Clues From Ramayana & Timing Of Widowhood By Shankar G. Hegde,

Vidwan Shankar G. Hegde was born on 22nd/23rd of July 1971 in an orthodox family in a small town Kumta of Karnataka. He is well versed in both traditional & modern methods of astrology. Currently, he is practicing Indian astrology in Rajajinagr Bangalore. He is a gifted, as well as a well experienced, Hindu Astrologer who learnt astrology at the age of 14. Along with astrology, he studied martial arts, palmistry and the Egyptian system of astrology. Mr. Hegde got an opportunity to give daily predictions for a satellite channel -Asianet Kaveri where he became very popular in Bangalore & Karnataka, because of his super hit predictions. Specifically, he tried to remove the phobias created by fake astrologers on womenfolk. He has produced excellent & unparalleled researches in astrology that have appeared in the Journal Of Astrology of K. N. Rao.

Asper the opinion of Shri. K.N.Rao, some very good combinations of astrology are present in the local languages of India. Few weeks back, a star singer of greatest art from Karnataka visited my house & he sang a song related to the chapter of “Sundara Khanda” of Ramayana in Rag Charukeshi. It revealed how Lord Hanuman comes to a conclusion that Mandodari, the wife of Ravana, was not Sita by using some Anga Saamudrika. After listening to it, my brain started to find out new things related to predicting widowhood.

The literal meaning of the song is like this:


  • There is no padma (lotus) rekha[1] in the foot.
  • Widowhood is indicated at the back of the head.
  • No symbol of matsya (fish) on right thigh.

I just checked whether these combinations are present in the original (?) Ramayana & couldn’t find any such combinations in it. But besides Tulasi Ramayana, Adhyatma Ramayana etc., there are other Ramayanas in many local languages of India. Moreover I came to know that the writer of that song (play-let) was well versed in astrology, mainly the Kerala system of astrology. My grasping was as below.


1>Feet are governed by 12th house.

2>Head is represented by the 1st house so back of it is 12th house.

3>Thighs are governed by 8th house.

Matsya or Meena’s (Pisces) owner is Jupiter the protector. Meanwhile I remembered my grandmother’s words. She had told me that as soon as Lord Hanuman entered the bedroom of Ravana and saw the beautiful wife of that Demon, Mandodari, he was confused for a while. But he saw the feet of Mandodari & there were ‘Kaka (Crow) rekhas, so Lord Hanuman realized that she was not Sita.

Crow is the vehicle of Saturn.

So I started a small research & the following observations emerged:

  • While calculating the time of loss of spouse, mainly husband, though all 2, 7, 8, & 12th houses or their lords are important, still the 12th house or its lord or, planet(s) placed in the 12th are more significant.

2>       Next important house/lord is 8th.

3>       Transit Jupiter influencing 8th house tries to mitigate the problem whereas Saturn tries to promote it. Here the planetary strength finalizes the factor.

4>       In many cases transit Jupiter, Saturn, the Dasha or sub lord of the Dasha will be connected to the 12th house somehow.

Let us see some practical illustrations.

Case-1: Smt. Indira Gandhi. D.O.B.19-11-1917, 23-11 IST, Allahabad, India. (Lagna> Cancer 27deg-22mins.)

[1] Rekha means a line or can be interpreted as a sign.

astrology 41

AK is Saturn and DK is Sun.

She lost her husband on Sept 8, 1960. The Vimshottari running was Jupiter-Venus. Venus aspects the 12th house in D-1. And Jupiter aspects the 12th Lord Mercury. Mercury, the 12th lord, aspects Jupiter in D-1. In D-9, Jupiter aspects the 12th Lord and Venus receives the aspect of 12th Lord Saturn in Capricorn. The transit Jupiter as well as Saturn were in Sagittarius aspecting the 12th house on that day. In fact, Saturn was aspecting the 8th house from Lagna (Karka) Cancer on that day. It was Sagittarius – Gemini according to Jaimini Chara Dasha. Gemini is the 12th house from the Lagna and Sagittarius is the 12th house from Dara Pada also. Like this, so many Jaimini parameters can be analyzed, which will be shown step by step.

