Virgo Ascendant Chart 2


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Credits: Madras Govt Oriental Library

Manuscript Supplied By: Upendra Bhadoriya

ஜாதகம் 2

ஜனனகால கிரக நிலை

Yenbeeyes hails from a Tamil family wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he having retired in 2007 has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

ஜாதகம் 2

ஜனனகால கிரக நிலை

  1. 1மதி சனி 2ஆடதாக 3மால் 4ரவி 5துங்கமாக

நிதிகுரு கேது 6நந்தி நிற் 7புகர் 8நீச்சமாக

சதியிலா 9கயர் 10தேளில் சென்மமு 11பெண்ண தாக

விதியினால் கிரகம் நின்றால் விளம்புவீர் பலனைத் தானே.

The reference numbers given before the words indicate the following:


1 சந்திரன் (Moon)         2 மேஷம்  (Aries)          

3 புதன்   (Mercury)        4 சூரியன்  (Sun)           

5 சிம்மம்   (Leo)             6 ரிஷபம்   (Taurus)      

7 சுக்கிரன்   (Venus)      8 கன்னி   (Virgo)

9 ராகு   (Rahu)              10 விருச்சிகம்   (Scorpio)           

11 கன்னி   (Virgo)

Chart 2

Planetary position at birth

  1. Goddess Parvati is asking the Rishis to tell the results for a person having the following planetary positions on account of fate: Lagna is Virgo, Moon and Saturn placed in Aries, Mercury and Sun in Leo, Jupiter and Ketu in Taurus, Venus in his debilitated house of Virgo and Rahu is in Scorpio.

Notes by C.G.Rajan:

For this Rasi Chart the following positions in Navamsa will be fitting:

Ketu in Cancer, Saturn in Leo, Moon in Virgo, Mars in Libra, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus and Rahu in Capricorn. Mercury and Venus are combust.

Notes By Yenbeeyes:


In this sloka, surprisingly there is no mention of the position of the planet Mars. Again without the position of Longitudes of planets or the Nakshatra padas in which the planets are placed in the Rasi Chart, C.G.Rajan has given the Navamsa position. Navamsa Lagna as also position of Jupiter in Navamsa is not mentioned in his explanation.

From Verse 50 we note that the Balance of Venus Dasa at birth is 11 Years and 2 months. The Nakshatras of Venus as per Vimshottari Dasa are Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purvashada. C.G.Rajan has taken the birth star as Bharani and the position of Moon in Navamsa as Virgo.

Here is the table of Nakshatra Padas of Planets based on the above position of Navamsa given by C.G.Rajan:


ஜனனமான நாட்டுச் சிறப்பு

 கோமளி கேழ்க்கும் போது குருமுனி கூறு கின்றார்

நேமியில் ஆண்பால் சென்மம் நிகரில்லம் கீழ்மேல் வீதி

காமியே தெற்கு வாடை கணேசனு மாரி தெற்கில்

வாமியே கிழக்கில் யீசன் மாகாளி அருகில் தங்கும்.

Grandeur of the place of birth

When Goddess Parvati asked like that (as stated in verse 1), Rishi Vasishtar who is also called as Guru Rishi The native will be a male. His house will be situated in a street running East to West. House will be facing the South. A temple for Lord Ganesa and another one for Mariamman will be on the Southern direction. On the Eastern side a Siva temple and nearer to that a big Kaliamman temple are situated.

மாயவ னருகில் நின்று மறைந்திடும் சிற்றூர் தன்னில்

நேயமாய்க் கெட்டி வீட்டில் நிகர்தந்தை யில்லம் தன்னில்

ஆயவே யிந்தப் பாலன் அவனுமே உதிப்பா னாகும்

தாயமாம் குணத்தினாளே சொல்லுவோம் பலனை யாங்கள்.

A temple for Lord Vishnu will be nearer (to his house). In such a not so much known (the actual word in Tamil will give a meaning of hidden village) small village, the native will be born in his father’s house which will be a strong one. Rishi addresses Parvati as the one who is of benevolent character and says “We will now start telling the results for such a native.”

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

Anything concerning the birth is to be naturally linked to the influences on Lagna, Lagna Lord as also the karaka. With this basic idea what strikes to me is enlisted here.

Birth of the native was in his father’s house: So any influence on Lagna/Lagna Lord by the 9th house factors as also karaka Sun are to be looked into. 9th Lord Venus is occupying Lagna. Jupiter placed in the 9th house influences Lagna by aspect and also through its dispositor who happens to be Venus. From Chandra Lagna 9th Lord happens to be Jupiter. Lagna Lord Mercury has conjoined karaka Sun who is strongly placed in his own house.

