CHARA DASHA – Adverse Events Using Divisional Charts By Roberto Velicaz, Italy.

After reading Mr. Rao’s book on Predicting Through Jaimini’s Chara Dasha I tried it on my own chart and those of family and friends. This allowed me to test my understanding and confirm past events which had occurred. I was surprised with the clarity and ease of the method. I found it very useful in confirming the lagna of a person when the time of birth was in doubt. When dealing with unreliable birth times I would use only this dasha.

While applying Chara Dasha I observed that adverse events could be predicted for certain areas of life using the divisional charts. I was interested to see when Gnathikaraka (GK) was found in the 1st house of the antardasha running or from the 6th house of the antardasha running and finally from the house which represented that particular divisional chart.

So from the running antadasha, GK would be found in the following divisional chart houses.


D3 – 1st, 3rd (younger siblings), 6th, 11th (older siblings)

D4 – 1st, 4th (land, property), 6th

D7 – 1st, 5th (children), 6th

D9 – 1st, 6th, 7th (spouse)

D10 – 1st, 6th, 10th (career)

D12 – 1st, 4th (mother), 6th, 9th (father)

D16 – 1st, 4th (vehicles), 6th


Now I want to underline that these are only my observations and as such need further research and investigation on many horoscopes. We must always remember to use the rashi chart as the focus point and the Vimshotarri Dasha with the above technique.

I have used it on charts of friends and have been surprised at the results but I cannot guarantee it gives 100% results, so I leave it to the reader to research. Another point of investigation would be to look for GK in the 8th or 12th from the antardasha running in divisional charts.

Below I have given some examples using horoscopes of famous people to aid the readers understanding.


On June 23 1980, Sanjay Ghandi, younger brother of Rajiv died in an air accident. Capricorn/Leo was running. We see in the D3 chart that GK is in Leo, 1st house.

On November 8 1960, Richard Nixon loses election to JFK. Aquarius/Virgo was running. We see in the D10 chart that GK is in the 6th house from Virgo antardasha.

On August 12 1944, Joseph Kennedy, elder brother of JFK dies. Capricorn/Aquarius was running. We see in the D3 chart that GK is in the 6th house from Aquarius antardasha.

On May 13 1948, Kathleen Kennedy, younger sister of JFK dies. Pisces/Taurus was running. We see in the D3 chart that GK is in the 3rd house from Taurus antardasha.


On August 9 1963, Jacqueline Kennedy’s son dies. Pisces/Aries was running. We see in the D7 chart that GK is in the 1st house Aries.

On December 16 1998, President Clinton is impeached by the House of Representatives. Aries/Leo was running. We see in the D10 chart that GK is in the 1st house Leo.

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