Fallen Virgins

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Croatia is included under Zodiac sign of Virgo from Ptolemy’s times. In recent 19 years Republic of Croatia had very turbulent past, including war, which left devastation on people, infrastructure and economy.  If we look in past, we have to ask ourselves, what is exact moment of Croatia birth as a separate country, looking on that journey for its independence from former Yugoslavia. There are several dates, which could be used as birth of Croatia, and we do have to ask, which of these dates really represents birth of new country. Independence Day in Croatia June 25, 1991., but a year ago, Croatian Parliament was formed, May 30, 1990., as a body which was supposed to prepare a moment for “divorce” form Yugoslavia, and to declare Independence of Croatia. And at the end we do have one more important date, January 15, 1992., when Republic of Croatia was internationally recognized as separate country. We do not want to forget the fact that Croatia emerged from Yugoslavia, which was formed during Josip Broz, November 30, 1943.

During Monday mornings I usually go to Internet, read all news portals in Croatia, but that morning one which I like, was constantly giving notice: Server Error. After some time, I finally managed to load page, and got in state of shock. “Prime minister Ivo Sanader resigned!” I started to check on other portals, nothing jet, but this information if fact says that we lost legitimately voted government. Reasons for resignation – unknown – but it is not sickness, and Prime minister said that he has some personal reasons. Personal? First impulse was to open Croatia chart, but other of transiting Uranus turning stationary retrograde, on July 01, 2009., I couldn’t see in Croatian chart nothing so drastic, at least at first glance. Secondary impulse was to send Chart and question to my dear Mentor, Saptarishis astrology, to lighten my darkness by Vedic astrology.

I checked both natal Charts, May 30, 1990. and June 25, 1991., and I wasn’t sure which chart looked worse. I calculated all what can be calculated – transits, progressions, directions, using both Western and my minor knowledge of Vedic astrology, but at the end I concluded that both charts have merits for current state of Croatia.

Corruption, immaturity and hesitancy

For last 19th years Croatia is trembling from different affairs, all connected with corruption and nepotism. All those events usually stay just that – events. Law is not processing or investigating those affairs, and instead being punished they just dissolve in time and space. From those affairs, government is making huge deficits but people do not have other choice but to pay all that. So, in that light, I asked my Mentor to enlighten me, to tell me: How I can detect corruption in chart of person or state? I also mailed two dates for Croatia natal chart.

Croatia, May 30, 1990; 17:10, Zagreb, 15E58; 45N48; sidereal time – Ayanamsha: Lahiri

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Using texts from Kanak Bosmia, KP Astrology, I have found mundane explanations for specific houses, which I needed to look:

4th H Democratic opposition of government (Saturn Retrograde, Rahu)

6th H Military, army, dictatorship (Mars)

9th H Religious leaders (Jupiter)

11th H Gains (Moon, Gulika)

3rd H Elections, state of people (Uranus, Neptune, PR)

10th H Results of election or referendum (Ketu)

Looking at the chart, we notice Saturn Retrograde with Rahu in 4th H – and since that house represents both democratic opposition of government and Rahu in 10th H – results of elections, which is Government ruled under Prime Minister, Ivo Sanader, who gave his resignation, we have to ask question: How deep is that corruption? Opposition, which claims to be Social Democratic Party, isn’t much different from Government (mainly constructed from Croatian Democratic Union) – and if we know that Saturn is old, in opposition are mainly those from previous Yugoslavia, communists, old and their only intention is to secure their own position, material well-being and power. Although in other normal countries, one can see difference between Social Democratic Party and Croatian Democratic Union, in Croatia that difference is measured like thin air!

So, through chart we see, that both, those on position of power and those on position of opposition are alike. Now, after our Prime Minister resigned, on his position was put, lady Prime Minister, Jadranka Kosor, who is also from Croatian Democratic Union, right hand of ex Prime Minister Sanader. The question is will she stay on that position? I doubt, since she took all official authority on Moon Eclipse, July 07, 2009. Now, chances are, considering Croatian chart that Croatia will get another old person on Prime Minister position, probably from old system. Also, it is important to notice, our President is old person from wx Yugoslavia, who is finishing his mandate this December, and there are rumors that he will be considering position of Prime Minister.