தப்பனாரின் சகோதரர்களும் குணாதிசயங்களும்

  1. தந்தையின் துணைவர் தன்னைச் சாற்றுவோ மெழுவராகும்

நொந்திடும் சிலது தானும் நுவலுவோம் பிதா குணத்தைச்

சாந்தத மொடிசல் தேகி தயாளமா மனத்த னாகும்

பந்தமால் நிறத்த னாகும் பாரினில் கீர்த்தியுள்ளான்.

Siblings of the Native’s father and Characteristics of Native’s Father

We say that the native’s father will have seven siblings. Out of these some will die early. Now we will say about the characteristics of Native’s father. He will be lean and tall. Will have a compassionate mind. He will have a color akin to that of Lord Mahavishnu. He will be a famous person in earth.

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

Lean and Tall: Jupiter and Ketu occupies the body of the father (Taurus being 9th house indicate Lagna of father). Normally when there is a combination of Jupiter + Rahu or Jupiter + Ketu, the native tends to be tall. From Chandra Lagna too Jupiter becomes lord of the 9th house of father. Now this Jupiter is placed in the house of Venus and the aspect of Rahu on this Jupiter, all will carry the influence of the lord of that house-Venus. Venus normally acts against tallness. But this Venus is debilitated and hence becomes weak. 

In Virgo Chart 1, I have given the rules for leanness of the body. Here even though Jupiter, the planet of corpulence is placed in the Lagna of father, the dispositor of Jupiter – Venus is debilitated. Venus being placed in the house of Mercury will exhibit the qualities of Mercury who is conjoined with the dry planet Sun. Influence of Rahu and Ketu on Pitru Lagna will have no effect. Mercury, the dispositor of Venus is a viewless person and has to fall in line with Sun who is strongly placed in own house. Additionally both Jupiter and Mars are aspecting the lord of Pitru Lagna Venus. Since Mars is also in the house of Mercury same argument as above holds good. Hence the native’s father is lean.

In Jataka Tatva-under Chapter 3- Prakeerna Tatva various sutras are given for an examination of the several parts of the body. For want of space, I am restricting myself in quoting the combinations which fulfill the conditions stated in this verse as regards the native’s father.

One last point which I would like to bring to the notice of the readers is that the signs Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio and Libra have been termed as water and the remaining signs as dry by Mahadeva.

Color resembling that of Mahavishnu: We have to refer to the various Puranas wherein colors of deities have been explained. Also in many Tamil classics, the color of Lord Mahavishnu has been mentioned. I quote below one such Tamil Verse taken from a classic called ‘Peria Tirumadal’

ன்னன் நறுந்துழாய் வாழ்மார்வன் – மாமதிகோள்
முன்னம் விடுத்த முகில்வண்ணன் – காயாவின்
சின்ன நறும்பூந் திகழ்வண்ணன் – வண்ணம்போல்
அன்ன கடலை மலையிட் டணைகட்டி,  (48)- line 191-193

People praise Mahavishnu as ‘Kaayaamboo Vannan” ‘காயாம்பூவண்ணன்’. Kaayaa is a flower having deep blue color or dark purple color. The Botanical name of this flower is Memecylon tinctorium.

Hence according to this, the native’s father will be having a dark complexion. Rahu’s aspect alone is sufficient to render the color black.

யூகைவான் கலவி மானாம் உருதியா மனத்த னாகும்

பாகமாய்ப் பேச வல்லன் பந்துவு மெச்ச வாழ்வன்

யோகவான் பலபேர் நேயன் உத்தமர்நேசம் கொள்வன்

தியாகியாம் கிரிஷிசெய்வன் செயம் செய்வனெடுத்த வேலை.

Native’s father will be an erudite scholar (having a research mind) and will have a strong willed mind. He is capable of talking in a mature manner and also craftily. He will be living praised by his relations. He will be a lucky person. He will be a friend to many excellent and virtuous people. He will be a charitable person. He will do agriculture. Whatever work he does he will successfully complete it.

தோத்திரப் பிரிய னாகும் துறாசையு மில்லான் நல்லன்

பாத்திர மறிய வல்லன் பந்துவுக் கினிய னாகும்

ஏத்தவர்க் குதவு வானாம் யிகபர மாலின் பத்தி

நாத்திசை நல்லோ னாவன் நயம் படக் கூறுவானாம்.

