Correct Siddhamsa Chart of Pararsara P.V.R. Narasimha Rao September 9, 2012

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Maharshi Parasara taught many divisional charts at the beginning of his masterpiece “Brihat Parasara Hora
Sastram”. Siddhamsa or chaturvimsamsa, based on 1/24 th parts of signs, is one of those charts. Parasara
recommended seeing knowledge and learning (vidyä) in that chart. This is how it is calculated:

isÏa<zkanamixpa> is<hadaejÉge ¢he, kkaR*uGmÉge oeqe SkNd> pzuRxrae=nl>.
ivñkmaR Égae imÇae myae=Ntkv&;Xvja>, gaeivNdae mdnae ÉIm> is<hadaE iv;me ³mat!.
kkaRdaE smÉe ÉImaiÖlaemen ivicNtyet!.
siddhäàçakänämadhipäù siàhädojabhage grahe| karkädyugmabhage kheöe skandaù parçudharo’nalaù||
viçvakarmä bhago mitro mayo’ntakavåñadhvajäù | govindo madano bhémaù siàhädau viñame kramät||
karkädau samabhe bhémädvilomena vicintayet||
Literal meaning: The rulers of siddhamsa for a planet in an odd sign are from Leo. For a planet in an even sign, from Cancer. Skanda, Parasurama, Anala, Vishwakarma, Bhaga, Mitra, Maya, Antaka, Vrishadhwaja, Govinda, Madana and Bheema are in that order, in starting from Leo in odd signs. In even signs, in starting from Cancer, may be considered in reverse from Bheema.

Conventional Interpretation
This is not a controversial definition (until now!). The conventional interpretation accepted by today’s
scholars and supported by today’s software programs is:
– The 24 parts of all odd signs are mapped to Le, Vi, Li, Sc, …, Ge, Cn; Le, Vi, Li, Sc, …, Ge, Cn
– The 24 parts of all even signs are mapped to Cn, Le, Vi, Li, …, Ta, Ge; Cn, Le, Vi, Li, …, Ta, Ge
For odd signs, we start from Le, go zodiacally and cover 2 cycles to end in Cn. For even signs, we start from
Cn, go zodiacally and cover 2 cycles to end in Ge.
A Simple Objection
We start with Skanda and end with Bheema in odd signs and start with Bheema and end with Skanda in even
signs. This is a perfect reversal. As for signs, we start from Leo and end with Cancer in odd signs and start from Cancer in even signs. Then why not end with Leo instead of Gemini? If we start from Cancer, go backwards and end with Leo, that would be a perfect reversal of signs as well. That would be symmetrical and structurally sound.

After all, what is the point in having Le→Cn cycle for odd signs and Cn→Ge cycle for even signs? It is structurally absurd. On the other hand, Le→Cn cycle for odd signs and Cn→Le cycle for even signs is symmetrical and logical.
One can definitely argue that Parasara’s directive “vilomena vicintayet” (may be considered in reverse) applies both to “bhémäd” (from Bheema) and “karkädau” (in starting from Cancer). Moreover, that makes great sense structurally.
An Alternative Definition
To state formally, this is the alternative definition, which results in symmetrical calculations.
-The 24 parts of all odd signs are mapped to Le, Vi, Li, Sc, …, Ge, Cn; Le, Vi, Li, Sc, …, Ge, Cn
– The 24 parts of all even signs are mapped to Cn, Ge, Ta, Ar, …, Vi, Le; Cn, Ge, Ta, Ar, …, Vi, Le
It may be observed that these two lists are perfect reverse of each other.
It is my view that this is the correct siddhamsa chart taught by Parasara. This is not even a case of Parasara
being ambiguous, but simply of scholars of our age not thinking straight and logically.
A Possible Esoteric Meaning?
Siddhamsa is not just a chart of formal education, but the chart of learning, expansion of awareness and understanding. According to Sri Yukteshwar Maharaj’s “Cosmic Astrology”, zodiacal signs represent the chakras 1 in our subtle body, as shown in the table below. Perhaps mapping siddhamsas starting from Leo or Cancer has some connection to this. Interested scholars and students may contemplate this.

1 Chakras are centers of awareness in subtle body, representing realms of awareness in the macrocosm.
2 In my humble opinion, “right” (solar side) and “left” (lunar side) fit here better than “front” and “back”.

