakarmā ca etaccihnayuto naraḥ ||

brahma hatyādi pāpānicakārāsau gotrahā || 50 ||

The person will be a sinner, will do evil deeds and bear the mark. He will commit sins like Brahma hatya (killing a Brahmin), go to prison and will be responsible for extinction of his lineage. Sanskrit Editor’s comment: I think the mark itself is being born with Leprosy or contracting Tuberculosis.

सुरामांसाशनोद्वेषी रौरवं नरकं ययौ॥

क्षेत्रे मृतानां गोदानं कृतं तेन कुलोद्भव॥ ५१॥

surāmāṁsāśanodveṣī rauravaṁ narakaṁ yayau ||

kṣetre mṛtānāṁ godānaṁ kṛtaṁ tena kulodbhava || 51 ||

He will consume liquor, eat meat, will be a hater, and will go to raurava hell. By donating lands and cows, the native will get sons. Sanskrit Editor’s comment: The donations indicated seem to be land for crematorium (क्षेत्रे मृतानां) and Cows. This is so as he is said to have killed the clansmen in previous his previous life.

आदिमध्यावसाने तु सौख्यं समद चित्तता॥

ādimadhyāvasāne tu saukhyaṁ samada cittatā ||

The native will be in a continuous state of excitation, intoxication and passionate on account of consuming liquor. Also, he will be happy in the beginning, middle and later part of his life.

शुक्र उवाच॥

śukra uvāca ||

Sukra asked,

किं जाप्यं कस्य पुजा च किं दानं च किमौषधम्॥ ५२॥

kiṁ jāpyaṁ kasya pujā ca kiṁ dānaṁ ca kimauṣadham || 52 ||

“What Japas, Pujas and danas (donations) (as remedial measures) should be performed and what medicines should be taken?”


bhṛguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

रीतिपात्रं तथा कांस्यं चतुर्दश पलैः कृतम्॥ ५३॥

rītipātraṁ tathā kāṁsyaṁ caturdaśa palaiḥ kṛtam || 53 ||

Take a brass or bronze vessel of 14 palas weight.

गोत्ररूपं च तन्मध्ये चंदनेन च कारयेत्॥

तदग्रे कारयेज्जप्यमघोरं बीजसंयुतम्॥ ५४॥

gotrarūpaṁ ca tanmadhye caṁdanena ca kārayet ||

tadagre kārayejjapyamaghoraṁ bījasaṁyutam || 54 ||

In the middle, draw the figure of gotra rishi (rishi who represents the gotra) with sandalwood. Next, foremost, perform japa of ‘Aghora’ with beeja mantra.

सहस्रं कारयेत्पश्चात्सु पुण्यदिवसे शुभे॥

हाटकं दश षट्कं च रजतं द्विगुणं तथा॥ ५५॥

sahasraṁ kārayetpaścātsu  puṇyadivase śubhe ||

hātakaṁ daśa ṣaṭkaṁ ca rajataṁ dviguṇaṁ tathā || 55 ||

After completing the japa 1000 times, on an auspicious day, donate 60 (10 X 6) gold coins, and silver of double quantity and.

गांवाश्वंवापिसंयत्नाद्ब्राह्मणेभ्यः प्रदापयेत्॥

पूर्णपात्रं घृतैः पूर्णं ब्राह्मणेभ्यः प्रदापयेत्॥ ५६॥

gāṁvāśvaṁvāpisaṁyatnādbrāhmaṇebhyaḥ pradāpayet ||

pūrṇapātraṁ ghṛtaiḥ pūrṇaṁ brāhmaṇebhyaḥ pradāpayet || 56 ||

donate these, along with a cow, a horse and a vessel filled with ghee to an accomplished Brahmin.

शुक्र उवाच॥

śukra uvāca ||

Sukra asked,

एवम् सक्तिर्यदा नास्तितदा किंक्रियते प्रभो॥

evam saktiryadā nāstitadā kiṁkriyate prabho ||

“Master, what should be done when one does not have the ability to do (the above said)?”


bhṛuguruvāca ||

Bhrigu said,

तदर्द्धपुण्यतः कार्यं दानं दद्यात्स्वशक्तितः॥ ५७॥

tadarddhapuṇyataḥ kāryaṁ dānaṁ dadyātsvaśaktitaḥ || 57 ||

Perform half (amount) of religious ceremonies and danas according the person’s ability.

गर्भपाते श्रुतौ वापि पुण्यं कुर्याच्चतंत्रतः॥

तदा पुत्रधनं सम्यक्प्राप्यतेनात्र संशयः॥ ५८॥

garbhapāte śrutau vāpi puṇyaṁ kuryāccataṁtrataḥ ||

tadā putradhanaṁ samyakprāpyatenātra saṁśayaḥ || 58 ||

In case of miscarriage, perform punya (religious ceremony) as per the procedure prescribed earlier. Then, the native will definitely get treasured sons.

दानंते श्रीफलं भव्यं मायामंत्रेण मंत्रितम्॥

अर्चयेद्भौमवारे तु कार्यं नक्तं हि भोजनम्॥ ५९॥

dānaṁte śrīphalaṁ bhavyaṁ māyāmaṁtreṇa maṁtritam ||

arcayedbhaumavāre tu kāryaṁ naktaṁ hi bhojanam || 59 ||

Donate a coconut by reciting ‘Maya’ mantra (i.e., enchanting) over it (while holding the same) on Tuesdays. Also (on Tuesdays) eat food only in the night (fast in the morning) after seeing the stars and performing puja.

श्रुत्वानकुरुते पुण्यं तदंते दुखमाप्नुयात्॥

राजरोगो महाचिंता पुत्रौरपि धनैरपि॥ ६०॥

śrutvānakurute puṇyaṁ tadaṁte dukhamāpnuyāt ||

rājarogo mahāciṁtā putraurapi dhanairapi || 60 ||

By not performing (above said) the religious ceremonies immediately after hearing, the native’s end will be sorrowful and he will suffer from Tuberculosis, Worries on account of Wealth and children.

कविना च कृतः प्रश्नो भृगुणा परिभाषितः॥ ६१॥

kavinā ca kṛtaḥ praśno bhṛguṇā paribhāṣitaḥ || 61 ||

Thus answered Bhrigu to Sukra’s question.

इति यातुधान्ययोग फलम्॥

iti yātudhānyayoga phalam ||

End of result of yatudhanya yoga.

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