Native’s father likes to be eulogized. He will have no bad desires; a good man; he will give alms to the deserving persons knowing their worthiness. He will be dear to his relations. He will help those who praise him and worship him. He worships Lord of heaven and earth Vishnu. He will be a good man in all the four directions. He will speak pleasingly and courteously.

பித்தமாம் மூலச் சூடு பெருகிடு மிவனுக்கே தான்

குத்தமாம் தோளிலே தான் கூறுவான் கட்டு வார்த்தை

பத்திமான் சித்திர வீடு பாலிப்பான் வேர தாக

நித்தமும் சுகி பொசிப்பன் நிமலியே மேலுங் கேளே.

Native’s father will be suffering from Pitta and Piles. He will have a blemish on his shoulder (C.G.Rajan says it is lameness). He tends to exaggerate while talking. He will construct a beautiful house in a different manner. (Probably not like the traditional one). Daily he will eat good sumptuous food and will enjoy happiness. Oh! Goddess Parvati! Please listen further.

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

The verse talks about some fault in the shoulder of the native’s father. Shoulder is represented by the 3rd house and Gemini sign. Mars is placed in Gemini and according to Jataka Tatva – Sloka 152 – Chapter 3-Prakeerna tatva – “In the particular limb signified by the sign occupied by Mars and the Sun, there will be a slightly red mark or indication. (Might also be a mole). 3rd house from Pitru Lagna which indicates shoulder is Cancer and its lord Moon is placed in the 12th house (to Pitru Lagna) along with the lame Saturn and its dispositor happens to be Mars. Hence the defect.

யோசனை பலவுஞ் செய்வன் உருமாலின் பூசை செய்வன்

தாசி தாசர்களு முள்ளான் சகோதிர ரொருமை யில்லான்

காசி மேலாசை யுள்ளான் கபடுளான் கோபம் கொஞ்சம்

வாசமாம் கல்வி யுள்ளான் பிரபந்த கேழ்வி யாமே.

Native’s father will be always thinking about many things. He will doing Puja (a ritual in honor of the God done either at home or in a temple) to Lord Mahavishnu. He will possess male as well as female servants. He will not have unity and peace with his siblings. He will be an avaricious person. He will be a deceitful man. He will also have a little anger. He will be an educated person. He will listen to discourses.

ஜாதகருடைய சகோதரர்கள் (சகோதர பாவம்)

 இக்குண முடையோ னுக்கு இவனுமே இரண்டாம் சென்மம்

தொக்கவே யுதிப்பா னாகும் துணைவர்கள் இல்லை யென்றோம்

மிக்கவே முனிவர் கூற விளம்புவா ரம்மன் தானாம்

தொக்கவே துணைவர் சேதி சொல்லுவாய் விபர மாக.

Siblings of the native (House of Co-borns)


To such a characteristic father, this native will be born as the second child. We say that he will not have brothers. When Vasishta Rishi said like that Parvati intervened and asked: Tell in detail about the matters pertaining to the native’s siblings.

Comment From Yenbeeyes:

There are two statements in this verse which are contradictory. The native will be born as the second child – He will have no siblings. Probably because of this the Goddess had intervened and asked the Rishi to explain. This will be cleared in the next verse.

கயரது முன்றில் நிற்க அங்காரகன் அதற்கு யெட்டில் நிற்க

வியமாகும் துணைவர் தானும் விருதரும் சொல்லுகின்றார்

நயமான குருவும் நாலோனாகிய நவ மிருந்து

தயவுள துணைவர் வீட்டை தானவர் பார்த்த தாலே.

Rahu in the 3rd house (of siblings) and Mars (karaka for siblings) placed in the (hidden) 8th from the 3rd house; Rishi Vasishtar said that the native’s siblings will perish. On this Rishi Virudhar contradicts this statement and says that the benefic Jupiter who is lord of 4th house is placed in the 9th house and aspects the 3rd house of siblings. Hence… (Continued in next verse)

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

There is a mention of one of the names of the Rishi as Virudhar. Out of the seven Rishis who is called as Virudhar is not known to the scribe. Even C.G.Rajan has simply mentioned as Virudha rishi in his explanation in Tamil. One meaning of the Tamil word ‘Virudhar’ is warrior. Vishwamitra was earlier a King and a great warrior. Hence the interference made might be taken from that of Vishwamitra. This is my inference which is bound for correction.

