The ancient wisdom of many cultures pays special attention to the mystery of the Sun. To this end, H.P. Blavatsky (H.P.B.) notes that the mystery of Sun is, perhaps, the greatest of all the countless secrets of Occultism [46, Vol. III, Sec. XXIII]. But up to the end of the XIX century the most part of these mysteries remained unknown, until some important revelations pertaining to the subject of this study were promulgated by Helen Blavatsky in the “The Secret Doctrine” [46].

By taking it for granted, that the ancient Hierophants in India, Egypt, Babylon and other places were well acquainted with astronomy and mathematics [46, et al], it presents an interest, further to the Mayan Calendar, to analyze, with the use of these revealed concepts and geometrical language of ancient Egypt artefacts, how the basic elements of ATS correlate with them.

For this, in this Part a synopsis of these concepts is presented which relate to the Solar cycles that were presented in [46] and further developed by the former International Head of the Theosophical Society (1929 – 1942) G. de Purucker, Ph.D. [47], where the associate ATS analogues are given in curly braces. The aim of this discussion is to emphasize the substantial actuality of 11-year Solar cycles and their average length  for our spiritual ancestors, including the ancient Egypt Hierophants, and, on these ground, to show that these Solar cycle correlations are reflected in their Temples and symbols, and not at random.

To this end, in continuation of this synopsis an outline of Esoteric roots of the Great Pyramid, the Ankh and some other artefacts is given in Part 7. On this basis, the Platform for Studying of the Great Pyramid and other Egyptian Artefacts is put forward.

In the subsequent Sections of Part 7 a series of direct correlations between the main ATS elements and some basic Egyptian artefacts is shown, which allows us to conclude, that the Solar cycles were not only well-known to the Hierophants in their numerical form and qualitative significance, but also reflected in their Temples and symbols.

6.2. A synopsis of the Esoteric concepts relative to the Solar cycles

Note. This Section presents an abbreviation of the Sections “Sun-spots and the Circulation of the Solar System” and “Terrestrial Magnetism” of [47]; other references are given explicitly.

“The Sun is the heart of the Solar World (System) and its brain is hidden behind the (visible) Sun. From thence, sensation is radiated into every nerve-centre of the great body, and the waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein. …The planets are its limbs and pulses.” [46, I, Part III, Sec.VIII].

What are the sun-spots? Similarly one might ask the question: What are the pores of the human skin? The sun-spots are the outer mouths of channels through which the rivers of lives go forth from and re-enter the sun. They are the openings (if we do not distort this word ‘openings’ too greatly) by which and through which the sun expels to the remotest corners of its System its own accumulated store of solar vitality; and it is this solar vitality which gives life to all things within the aura or atmosphere of the sun, which aura ex­tends even to the remotest boundaries of the solar system. It is through the sun-spots again that this solar blood, this solar energy, this solar electricity or magnetism, more accurately speaking psycho-magnetism, returns to be purified in the heart which once sent it forth some twelve years previously {significance of planetary and Auric series which are synchronized by the average Solar cycle period }. The sun-spot periodicity is usually now reckoned at 11.2 of our years {average Solar cycle length }; but it has been found that this cycle is not always exact.

Strictly speaking, the cycle of sun-spots is a ten-year cycle. The current of vitality which governs this cycle requires, however, an­other year to pass through the sun, and still another year for its re­turn through the sun, which makes twelve years all told. But cycles succeed cycles. Each cycle is a vibration, a new beat of the pulse of the sun. The sun is a heart, a beating heart; in another sense of the word it is a brain. There is a temptation to use these two words, ‘heart’ and ‘brain’ in what we might call a literal sense, and it wan­ders not far from fact, from truth, for in relation to its own Solar System, the Sun is its heart. It is also its brain. It is these two and yet it is a coalescence of these two. The two are unified in the one, and yet it is not the physical globe which we see which is the true head and true heart, except so far as the physical Universe is con­cerned. The real head, the real heart, both coalescing and work­ing as one, are the Divinity behind and above and within the phy­sical vehicle which we sense as our glorious day-star.