Ketu in 10th H usually says about mistakes, and there is not enough paper or time to write all done mistakes form 1991 up today. But what made me think for this chart as a proper Croatia natal Chart is one detail which my Mentor said: “My Mentor told me that he was looking at natal charts of different countries and have noticed that Ketu in 10th H can give changes in Constitution of Country.” Well, as I said, many mistakes were so grave that Croatia changed Constitution in 1997, 2000 and 2001. Today, another change of Constitution is considered …

Corruption is represented with Rahu and 8th Lord, and in Croatia chart, 8th Lord is Venus, in 7th H – business, connections and personal relationships. So, our material planet Venus is corrupted, since this state of Venus says that all business is conducted for personal gain, excluding people’s welfare. No, Venus in 7th H can say about sex, and we have so called Balkan route, which is used for trafficking of people, young woman, prostitutes, drugs and weapon. Nothing new, but astonishing detail is that in one moment our government was considering to declare prostitution as legal work, so prostitutes could pay tax, have medical care … So, as different young woman is trafficked though Croatia, and shipped for EU Market, the same thing is going on with Croatia money. We constantly lose money, but worst thing is that because of corruption, all those on position of political power or those involved in big private business (which they got since nepotism is on high price), as much as those dealing with drugs and selling tobacco on black market, opened Bank accounts outside of Croatia, evading the payment of tax and income tax.

Venus also represents semen, 4th H and North direction. What we got in recent days? A shameful law on Medically supported fertilization. The law is so binding and retarded that it looks like we live in 18th century. You have to prove that you are married for 3 years, and you need to collect tons of documents, approvals, papers, that in the end you decide not to have child at all. As Saturn also rules 5th H, in western astrology under 5th H are kids, love, sex. Also, Saturn in western astrology has meaning of restriction, narrowing, asking for detail precision… Any was, in last 19 years this ruler showed that we do not care enough for our children.

The most important question is financial situation of our country. For that we look at 2nd H Lord, and see him positioned in 6th H of theft and debts. Mars as natural ruler of 8th H tells story about financial situation of Croatia. And as I do remember Mars is warrior, soldier, policeman, soldier. Now, we are small country, having 4 million of souls and we had war in which we needed soldiers. But from 1990 up today, number of those fighting for Croatian independence, mysteriously raised from 250.000 to 500.000 people, all of which receive pension from Croatian Government. Strange, since war finished in 1995. There is public interest to see who are those 500.000 soldiers, where did they come from, after 1995, since they receive monthly pension, from taxes. Also, secret services are deeply involved in criminal with drugs, prostitution, tobacco – anything that is highly profitable, including oil and gas. So, we can conclude that secret service in Croatia is connected with cartels, and they will not easily give up their position. They will probably use force to stay on their position. I do not know enough astrology, but as I see, Mercury is sitting in 7th H, and he is 12th and 9th Lord, meaning that words and lies are also big business. Using connections, and pressure, our news is shaped in that way that Government, together with secret services, is shaping everyday News. There is recent incidence where one reporter who came with T-shirt saying: “I do not need sex, the Government f***s me every day” and because of that, he lost job. So called democratic Government, ordered to television house, to discharge him. But poetic justice was satisfied, since Slovenian politician bought that T-shirt, and donated money to Croatian children.

What Mercury, who rules with 9th H, has to do with religion? Well, Croatia is mainly Christian oriented today, but suddenly after Croatia got its independence, 80% people living in communism, declared themselves as Christians … you know those who go to Church once in 6 months, quoting Bible, but living not so Biblical lives. So, religion became a way to succeed, since most of Croatian Democratic Union members are Christians. Our government signed different documents with Vatican, cooperation, help and all those things. But pressure from Church, which is represented by Jupiter in 9th H, ruling Croatia 3rd and 6th H, is visible in Government decision to bring catechism into schools. In last year, Croatia church is trying to pressure Government, and succeeding in that job, to change specific Laws such as Low on working Sunday, Law on Medically supported fertilization, and recently they became openly hostile to our President.