 எப்படி யில்லை யென்றீர் யியம்புவேன் கேளு மம்மா

தப்பித னாலோன் தானும் தனக்காரில் சிகியும் சேர

மெய்ப்புட னுதித்த போது விளங்காது யென்று சொன்னோம்

செப்புவேன் தனிய னாகச் செல்வனும் வாழ்வா னாமே.

(Continued from previous verse..) How can you say that the native will have no siblings? Vasishtar replied to this, “Oh! Parvati ! listen:”, The reason for this is that fourth lord Jupiter by being placed in the 6th house from his own house of (Sagittarius) and also conjoining Ketu, hence even if siblings are born, they will perish. Hence native will have to live alone.

Comments from C.G.Rajan:

6th, 8th and 12th houses from any Bhava are the bad houses (Trik house) or hidden houses for that particular Bhava. The Lord of any Bhava if placed in any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses from that Bhava, that Bhava will get completely destroyed. The reference to this can be found in Uttrarakalamirtham 4th chapter, 6th sloka and also in Phaladeepika, 15th Chapter, 3rd and 4th sloka.

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

Uttarakalamirtham – 4th Chapter- 6th sloka:

नाशस्थानगतो दिवाकरकरैर्लुप्तभ्तु यद्राशिपो

नीचारातिगतोऽथवा यदि भवेत्सौम्यैरयुक्तेक्षितः।

तद्भावस्य विनाशनं मुनिगणाः शंसन्ति सौम्यैर्युत-

श्चेत्तत्रापि फलप्रदो न हि तधा तन्वादिभानां क्रमात्॥ ६॥

Meaning: if the Lord of a Bhava be placed in the 8th house from Lagna or from the Bhava, be eclipsed by the rays of the Sun, be in his fall or occupy an inimical house and not associated with or aspected by benefics, Rishis say that the effects of that Bhava is completely destroyed. Even if benefics themselves associate with the Bhava, there will be no salvation. The Lagna and other Bhavas should be examined in this manner.

Phaladeepika – Chapter 15 – Sloka 3 and 4

नाशस्थानगतो दिवाकरकरैर्लुप्तस्तु यद्भावपो

नीचारातिगृहं गतो यदि भवेत्सौम्यैरयुक्तेक्षितः।

तद्भावस्य विनाशनं वितनुते तादृग्विधोऽन्योऽस्ति चेत्

तद्भावोऽपि फलप्रदो न हि शुभश्चेन्नाशमुग्रग्रहः॥ ३॥

Meaning: Of the lagna and other Bhavas examined in succession, whichever Bhava has its lord occupying the 8th place or obscured by the solar rays or in depression or in an inimical house while no benefic planets aspect or are associated with it, the result is the total destruction of such a Bhava. The bhava will be incapable of producing any good effect even if a benefic other than its lord similarly circumstanced occupy the Bhava; if a malefic should be in that position, the total destruction of the Bhava would be the result.

Sloka 4:

लग्नादिभावाद्रि पुरन्ध्ररिः फे पापग्रहास्तद्भवनादिनाशम्।

सौम्यास्तु नात्यन्तफलप्रदाः स्युर्भावादिकानां फलमेवमाहुः॥४॥

Meaning: Malefics posited in the 6th, 8th and 12th places counted from the Lagna or other Bhava under consideration cause destruction of the said Bhava. Benefics in such a position are not capable of producing good effects for the Bhava. So say the astrologers with respect to several Bhavas.

It is worth noting some more references like the one below:

Jataka Tatva – Chapter 3 – Prakeerna tatva – Sloka 5

५ यद्भावेशस्त्रिके त्रिकेशो वा यद्भावे तद्भावनाशः।

Meaning: When the lord of any Bhava is in the 6th, 8th or 12th; or when that Bhava is occupied by the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house reckoned from that Bhava, the bhava in question is totally destroyed.

So applying these principles to the Sloka No. 11 above, we find that Jupiter is Lord of 4th house and is placed in the 6th house from its own house and hence, will not be able to produce any good effects even though he is a benefics. Such a Jupiter, bereft of any benefic qualities is aspecting the 3rd house of siblings and hence cannot bestow any good results for that Bhava (3rd house).

Also applying the same principles, we can see that the Lord of 3rd house of Native – Mars is also placed in the 8th house from its own house of Scorpio. Hence he will not also give good results in respect of siblings of which he himself is the natural karaka.

