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When we approach some of the older generation astrologers they bewilder us by accurately predicting that so and so event has occurred during so and so year by looking at just the D-1 chart.  Such people are looked with reverence by the young ones in astrology without having any clue to the methods they are adopting in predicting the event to dot just by looking at the D-1 chart and not even bothering about the dasha, transits and divisional charts which are normally applied for identifying the nature of events in a natives’ chart.

There are several techniques which have been brought out in the earlier issues of the magazine and received accolades from very senior members of astrological community.  Yet another technique is explained here for the benefit of our friends. We bow to Lord Ganapathi & the Great Sage Bhrighu offering this article to them to bless. There are many Parts to this technique but the simplest and rawest form of it is presented, one of the parts is identifying the month of the event within this technique and the erudite reader is prompted to use the rotation method to come to the month.


This technique is akin to the BCP (Brighu Chakra Paddati) published earlier, with a little variation. For the purpose of present technique one has to calculate the completed number of years in a nativity. For example a person born on 26-08-1968 has completed 41 years and 8 months as on 26-04-2010. For the purpose of Brighu Varsha Phala (BVP) we have to consider only completed year and decide the house operating as per BCP counting method. In example above the person has completed 41 years and from Asc. the house operative for the native is 41-36= 5. So during the year from 26-08-2009 to 26-08-2010 for the above 5th house related matters get activated. Let us now see some examples as to how to apply this technique, in Part A celebrities charts are used and in Part B non-celebrities charts are used. Readers are requested to read the Conclusion part of this article.

Part A

Chart: John F Kennedy

cHART 271

President John F Kennedy died on November 22, 1963 which means he was 46 years and 6 months roughly. So to get the Bhrighu Varsha Phal House we take 46-36=10, the BVP comes in the 10th house of career and karma where Ketu signifying obstacles, breaks and accidents is sitting being debilitated in the sign of Gemini which signifies short trips and travels. The lord of BVP is Mer in the 8H of death with the 8L Mars who is also the 3L of short travels aspected by Saturn the 6L of accidents and enemies. Someone shot him while he was on a trip for his career, with the aspect of Rahu on the BVP house the killers identity still remains a mystery.

Chart: Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi died on 30 January 1948; he was 78 years and 4 months. So take 78 completed years to get BVP, which means 78-72 = 6, thus the Bhrighu Varsha Phal becomes the 6H of enemies, accidents and mishaps. The 6th lord Jupiter goes in the 7H of maraka aspecting the Lagna (body) where the 12L of exit Mercury sits conjoined with the lagna lord Venus who is also the 8th lord of death.

The greatest painter of all times died on 29th July 1890 when he was 37 years 4 months. So take completed years of 37 to get Bhrighu Varsha Phal which is 37-36=1, the 1st house becomes the house of Bhrighu Varsha Phal House. It contains Rahu the planet signifying erratic action & depression sitting in the sign of Gemini (lungs/chest) with Gulika. The BVP lord Mercury is conjoined with the 8L of death Saturn and Saturn the 8L also aspects the BVP House thereby making this a potent year. One can note the aspect of Jupiter who has a strong Kendradhipathi dosha relevant towards death/longevity aspecting the BVP House who additionally receives the aspect of Mars the 6L of accidents & dispositor of A8. When so many negatives aspect the BVP House there is possibility of something negative happening.

Recently acquitted from the hospital, Van Gogh suffered a severe setback in December 1889. Although he had been troubled by mental illness throughout his life, the episodes became more pronounced during his last few years. On 27 July 1890, aged 37, he walked into a field and shot himself in the chest with a revolver. He survived the impact, but not realizing that his injuries were to be fatal, he walked back to the Ravoux Inn. He died there two days later. The antardasha was of Rahu is to be noted.

