Decisive Factors in Horoscope Prediction PART -2 Role of Karaka Planets


Certain laws in the science of predictive astrology never get sufficient importance / attention. They are even not studied quantitatively. Many principles are just read (from the book), over-looked, and remembered by astrologers. But when it comes to an actual application, many of them do not know their actual use in practice. Or they had not experienced them while solving charts.

There is a difference in ‘learned astrologer’ and ‘experience- rich astrologer’, which even I have clearly seen. An astrologer belonging to our former generation was a great scholar. He used to deliver lectures on Phal Jyotish. On the other hand, his counterpart was not very educated or even he did not have the skill of lecturing. Scholar astrologer’s bookish knowledge used to be in books itself. While the other one used to accurately guess the ‘marma’ (most sensitive aspects) of the chart and in turn used to predict correctly. Reason for sighting this example is to emphasise the importance of correct application of astrology principles.

In the course of finalizing the decisive factor, following is the ‘sutra’ (formula or guideline) which I have experienced the most.

(Sanskrit) Bhavat bhavpatescha karakavashat phal yojayet |

While analysing, studying, predicting about any domain / event of life from the chart, three things are to be predominantly considered. Following three points[1] demands comprehensive and matured study:

  1. The study of house in chart related to particular event under consideration: Sign in that house, planets present etc.
  2. Lord of that house – House lord (HL), a second important planet.
  3. The Karaka Planet related to that domain (event), house. This is the third important planet.

Only after being thoughtful about above three things, one should finally reach to the conclusion.

Now, which of the point has to be given more magnitude of consideration is the matter skill and experience in the real sense. For example, after seeing the     Saturn + Mars in 7H, normally an astrologers will desire to predict ‘dwi-bharya yoga’  for the native. However before sentencing any such decision, if you remember my ‘Mantra’, your chances of failure will be the least.

Happening of the event in actuality means ‘the resultant’ can be compared to a fruit. Planetary placements in houses are largely like ‘seeds’. E.g. Mars + Rahu placement in 7H is definitely like a seed with which may result into dwi-bharya yoga or widow status. But mere sowing of seed in the earth does not guarantee a fruit. For that, tree should grow up from a seed and bear flower which in turn will be converted into a fruit.  On the similar lines, house lord (planet) is the flower. Now if Rahu + Mars are in 7H (means yoga exists in the form of seed), and if 7HL is placed in 6H or 7H is debilitated or in conjunction with malefic planets, placed in difficult houses then ‘dwi-bharya yoga’ also exists in flower phase. Now even in this situation (tree has grown up from seed and beared a flower) fruit is not guaranteed. Which still means that, with given planetary situations dwi-bharya yoga or death of husband will not happen to the native. The ultimate result (fruit) will depend on the Venus which is the karaka of the 7H, marital life and wife. The final decision thus will be decided by the planetary strength of Venus, its placement in sign as well as its house. Now in this condition, Venus is places in own signs (Taurus and Libra) or in Angular Houses (1, 4, 7, 10), has planetary strength, placed along with benefic planets; then ‘dwi-bharya yoga’ will not even happen. But it Venus is placed in debilitation sign (e.g. Virgo), placed along with malefic planets, lacks in planetary strength then one can predict a ‘dwi-bharya yoga’ for the native.

Karaka planet has unmatched importance. Predictions should always be made by keeping this fact in the mind. The death sentence given to a criminal by hierarchy of judiciary (session’s court, High court, Supreme Court) can be altered by President; similar status (as ultimate authority) is enjoyed by Karaka planet.

I have experienced the way by which ancient authors have done astonishing predictions by deeply studying the planets like Venus- Karaka of wife, Jupiter- Karaka of Progeny, Mars- Karaka of Siblings, Moon- Karaka of Mother etc.

[1] Similar points are discussed by Mr. J.N.Bhasin in his book ‘Commentary on Sapta Rishi Nadi’, Ranjan Publications, New-Delhi. They have been given under the title ‘Rules for Interpretation’ as basic principles of astrology. It is thus apparent that, even Nadi authors also have followed such basic principles wisely and predicted correctly about the natives.

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