ஜாதகருடைய குணாதிசயங்கள்

 இவன் குணம் சென்னிரத்தான் யீகை வான் ஒடிசல் தேகி

தவசிகள் உறவு கொள்வன் சந்தேக மனத்த னாகும்

அவனுக்குமுன் கோபம் கொஞ்சம் ஆள்காரருடைய னாகும்

நவனியில் கபடு மில்லான் நாயகி விருப்ப னாமே.

Characteristics Of The Native

The native will be of reddish complexion. He will be a charitable gentleman. He will tall and lean. He will befriend the Rishis. He will have a doubtful mind; a bit hot-tempered. He will have many laborers. He will be a guile-less man on earth. He will be fond of his wife.

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

Much has been stated earlier in respect of Slimness and tallness as well as the color of the body. Readers would note that the Lagna is influenced by Mars by aspect and Lagna Lord has conjoined Sun, the two chief planets having reddish color. According to Jataka Tatva Virgo is a dry sign and its lord has conjoined the dry planet Sun. Aspect of Mars on Lagna is also another factor for slimness. Rahu, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn normally give a tall stature. In this chart, Lagna Lord becomes Mercury and Lagna is aspected by Jupiter. In Chandra Lagna Saturn is posited and its dispositor Mars having been placed in Gemini will behave like Mercury.

The native is said to be short tempered. Short temper is the result of influence of Mars and Saturn on the Lagna factors. Saturn is aspecting Mars. Mars is aspecting Lagna. So Mars carries with it the influence of Saturn too. Mars is Lord of Chandra Lagna and Saturn is placed there and thus Saturn behaves like Mars.

  1. சீலவான் கல்விமானாம் சிறுத்தவர்க் குதவு வானாம்

காலத்தை யறிவா னாகும் கணக்கினில் சமர்த்த னாகும்

ஞாலம்மேல் பெருமை யுள்ளான் நளினமாய் வார்த்தை கூர்வன்

கோலமாய்த் தந்தை யாஸ்தி குலவியே விருத்தி செய்வன்.

He will have good manners and morality; an educated person; will assist those who are poor and in need. He will be a person who will accommodate himself in times of need and when circumstances warrant. He is good at Mathematics. He will be a renowned person on earth. He will be talking sweetly and jovially. He will get property from father and he will augment the same.

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

Good at Mathematics: Mercury is the karaka for Mathematics. Ketu is the secondary karaka. Association between Jupiter and Mercury especially in mutual kendras or trikonas either in Rasi or Navamsa makes one take interest in Mathematics. 4th, 5th and 9th houses are also to be seen. Natural 6th house Virgo has a say in the case of mathematicians.

Some other combinations taken out from various classics are:

It is important for the Jupiter to be in the centre and Mercury should be the lord of second house or Venus should be exalted or in its own house. Because of this combination the native has deep interest in mathematics.

If Mars is in the second house with a benefic planet or aspected by Mercury or Mercury is in Kendra the native becomes a mathematician.

If Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikona, Venus is exalted, Mercury and Mars in house of wealth or in any Kendra aspected by Mercury the native becomes a very good mathematician.

Now coming to the chart of the native we find that Jupiter and Ketu have joined and are placed in the trikona house of 9th. Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual kendras. 4th lord Jupiter is placed in the 9th house. From Chandra Lagna we see that the 5th lord Sun is in his own sign combined with the natural rasi lord of Mathematics-Mercury and the 9th lord Jupiter is aspecting Virgo. Dispositor of Jupiter is Venus who is placed in the natural 6th house of Mercury. No doubt the native is good at mathematics.

தானமும் தருமம் செய்வன் சர்சன ருறவு கொள்வன்

ஈனமாம் குணங்க ளில்லான் யெதிரியை வசியம் செய்வன்

மாணமாய் வாழ்வா னாகும் வண்டி வாகன முள்ளான்

வானவர் பத்தி பூண்பன் வாக்குகள் தப்பா னாமே.

Native will give alms and perform moral and religious rites. He will befriend good people. He will have no bad characters. He is capable of bringing his enemies also into his possession. He will live with honor and pride. He will be in possession of vehicles. He will be devout towards divine people. He will not fail in his words.

. பதநடை கமல ரேகை பாருகள் விருத்தி செய்வன்

இதமான வசன முள்ளான் யெதிரியை வசியம் செய்வன்

நதிபல தீர்த்தம் தோய்வன் நவதானிய விருத்தி செய்வன்

ததிநெய் பாலிஷ்ட முள்ளான் தந்தைக்கு மேலாய் வாழ்வன்.

