Comet Lulin Gives Green Light to Planet Earth By Margaret George, U.K.

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Margaret has been studying astrology for over 30 years, and took up jyotish 20 years ago. We have observed her readings for years on various forums; she possesses the special ability to do readings with utmost compassion coupled with her astonishing intuition. Currently she is studying astro meteorology, in between enjoying delivering astrology features to a wide range of media, and giving personal jyotish readings. She is from Old English Yorkshire & you can also visit her website to access a few more of her features.

Comet Lulin Gives Green Light to Planet Earth


Margaret George, U.K.

Astrologers from very ancient times have warned us that the appearance of comets is a very special event with many portents for the world and mundane affairs. Few astrologers apply astrology to mundane affairs so we have little experience to draw on with which to guide our appraisal of the effects of this astro-phenomenon.

Brihat Samhita, an encyclopaedia of astrological knowledge originally compiled by Varamahira (approx 505 AD) has a chapter on comets which tells us how Al Biruni, the Arab astrologer of worldwide reputation in his day, admired the vigilance of Hindu astrologers in ‘devising theories and methods of’ great subtlety and of great length. The Brihat Samhita tells us that comets were known as ‘Ketu’ and are seen where ‘ despite the absence of fire, there is still the appearance of fire…… for the presence of glow-worms, phosphoric lights on graves, gems and crystals, marble pieces and the like….’ The author defines for us three types of Ketus:

The Atmospheric Ketus are those that are sighted on flagstaffs, weapons, buildings, trees, horses, elephants and such other quadrupeds

The Celestial ones are seen amidst the constellations and the

Terrestrial ones are those that do not come under either of the two categories.

Two significant phrases from the above extract spring out at this time of the appearance of Lulin, the new comet expected to orbit closest to earth on February 24th. The phrase ‘phosphorous light’ appropriately describes the colour and luminous appearance of Lulin as it approaches close to our globe. If you look out at night in the February sky and can see Venus, you will notice she adopts a particularly more beautifully luminous and subtly green glow than I have ever seen her exhibit before, perhaps greeting or mirroring the comet or even trying to out-glow its glorious glowing phosphorous green garb. Of course, this comet is a celestial ‘Ketu’, but in Australia at the moment ‘there is still the appearance of fire’ due to many conflagrations raging through the South West of the country, some of which were deliberately started by arsonists; a coincidence I’m sure, but then most astrological techniques are based on the perceived synchronicity between what is above and below.

Effects Of Comets

Brihat Samhita  tells us that the effects of the comet are to be told through the ‘positions of its appearance and setting, contact with planets or asterisms, smoky mantle and colours’  Lulin rises quite a few hours  before the Sun and by 24th February, when it makes the closest encounter with earth, it will be not only be opposite the Sun’s position but will pass the place reserved for the Full Moon on 11th March at 26 degrees of constellation Leo, by which time the comet will itself be in constellation Cancer. These two constellations Leo and Cancer, and their rulers Sun and Moon, seem particularly significant for Lulin, but more of this later. ……

The Indian treatise goes on to list the many different appearances of various comets noted, including references to sun spots witnessed, along with the results to be expected at the passing of these portents near the earth’s hemisphere. Happily, we are told not all Ketus are evil as some augur well for the world…but is Lulin a happy omen?

Lulin is moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere as it currently sojourns across the autumnal colure in Libra. Could Lulin be one of the 65 comets classified as Vikaca by ancient seers and which are said to have a single white star, are bereft of a crest and be a child of Jupiter? The size of the comet has been compared to planet Jupiter already. These Vikacas are glossy, appear in the south and are dreadful in effect. Or perhaps it could be the comet named Kapalaketu because it does fit the description of being visible during Amavasya or New Moon, as we get the best view of it on 24th February the day before the New Moon at twelve degrees Aquarius. The Kapalaketu have rays and crest which are smokey coloured rather than luminous green however, and travel half the heavens, and are an omen of famine, pestilence, drought and diseases.

