Delay in Marriage & Child Birth Issue

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वास्तुपुरुष नमस्तेsस्तु भूशय्याभिरत प्रभो।

मद्ग्रहे धनधान्यादि समृधिम कुरु सर्वदा।।

How Vastu Faults Causes Delays in Marriage?

What is the reason for delay in marriages? Why are children getting married so late these days? What are the zones responsible for such delays?

The first zone that must be activated in this regard is the South-West, the zone of marriage and relationships, especially between husband and wife. The next most important zone is South-East….it is the zone of fire that is largely responsible for the occurrence of auspicious events. South-East zone should be treated as it has the sacred fire that binds two people in marriage. These are two most important zones for a marriage to take place.

The south east zone is one of partnerships, family, marriage and relationships, lineage and ancestors. If it is disturbed in any way, by a toilet, anti-activity, anti-element, then it will not only delay marriage, it can even spoil a perfectly good one.

Strengthen the South West first; if this corner is missing, then marriage proposals do not go through successfully. A kitchen in this zone will also wreck chances of marriage and disturb established relationships. The South-East is fire and the presence of blue colour there disturbs relationships. If this corner is cut or missing, or if there is an anti-fire activity there, this will also delay marriage. In such cases, if an engagement has occurred, it will be broken off. The symptoms are like this; it will start well as the South West is fine, but the South East energy is poor so it will not continue or end properly.

No marriage can occur without support-this will come from a well activated and healthy North-West zone. This is the third important zone for marriage matters. So, in this order the following zones must be healthy: SW, SE, NW. West and the NE (wisdom).

Why I am mentioning that the North-East must be clear? It is for the reason that many people are adamant on getting a specific type of life partner. This also holds true for parents and children. If the NE is clear, then clarity about what they want is maintained. This is not about right or wrong. It is only about wisdom; if you wise, then you choose what is right and wrong for yourself. Your decision doesn’t come from conditioned mind.

So, a clear North East is necessary for clarity, wisdom preparation and acceptance that “this is the kind of life partner I want”. Apart from this, the zone of health should be all right. To be prepared for marriage requires good mental health. One should accept that it is fine to get married.

If a marriage is getting delayed, then out of six things/zones that must be clear, it is quite possible that only one might be missing or cut and so on.

I am carefully putting forward the sequence that has been worked out after a lot of research and practice. If you do not follow this sequence, you will not gain the desired results.

This particular sequence must be kept in mind when considerations of marriage are before you:

  1. South-West
  2. South-East
  3. North-West
  4. West
  5. North-East, and
  6. North of North-East.

Check in this order to see which zones are disturbed. Usually, just by treating the SW, eighty percent of the problem could be solved. Of the remaining twenty percent, ten percent of the problem will be solved by treating the South-East zone. Then, treat the North-West and West and only five percent of the problem remains. Treat the NE and NNE and the problem is solved. Work in theses six zones and you should get positive results in 15-45 days.

This is one part. What remains is getting the partner of your dreams—-the one you desire. Someone who appeals to you will be a person who will give his life for you, make you comfortable—the SW zone is responsible for this. Placing a pair of love birds usually brings the right person into your life. This is how most relationship problems are treated with Love Birds. A picture of an Ideal Loving Couple—-Heer and Ranjha, for example, can also be placed along with the birds.

The South-West is the zone for family and ancestors. Placing pictures of your family and ancestors can bring desired results, to a great extant.

In Hyderabad, I worked out a solution for someone I know. I placed a photograph of him along with his grandparents in the SW. This ensured that he did not step out of his traditions and got married as per the will of his parents. A cycle is completed within 15-45 days. If there are no proper results, then the application or solution or judgment needs to be checked.

Case Study # 1: Got a Perfect Match

Sharmila, has younger sister Sushmita, and her other living together in Kota, Rajasthan. After they shifted in a new house, Sharmila and her mother started getting severe headaches. At the same time, they were looking for suitable matrimonial matches for Sushmita, who had turned 27, but despite all their efforts, none of the proposals fulfilled their expectations.

The financial situation was adding to their worries. Whenever they would try to diversify the business and take up contracts such as toll bridges, the deal would only materialize after a very long wait of over a year, and at the end, would run into losses. Sushmita, being well educated, was working earlier, but since they shifted to the new house had left the job.

One day, Sushmita met an acquaintance who introduced me to her. Upon hearing the problems the family was facing, I analyzed the layout of the house on the basis of the 4-steps of vastu—entrance, rooms, elements and objects—-and found several aspects which were not aligned to vastu, and which were causing problems. I then suggested certain remedies to bring about positive changes.

Entrance and Rooms

  • The entrance was through W2.
  • There were toilets in North-NNW, NE-ENE, and West.
  • The SE was small in area.


  • The kitchen was located in the East.


  • No significant blockages caused by objects.