I remember that my Mentor said about Jupiter – he burns everything in 7th H form him. So, this Jupiter is pushing to the limits, since Church openly agitated during last elections for Croatian Democratic Union, saying: “Do not choose Social Democratic Party, they are evil.” From every call-box, every church, every newspaper, they even printed flyers. Jupiter is in good house, but rules 6th H – workers, thieves, and sitting in Gemini. Fast mutable sign, fast changes of opinion – that is what we saw, using Mercury ruling 9th H. Lets see how Church steals in Croatia. First of all, Church gets every year from Croatia Government some 280 million kunas, but they do not pay any taxes, not even on salaries since they do not receive salaries, they receive compensation, which cannot be taxed by Croatian law. How convenient. Also, all that money they get every year from Croatia, they are not obliged to show what they done with this money or how much they earned through year. So, for Church there is one fiscal law, and for Croatian people there is other fiscal law. So, they are doing business in Croatia, without paying and taxes, and if that is not stealing, what is? By aspects, Jupiter is aspecting 1st, 3rd and 5th H.

Considering three main points in natal astrology, Lagna, Moon and Sun, we now can turn to Moon in Croatia natal chart. Moon is in 11th H, sign of Leo, conjunct Gulika. Moon in 11th H can give good results, but more over in Leo can give pride. Moon is ruling 10th H – Government, but in 10th H we have Ketu. Now, for Gulika I have found: slow, bad, weak. Conjunction of Gulika with ruler of 10th H can say about slow influx of money, asking for long term financial discipline. In the end this behavior can indeed give financial stability. There were years during 2003 – 2005 when this approach was conducted, and Croatia became financially stable country. But in that time other party was conducting business – Social Democratic Party. I have found from B.V. Raman: Gulika in 11th H gives happiness, money, power and abundance. In Croatia those things belong only to some 200 families. I believe that conjunction of Moon with Gulika in fact gives opposite results.

Sun is sitting in 8th H, house of hidden, occult, corrupt and bad. First Croatian President, ceased Franjo Tuđman, used to go to Medvednica mountain, above capital Croatian city, Zagreb, not for view but for some other reasons. For generations and hundred of years that spot on Medvednica is told to be a place where occult rituals are performed. I do not know if it is truth but there were stories about Tuđman going to Medvednica, he even redecorated that spot as monument to fallen Croatian soldiers. But, beside stories, our ceased first President, as much as he did good things for Croatia, allowed to nepotism and corruption to grow in our country.

Same mistakes, extravagance and revolution

Croatia Independence, June 25, 1991; 19:58; Zagreb, 15E58; 45N48; sidereal time – Ayanamsha: Lahiri

I have to jump to western astrology, since my knowledge in Vedic is minimal. I know from traditional astrology, that if you want anything to be successful, you do not use days on Eclipse – any Eclipse! I believe that in Vedic astrology exists similar point of view.

Croatia declared its independence two days prior Moon Eclipse, and of course, war was already in progress. Lagna of this chart sits in Jyeshta Nakshatra, ruler of Lagna is Mars, SubLord Saturn, Navamsa Pisces (ruler Jupiter). Prime Minister, Ivo Sanader gave his resignation 6 days prior Moon Eclipse, and new female Prime Minister excepted all power in morning at Moon Eclipse (July 07, 2009.) 

So, Eclipses are main part of Croatian lives, and if we look at Vedic knowledge, about everything else, lets start with Lagna.

Jyeshta, however, is much more controlled, secretive and deliberating in comparison to Vishakha. One can say that Jyeshta Functions in a positive or negative way depending on who the Indra is at any given point in time. In a birth chart however, an afflicted Jyeshta will tend to bring out the negative qualities like depravation, misuse of power and authority, unnecessary vanity etc.; while a well-fortified Jyeshta will bring about prosperity, genuine concern and protectiveness towards others.

One peculiarity of Jyeshta is that it gives prosperity only through some occult, supernatural or extraordinary means. This arises from the fact that Indra always gets his position and power through penance and other occult activities. He even got his thunderbolt through the occult propitiation of a sage called Dadhichi. Interested readers can refer to “Amar Chitra Katha” Comics for puranic stories related to Indra.