Basic Method
We will see the overall strength of the chart to see if the native is a good scholar with good learning. We will see the influences on the 4 th house and its arudha pada to see the kind of subjects studied by the native. If a house is occupied, we will give preference to the occupant; otherwise, to aspecting planets; and, if no significant aspects, then to the lord. We will also see the planets in trines from a house. For timing key phases in life with respect to learning, we will use Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D- 24 chart.
There may be many other advanced methods of seeing things from D-24, which researchers can explore.
The ayanamsa used in calculations does matter in higher divisional charts such as siddhamsa. Moreover, if one uses divisional Vimsottari dasa based on Moon’s longitude in divisional charts, ayanamsa matters a lot.
I am experimenting with an ayanamsa that will not be revealed for some more time. Here I will use Rohini- paksha ayanamsa, which is pretty close to that ayanamsa. Rohini-paksha ayanamsa is obtained by fixing the bright red Aldebaran star (Alpha Tauri) in the middle of Rohini nakshatra (i.e. 16Ta40). Rohini is the star owned by Creator. While all nakshatras are supposed to be Moon’s wives, Rohini is his favorite wife. Rohini is the only fixed nakshatra lying entirely in a fixed rasi.

(1) Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee (great educationist of colonial India)

Birthdata: 1864 June 29, 3:55 am (5:52 hours east of GMT), 88e00, 22n35
D-24 chart is shown below. The conjunction of 9 th lord Moon and 10 th lord Sun in 10 th is a brilliant raja yoga.
Moreover, the 5 th lord Jupiter aspects lagna and lagna lord and has 3/4 th aspect on 9 th /10 th lords in 10 th . This
siddhamsa belongs to a highly learned and accomplished scholar.
With the standard definition, D-24 lagna falls in Pisces. Scorpio lagna explains his academic achievements much better.
The 4 th house of learning (Aq) is aspected by a very strong Sun. That can show studying physics. Its arudha pada is in Gemini (taking Rahu instead of Saturn as the stronger lord). Gemini is empty and unaspected. This Mercurian sign has Mercury in a trine and that can show studies in mathematics and science in general. Moon is at 15Ar39. In D-24, Moon is at 15Le41. Starting Vimsottari dasa from 15Le41, we get Sun dasa from 1880 to 1886 and Moon dasa from 1886 to 1896. He was admitted to the prestigious Presidency College in Calcutta in 1880 3 . He stood first in BA exam in 1883 and received a scholarship. He was awarded masters degrees in mathematics and physics in 1885 and 1888, making him the first student to be awarded dual degrees from Calcutta University. He also did a Law degree immediately after the second masters degree in Physics, while simultaneously publishing many scholarly papers in mathematics and physics. All this was in Sun and Moon dasas!

(2) Swami Vivekananda (an intellectual and spiritual leader)
Birthdata: 1863 January 12, 6:33 am (5:54 hours east of GMT), 88e20, 22n34
D-24 chart is shown below:

Lagna contains exalted Moon, while 5 th lord Mercury is exalted in 5 th house. A qudrant lord Mars is exalted in 9 th . Three exalted planets in three trines makes this a very strong. With Mercury exalted in 5 th , he is a very brilliant student with good memory. With Mercury and Mars exalted in trines, he has a piercing intellect. With Jupiter in 7 th from lagna and exalted Moon, he has Gaja-Kesari yoga on lagna axis. He is famous for his knowledge. Nodes in the 8 th house of occult shows either breaks in learning or occult learning. The 4 th house of learning (Le) contains yogakaraka Saturn. Saturn, in a trine from nodes, can show philosophy. Arudha pada of 4 th house is in Ge. Ge is empty and aspected by nodes. A Mercurian sign aspected by nodes can show philosophy. He studied western western philosophy for his BA degree and, of course, Indian philosophy later on.
Based on Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D-24, Swamiji was running Rahu dasa from April 1875 to April 1893. This dasa brought a lot of occult knowledge. Ketu antardasa in 1885-1886 was the peak for occult knowledge. He received knowledge and siddhis from Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in this time period. Though one may argue that this should be seen in vimsamsa (D-20), siddhamsa (D-24) should also have a link.

When he met Raja Ajit Singh of Khetri on 1891 June 4, he was running Moon antardasa. Exalted Moon in lagna participates in Gaja-Kesari yoga and gives fame and following. The king became a big admirer and that played an important role in his later mission, including his going abroad. Jupiter dasa started in April 1893. That fully triggered the results of Gaja-Kesari yoga involving exalted Moon in lagna. After his speech at the World Parliament of Religions on 1893 September 11, he became very famous for his knowledge, intellect and message.

(3) Albert Einstein (a path-breaking scientist)
Birthdata: 1879 March 14, 11:30 am (0:40 hours east of GMT), 10e00, 48n24
D-24 chart is shown below.

