Combining Bhrighu Ascendant & Pending Karma Technique

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

In the last issue we had revealed in BSP-14 the Bhrighu Asc and how to see the Past Life Trait that one brings into this life. Let us see Deepak Chopra’s Chart

Combining Bhrighu Ascendant

1)  His Asc is Aq which is number 11 so to get Bhrighu Asc you go to the 11H of the chart which becomes the Bhrighu Asc, which is the 3rd house of writing from 9H of Higher Knowledge and also from Guru and his writings, made him a popular Guru of Spirituality.

2) The lord of his Bhrigu Asc is Jup placed in the 9H of Guru and Higher Knowledge where Sun is placed in the sign of Venus. So one can presume that dasa of Jup, Sun or Ven can give what he is ordained from the past to give

3) His Jup MD Ven AD and Jup MD Sun AD ran from 1991 to 1995, Chopra produced the following titles which were runaway success and made him an international guru of spirituality especially the 1994 It is important to note that his Sun[1] is debilitated in the 9H of bhagya but still he achieved Bhagya (Fame Fortune).

1991 Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide

1993 Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old

1993 Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities

1994 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

Bhrighu Pending Karma Technique

In Last Issues Editorial/Publitorial a Pending Karma Technique was revealed which is observe the 6H, its planets and its lord and the story of life will reveal. See in the case of Deepak Chopra, the Eternal Immortal Yogi Saturn is sitting there who is BK (writer in Jaimini) in the 6H of Disease and being the 12L of spirituality, note disease and spirituality and Saturn’s deep thinking attitude. Its lord Moon is GK (disease) in the 8H of Chronic Disease. So the clues you would get is something to do with diseases and healing and writing. Incidentally, Chopra had an illustrious medical career, also did Ayurveda and has authored more than 45 best seller books (Saturn is BK) with 20 million sales worldwide translated into 35 languages and his first book was on health (6H Saturn and 6L in 8H of chronic disease, which most importantly is the 3rd of writing from the 6th house – mark this) which was titled, Creating Health, and is credited with helping to create initial, international recognition for Chopra.

Divisional Charts & Bhrighu Astrology

Dasamsa shows the Karma for which one is born. Now, although Astro Data Bank gives only an A rating for the 15.45 time it also says another time of ‘Linda Clark quotes him (Rose Marcus, assistant to Susan Miller, has 3:51 PM from the Chopra Centre. They sent his vedic chart out in one of the mailers last year)’

Even this new time does not change his D-10 divisional, now see Dasamsa Asc is Number 7 so the Bhrighu Asc in D10 comes as to the 7H of Aries which is the house of public limelight/public platform and the sign Aries denotes the body/health of an individual and ‘Everything Else’. Its lord is Mars in the 9H of higher knowledge & publishing and Mars denotes Ink, Mars is conjoined with Moon the mind and emotions who is the 10L of karma, no doubt he wrote books on health and spirituality (Moon disposits Saturn Mer Rahu) and all this happening in the 9H of Guru made him one.

The Pending Karma technique is clear here, the 6L is in the 5H of authorship and the planet is Guru/Jupiter, he became a Guru by writing, period.

Tiger Woods

6H and its lord shows pending karma, use Bhrighu Asc – his normal Asc is Virgo, which is 6 number sign and so see 6H of sports, 10th from it contains Moon Venus combo in 3h of hands, 6L is Saturn and its co lord is Rahu, both Saturn Rahus dispositor conjoins in the 3H of hands where debilitated Moon with Venus (lot of money) is involved, he made his mark in Golf.

Again use here Bhrighu Asc and Pending Karma Technique. Now see his 6H its lord is Saturn in the 11H of wife and children, he owes something to them. Moon, the dispositor of this Saturn goes in the 3H of hands (golf is played with hands) and this Moon is with Venus, a combination for cheating in the sign of Scorpio which is the 8H of the natural zodiac of sex. He had some sexual affairs while married and this caused shame to his wife. The other co-lord of 6H is Rahu placed in the second house of one’s name and family. As soon as it became apparent that what he did was true, he immediately released a press statement that he had lead down his family (2H), some pending karma here towards his name and family which he had to pay back.

