Donation of Education & Bhavishya Purana By Shubhangi Naik

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Bhavishya means Future & Purana means Tales of ancient times. The Bhavishya Purana is a Hindu religious text and one of the eighteen major Puranas. It is written in Sanskrit and attributed to Sage Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas. The title “Bhavishya Purana” signifies a work that contains prophecies regarding the future. Despite being labeled a purana, the work relates only a few legends. It is one of several Puranas in which lists of royal dynasties of the “past” are followed by lists of kings predicted to rule in the future.[1]

The text as it exists today is a composite of material ranging from very old to very recent. In the traditional system of classification according to the three gunas[2] given in the Padma Purana, it is classified in the rajas category, which contains Puranas whose central deity is Brahma.

Reproduced below & in future articles we would furnish excerpts from it, which would be having some astrology content, or be helpful for us to understand karma.

Education or Imparting of Knowledge is considered one of the most auspicious karmas but some individuals in modern India still consider it incorrect and there donation of education comes either with a catch or the infamous ‘serve me mentality’. Effective donation or any karma is one that has no catch, no expectation of fruits, no conditions attached to it. The Universe/God is intelligent and powerful enough to take care of it being misused or vice versa. The easiest way to understand God (Universal Energy) is to observe nature for years, one would find there is absolute perfection in Gods rain or even in his famine, even in his Tsunami there is perfection. Below we reproduce what Lord Krishna has talked about education. In order to maintain the flavor of the Purana we will be using the word ‘Vidya Dan’ which when loosely translated means donation of education.

(Bhavishya Purana, Part-174)

 King Yudhisthira said: O Lord! After learning about different rituals on giving Cows and Land in donation, I now wish to learn about importance of Vidya-dan.

Lord Krishna said: O king! Now I describe the ritual for Vidya-dan and the fruits one can earn by this ritual.

Elect an auspicious day and time. On this day, make a square mandal[3] decorate it with flowers and Swastik (lucky or auspicious object/ mark made to denote good luck).  Place the book in the mid of the mandal and worship with Sandalwood paste (gandha), consecrated rice (Akshata) and flowers. Worship the Scribe (writer/author) and donate him the golden writings embossed on the silver plate. The scribe should be well mannered and unbiased.

At the end, the scribe should begin his writings, with concentration he should write each words separately, in separate lines, with appropriate punctuations, anuswars (half consonants used in Devnagari script). The writing should be round, beautiful, even, underlined (in Devanagri script the letters are joined by a line above the letters to form the word).

With this ritual one can write holy devotional books on Shiva or Vishnu or any other science of law (dharma) etc., and then worship the scribe with the clothes, ornaments and then by covering the books with two fabrics this book could be given along with some cash to a Brahmin who is a good reader, liked by everyone and is sweet spoken or to any temple, institution or a library run for the benefit of the public.

Whoever makes donation this way gets the benefit greater that that obtained by pilgrimage. Similarly, the fruits of donating the book is similar to that of donating 1000 Kapila Cows (Smoky grey color cow is called Kapila). The cow satisfies the needs of a man by giving abundance milk and keeping the person healthy.

And then who can narrate the benefits of donating the pious books likes Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita, and the Puranas? Who can be more pious than the person who wakes up early in the morning to teach Vedas, Dance, Singing and other arts?

A teacher who teaches the student with open heart has done the biggest charity.

The person who gives food, clothes, alms, books to the students; his desires are fulfilled. Such person becomes wise, long-lived and acquires success in Dharma (law), Artha (Finance), Kama (Desires) etc.

O King! One should always help and be ready to help the person who wish to gain knowledge of science (shaastra vidya), knowledge of weapons (shashtra vidya – learnt by warrior class), 46 arts and other knowledge; because by helping such a person one acquires worldly pleasures. By imparting super-intellect, one gets the fruits of performing 1000 Vajpaye-Yagna.

Whoever  organizes the reading of Puranas in Shiva, Vishnu and Sun temple regularly obtains the same fruits, as one would get on donating cow, land, gold, clothes every day.

An uneducated person cannot decide on what is right or wrong (dharma and adharma), that is why one should always be ready to impart their knowledge and education. Lord Brahma and other Lords are well known for imparting their knowledge.

Whoever performs Vidya-dan, is worshiped in the abode of Vishnu and he is born again on the earth as a King blessed with good-fortune, good-looks, children & grand children; he is healthy, long lived and is Dharmatma (one who follows Dharma at any point of his life).

The above was a direct translation from Bhavishya Purana. In ancient India, imparting of knowledge was given the highest status akin to worship of lord Shiva, Vishnu. This is clearly reflected in this section and also in the books called “Dan Sagar” and “Dan Kalpataru”. When it comes to imparting true working knowledge on astrology modern India still has to learn from our ancient works is clearly seen. When we allow misuse of knowledge it then that knowledge retracts into its own shell ofcourse helped by the so-called fundamentalists & hardliners.

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