Lagna lord (also the dispositor of 5 th lord) Jupiter is lagna in his moolatrikona, while the 5 th lord Mars is in a quardant from him. The 9 th lord Sun is in samasaptaka, giving a powerful raja yoga. The 6 th and 11 th lord Venus in 12 th alone gives a viparita raja yoga. Overall, this is a very powerful chart, showing a great intellectual. The 4 th house contains Mars in a sign of Jupiter. Its arudha pada is in Ge, a Mercurian sign occupied by Sun and aspected by Jupiter and Mars. The strong influence of Jupiter in a samasaptaka with Sun shows fundamental sciences and physics. Jupiter can also show studying teaching (he studied for a teacher’s diploma at a young age of 17).
As per Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D-24, Jupiter dasa ran during1911-1927. This was a great dasa. He received several academic distinctions and honors throughout this dasa and came up with historic researches. This dasa started with the theory of general relativity in 1911. He won the Nobel prize in Physics, Matteucci Medal and Copley Medal in the same dasa. His Nobel prize and Matteucci medal came in Jupiter- Sun antardasa. Lagna lord Jupiter in lagna and 9 th lord Sun in 7 th give a powerful raja yoga.

(4) Bill Gates (an eminently successful entrepreneur who dropped out of college)
Birthdata: 1955 October 28, 9:21:30 pm (8 hours west of GMT), 122w20, 47n36

D-24 chart is shown below. With lagna lord Venus and 5 th lord Mercury in samasaptaka, he was smart and a
good learner. With Moon in own sign in 3 rd house with yogakaraka, he has creativity and initiative in his learning.

Initiating Vimsottari dasa from Moon of D-24, Mercury-Moon antardasa was running during 1974-1975, when he dropped out of college to start a company.
Mercury is the 2 nd lord in the 8 th house and a maraka. His dasa can give a break in education. In his dasamsa (D-10), the 7 th house of business has a raja yoga between 1 st , 9 th and 10 th lords. Mercury is their dispositor and
placed in a quadrant in own sign, giving Bhadra yoga. So Mercury clearly shows a software business in D- 10. The same Mercury in 8 th in D-24 can show dropping out of college to start a software business. From dasa lord Mercury, antardasa lord Moon is in 8 th house and his antardasa can give a break in education.

(5) US President Barack Obama (a scholar of political science and law)
Birthdata: 1961 August 4, 7:24:20 pm (10 hours west of GMT), Honolulu, Hwaii, USA (157w51:30,
D-24 chart is shown below:

An exalted quadrant lord in 5 th house and exchange between 1 st and 9 th lords makes this a good chart. Exalted
Venus in 5 th house makes him a good learner. Though 5 th lord is debilitated, he has neecha bhanga. The lagna
lord and 5 th lord are in samasaptaka, giving a raja yoga.
The empty 4 th house is owned and aspected by Saturn. The arudha pada of 4 th house is in Ta with Saturn in it
and Jupiter and Moon aspecting it. This can show studies in political science, in community work and finally in law.
As per Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D-24, Mercury dasa ran till 1976. This was a period of changes in his learning environment. During 1969-1972, he studied at an Indonesian language school, a

catholic school and a public school, all in Indonesia. Then he studied in Hawaii, USA. Mercury gives an unstable learning environment, being the 8 th lord.
Being exalted in 5 th house, Venus is a great planet for academic recognition. His 20-year dasa started in 1983. He was at Harvard during Moon and Mars antardasas in Venus dasa. From Venus, Moon and Mars are 5 th and 9 th lords with parivartana. These antardasas in Venus dasa can give academic recognition and success.
He did well at Harvard and was nationally recognized after being elected as the first black president of the
prestigious Harvard Law Review. He graduated from Harvard magna cum laude in 1991.

(6) Sri Aurobindo (a brilliant scholar & spiritual leader)
Birthdata: 1872 August 15, 5:17 am (5:53 hours east of GMT), 88e20, 22n30

D-24 chart is shown below.

Lagna lord is in the 5 th house in an adhimitra rasi and a quadrant lord is exalted
in 5 th house. The 10 th lord Sun is strong in 10 th , in samasaptaka with 5 th lord Jupiter. That gives a nice raja
yoga involving a planet in own sign in a quadrant. The exchange between 4 th and 5 th lords is also a raja yoga.
Overall, this is a powerful chart and shows a very intelligent and learned person.
The 4 th house is occupied by Jupiter with an exchange with its lord Saturn. A very strong Sun aspects it. The
arudha pada of 4 th is in Ar with no occupant or aspector. Its lord Mars is influenced by Jupiter-Saturn exchange. Jupiter and Saturn can show studies in Vedic wisdom and yoga. Sun in Le aspecting 4 th house can give studies in administration and governing.