The fourth pada or quarter of this asterism 26° 40′ – 30° 00′ Scorpio falls in Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. This is a very emotional pada and the native is inclined to get carried away. There is a danger of too much indulgence in fantasy, sexual intrigue and intoxication. The native may be able to Channel their emotions into creative expression. The native carries their sense of responsibility and protectiveness to an extreme at times. In its lowest aspect, natives are apt to fantasize about their woes and troubles in life in an unhealthy way. In its highest aspect, this pada can give a strong sacrificing nature and a Spiritual devotion to humanity. The native will be fond of children. The native will defend the rights of others and take an interest in occult exploration for liberation purposes. The only downfall is that the penance aspect which is so necessary for Jyestha ‘s proper functioning is difficult to harness in this pada. However, Jyestha’s capacity for material gain is stronger in this pada and its poverty aspect is decreased. This is true when strong benefic like Venus and Jupiter are placed here. Mars functions poorly in this pada, however Saturn, although giving material adversity, may be helpful in acquiring some sort of spiritual discipline. This pada tends to be the most self destructive, when working through its negative aspect. (Prash Trivedi Nakshatras)

Since we now look at second Croatian natal chart, we see some planetary positions repeated, such as Sun in 8th, Jupiter in 9th and other planets changed house position. We could say that Government and Church stayed at same power positions. Other things changed, and that is true, since war ended and we had country devastated and preparations for rebuilding should be started. Now, we will go through this second chart but please do have in mind explanations of first chart since both charts are behaving as one – complementing each other.

Saturn is again retrograde, but this time in 3rd H, meaning that people will have to work really hard to earn anything. We may freely say that our Karmic obligation or task is to learn how to work. Mistakes will be repeated and we can see that situation today, since in Croatia those who work in Governmental bodies and public institutions make 60% of working population and only 40% of working population is in private sector. So, those 40% is feeding those 60% who are reproduced by thousands every year. If we consider 3rd H as house of communication – television, radio, newspapers than Saturn is controlling those areas but since he is retrograde, he is not so capable to stop new getting out. Considering Saturn aspects, we see that he aspects 5th, 9th and 12th H. I do not want to go to extremes about houses, but just few points:

5th H

Public property – last news is that Government is considering selling some public property to get money it needs for salaries and pension;

Education, from primary school to universities – we recently lost free books for kids and prices for universities skyrocketed;

Children, birth rate – law on Medically supported fertilization;

Investments – we are stopping all investments in house, road and bridge building;

Ambassadors – we are cutting down number of ambassadors, and bringing home those who made main newspaper topic in foreign countries because of drug, alcohol and gambling problems;

Prime Minister mentality – he quitted; we still do not know real reasons.

9th H

Supreme Court – Supreme Court judges are elected for party attachment, not for knowledge;

Church – I wrote about Catholic Church in Croatia;

Courts, Laws, attorneys – slow, expensive and not functional although Croatia got some 500 million of US dollars to make judicial system functional;

Foreign policy and relationship with foreign countries – for 15 years we have problems with borders and Slovenia is blocking Croatia from entry to European Union;

Maritime business – on daily basis, ships from Italy are entering Croatia territorial sea, catching huge amounts of fish, devastating our sea bottom;

Educational system – is getting from bad to worse;

Respect for old and aged – they just been taxed by new taxation law, although they already have so little money that you can see people digging trash bins 

12th H

Jails – situation is so horrible in jails, too many people and not enough space for them, sleeping five or six in same room;

Hospitals – Health care is guaranteed go every Croatian, but in fact when you need X-rays or something like mammography, or some other specialist exam (cancer) you will be put on list and you can wait from 6 months to 2 years;

Paying of debts – we have to pay every year some 3 million of USA dollars for NATO, huge credits which we got from other countries;

Lost goods – we sold to foreign companies almost all banks, Telecommunication company, now we sold Oil company, and who knows what else – since Government is not saying …

If this is not enough with Saturn retrograde, lets look Rahu – Ketu axis (2nd – 8th H). I have learned that in Vedic astrology 2nd H represents speech, while in western astrology, 2nd H is exclusively bound to money, earning potential. Now, I got much better picture when I have found out that speech is 2nd H merit, and now I do understand why we all told one and than happens other. Lot of things said by people and Government are nothing else but lies – when you call them with real words. Usually Rahu will destroy money, and give poverty, diverse ways of earning money, which is also possibility since last Law on taxation. We already had a great difficulty with what we call “working on black market” – meaning, you get one salary on paper and the rest on hands – part which is not visible or taxed. Ketu is in 8th H with Mercury and Sun – obscure, lies, mistakes of Prime Minister, President, and Government. So, this chart is real picture of financial capability of Croatia.  Scandals are getting out every day, corruption is everywhere, and administration is eating Croatian money. If you wish to open business in Croatia, then I kindly suggest, unfortunately, preparing some money, putting it in envelope, and giving it to some politician, then you will open business in 40 days. If not, then you can buy some tranquilizers and be prepared to wait, wait, wait …