As H.P.B. explained it in one of her important early articles:

If the “Adepts” are asked: “What, then, in your views, is the nature of our sun and what is there beyond that cosmic veil?” – they answer: beyond rotates and beats the heart and head of our system; externally is spread its robe, the nature of which is not matter, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous, such as you are acquainted with, but vital electricity, condensed and made visible. … Undoubtedly were the “robes”, the dazzling drapery which now envelopes the whole of the sun’s globe withdrawn … our whole universe would be reduced to ashes. Jupiter Fulminator revealing himself to his beloved would incinerate her instantly. But it can never be. The protecting shell is of a thickness and at a distance from the universal Heart that can hardly be ever calculated by your mathematicians.” [The Theosophist, Vol. IV, No. 12 (48), September. 1883, p 300.]

As the heart and brain of its entire system, the Sun sends a twelve-faceted life into every atom of its own universe, the Solar Universe of which we form an integral part. The Sun is pre-eminently and essentially a giver of life. Cosmogonically, it is our Elder Brother, and not at all our physical parent as modern scientific speculations have it; yet it is also in a vital sense our Father-Mother, because through the Sun, from planes superior to our own, come down the invigorating life-streams from systems and worlds above ours; and our planet Terra, as all the other planets, receives its own share of these life-streams, precisely as every individual atom and every entity, on the microcosmic scale, receives also a portion of these life-giving streams, while, at the same time receiving them individually from the Inmost of the Inmost within itself. The Sun is a storehouse of vital-electric energies, vitalizing and informing the endless hosts of beings under its systemic sway, as the great pulsating heart of its system.

Could we see the human heart and watch its vital functioning on another plane, we would see what would appear to us, unless we understood what it was, as a vibrating globe of light, beating with rhythmic regularity a certain normal number of beats per minute of human time.

The sun-spot cycle, as a cycle, is due to the same forces which make the sun-spots themselves. The sun sends forth from itself through these spots currents of psycho-magnetic vitality through­out the entire solar system; and through these spots it receives back the blood, the solar blood, the psycho-magnetic energy, on its return – to be cleansed, purified, in the deep recesses of the solar orb.

As pointed out by H. P. B., in one of the most illuminating passages from her pen:

. . . there is a regular circulation of the vital fluid throughout our system, of which the Sun is the heart – the same as the circulation of the blood in the human body – during the manvantaric solar period, or life; the Sun contracting as rhythmically at every return of it {See the main concept of the Regular model, Part 4}, as the human heart does. Only, instead of performing the round in a second or so, it takes the solar blood ten of its years, and a whole year to pass through its auricles and ventricles before it washes she lungs and passes thence to the great veins and arteries of the system.

This, Science will not deny, since Astronomy knows of the fixed cycle of eleven years when the number of solar spots increases, which is due to the contraction of the Solar heart. The universe (our world in this case) breathes, just as man and every living creature, plant, and even mineral does upon the earth; and as our globe itself breathes every twenty-four hours. … It is similar to the regular and healthy pulsation of the heart, as the life fluid passes through its hollow muscles. Could the human heart be made luminous, and the living and throbbing organ be made visible, so as to have it reflected upon a screen, such as used by the astronomers in their lectures – say for the moon – then every one would see the sun-spot phenomenon repeated every second – due to its contraction and the rushing of the blood [46, Vol. I, Sec. VIII].

{To this end, the model epochs of the Regular model of Solar cycle energy emission centres reflect the “proper” moments for cycle maxima, from which the observed maxima deviate, as in reality a human’s heart does, but in the Golden section manner – see part 4}

With respect to this concept, in a foot-note it is described [47] a series of observations on the relation of human and solar heart beats, which take place according to analogical fundamental  time-periods based on the esoteric series of digits 432 {this number is specially considered below, in Part 7}.