As per Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D-24, Mars dasa ran from 1885 to 1892. Mars is lagna lord in 5 th in an adhimitra rasi. He joined St Paul’s school in London in 1884 and did very well in studies. He stood first in a scholarship examination of King’s College, Cambridge University and received a scholarship. He was also selected for the Indian Civil Services (ICS).

He changed his mind while going through probation for ICS and made up his mind that he did not want to serve the British. He intentionally failed to present himself at the horse riding examination for ICS, and was disqualified, in 1892. When he dropped out of ICS, he had just started Rahu dasa. Rahu is a malefic in the 7 th house in D-24 and hence a maraka. From the learning point of view, Rahu dasa was an average dasa.
But Jupiter dasa during 1910-1926 changed everything. After some revolutionary political activities for several years, he sailed to Pondicherry in 1910 and spent 4 years in solitary meditation. Jupiter and Saturn antardasas gave the result of the raja yoga between 4 th and 5 th lords. That yoga made him a wise yogi. He spent Jupiter dasa accumulating and disseminating Vedic knowledge. Jupiter is the 5 th lord in 4 th with a parivartana with 4 th lord. He can give Vedic knowledge.

(7) John Denver (a successful musician who struggled with studies)
We have seen several charts of scholars and learned people. For contrast, we will see the chart of a famous
entertainer who did not excel in studies.
Birthdata: 1943 December 31, 2:55 pm (7:00 hours west of GMT), 105w00, 33n20
D-24 chart is shown above.

Lagna lord is in 12 th house. The 8 th lord is in 7 th house. The 4 th house of education
is afflicted by nodes. Overall, this is a weak chart. The 4 th house contains Saturn and nodes. Its arudha pada is in Li. Its lord Venus aspects it and so does Saturn. Saturn’s influence can show construction and planning, while Venus shows beauty. Overall, this can explain his architecture studies.

As per Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D-24, Rahu dasa ran during 1956-1974. Rahu is a malefic in the 4 th house of education in an inimical sign. In this dasa, he was distressed at having to attend high school, wanted to drop out, borrowed his father’s car and drove away to a different town. His father had to bring him back and force him to finish high school. He later joined college, but dropped out in 1963. Basically his education never really took off. The overall weakness of the D-24 chart and the weakness of dasa lord explain it well. Moreover, one can contrast this weak chart with the other strong charts we have been seeing until now.

(8) John F Kennedy (an intellectual & charismatic politician)
Birthdata: 1917 May 29, 4:00 pm (4:00 hours west of GMT), 71w7:18, 42n19:54
D-24 chart is shown below:

Lagna lord is in an own sign in a quadrant and 9 th lord Venus is in samasaptaka with him. He is an
intellectual and a smart person. The 4 th house contains Venus, aspected by Saturn and Mercury. Its arudha pada is in Aquarius. It is empty and has no aspects. Its stronger lord is Rahu and Saturn is the weaker lord. Influence of Venus, Saturn and Rahu can explain his bachelors studies in international affairs and political philosophy.
As per Vimsottari dasa initiated from Moon of D-24, Venus dasa ran during 1921-1941. He had good education in this period. He received his bachelors degree (cum laude) from Harvard University in 1940, in Venus-Mercury antardasa. It may be noted that Venus and Mercury give a raja yoga.

The siddhamsa chart used by most people today misses one point in Parasara’s verses and uses a structurally
absurd asymmetrical definition. An alternative definition is proposed here, which is structurally sound and

As a generic point, it is possible that computation of several other divisional charts taught by Parasara is erroneously understood and applied today, especially with respect to planets occupying even signs in rasi chart. The instruction to reverse the order is applied only to deities ruling divisions and not to the signs that those divisions are mapped to. It is possible that there are some errors there. More research may be needed there.
Some of the research in recent decades into the application of divisional charts may have been stymied by

(1)incorrect ayanamsa and

(2) incorrect definition of some divisional charts. If we address these two challenges
first, it may enable sophisticated and fruitful researches.
It may be noted that the deities associated with siddhamsas are not used in this article. That must have some significance in interpretation. That needs further research. It is earnestly hoped that interested scholars and students benefit from this fundamental research in Jyotish and refine the collective knowledge-base of our Jyotish community over the coming decades.