Effects of Colors of Pens – Ink on Persons as per Lal Kitab By Rabinder Nath Bhandari, India

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Rabinder Nath Bhandari was born on 26th Dec 1950 and is a science graduate from Punjab University. He has been studying astrology since 1978 in which 35 years he has spent in extreme deep study of Lal Kitab. Being well versed in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi & English he has delved deeper into Present day Palmistry along with Indian Samudrik Shastra apart from doing vast amount of readings for people. His interests likes in nature photography & how nature is simple, this simplicity reflects in his persona being an extremely humble and loving human being. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on Lal Kitab alive today. Mercury is the major planet regarding the thought processes, being the indicator of human brain. The Influence of this planet can be observed from its placement in different houses of native’s horoscope. Further, its relationship with other planets through aspects or conjunctions, also have a great impact in the human mind behavior. On human palms, we are supposed to study the Head line, Mount of Mercury, short finger and the thumb for detailed and accurate information concerning the mental status of a native.

The Pen as the Major Tool of Expression of Thoughts by Writing

Speaking and writing abilities are used by human beings to express or communicate what they want to others. In this article, I would like to draw your attention to the colors of pen and ink filled therein and the pen’s quality by studying different combinations of planets with Mercury and the resultant influence on native’s mind. The manner in which a native communicates with others and the way he writes reflect what is going on inside its head, which is governed by the planet Mercury. If positively placed, the native will be in a position to make proper use of his mental force, which is the foundation of success. Otherwise, if Mercury is negative then negatives effects on the brain functions can be predicted, influencing indirectly the progress in life due to a lack of concentration.

Importance of Pen’s/Ink’s Color

Pen and ink are the basic tools used to write one’s thoughts, to write what a person is thinking in some moment. There is one color image of human palm (Image No.01) showing the colors which represents different planets, which affect native’s mind, thoughts and ideas during their period of influence. When some planet is affecting the native, we will able to observe its effects through the items of that planet color or on items of the same color as shown in the illustration No.01. Therefore, it is advisable to watch colors of items and find out to which planet such items are connected for pinpointing the planetary influence in a given moment. Examples
  1. A red color cow, in which red color represents the planet Sun but the cow itself is represented by Venus. So, this will be giving effects of Sun and Venus conjunct on native’s horoscope.
  2. Suppose there is one buffalo of black color, in this case, both color and animal are representing the same planet (Saturn). In this way, only the influence of Saturn will be present, but if buffalo color is grayish brown (color representing the planet Sun) then will be treated as animal of Sun alone, giving the positive results of Sun. He will not give the effects of Saturn or Sun/Saturn conjunction because these planets never exist together (Sun is plus sign and Saturn is minus sign, so their result will be zero).
  3. In case the color of buffalo is black and forehead is white, then both Saturn and Moon will be acting against each other, the influence of Ketu (two colored – black and white) and Saturn will be felt by the native. If Ketu is in helping position to Saturn then it will be beneficial otherwise effects on the relatives/items of Ketu and Saturn will be adverse for the person. In the event of buffalo’s color being grayish brown with a white area in forehead, only the good effects of Sun and Moon combination will be felt by the native.
  4. Similarly, we take the example of a dog of two colors (i.e. black and white), it will be pure Ketu, but if there are red spots it will not be giving the effects of Ketu, instead, the influence of Mercury will be felt. In case of a dog with white and red (brownish) color combination, the effects of Sun and Moon conjunction will be felt by the native.
First of all, we should learn what planet governs each item. For example, if the item’s color pertains to the planet Sun then observe its influence concerning to Sun and his effects on other planets items, works, relatives and so forth. Sun will be giving positive results on its friendly planets items and negative on its inimical planets items. Same will be the results of the ruling time planets according to Lal Kitab system of prediction. astrology img 30

Importance of Others Factors

In addition to the effects of signs and planets on human beings, others factors such as: residential house, dreams, other Shagun (omens), pet animals, birds, friends and relatives, eating habits and ilm e quiafa should be kept in mind while concluding any prediction or advising remedies. From the above noted points, items and colors exert an influence on the natives as much as the planets in the native’s horoscope, or in other words, we can make use of items related to a specific planet and select colors to amend and correct bad influences of any planet. In the current topic, we will be discussing the effects of Pen’s Color and Ink’s Color filed herein by its possessor.