Native will have the Lotus lines in his walking feet. He will cultivate agricultural lands and will also increase them. He will talk sweet and pleasant words. He will attract even his enemies. He will go on pilgrimage to various places and will take bath in the sacred waters/rivers there. He will cultivate nine kinds of grains (Nava Dhanya) and will increase the yield. He is fond of Curd, Ghee and milk. He will be living with a status more than that of his father.

ஜாதகருடைய விவாக காலமும் மனைவியின் குணாதிசயங்களும்

 இன்னவன் மணத்தின் காலம் யீராறு ஆண்டு தன்னில்

கன்னிகை வடகீழ் தன்னில் காதலி வருவா ளாகும்

அன்னம் போல் நடையு முள்ளாள் அழகுளாள் அன்ன மீவள்

பின்னமில் லாத தேகம் பேசுவோ மேலுங் கேளே.

Marriage Time Of The Native And Characteristics Of His Wife

We will tell about the time of marriage of the native. He will get married in his 12th year. His wife will be from the North Eastern direction. She will have gait akin to that of a swan. She will be beautiful. She will serve food with interest. She will have no distortion in her body. We will tell more, Please listen.

Comments from C.G.Rajan:

Marriage time: Venus is lord of 9th house. He is placed in Lagna and aspecting the 7th house of marriage. Further he is the lord of 2nd house of family related to spouse. At the age of 12, Venus dasa ends. As per Jataka Parijata, 14th Chapter, 29th Sloka, 9th lord Venus gets authority to bring marriage during his dasa. Jupiter owns the 7th house from Venus. Direction of Jupiter is North East. According to ‘Jataka Kanidham-Part II” written by C.G.Rajan which deals with the decision to be taken for declaring results of a chart, 103 – 7th Bhava-93rd item, “Wife will come from the direction indicated by 7th lord from Venus”. Hence it is correct that the wife of the Native will come from North East which is the direction of Jupiter who becomes lord of the 7th house from Venus. In this connection please also refer to Sloka 658 of Jataka Alankaram.

Comments From Yenbeeyes:

C.G.Rajan has given three references in support of the time of marriage as well as the direction from which wife will come. Out of these three, I quote below the original shlokas of Jataka Parijata. As I do not have in my possession the Tamil book ‘Jataka Kanitham-Part II’ written by C.G.Rajan himself, I am unable to quote the same. Sloka referred to in Jataka Alankaram is from the Tamil Edition written by Keeranur Natarajan.

Jataka Parijata – Chapter-14, Sloka 29

This has already been listed under Virgo-Chart 1. Readers may kindly refer to the same.

Jataka Alankara – Sloka 658

வாமசூரியன் கிழக்கு மன்னு சுக்கிரற்கு கன்னி

பூமிசேய் தனக்குத் தெற்குப் பெரும்பாம்பு நிருதியாகும்

தாமதசனிக்கு மேற்கு சசிக்கு வாயுன் றிக்காகும்

நேமமாம் வடக்குப் புந்தி நிருபர்க் கீசானதிக்கே.

Meaning: The said marriage as per previous sloka will happen and the wife will come from the direction of the planets as indicated herein: Sun indicates East, Venus indicates the direction of Agni which is South-East, Mars indicates South, Rahu-Ketu will denote the direction of Nirruthi which is South-West, for the Moon it is the direction of Vayu which is North-West, Saturn indicates West, Mercury-North and Jupiter North East.

This sloka gives only the direction from where the spouse will come for the native. In the previous sloka it is stated that the direction is to be determined by the lord of the 7th house from Lagna. The directions as given above are to be determined according to the planet owned by the 7th house. However, C.G.Rajan has given it as the Lord of the 7th house from Venus.

.தேவதா பக்தி யுள்ளாள் சிறுத்தவர் தம்மைக் காப்பள்

மேவிய வாய்வு தேகி வித்தகி அதிர்ஷ்ட சாலி

நாவது சுகமு முள்ளாள் நாயகன் பட்ச முள்ளாள்

பாவ மில்லாத நெஞ்சம் பந்துவுக் கினிய னாவள்.

Native’s wife will be pious. She will take care of poor and grievous people. She will be flatulent due to wind in the system. She will be lucky. She is capable of speaking nicely. She will be kind to her husband. Her heart/mind will have no bad intentions. She will be dear to her relations.

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