The periodicity of the sun-spots coincides with the mean periods not only of the planets which are nearest the Earth, but of all the planets of our solar system – those planets which are visible as well as the scores of planets which are invisible. Remember that our Sun is the beating heart, the sensitive brain also, of our solar-systemic world and consequently every movement of this beating heart is intimately related to, and is in exact synchronous accord in all respects with, every other movement, great or small, which takes place within the members of its solar family.

Every celestial body: Sun of course, nebula, comet, planet, is the dwelling-place of a spiritual being, in other words the physical efflux or manifestation of a god. All these divine beings, or cosmic or planetary or solar spirits, are organs – or members of the life of the Spiritual Sun, the Supreme Divinity of our Solar System.

In using these terms, ‘gods,’ ‘cosmic spirits,’ ‘planetary spirits,’ etc., it should always be remembered that no reference is made there­by to the physical body or vehicle of any celestial orb which our eyes see, or do not see, as the case may be, but to its indwelling life, to its indwelling spiritual, intellectual, and vital essence. The solar system, from one standpoint, can rightly and truly be looked upon as a vital-mechanical organic entity, functioning in its physical and astral aspects as a mechanism, but nevertheless a mechanism which is ensouled – ensouled by living beings greatly varying in evolu­tionary degree, of course, but who are nevertheless spiritual beings. The Sun, for instance, is a divine being in its inmost parts or essence.

It is the giant planet of our solar system, Jupiter, which, especial­ly in its time-periods, is in particular relation with the sun-spot cycle, the periodic times of sun-spot maxima and minima. Jupiter’s year is some twelve of our years – more accurately 11.86 of our years; while the sun-spot period is reckoned, as said before, at 11.2 or 11.5 of our years.

There is a large body of most interesting facts showing the con­nexion between the sun-spot cycles and the periods of the planets of our Solar System; for the sun-spot cycles and the orbital periods of the planets, i.e., their respective ‘years,’ are as intimately geared together, as closely related, both causally and effectually, as are the interlocking wheels of some intricate physical mechanism. When we remember that our Sun is at once the ‘heart’ and the ‘brain’ of our Solar System and that it is both a giver as well as a receiver of the vitality of the Solar System and furthermore of those far higher powers and potencies thereof which we humans ordinarily call spirit­ual and intellectual and psychical, we can perhaps picture to our minds, at least somewhat vaguely, the relations of sun-spot periods to the respective planetary ‘years,’ or planetary periods, of the planets of the Solar System20.

20 Doubtless the astronomical mathematicians or mathematical astronomers of the future will discover this intimate cyclical relation of the planetary periods with the sun-spot period, or with an aggregate sum of sun-spot periods; possibly the rule of the ‘lowest common multiple’ will be a hint to those who have a mathematical bent of mind in discovering how the planets work together with the Sun towards a common ultimate destiny in the evolutionary scheme. {See the planetary and Auric series, and the algebraic structure of their average periods which are synchronized by Solar cycle period , Parts 2, 3}.

Now the sun-spots are both vents as well as receiving orifices –  to use ordinary human terms; and in and out of these sun-spots stream in steady flow – and at certain periods in veritable in-rushes and out-rushes – not only streams of lives, but their involved masses of psycho-magnetic-vital powers. These ‘Rivers of Lives’ are intimately connected with the planetary periods – otherwise the ‘years’ of the planets – in which the respective positions taken by the planets at different times, or what modern astrologers would call their ‘aspects’, mark critical points in the interlocking ‘celestial mechanics’ of the Solar System: the term ‘celestial mechanics’ not being employed in the sense of mere mechanisms, but applicable directly to the circulations and interblendings of the various planetary magnetisms, coalescing with the magnetism of the Sun itself.