  • Entrance located at W2 led to instability in career.
  • Toilet in West led to losses, prevented consolidation of gains and created obstacles in gaining new business.
  • The toilet in the North-NNW flushed out opportunities, health problems and headaches.
  • The small and weak SE led to obstacles in materialization of marriage and new business opportunities.
  • The kitchen in East created problems in business, especially in relation with getting authorization and permits.


  • An iron strip to be placed at the entrance.
  • An iron strip to be placed in the toilet in West zone.
  • A Green Pyramid to be placed in the toilet in North-NNW zone.
  • The toilet in NE-ENE zone to be permanently close.
  • A red bulb to be always lit in the SE zone to counter the weakness in that zone.
  • A green slab to be placed in the kitchen.


Sushmita and Sharmila decided to follow my advice, and within a week got the changes implemented. Almost immediately, the flow of money and business opportunities started improving, and they recovered payments due on some long standing debts. The invested the money in a new mining excavation venture, which took off immediately. Within a month, their health also improved and Sushmita’s and her mother’s headaches disappeared. At around the same time, a good match was found for Sushmita and within eight months, she was married.

Case Study # 2: Sister Got Ideal Groom

Tribhuvan Singh was an electronics engineer. He stayed with his family in a posh locality in Ludhiana. Overall he was satisfied with his life, except the fact that his 35 years old sister was still unmarried and was staying with him. He had no problem with keeping her at his residence but he wanted to see her settled with a family of her own. Whenever they were try to look for a good suitor, something or the other did not click and things did not work out between the families. In addition to this, Tribhuvan’s son was unable to find a job; this was also creating stress in the family.

One day during a conversation with a close relative, Tribhuvan learned about Ashtaa Astro & Vastu Org. He approached me with all his worries. I visited Tribhuvan’s house and listed down few changes Tribhuvan was required to make.

Entrance and Rooms

  • Entrance to the house was at E4, E5.
  • Toilet was in the North.
  • Sister’s bedroom was in the SSW zone.
  • Another toilet was in the SW zone.
  • The pooja room was in the SSW zone.
  • His son’s bedroom was in the WNW zone.


  • The kitchen was in the South and there was a black slab there.


  • The washing machine was in the WSW zone.


  • E5 entrance was adding to the aggression in their resulting in excessive anger.
  • The SW toilet was disposing of attributes of the zone of skills and marriage, so the sister was not getting proposals and the son was unable to hunt for a good job.
  • The sister’s bedroom was in the SSW, which was leading to the sister being rejected every time.
  • The pooja room was in the SSW, which was leading to desires not being manifested.
  • The WNW bedroom of the son was making him unable to get results up to his expectations and this was leading to depression.
  • The North toilet was flushing out growth opportunities from the son’s career.
  • The black slab in the kitchen was making the fire element weak due to the presence of water, leading to poor recognition of the sister’s qualities and the son’s skills, as both were not accepted.
  • The washing machine in the WSW was increasing concern for their own conduct and making them think where they went wrong.


  • Paint a green strip at the entrance.
  • Shift the pooja room to NNE.
  • An aluminium wire to be used in the North Toilet.
  • Yellow colour to be used as per Elemental Strip Technique to negate the adverse effects of the SW toilet.
  • A green slab to be used in the kitchen.
  • A red bulb to be put on the stairs in the SE.


Within three months of implementing the changes, Tribhuvan’s son got a job and within the next four-five months, his sister found a good match and got married. Tribhuvan was very grateful to Ashtaa Astro & Vastu Org. He started recommending to all the people he knew, when they told him their problems.

Vastu Shastra for Child Birth

How your home is responsible as far as progeny is concerned? The possibilities and the problems concerned with progeny and the continuity of the family is an important issue. One must know the manner in which your house is connected to and influences these matters.

When we speak of problems pertaining to child birth and heredity, then using these four above mentioned steps helps us analyse and reach the root of the problem.

In the Hindu Sanatana religion, it is a must to beget children, one must be married. Therefore, first and foremost, it is necessary to have an accomplished life partner. If the South-West is imbalanced, then you will face hurdles in getting the proper life partner. There are several reasons for such an imbalance.

If you are married, and are medically and physically fit, and still are unable to have children, then the reasons can be any of those mentioned below:

  1. If your entrance door in located in the South-East, then it is the cause of abortion. If it is located in the South-West or in the second place of North-East, then the chances of having daughters are increased. If it is so, then there is no need to change the entrance. Following the five elements theory, just use the appropriate colour in the location of the door and remove the bad effects of that particular entrance.
  2. If your bedroom is in between the South and South-West zones, which is the zone of disposal, then it is difficult to conceive. Between the East and South-East and between the West and North-West also, there are obstacles in begetting children. Apart from this, if there is a toilet in the South-West, of if that zone is cut or weak, and then the possibility of having children becomes poor.
  3. If the fire element is weak, then the man’s reproductive capacity also becomes poor. Practically speaking, this happens when, in the middle of the South and South-East zones, there is a toilet, well, boring, blue-black colour (on walls, and so on), and if there is a kitchen in the North-East. In both these cases, the Pingala or Surya Nadi of the house becomes weak, and the reproductive capacity, particularly of bearing male children is adversely affected. If the Kitchen is in the North-East or South-West, it becomes a main reason for not having children. Based on the principles of five elements and the use of appropriate symbols, these causative factors can be easily removed.
  4. If there is a overhead water tank in the North-East and a washing machine in the South-West, this problem can be arise. Apart from this, if granite stone slab is used under the cooking stove in the kitchen, then the lady of the house can suffer more from the lower abdominal cancer. Definitely, the chances of having children are adversely affected.