The Study of Quality of a Pen

When Mercury is well placed, the influence of Machh rekha (Fish sign, a positive mark indicating good results of Jupiter and Saturn combination) will be felt by native in his life. Machh rekha is a sign generally found at the beginning of Fate Line towards the end of Life Line, near the wrist. As a fish flourishes in water in all senses, such as laying eggs for successful growth of its generations in water, and a frog can breathe both in water as well as beneath earth during hibernation, the native possessor of this mark will experience progress in every aspect of his life. The good condition of Mercury here will be linked with the quality of the pen used by the native. For example, if the pen is brand new and without any repair or parts replaced from another pen, then it will always be giving positive results, as mentioned against every type of color combination, if quoted positive or in other words, to achieve the mentioned good results the good quality of pen must be kept in mind. For reference purposes, notice the location of Machh rekha on human palm in the image No. 02.

Image 02. (Machh Rekha – Fish Sign)

astrology img 31 If Mercury is badly placed, it will render influence equal to Kaag Rekha (Bad results of Saturn in native’s life), which will gives a troubled life, full of struggle and misery to the native. The image No. 03 shows how Kaag Rekha (crow feet sign) appears in the human palm. It can be compared with a crow’s life, whose eggs are destroyed by Cuckoo bird after laying its own eggs in the crow’s nest (trouble in progeny) for hatching, in which the crow is not able to identify these problems and take care of them till all the birds, after hatching, are grown up. Such effects are supposed to be faced by native whose pen is bad. For example, if the native posses a damaged pen, whose parts have been replaced with those of other broken pen or have been repaired. Producing effects equal to a bad Mangal (Negative Mars).

Image 03. (Kaag Rekha)