Suffice it to say here, therefore (because most of this teaching belongs to higher esoteric Degrees), that the great cycles on Earth, as well as all smaller ones indeed, are the effects of cosmic causes {See Part 2 – the synchronism of Solar and Terrestrial periods}, which causes are marked in their beginnings of operations by the positions in their orbits of the different planets and their ‘aspects’ to the Sun. Thus, at the beginning of Kali-Yuga on Earth {that coincides with the beginning of the Mayan calendar and principal Auric benchmark of evolutional time – See Part 3}, certain planets were grouped together, it is stated by ancient Hindu books, in one of the Zodiacal Signs, aspecting certain other planets, thus powerfully affecting the Sun which in turn likewise powerfully re­acted upon such grouping; and the Earth being involved as a unit in this group, the end of the Dwapara-Yuga took place followed by the opening of the Kali, which important event was likewise marked in history by the death of the Avatara Krishna. But I have said enough.

Every planet in the solar system not only has its own individual effect or influence on the period of the sun-spots, but also you may phrase this same truth conversely: the period of sun-spots is inti­mately connected with and influences the vital activities of all the planets of our solar system, whether ‘those planets be visible to us or invisible; and when we speak of ‘invisible’ planets these must not be understood as being necessarily superior to those which our physical eyes can see. When we speak of planets which are ‘visible,’ we mean only this: that our eyes can see certain planets. That is all the meaning of this word ‘visible.’

This fact does not give to the visible planets either a character or characteristics of superiority or indeed inferiority; nor does it imply that the invisible planets have attributes of inferiority or of superiority. Visibility simply means that our eyes, because of having evolved on this plane, can see certain celestial bodies belonging to this plane: just exactly as our eyes can take in, in other words see, a certain range of electro­magnetic vibrations, which we humans call ‘light.’ There are other ranges of electro-magnetic vibrations which we humans sense as heat; and still other ranges of electro-magnetic vibrations which are now known to us as the X-Rays, the Cosmic Rays; and so forth.

If you remember, then, that the Sun is the beating heart of our system, and that the sun-spot cycle including its maximum and its minimum phases is just like the expanding and contracting of the human heart, you will understand that the fact is as that fact also is in the human body, where every organ and indeed every molecule of it is intimately connected with the beating of the heart. So is it in the Solar System: every celestial body in the solar system is in­timately connected with the beating of the solar heart.22

22  “The idea that the Sun is a pulsating star is not a new one in scientific circles. It was put forward by Hilfiker at the Observatory of Neuchatel (Switzer­land) as far back as the years 1840-1870. Hilfiker proved that the diameter of the Sun was at its maximum when the number of sun-spots on its surface was at its minimum, and vice versa: in other words that the phenomenon of the then supposed pulsations of the Sun was periodical and with a period equal but of opposite phase to that of the sun-spots. His conclusions were supported by Secchi. Later on, after considerable contention on the part of various researchers, the facts regarding the actual contraction and lengthening of the solar equa­torial and polar radii were definitely established, especially through the investi­gations of Armellini, at the Royal Observatory of the Campidoglio, in Rome. According to his researches, the maximum of the sun-spots’ activity occurs some two or three years before the minimum of the sun’s volume, and, in the same way, the minimum of the sun-spots takes place a little before the maximum dilatation of the Sun. These scientific investigations confirm once more the teachings of the Esoteric Philosophy with regard to the nature of the Sun and its role in the Solar System.” [Summarized from an article entitled: ‘Is the Sun a Pulsating Heart?’. The Theosophical Path, XXXII. 273-82, March, 1927.]

There are many mysteries connected with the sun-spots. These may be described as being ‘windows’ through which we have the vaguest kind of glimpses into the temple-body of a living god. We may speak of them also, changing this figure of speech a bit, as the embrasures in a Fort or House of Life, through which embrasures we may cast – provided indeed we can do so! – our vision, and see at least a little of what takes place within. Through the sun-spots we are looking a little way into the dark invisible heart of the Sun. We may look upon them as channels, canals, openings, vents, which serve for the passing into the Sun, and for the ejection from the Sun, of Rivers of Lives.