Now, the rest of chart is beyond my patience, since I have to live here from day to day. You may ask yourselves why I’m so cynical or judgmental on my own Country, and my answer is that I just wake up and realized that I waked up, as some other 4 million of people, some 20 years ago, in former Yugoslavia but not 20 years younger. I realized that land, see, water, mountains and air in Croatia are beautiful, clean, not touched with heavy industry, but that people are ugly, dirty and touched by thirst for money and power. It is like ghost from past waked up and took over entire country. Now, only hope I have is transits – they just may clean these skeletons, remaining politicians from ceased Yugoslavia.

And for the revolution part? Well, I hope that transits will play its role, since they usually do. Using my Mentor guidance, Saptarishis Astrology, I trancribe here:

SA Rule 2: Wherever Saturn sits, he becomes Judge Dredd or Emperor (Shahenshah) and he shouts ‘I Am the Law’.

It is that house were

  1. Karma is unfinished & you ‘Need’ to finish it.
  2. You will make mistakes
  3. You will be Judged for your mistakes
  4. If the universal law is not followed in that house, Saturn will destroy that house as He is the Law

Croatia Saturn sits in 3rd H, but transiting Saturn is now in Leo, which is Croatia 10th H. As stated, Karma has to be finished, there will be mistakes, you will be judged for your mistakes, and Saturn will destroy that house since he is the Law.

First mistake is that after resignation of Prime Minister, there were no new elections. President has sent several new Laws to Supreme Court on validation. Since those laws intrude basic human rights, I assume that Supreme Court will revoke them. Also, Government is shaken by affairs on daily basis; so ordinary people had it enough. They started to prepare for big strikes in September. They are demanding new elections, since new Prime Minister was not elected on previous elections, in 2007.

I mentioned earlier that Saturn aspects 5th, 9th and 12th H of Croatia natal chart, and those parts will be under tremendous energy of transiting Saturn. Also, Saturn carries Karmic debt to 4th H from its place, natal and in transits. Looking natal chart we see his Karmic debt in 6th H – and by transits we see his Karmic debt in Lagna. So, I suppose it will blow up in some kind of big unrest and kind of revolution, demanding the change of Government (10th H).

SA Rule 3: Wherever Saturn sits he destroys one of the significations of the 2nd house from it. He passes on the judgment of this house on to the 2nd house from it.

The logic of why he destroys the 2nd from it will be discussed in depth in Bhrighu Saral Paddathi (BSP) -3 & 4 in this issue. Now see where Saturn is, he is in Leo and destroys the 2nd from it, which is Virgo and represents 6th H of Zodiac. From Kanak Bosmia, KP Astrology:


Accountants, Accounts, Agencies, Agriculture, All military matters, And weaving and spinning equipment, Animal hospitals, Animal husbandry, Animals in general, Armed force, Army affairs, Book keepers, Book keeping, Booking agents, Bowel troubles, Business to some extent, Butlers, Chastity, Chemistry, Civil service employee’s clerks, Civil service, Clerical work, Clothing in general, Computers, Constipation, Cotton textiles, Cotton, Craftsmanship dairy farmers, Craftsmanship, Crop growers, Crops, Dealers in clothing, Diabetes, Digestive trouble, Disease in general, Diseases due to diet deficiency, Doctors, Domestic, Dress makers, Druggists, Dry cleaners, Dysentery, Editors, Employee’s servants of the state, Fields of grain, Fields, Food checkers, Food stuffs, Gardens, Gastroenteritis, General medicine, Governesses, Grain dialers, Granaries, Grazing, Groceries, Harvesting, Healing and healer in general, Human societies, Hygiene, Intestinal parasites, Labor unions, Lands for domestic animals, Lands, Legers in accountants of book keeping offices, Librarians, Libraries, Life saving services, Literary criticism, Maps, Markets, Medical profession, Menial work in general, Microbiologists, Militarism, Military men, Municipal and national service, Nation and its health and general condition, Navy, Nurseries, Nurses, Obstructions of intestine, Office boys, Officials in general, Orchards, Papers and places where papers are kept, Particularly naval men and officers, Pets, Pharmacists, Photography, Physical culture, Physical education, Places where food is stored, Places where maps are kept, Policemen, Poultry, Printers, Provision dealers, Relief societies, Relief societies, Restaurants, Sanatoriums, Science in general, Scientists, Secret compartments, Secretaries, Servants in general, Service, Sewing machines, Shops, Small feline animals, Store houses, Stores, Tailors, Teachers, Technicians, Tenants, Textile workers, Textiles, Travel agent, Typists, Veterinarians, Voluntary labor, Wheat fields, Working classes in general.