The Brihat Samhita gives strong indications of what will happened when the smokey tail of the comet touches certain asterisms and warns us of what effects were expected in ancient times, for example if the smokey tail affects Visakha, as it did on 6th February when close to the star Zubenelgenubi (the bright star at the tip of the scales of Libra constellation) we are told ancient seers would expect the ‘chiefs of Iksvakus and the city of Ilaka will be killed.’   On February 16th Lulin passes by Spica, which is found in Hasta nakshatra, and was said to adversely affect the King of Dandaka; then still speeding on its way it approaches Saturn on 24th February the day of closest movement to the earth, it will be in the nakshatra of    Uttaraphalguni, this transit is said to be a bad omen for the governor of Ujjain.

It is difficult to use Brihat Samhita as a reference for locating a description of comet Lulin, and its effects. These ancient astrologers did track the nature of comets, classify them and note their course and likely time of reoccurrence knowing some return visits would not repeat until after 3000 years. Sadly, none of the descriptions of comets in the encyclopaedia refer to a luminous green one. Clearly however, the use of comets in ancient cultures was one of the methods used perhaps even by biblical seers who we know used the Moon, eclipses and planetary transits to foretell the rise fall and destruction of various ancient regions. Lulin is described by NASA as potentially making its first visit ever to the inner solar system, so perhaps this is why it becomes difficult to find any pre recorded reference. We don’t know when or if it will appear again, nor have we got any foregoing sojourns with which to establish what events on earth may coincide with its appearance so close to our world.

Tempel 1 Leaves Its Mark

I do find that comets can help us understand events in mundane astrology if only we take time to track their passage. For instance, Tempel 1 caused a stir at its appearance and with a little bit of research I was amazed at the coincidence of its passage with a certain consistency of events of importance here on earth……

The Tempel 1 orbital journey is half that of Jupiter, taking only just under six years to complete, and so has a 2.1 resonance with Jupiter. Not only that, every so often Jupiter’ nudges’ this comet, causing it to move over slightly in its passage. Further, the comet crosses over the orbital path of Mars.

Given the link with these two planets and the comet I looked up a few of the coincidence of events with this comet’s passage in close proximity to earth, and its close proximity to Jupiter, and found an unexpected but interesting pattern emerging:

1789 Nov Washington first President of US

1787 March US constitution first drafted

1783 Nov US independence recognised

1777 Nov Brit army surrenders to US forces in US

1775 July First act of independence taken in US

1771 July Boston massacre (1770)

Notwithstanding this, on 4th July 2007 when the US sent a missile to blast a crater on the meteor, within three days, on 7th, we had the coincidence of the first suicide bombings in England. So, we have Jupiter, planet of religion and morality, resonating with ‘Tempel’ which is being blasted in a martial act of impact/explosion. Was NASA putting a spin on US destiny with this deep impact mission do you think? Did the founding fathers of America know about this comet and use its pathway to define the future progress of the US when they used astrology to set up the inauguration of their country’s independence from the UK?

What Events on Earth Will Be Remembered to Coincide with Lulin’s visit?

Comet Lulin was discovered in July 2007 by a 19-year-old meteorology student called Quanzhi Ye when a sky photo was taken at Lulin Observatory in Taiwan. However, it is only recently that the comet has become visible to the naked eye and it is the first sighting of the naked eye, and noting the position of the planet in constellations which are the important times for the astrologer to note. The rising and setting should also be taken into account, and length of appearance in the sky. Lulin rises in the west hours before the Sun. It will arrive at a 38-million-mile distance from our planet before moving on. Mars was 34.6 million miles away at its closest ever approach.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any history to inform us of what went before with regard to the pathway of comet Lulin. We can only look at what is happening on our planet now to see what legacy the comet will leave behind for us to remember and associate with it and hopefully pass on to future astrologers.

