Encounters With A Sanyasi Astrologer




On 13th night, I started to Vijayawada from Hyderabad on a official work. On 14th Morning, I reached Vijayawada and after getting down from the bus, I straight away went to Krishnaveni River, and had taken my bath in the river and then i visited Kanaka Durga Temple. After having the darshan in the temple i went to the place where my accommodation was arranged. I had put my luggage in the room and went to have a Tea outside by walking some distance from the room. I reached a Tea stall, there I sat beside a monk who also came there for Tea. I started conversation with him and I came to know that he knows Astrology. Then i started asking him about my future.

I told him my nakshatra, Rasi and planets placed in my Rasi first and then told that I am working in a small company. He immediately told me that “In your 32nd year you will settle down in your career or profession and will not have any mental worries from then onwards. He also told that i will get married in the 32nd year itself. My fortune will be better after marriage because of the person whom i am going to marry.  From the year 32 to till death will be a better life period (in a way it is second part of life or second beginning, entirely different from first part of life i.e before 32 years) compared to previous years. (This is also told by an old astrologer as i will have a good life from the beginning or after 32 years of my age.) And  will open a Medicine Shop after my marriage and my wife will run that shop. He told that the person whom i am going to marry is more luckier than me and her chart is more better than mine. When counting from 32 onwards i will work or do job for 23 years and after that i will not work. He again and again told me that Jupiter aspects 10th and 11th houses along with 5 and 9 houses.

I had given him chart details and I started asking him about spiritual aspects of my life, then he told that at the age of 52 or 55 i will start spiritual practices. If I start those before that age then i will not be much successful. Don’t think or run with pace regarding spiritualistic things. Be slow and pure. Because you don’t understand everything about spirituality at one step only. You need to go step by step in spiritualistic pursuits. It is a very long term process. Then only you will achieve success in spiritualistic pursuits. To have a success in spiritual practices  one must be pure in everyway, that you will get after spending few years of your life in this materialistic things, till then you should not take sanyasa or should not do spiritual practices. If you do then you will not be able achieve success. So it is better to concentrate on your family and your profession right now.


He continued and started saying that I will get two children after marriage and first one will be a male child and he will have Half life span because ketu is in 5th house. If the second child is female, then she will bring me and my family lot of fame and glory, If the second child is male, then he will bring a very good Raja Yoga to my family. In your old age, your children will take care of you in well manner. Your life span is 72 years. He even saw my palm and confirmed it in both the ways i.e. from Natal Chart and Palm. You escaped a Jala Ganda in your past.(Two people came near to my college when i was in my post graduation, they told this event of my life just by looking at me).


Then he started saying that i do not have good relationship with my parents or there is some distance in our relationship which is true. He told that i will not get any inheritance, even if I get it I don’t enjoy it or I don’t keep it with myself. (This is also told by old astrologer). My father stays far away from me and my brother. My grand parents and uncles who took care of me and my brother in each n everyway. In a way they became our parents, gone through lot of struggles to give us better education, etc. After this he started saying that, you should not help the people who just know you. Your friends are not that much good. Be careful regarding your dealings with friends. Then I told him that no no, I had friends who help me a lot in trouble times. Then he told that you help only those people who are good at heart and are kind. The remaining people, you don’t deal or build relationship with them in serious matters like money. Because they will never appreciate or recognize your help. I forgot to tell him that i, myself has no money and depending on others (in a way) for my pocket money and expenditure.

I asked him about where did you learn Astrology then he told that he has a Guru who is from Himachal Pradesh. He taught me 90% – 95% of Astrology to me. I read Jyotishya Ratnavali (I think Jyotishya Ratnakara is the same book in Hindi) and I had Jyotishya Thiryag Nadi (I don’t remember exactly now). Then I asked him how did you tell me that from the 32 year my life will change in a better way. Then he told that it is only from the experience you can say. You read any book, it will have a Sloka and meaning. But you cannot properly decode it unless until you work on charts. When you work on charts sincerely, that will give you an experience and from that experience only you can identify what works and what does not work.

One thing what he told me regarding Planet Moon is the people who have Strong Moon will have lot of interest in Materialistic things and will have some Vyamoha (Attraction) towards Materialistic things. But the people who are having Weak Moon will not have any vyamoha (Attraction) towards materialistic things and they are more interested about Occult Sciences or Philosophy or Spirituality. In whose birth chart who are having weak moon will have the gap in between front upper teeth after some years of life. (Means it comes in the middle portion of life or after few years from the birth).

He told me to give my details to him so that he will write Janma Patri, then i took my pen and started giving him my details. He stopped me and told that now you are wearing Chappal and the Rahu Kala entered now. Jyotishya is the Science of Light which will help us in getting the right path or good knowledge. Don’t consider this Shastra in any other manner except this. When you write down your chart details, be pure and put some

haldi (turmeric) on each corner of the paper. Then pray to god and write down your details. Then give me that paper, so that I can work out in detail on your chart. Whatever I told you till now is just the outlines. There are thousands of things I can tell if I spend 3 days on a chart.

I had met him on 14th February, 2010 Morning in between 06:30 and 07:30 Am

Again on 15th Morning in between 06:30 and 8 AM.

Again on 17th Morning in between 06:30 and 08:20 AM

On 14th Morning Moon entered in Aquarius. Jupiter, Sun, Venus were in Aquarius already.