astrology img 33 astrology img 34 Sun + Mars + Mercury This combination makes the native bold and frank. Able to do two works simultaneously. Native will be in a position to overcome any mischief by his enemies. Overall this is a good combination. Pen with Golden color cap and red color barrel filled with red ink. Sun + Mercury + Saturn In this combination, Mercury plays an important role by eliminating the enmity between Sun and Saturn. Now, these three planets will be giving their results independently, except that of Jupiter when these three planets are placed in 2H, 5H, 9H and 12H. When pen used in this case is of good quality (i.e. Mercury is not negative), Jupiter will also be giving positive results (i.e. Results of Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn combination). Pen with golden color cap and red color barrel filled with blue ink. Image 05. (Yellow Color Pen) astrology img 35 Jupiter + Mars This combination is generally excellent in giving results regarding family comforts, wealth and making native’s condition equal to a jeweled gold (i.e. a royal position). Yellow color pen filled with red ink. Jupiter + Rahu This combination generally gives negative results, because Rahu poisons Jupiter’s air, becoming tough to breathe. Or it turns pure gold into neela thotha (Copper Sulphate). Meaning, everything will be declining instead of rising, resulting in misery and poverty. Yellow color pen filled with blue ink. Image 06. (Green Color Pen) astrology img 36 Mercury + Mars These two planets when come together represent an “artificial Saturn”, thus creating an additional serpent to the already existing one, represented by Saturn in native’s birth chart, which generally empowers the negative influence of Saturn. Much care must be taken regarding such combinations, which we may create due to our ignorance. The use of green color pen filled with red ink should be avoided. In the case this combination already exists in the native’s horoscope then appropriate remedies should be performed to ward of the ill effects. Mercury + Rahu This combination is extreme in giving positive or negative results to the native. If it is positive, it will be giving results like a white elephant flying in high skies, beneficial in every respect and promoting a successful life. Whereas, if this combination happens to be negative in birth chart, then jail, mental asylum, hospital, graveyard or deserted places in a negative sense are the results reserved for the native. So, be very careful while using a green color pen filled with blue ink. Mercury (Budh Shaktiman) When Mercury is well placed in native’s birth chart, in positive houses like 2H, 4H and 6H of horoscope, he is capable of giving Rajayoga effects to the native, who will escape from adversities. Similar is the case with green color pen filled with green ink. Image 07. (Red Color Pen) Mars Positive Mars positive in native’s horoscope always gives positive results and makes life full of success and achievements, similar will be the results of using a pen of red color filled with red ink. Mars + Rahu In this combination, Rahu becomes silent (incapable of giving any result), only Mars remains as a controller of Rahu (Mahavat on Elephant), which means that the results of such unity will be ordinary but generally good in native’s life, because of controlled position of Rahu. Thus, the results rendered by a pen of red color filled with blue ink will be ordinary, but generally good. Mars + Mercury This combination has already been mentioned above as “Mercury + Mars”, but in this case the pen is of red color and filled with green ink. In general, the results will be the same as the previous quoted combination. Image 08. (Black Color Pen) Saturn + Mars Saturn and Mars combination equals to the level of two dacoits in negative sense and brings adversity in the native’s life. The same kind of influence will be felt by the native while using a black pen filled with red ink, so be careful. Saturn + Rahu When these two planets come together (Saturn as a snake and Rahu as the Naag Mani or Jewel of Snake) gives positive results, Saturn will render positive effects to the native and Mercury will also be good. A black color pen, when filled with blue ink will also give the above mentioned results. Saturn + Mercury This combination empowers native equal to a flying snake or a hawk and giving the vision similar of an eagle bird. In general, it gives positive results to the native and makes him clever and a quick observer. Before uttering even a single word, he will be able to know what the other person is going to say. The same effects will be produced through the possession of a black pen filled with green ink.  Image 09. (Two Colored Pen with Red Color in It) Sun + Mercury Sun and Mercury combined gives excellent results regarding health, wealth and progeny. This combination makes the native’s children of a high status as compared to him, but if Sun is afflicted by enemy planets (i.e. with Saturn, Venus, Rahu or Ketu) then his children generally remains in a lower status as compared to him. The bad effects of a negative Mars are also warded off when the combination of Sun and Mercury prevails in the birth chart. So, when a two colored pen with red color combination is filled with red ink the results above will be felt by the native. Mercury + Rahu In this case, both these planets should be carefully studied when accessing their influence on the native. It is not advisable to take risks, because when this combination is adverse it will give extreme negative results to the native. A pen of two colors with red color and filled with blue ink should be selected with caution. Mercury Generally, two colored items of black and white combination represents the planet Ketu, but with red color in this combination Mercury’s influence becomes predominant. So, when we use green ink in a pen of two colors with one of the colors being red, the excellent results of Mercury will be felt by its possessor. Image 10. (Two Colored Pen without Red Color in It) Mars + Ketu This is an adverse planetary combination, which makes the native’s life full of quarrels and struggles just like a fight between a tiger and a dog. Thus, two colored pen without red color filled with red ink will be giving the negative results quoted above. Rahu + Ketu This combination, when giving its negative results, makes the life of native miserable on account of discredits and defamation everywhere. A two colored pen without red color, when filled with blue ink will affect the native in a similar manner. Ketu + Mercury In this combination, both these two planets act as destroyers of each other, thus adding misery and poverty in native’s life. Similar effects will be produced by a pen of two colors without red color filled with green ink on its possessor, so be careful. Conclusion There may be other color combinations influencing human life, similar to planetary combinations influence on human beings. But first of all, the negative combinations quoted above are supposed to be checked in the native’s birth chart, if these do exist, then precautions must be taken while selecting any color combination for a pen and ink. If native is already using such suggested pen, then the usage of that must be avoided.

A sound mind in a sound body 




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