These Rivers of Lives are of many grades, high, low, and intermediate. Every Monad, every life, of all the countless myriads which infill the solar system, must pass again and again and again and again at cyclic periods into and through the solar heart, and come out there from; just as every drop of blood in the human body, and every molecule of every drop of blood, and every atom of every molecule of every drop of blood, must pass into and through the human heart, and come out from it again to pursue its destiny along the circulations of the human body. Just so is it with the beating heart and the circulations of our solar Universe.

There are great mysteries connected with the sun. For instance, what is the cause of this incessant outpouring of energy through so many aeons? The modern astronomical theory suggests that it is caused by atomic dissociation thus releasing energy previously imprisoned in atomic structure. These new theories of astro-chemis­try are exceedingly interesting, incomparably superior to the theo­ries of a generation or two last past. This particular theory, how­ever, is entirely too mechanical. Being mechanical, it does not fully explain. It is therefore but an adumbration of the truth. It is not denied by the Masters of Wisdom that there are elements of truth in this new and brilliant idea, and it is a beautiful and very sug­gestive idea as compared with the ideas or theories of the past; but yet it is not sufficiently broad. It does not take in all factors of the equation.

What brought the sun into being in the beginning? What governs its course? What is the cause of its incessant outpouring of energy? What makes it what it is and not something else? These are the main factors in the problem, the main elements of the problem, and they must be explained. Every sun is a living entity, and its source of energy is found within its own heart. It derives from out itself its ceaseless streams of force or energy, which it is so unceasingly pour­ing into space through millions, hundreds of millions, billions, and even trillions of years.” 24

24Cf. [The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett, p. 168]: “The sun gives all and takes back nothing from its system. The sun gathers nothing ‘at the poles’ – which are always free even from the famous ‘red flames’ at all times, not only during the eclipses. . . .  Nothing can reach the sun from without the boundaries of its own system in the shape of such gross matter as ‘attenuated gases.’ Every bit of matter in all its seven states is necessary to the vitality of the various and numberless systems – worlds in forma­tion, suns awakening anew to life, etc., and they have none to spare even for their best neighbours and next of kin. They are mothers, not stepmothers, and would not take away one crumb from the nutrition of their children. . . . For indeed, there is but one thing – radiant energy which is inexhaustible and knows neither increase nor decrease and will go on with its self-generating work to the end of the Solar manvantara.”

Atomic dissociation may, from a mechanical point of view, ac­count to a certain degree for the modus, but does not explain the origin. All the sun’s energy originally comes from within; on its way outward it feeds the entire solar system with life, with spirit, with psychical powers. For however great may be the physical in­fluence of the sun, it is a minor thing, very small indeed, as compared with the enormous part that the sun plays in the invisible realms. The sun is the centre, the beating heart, of our solar system, which it feeds with the life that it generates within its own heart, and pours so unceasingly forth.

The dissociation of the atoms may be one aspect or phase by which this is accomplished in the physical solar veil, which we, see­ing it with our eyes, call the ‘sun’; but it is merely the veil or reflexion of the true sun. The vitality, the intellectual power, that the sun is constantly pouring forth from itself, together with the spiritual energy that it ceaselessly emanates, are all derived from the god which is its heart of hearts. And this god should not be thought of as being solely at the heart of the physical sun. That is not the idea. This god is in what are to us the invisible realms and spheres. Just so the real man does not dwell in his physical part, for the entire physical body is but the veil or garment or reflexion of the real man who lives and acts and, strictly speaking, moves in the invisible parts of his constitution.

The question might be asked: How far does the influence of the sun extend? Being the heart of its own solar system, its influence extends throughout that solar system, which it feeds continuously.

Energy or force and matter are fundamentally one thing. What is force to us, is substance on a higher plane than ours. What is mat­ter on our plane, is force or energy on a plane inferior to ours.

