Capricorn Dasa–Some Observations

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Vanchanadheeyam is a rare text on Jaimini Astrology, that has so far not come out. It is not available in published form and hardly 4-5 astrologers in Andhra Pradesh the land of Jaimini astrology have it, most of them not willing to part with it. Late Y.Krishna Rao wrote in his articles the following:-

According to Vanchanadheeyam, Capricorn Dasa is the most troublesome of all Rasi dasas and our humble experience confirms this view. We have observed that the Dasa of Capricorn is very troublesome when the sign falls in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th house either from Lagna or from Aroodha Lagna or from Atmakaraka Rasi (the sign in which the Atmakaraka is situated).

In his another article titled ‘Padanadhamsa Dasa’ he wrote on Page 5 :-

Usually the advent of Capricorn Dasa will bring about major changes in life, either for good or for bad. The first part and the last part of Capricorn Dasa is usually troublesome according to Vanchanadheeyam.

Salient Points:-

1)  Presumbaly take Chara Dasa or relevant applicable Rasi Dasa in any chart

2) Capricorn Sign should fall in the 6H, 8H or 12H from Asc or AL or AK

3) Observe especially charts of Leo Asc , Ge Asc or Aq Asc

4) One can observe the Cp MD or Cp AD or Cp PD of the relevant Dasa

5) Capricorn Dasa can be very troublesome or will bring major changes in life either for good or bad

6) The first and last part of the Capricorn dasa is usually troublesome

Let us see some example charts but pls note not to form a definitive opinion from them and test this further.

Chart 1: Rajiv Gandhi, Cp in 6H

Rajiv Gandhi, Cp in 6H

Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

Aq MD:  /Cp AD:  1991-04-20  –  1991-12-20

His Cp AD was running during 21st May 1991.

1)  Cp for his Asc is the 6th House

2) Now observe 8th from Cp Sign there are 5 planets, so something concerning his longevity (8H) will surely (5 planets) happen.

3) 8th from Capricorn contains AK & GK

See in Dasa Rasis, one very important clue that you would get after observing many charts is to always observe 6/8 positions between Dasa MD and Dasa AD. Mr Y Krishna Rao condition that Cp being in the 6th from Asc is satisfied so is that it is 6th from AK Sun.

Rajiv Gandhi was running Cp Dasa from 1977 to 1984, so Cp is the 6th house Dasa and 8th from it would be the sign Leo, so whenever Cp MD/Le AD will come, something significant will happen, more so since Leo contains 5 planets, means more power to give an event. Now CpMD/Le Ad was from Dec 1979 to July 1980 and on 23rd June 1980 his brother Sanjay Gandhi died in a flying mishap. Leo contains Sun-GK (accidents) and Moon –BK (brother). Most important point is Leo is aspected by Ketu (accident karaka) from 6H of accidents containing the MD Cp.

As soon as the Cp Mahadasha ended within 1.5 months he lost his mother, Indira Gandhi.

Chart 2: Michael Jackson, Cp in 12H

Michael Jackson

Taken the Chakrapani Ullal birth time, first note that Cp is in the 12H satisfying the condition mentioned by Y. Krishna Rao. Now there are only 3 things we all will remember about Michael Jackson, a) He was the greater performer/singer b) He was rich and famous like nobody c) There was child abuse allegations against him.

The first (probably) child abuse allegations against him that came out was in Aug 1993, our notes indicate this

August 1993: A father accuses Jackson of molesting his 13-year-old son, but settles out of

Court. Incidentally he was running Cp Ad, a period called most troublesome dasa by the text Vanchanadeeyam and incidentally child molestation has troubled MJ till the end of his life with many other cases coming up. Note that

Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

Le MD/Cp AD:  1993-08-29  –  1994-08-29

Note that Leo/Cp is 6/8 to each other.

Those few who do esoteric astrology, can note that Cp is the 12H of previous lives issues, its lord Saturn is in the 10H of one’s karma in the sign of Sc (sex scandals).

   Chart 3: Hilary Clinton, Cp 8H

Hilary Clinton

CP sign is in the 8H of sex scandals and from Asc Cp being 8th sign is one of the conditions laid down by Y Krishna Rao, another condition 12th from AL which is also being met here.

News of the scandal first broke on January 17, 1998 (during Cp AD), on the Drudge Report website,[19] which reported that Newsweek editors were sitting on a story by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff exposing the affair. The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21 in The Washington Post.

This was the Monica Lewinsky scandal that brought great hurt and troublesome periods for Hillary Clinton.

Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

 Li MD:  1995-10-26  –  2007-10-26

  Cp AD:  1997-10-25  –  1998-10-26

Chart 4: Ramalinga Raju, Cp

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