If these activities or objects can be relocated to their proper zones, then the problems also disappear. However, a large part of the population lives in flats, apartment blocks where demolitions and structural changes are not possible. The good thing is that using the afore mentioned simple techniques and solutions, one can solve most problems without resorting at structural changes in the building. At Ashtaa Astro & Vastu Org, there are more than 80 cases were solved successfully within a period of 2-5 months.


Case Study# Family Got Completed with the Birth of a Grandchild

Mr. Khurana, living in Ludhiana, had every kind of happiness, he wished for—-all the material comforts, a great big house, a wonderful family and friends. His children had been married for a long time now; and he confided in me, that he was still waiting for the good news of the arrival of grandchildren. Despite the best medical attention and all normal reports, there were no grandchildren. He grew a little sad while relating this.

I asked if I could see the entire house to make my observations based of my well-known 4-steps analysis. Mr. Khurana happily took me around his house.

Entrance and Rooms

  • The entrance was well located.
  • His sons’ bedrooms on the ground and first floor lay in the zone of disposal—SSW.


  • There were pink painted walls in the West Zone.


  • The picture of their ancestors was hanging in the North-East zone.


  • The root of the problem lay in the both the sons’ bedrooms being in the SSW, where the chances of conception were getting disposed off.
  • The picture of the ancestors in the NE, instead off instead of being in the zone of heredity (SW, also did not support their efforts).
  • The Pink-coloured Western Walls introduced the fire elements into space elements zone, and spoiled their chances.


  • The western walls were painted cream in colour and both the sons’ bedrooms were made in that zone.
  • The ancestors’ pictures were shifted to the SW zone.


In less than a year’s time, Mr. Khurana called me to give good news. “My elder son has had a boy! And very soon, my younger son will be blessed with a child. There is a Havana this coming Saturday. You must be there—-the child needs your blessings.”


Case Study# Miscarriages Stopped and Made Safer Delivery

Like Mr. Khurana above, there are many people who are faced with the problem of not having children, despite their best efforts and medical attentions. There was another gentleman, whose wife conceived naturally thrice, in the seven years of their marriage, but did not have a successful pregnancy all three times. On the advice of a friend, he showed his house to me. Applying the famous 4-steps, I concluded that a few changes would help them greatly.

Entrance and Rooms

  • The entrance location was in the S1, an unfavourable one for child-birth.
  • The locations of the rooms were all right.


  • There were blue coloured walls in the South-East.


  • There was a picture of a new born baby in the SSW zone.


  • I realised that the bad location of entrance was negatively affecting the birth of a child. This was being compounded by the weakening of the fire element by the blue walls in the South-East.
  • In addition to this, the picture of a new born baby in the zone of disposal was programming their space to dispose of the prospects of conception.


  • The picture of the new born baby was to be shifted to their bedroom.
  • A red strip was to be painted on the entrance door.
  • The South-East walls were painted a cream colour.


After ten months of applying these remedies, the gentleman came to my office with a box of sweets. There was good news—–he had had a daughter and he and his wife were delighted beyond words. Their child’s laughter filled the once-empty house with love and joy.

Case Study# Male Child Birth

Another family, residing in Jaipur, was having slightly different type of problem. Only female children were being born in this house. This particular couple wanted a male child after having three daughters. When their house was examined with the 4-steps, following observations were noted:

Entrance and Rooms

  • There entrance door was in E2.
  • Inside the house, in the SW there was a toilet.


  • There was a boring in the SSE zone.


  • There was a washing machine placed near the toilet in the SW zone.


  • There entrance as one which increased the chances of female progeny.
  • The SW toilet disposed off the chances of their family heredity continuing.
  • The water boring was weakening the fire elements.
  • The washing machine was also negatively affecting the zone of ancestors and heredity, thereby, increasing concerns for male progeny.


  • Apply colour treatment as per the Elemental Strip Technique to manage the bad effects of entrance.
  • The boring was to be closed.
  • The SW toilet was to be painted in Beige shade to strengthen the earth element.
  • The washing machine was to be placed in the SE.


Within a year and a half, the couple had a son!

Presented as it is as was taught by my Vastu Guru Shri K D Bansal ji, with his all love and blessings…


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