Case-2: Smt. Menaka Gandhi. D.o.b. 26-8-1956, 04-04 IST, Delhi, India. Ascendant- Cancer 14deg-37mins.

AK is Moon and Dk is Saturn.

 Her husband’s death took place on June 23, 1980. It was Venus Dasha Mercury sub. In D-1, Venus is in the 12th house & Mercury is the lord of 12th. In D-9, Venus is the 12th lord in 7th & Mercury is the 8th lord. Transit Jupiter & Saturn were in Leo along with Mars. So in front of the negative energy of two major malefics influencing the 8th, Jupiter’s positive energy could not work.

In Jaimini chara Dasha, it was Pisces-Capricorn. The lord of Pisces, Jupiter, aspects the 12th house from DK Saturn (Jaimini aspect), he falls in the 12th from dara pada. Lord of Capricorn, Saturn being the DK, falls in the 12th from Upapada. In this case, the lord of Capricorn, Saturn, is also the lord of 12th house from Karakamsha Lagna!

 Case3: Female. Dob-10-4-1949, 13-10 IST. Ascendant- Cancer 16deg20mins.

Note> Now I am using the reliable horoscopes of other astrologer(s). I am using the horoscopes of ladies present in the book “Indian Marriage in Modern, Urban, Educated Society” written by Sh. Deepak Bisaria under the guidance of Sh. K.N.Rao. In that book, both the two horoscopes just discussed by me are present. This is the very next case as far as the horoscopes of ladies are concerned. I have selected these charts in a random manner.


Jaimini Ak is Sun & Dk is Saturn.

She lost her husband in Rahu-Mercury. Rahu gives the result of Mars who is with the 12th lord Mercury in D-1, & Mercury is the 12th lord! In D-9 Rahu-Ketu axis influences the 12th house & Mercury is with the 12th lord. In Jaimini Chara Dasha, it was Aquarius Dasha. Aquarius is the 12th house from Karakamsha Lagna Pisces. Lord of Aquarius is Saturn the DK; he aspects (when I write about Jaimini system it should be considered as Jaimini aspect only) the 12th from it i.e. Capricorn, which is also owned by him! The Dara pada is Pisces & its lord receives the aspect of the 12th lord Saturn. Here it is difficult to discuss about the transits as the exact date of death is not give. (In previous cases also the dates are not given in the book but I have used my own data).

Case 4: Female. DOB-7-11-1971, 17-30 IST. Ascendant>Aries 15deg16mins.(data of Sh. K.N.Rao. present in the book of Sh. Bisaria)

Jaimini Ak-Moon, Dk-Mars.

She lost her husband on 25th of September 1995.


It was Saturn-Moon in Vimshottari. In D-1 Saturn is aspected by Jupiter the 12th lord. In
D-9, Moon is the 12th lord & Saturn is with him. Transit Jupiter was in Scorpio in the 8th from the ascendant. But transit Saturn was in Aquarius in retrograde motion, in his moola trikona house and was stronger to defeat Jupiter. In Jaimini chara Dasha, it was Leo-Scorpio. Just try to reason it yourself. Simply Scorpio is the 12th from dara pada, 8th from Karakamsha Lagna, 12th from dara karaka navamsha etc.

Case 5:Male.DOB-9-12-1945, 10-00-25 IST. Lagna or ascendant is Capricorn (Makar) 5deg-54mints.

Jaimini Ak is Jupiter& Dk is Saturn.


He lost his 1st wife in Rahu-Mars according to Vimshottari. Mars is with the 12th lord Venus in D-1. Mars aspects the 12th lord Mercury in D-9.

The rest, I leave for your own observations.

Broad Summary:-

  1. After taking the hints from the Ramayana of a local language of India, I have tried these factors to predict about the loss of spouse, mainly widowhood.

  2. I have used only major dasha & bhukti or antar dasha (the sub period) to avoid confusion.

  3. I have not used any other divisional chart like the D-30 or trimshamsha which give a very good clue related to mishaps.

  4. This is just the beginning to show the importance of the 12th house/lord/planet in it to predict about widowhood or loss of spouse.

Just give more importance to the 12th house along with other houses like the 8th (next best), 7th & the 2nd house.

Simply the 12th house requires more attention than any other house to timing/predicting widowhood or loss of spouse.