Now, the bolded ones are right now who are preparing to go to strike.

6th House

IN MUNDANE ASTROLOGY- Working class, Industries, Sanitation, Public health, Industry and Actual work of an industry, Involuntary service, Liable to injury, Literary criticisms and Critic, Look for all that concerns our interiors, our servants and our dependents, Maternal Uncle, Mental awareness of practical problems and how to solve them, Nursing and treatment of the sick, Occupational hazards, Once capacity to serve, Personal comfort of the native, Pet animals, small cattle and domestic creatures, Real state of disease and recovery from it, 6th Disease – 12 Hospitalization, 11th Recovery and discharge from hospital, Receiving charity, Sanitation and hygiene, Service in work, Sickness  and diseases to which one is liable, Small cattle, Step Mother, Subordinate service and employing subordinates, Tenants, (agricultural and rental), The condition and faithfulness of his inferiors, Trouble from Dayadins, Uncle and aunts, Untimely meals, Wages and salary, Work methodologies, Work or service rendered by the individual, Work or service rendered, Wounds, Your competence and skill.

I just wonder since I have found in KP Astrology that Saturn represents Judiciary and police both who enforce discipline, would strikes result in many hurt people, which will be discharged from hospital?

One more rule for Jupiter:

SA Rule 1: Wherever Jupiter sits, he destroys/activates minimum one signification of the house 6th and 10th from it.

Jupiter sits now in Capricorn, and 6th from Jupiter transit position is sign of Gemini, natural 3rd H of Zodiac, and 10th from Jupiter transit position Libra, natural 7th H of Zodiac.

So, by this rule, Jupiter will destroy 10th from it and it will destroy things connected with Libra, businesses, and we already saw mass dismissal and companies went bankrupt. Now, the 6th house of natural zodiac is the mortgage/loans that we give, the action (karma) of any house is always the 10th from it, so the action (karma) of the 6th house of mortgage companies will be the 3rd H of Gemini, which signifies transactions. Transit Jupiter in Capricorn will first shower light on the 6th from it which will be the 3rd H of Gemini in natural zodiac and then destroy it, so it has punished the bad karma of the banks (10th from 6th) & financial institutions. This whole affair can be explained in many ways but we would stick to brevity. And for Croatia it became very clear, that global crisis, suspended good will of foreign Banks, and we cannot get another loan. We are doomed to our own resources, which are very weak, and on glass legs.

From western point of view, I have to mention few short things. Transiting Pluto is in Capricorn, still retrograde in motion, but it will soon go to stationary direct motion. In that moment, since he is already having opposition to Croatia natal Sun, I do expect huge changes in Government. Transiting Pluto is sitting in 1st H of Croatia natal chart, and that means complete change of psyche, look and body. So, I’m sure that change in mind and views of Croatian people are near, that we will have strength to choose wisely, and stamina to endure changes. 

Also, Uranus turned to retrograde motion on July 01, 2009, the day our Prime Minister resigned, so when it turns direct, we will probably find out his reasons for resignation, since transiting Uranus is sitting in 3rd H of communication. Also, this retrograde Uranus brought terrible train accident, with 6 death and 55 injured people, something what haven’t happened in Croatia in last 40 years. From this accident, Uranus digging slowly in third house of communication found out at least ten malversations in National Railway Company. Result is for now – 5 managers in prison.

As for transiting Saturn, he sits in 9th H, which in western astrology we connect with Law, Higher education, Church – I suppose it will clean all that mess in those areas, but sure it will take lot of time and strength. Luckily it has sextile aspect (60 degrees) to natal Pluto, which gives strength, will power, fortitude, persistence, ambition and courage to initiate major changes in personal and business life. Outdated, old and superfluous attitudes can be eliminated. Also, this aspect can bring financial reward, if we are prepared for serious work.

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