Deduction: Could you see, had you the eyes to vision, to be able to trace, the reach of the energies pouring forth from the sun and extending to the outermost bounds of its kingdom, which is the solar system, and could you do this by rising to a higher plane, you would see what we call the empty space of our solar system as one vast substantial body. And, could you glimpse this apparently substan­tial energy through your telescope, from some distant planet circling round some distant star, you would say: “See the irresolvable nebula out there in the spacial distance!” What you would see and call the ‘irresolvable nebula’ would be simply the flood of energy, of life, of vitality, of substance, pouring forth from the heart of the sun, and returning to it in regular cyclic intervals and by-roads and pathways, which last are called the ‘Circulations of the Cosmos’ – the path­ways which all entities follow in passing from planet to planet, and from planet to sun, and from sun on their returning journey to planet: a circulation truly of the life-blood, the life-essence, of the solar system.

Thus far does the influence of the sun extend. It is all-permeant within the bounds of its own kingdom  –  and even beyond in its more ethereal essences. It goes everywhere therein. It is the life which infills everything, and inspirits everything, and inspires everything.

The two poles are said to be the store-houses, the receptacles and liberators, at the same time, of Cosmic and terrestrial Vitality (Electricity): from the surplus of which the Earth, had it not been for these two natural ‘safety-valves,’ would have been rent to pieces long ago [46, Vol. I].

There is a very close and important connexion between the sun-spot cycle and terrestrial magnetism, particularly at the Poles of the Earth. This connexion is as important with respect to the North Pole as it is with respect to the South Pole, although there exists a very important difference between the two Poles, a difference of quality in their respective magnetisms.

To use the ancient metaphorical manner of speaking, there is indeed a ‘Door of Horn,’ as there is a ‘Door of Ivory,’ through which there enter and leave the Earth, not only celestial influences, but the souls of men and other beings. Mystical Greek and Roman writers said that through the ‘Door of Horn’ came and went one class of entities and influences, while through the ‘Door of Ivory’ came and went an opposite class of entities and influences. One of these doors, or entrances, is the portal of ingress, or entry, this door is one of the Poles in other words, and in this case it is the North Pole; and the other or South Pole of the Earth is the Earth’s vent, or door of egress. All things that are great, and good, and lofty, and high, and elevating, and spiritual, belong to or are con­nected with the Gate or Door of Horn at the North Pole; and all things that are evil and foul, bad and degrading, impure and unclean, pertain to the vent of the Earth, or the South Pole which is the Gate or Door of Ivory.

The eleven year sun-spot cycle is one which affects very inti­mately indeed all the planets of the solar family, and therefore the Earth also, and in each case this takes place through the two opposite poles of any such planet; for each one has its north pole and each one has its south pole. To repeat, so far as the Earth is concerned, the Gate of Horn or the Door of Horn is the North Pole; and the Ivory Gate is the South Pole. The magnetism which reaches the Earth from the Sun — physical magnetism and astral and mental likewise — enters the Earth through the North Pole; it then follows certain circulations within and about and around the Earth, and leaves the Earth at the other Pole. All these magnetic circulations pass around the belt or equator of the Earth a certain number of times, whether the cyclical circulations be brief or of longer duration. At this, the Earth follows very closely the breathing of the Sun. {See Part 2 – the synchronism of Solar and Terrestrial periods, from brain waves up to geological cycles – through the average Solar cycle length times the Golden section powers}.

6.3. Esoteric concepts relative to the geometrical Scale of Time

[“Evolution” in Manvantara takes place] in cycles and strictly on the basis of geometrical [mathematical] progression scale… [46, II, Addenda, Sec. V].

By considering the meaning of two circles which surround two mutually penetrating triangles, H.P.B. reminds the Caduceus, associate lemniscate and development of an elementary cell, as well as a neutral point which is passed two times a cycle [49, Part I, Sec.5]: … lemniscate for the descending evolution from Spirit to Matter, may be other type of spiral for the ascending evolution [46, I, Part II, Sec. X].

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