Lulin passes through the constellation Leo during the time when it will be most visible to the naked eye. Leo is a fiery sign and stands for royalty, banks, worship, pride, entertainment, children, investment, gambling and risk taking. These are just a few of the significations of the sign Leo. We don’t yet know whether the comet augurs good or ill, but we do know the affairs ruled by Leo will be affected. I find it significant that as the time for closest approach to earth arrives, the banking systems around the world are under scrutiny for taking risks with money entrusted to their institutions. Some individuals such as Madoff in the USA have been found out to be very greedily abusing trust put into them, as they sought to secretly and deviously collect a royal fortune for themselves by adopting risky ‘Ponti’ pyramid schemes. This meant that promises were made to billionaire investors who put money forward only to find out that instead of it being invested in the manner promised, it merely went into an account to be drawn from allegedly at Madoff’s whim for his own personal use, but also as a means of illegally cycling money giving new deposits to pay out old investors to create the illusion that an investment had been made. This was alright until they all wanted their money back when it became clear that there wasn’t enough money to even pay back capital let alone any interest made on it. Billionaire investors lost fortunes in the scheme with at least one taking his life as a result.

In the UK bankers who got caught up in get rich quick schemes are now being brought to account for their dubious handling of packages of toxic subprime mortgage deals packaged in America. These bankers also had involvement with financial markets where hedge funds and other dubious and risky schemes were taking place and has yet to be fully understood so that those guilty of manipulating markets irresponsibly and immorally can be brought to justice. The ordinary saver or investor with limited funds for perhaps pensions or health treatment have seen their hope of ever getting it back completely wrecked, due to irresponsible gambling with that money by the bankers who saw fit to use it like chips on the table at the casino. The most extraordinary situation of these financiers justifying royal fortunes for their salary on the grounds that they were taking great risks is finally being seen as delusional empty, pompous and arrogant excuses with no foundation in reality. Greed and avarice have been allowed to reign during the years of the war against so called terrorism.

Such delusional reasoning for the squandering of money is not just limited to the UK or the US. Iceland is on its knees due to one of its key financiers acting in the same profligate manner, and undoubtedly there are many other stories all around the globe where similar practices have ruined not just the wealthy but also the ordinary man who once thought banks were safe places to keep hard earned and honestly acquired savings safe.

Earlier I mentioned that three planets are singled out by Lulin’s transit of nakshatras during its visible stages. All three of these planets, Jupiter, Sun and Moon are significations for wealth, and Leo is the sign of banks. Jupiter is the significator for the treasury, Moon is the significator for money and of the masses, and Sun is the karakatwa for gold and wealth. Undoubtedly these three planets represent the main issue of concern on mass consciousness at the time of Lulin’s appearance in earth’s orbit. Sadly, the current situation we are all facing on the globe is a crisis of extreme covetousness and the worship of Mammon taken to excess by a handful of pathologically greedy people.

Comet Lulin is an ethereal luminous green colour, a colour mostly associated with jealousy and bile. Certainly, the world scandal today is tinged with the anger or bile of the masses of honest people amazed at the greed, cunning and lack of integrity of a few gambling men who stopped at nothing to worship Mammon. These corrupt bankers and financiers became so jealous of the wealthy that they stopped at nothing while coveting billions of pounds entrusted to their care.

On another level global events are also warning us that the over-exploitation of earth’s resources is propelling the planet onto a path of pollution and destruction on a massive scale. Carelessness with resources has also added to devastation on the planet. Sea waters are polluted by oil tanker spillage, refuse and chemicals and even eight US nuclear missiles now lying at the bottom of the seabed along the coast of Greenland. Lulin is a similar green to the phosphorous colour of polonium used in nuclear weapons……………could the comet be a major significator for the nuclear coming of age?

Whether we agree with the faulty science behind the global warming campaign or not it is clear that the race to control the global economy and world markets has set up an imbalance in the human relationship with the environment, and between nations.

Comet Lulin’s colour green, a soft green, is also one which is often associated with healing. Let’s hope that after the poison of greed and avarice has been rooted out of our nations, decency and integrity can reign once more across the globe bringing more unity, and less of a gap between rich and poor, greater respect for all living things, with everyone working to heal the planet.

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