P From London & Usage of BCP

This call came from a family members close friend saying that one of her students is in trouble and he is based in London and without our permission, she passed on our mobile number to her student in London. She said he is in deep depression and for a student to call up her teacher after so many years and ask for help it must be something important. Within 15 minutes the call came saying that he is facing lot of mental agony due to his parents & family members. He said he is not sure of his birth time but it must be around 11.30 pm. He was instantly asked the status of his marriage life for which he replied that his marriage was over long back and the child is also not with him, but his immediate problem is his family back in India. He was asked if he went abroad before 1990 or after for which he replied that ‘Gone Abroad to UK – 10th Sept 1988.

1)  Very traumatic period right now (26th Apr 2010)

2) Father is a chronic alcoholic, he hit his father as his father had destroyed the entire family due to his drinking and tortured his mother, now his mother is depressive in nature, this is from last 12 years. Not sure when he beat his father but heard that around 11-12 years back he did it. Note Rahu with Moon in 10H of father, afflicting Mother (moon), rahu denotes drinking and his father was an alcoholic which is further ratified due to Sun being in the 4H with Ketu. We asked him if he is also drinking he said he started since 2 years.

3) See his Saturn dasa is running along with Ashtam Saturn.

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Sat MD:  2006-12-14  –  2025-12-14

  Merc AD:  2009-12-17  –  2012-08-26

Now see 5H in all the 3 notes

a) He is running Ashtam Shani – Saturn is in the 5th house, 8th from natal moon (called Ashtam Shani) so 5H of mind is affected

b) He is running Saturn MD and Mer AD and Mer is placed in the 5H (note) even though exalted but conjoined with 8L Jup. Note Mer is the 2L of family and he is facing troubles due to them for which he called from London

c) Most important he is running 41st year now, which means 5H is activated (36+5=41) via Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi.

In our very first article we had mentioned that in order to effectively use BCP when coupled with dasas and transits, its most most effective and the above is an example of how BCP combined with Dasa combined with Gochar has given the above result wherein he is too depressed and is calling from London at length due to family problems (2L of family in the 5H of BCP focus year). His family problem is the focus of the year.

Mentor & This Chart

A part from many remedies he was advised to feed Moong (for Mercury) to pigeons on a Wednesday and to go and serve old people (for Saturn) on Saturdays for the next 19 years. Two of our writers U.K.Jha  & Babban Singh have been constantly behind us to make mentor write articles and why mentor does not practice astrology, our reply to them regards this is mentor has done the mistake of reading Gita, the Holy Book Of Indians and he considers even one incorrect article, one wrong prediction a great sin for the astrologer. He knows that current level of astrological knowledge is not even 10 % so it is not correct to misguide others by free or paid predictions or any sort of article. He constantly professes in the most humble manner that he does not know astrology and after speaking to him daily for minimum 1 hour for the last 5 years we know for sure that even we do not know astrology.

After the above chart reading after 2 hours we had our daily chat with Mentor to whom we started describing the Rasi chart details on the phone house, first we said Ta lagna Venus in the 3H, mentor said without knowing the whole chart that he must be in a good position (he was born in India and moved to London). Then we said Jupiter Mercury in the 5H, he said bad combination there (note his Mer AD has given him problems), then we described the whole rasi chart only, no degrees no divisionals. Mentor said ‘Yeh Admi Apne Baap Ko Bhi Maarega’ (this man would beat his own father). The carpet was removed from our feet since just 2 hours back the man had told us that he has beaten his own father and this phenomenon is not even 0.5 % in a society like India so the prediction from mentor gains more weight age. We immediately asked mentor the reasoning behind his prediction he joking said that we should employ him with a job in Saptarishis Astrology. Later he gave some logic of Rahu Moon in 10H and Sun in 4H with Ketu and Saturn retrograde but to make such a kind of prediction is too much, the logic given by him is not graspable by us.