In modern times recovery of debts is one of the biggest problems.  People take loan and advances

 for various reasons i.e. for purchasing a house, renovation of the house, buying a vehicle, for sending abroad

 for higher studies in medical and engineering, or for medical expenses incurred in their treatment of their family etc. etc.

 Now these loans are to be obtained either from the banks or financial institutions and if these financial institutions

 are not willing to lend money then they have no other option but to obtain loan from money lenders.

 These money lenders as well as financial institutions charge a higher rate of interest or to be repaid within a stipulated

 period of time. 

 Since these money lenders as well as financial institutions resort to unfair practices of squeezing maximum money

 from the borrowers, the borrowers have no other option but to pledge their assets as well as their property. Moreover

these financial institutions as well as money lenders are also worried that the borrowers are deliberately not willing

to repay the interest as well as the principal amount, with the result they have to close down their business.

Now how does astrology come in the picture?. When is the loan to be obtained favourable  to either the borrower or the


Astrological methods can be applied to only sincere transactions of money lending for the purpose of raising loans and

Advances. The adverse, malefic or inauspicious conditions under which the loans should not be given by the lender to

The borrower resulting in unfavourable results are given below:

  1. VISH, HUTASHAN, YAMGHANTAK & DAGDHA Yogas formed by combination & constellation, day and lunar thithi.
  2. Half lunar month called as PAKSH consisting of thirteen days only.
  3. Extinct {LVPT} SAMWATSAR or Jupiter year.
  4. VISH [poison] GHATI [period] of lunar tithi, day and constellation.
  5. SHOONYA[null] lunar tithi, constellation and ascendant.
  6. PAKSH [half lunar month] RANDHA lunar tithi.
  7. DAGDHA lunar tithi, RIKTA [void] lunar tithi,deleted or extended [KSHEEN or VRADDHI]Lunar tithi of

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday specially.

  1. DAGDHA ascendant.
  2. Transit [SANDHI] point of day and night i.e. middle time of noon or midnight.
  3. Ascendant with malefic planet and also in the navamsa malefic planet posited in the ascendant.
  4. Ascendant and moon forming a KARTARI YOGA. The malefic or inauspicious effects of the above listed items

 are nullified or mitigated if in Jupiter, Mercury or Venus is present either in the kendras or trikonas.

  1. In addition to this new moon,
  2. Date of death of parents
  3. Own constellation of birth [janma],
  4. Bhadra,Vyatipat & Vaidhriti Yogas,
  5. Eclipses
  7. Ascendant at the time of birth and its 8th houseas ascendant for performing desired work.
  8. Ascendant in which moon is deposited and also last navamsa in the ascendant.
  9. Rahu – kal
  10. On the fifth lunar day.
  11. Vishaka,
  12. Krittika,
  13. Rohini,
  14. Ardra,
  15. Ashlesha
  16. All three Uttaras i.e Uttara Phalguni, Uttarshada & Uttarbhadra
  17. Jyeshta/pushya constellation in jyeshta lunar month.
  19. 9th lunar day falling on thursday

The malefic and inauspicious effect of these periods is not extinguished fully by any method hence they should be

avoided always.  Moon while it is in its transit [gochar] is exalted or it is exalted [uccha] or if it is in vargottam position

Or when Jupiter is powerful, the ascendant GUNDANT [fault] is mitigated.

Now we shall study when the borrower should not borrow from the lender because it becomes difficult for him to repay it.

  1. Tuesdays
  2. sun’s sign transit day
  3. vraddhi yogas
  4. Sunday with hasta constellation.

It is beneficial to repay the debts on Tuesdays.

Now we shall study when the loans are to be advanced so that it will be easily recoverable:

  1. Mondays
  2. Thursdays
  3. Fridays
  4. Punarvasu
  5. Swati
  6. Sravan
  7. Danistha
  8. Shatbisha
  9. Ashwini
  10. Mrigshish
  11. Pushya[excluding Friday]
  12. Chitra
  13. Anuradha
  14. Abhijeet
  15. Sarvarth siddhi yogas
  16. Amrit yogas
  17. Amrit siddhi yogas
  18. Ravi yoga
  19. Raj yoga
  20. G
  21. aj yoga

In utmost need or in an urgency such loan can be given when benefic planets occupy the kendras viz.1,4,7,&10

And malefics are deposited in 3,6,&11th houses. Alternatively debts could also be given if they are in the signs of

3,6,10,&11 from the ascendant provided no planet occupies the 3rd and 11th house except moon.

The mahadasha and antardasha period of the yoga karak pertaining to houses 1.4.10,2,5,9 &11th house lords are good for recovery provided the dasha and antara should not be 6,8,or 12th to each other.

Filing of civil suits for recovery of debts

Victory is sure for the plaintiff if suit is filed during the following muhurta’s.

Lunar tithi.—,11,13 & 15th [odd signs]

Days               Sunday, Monday, Thursday, & Saturdays.

Constellations:      bharni, rohini, punarvasu, ashlesha, uttra phalguni, hasta, swati, anuradha, uttrashadha,

Dhanistha  uttrabhadrapad & revati.

Compromise on civil suits filed for recovery of debts

Lunar thithi     2,6,&10th

Day                  Wednesday

Constellations:  ardra, mool, abhijeet & shatabhisha.

When the plaintiff will fall through or defeated.

Lunar thihi   :    4,8,12 & 14th

Day               :        Tuesdays and Fridays

Constellations :  Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigshisha, Pushya,Magha and 3 Purvas  i.e Purva Phalguni, Purvashadda  and Purva Bhadrapad, Chitra, Vishaka, Jyeshta and Shrawana.

Summing up we should lend money during auspicious and benefic periods and also credit worthiness and repaying capacity of

the borrower should be taken into account.

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