Chart: Michael Jackson

chart 273

Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009, at that time he was 50 years 10 months, so take completed years as 50 to get the Bhrighu Varsha Phal house which will be 50-48=2, the 2nd house of maraka. Its lord Jupiter is with Rahu (mysterious & scandalous) in the 9H, rahu is the co-lord of lagna (body). The dispositor of all this is Venus who is in the 6H of accidents and doctors. One should note that the Bhrighu Varsha Phal Lord Jupiter is aspected by 8th lord (from BVP House that is 2H) Mars who is accident karaka who is along with Ketu making it very fatal.

Part B

Chart no. 1

The native of this chart got married on 27-04-1995. His date of birth is 26-08-1968 TOB: 09:44 am. On 27-04-1995 the native was running 26 years 8 months and one day. As per the technique we have to consider only the completed years which is 26. Now to decide the being operative during that year 26-24 = 2. Hence the second house from the Ascendant was operative. This person’s ascendant is Libra and second house from Libra is Scorpio. The lord of 2nd and 7th house Mars is placed in the 10th house of karma.  2nd house is addition to family.

The native of chart no. 2 is of a female and she got her first job during January 2002. She was running 23 years and 4 months during that time. Let us take the completed number of years i.e., 23 and the house that was operative 23-12 = 11. It may be noted that Eleventh house is the house of gains. More specifically gain from the 10th house of profession.

Chart No: 3

This native during July 2003 met with accident. At that time he was 39 years 11 months. The completed number of years was 39 and the house that operative was 39-36 = 3. 

chart 275

The native is of Leo ascendant 3rd house is Libra where Mars karaka of accidents is placed and Libra is also having A-6 signifying accidents. Third house is also the house of short journeys. The native was commuting from office to his residence on his bike and met with accident. Of course, he did not have any major problem but was hospitalized for a period of one or two weeks.

Chart no. 4

chart 276

The above native got married on 19-05-2006 when he was 27 years 6 months. The completed number of years was 27 therefore, 3rd house was operative. Third house is the Bhagyodaya house of the 7th house and also the house of desire. The 27th year old is Saturn and it sits with the 9th lord of religious marriage Moon and his Bhagyodaya happened.

Chart no: 5

The native of this chart was blessed with a son during October 1982 at that time he was 31 years and 3 months. Completed number of years was 31. Hence the house which was operating was 31-24= 7. This was the second issue he had and for 2nd issue 7th has to operate. Fifth house is seen for the 1st child. 7th lord Jupiter combines with Moon the 2nd lord of addition in family.

chart 277

The native got child on 11th March 2010 and he was 36 years 10 months. So take 36 years and the BVP will come in the 12H where the 5L of children Venus is sitting, he got a child. One should note that the Bhrighu Varsha Phal House is Taurus and it is aspected by Jupiter karaka for children and also aspects its lord Venus thereby doubly fortifying the event. Before arriving at a year for predictions one should see how many factors are influencing the BVP House and its lord, when more factors then the event will happen surely.

In Closing

One can observe that BVP and BCP have a lot of similarity and infact can be conflicting if one thinks logically. If one tests aggressively he would find that both techniques work and in some cases BVP works far better and in some charts BCP is more miraculous. There are infact many parts to the BVP method wherein some take the BVP as the lagna and see the whole year from it; also they divide the 12 months into 12 houses. For e.g. if an event happened in the 6th month they would see the 6H from the BVP house for that year. At times it has given brilliant results and readers can take some of the above examples and see it working but at the same time some cases have not yielded satisfactory results hence it has so far not been presented, leaving it an area for research. Coming back to the conflict between BCP and BVP it is inexplicable at this stage, yet one must observe various nadi readings where at times the Sage predicts ‘in the 30/31st year marriage will happen’, question one must ask is why is the Sage not being specific at times, can’t he be sure or is he using two methods to arrive at the same conclusion. Above technique presented gives a snapshot method of identifying the nature of events which may take place in a nativity in particular year. It is requested that the technique be practiced on number charts by the readers and come out with their findings for further research.

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