FIRST Job Service /Work/ Business etc. Problems and Nadi Sahmita/ Nadi Texts.


By Prof: – D.A. Negandhi

Astrology is one of the oldest and ancient sciences, considered ‘Vedanga’- part of Vedas, ancient literature of Truth. Astrology is known as Jyotish — ‘Jyoti’ – (Prefix of ‘Jyotishastra’) – Jyoti means to Throw light/Prakash in darkness, as this a ‘Divyadrushti’- Thus, only in time of problems or when there is a dark future or illusions, then people, with tears in eyes, rush to Astrologers and Astro-scientists who are supposed to wipe the tears. Instead, the situation has been worsened by the greedy astrologers and as a result of which, faith on Astrology and Astro scientist has been lost and true Astrologers are suffered.  Let we Proceed to the Main Theme.

Normally youngsters approach us with the million dollar question “when will I get Job or Service?” Before going into deep into the subject, one has to observe the Nadi Principles first, then to the matter in hand ie., job timing

Nadi Principles in nutshell-

The Rashies/ houses are dived in four groups of trines planets form four combinations with these rashis.  Suppose, Venus is in the fifth house to Saturn, which results in a ‘Powerful Saturn-Venus combination,’ resulting in a best job and hence good income from the age of 39 onwards. Similarly conjunction and exchange between planets are also forming different patterns or groups, and a detailed account of life events can be chalked out from these.

Nadi Principles are universal and applies in the entire Horoscope including females also.

  1. Ketu’s importance is not specifically emphasized except one horoscope where it has been stated that Ketu will provide the Job. Thus, career and job matters are coming under the portfolio of mars or Ketu. “Ketu Mangalvat Bhavet.” “Ketu is like Mars. (Ketu has 9th Aspect only) in chart No. 133 Saturn is in Seventh to Jupiter (Powerful combination ) which did not give job at the age of 18/19 but only at Ketu, 9th Aspect on 22nd years of age. BNN Text.
  2. This principle is observed and found correct in many horoscopes, except in case of ‘Saturn – Venus combination’ which provides for early jobs, and a powerful Venus provides prestigious or highly paid jobs.
  3. Another principle to be kept in mind while analyzing the horoscopes is of locked Bhagyachakra (A research principle of Prof. Negandhi of 48/A, Astros research centre, Vidyangar, Bhavnagar) which means that out of four combination / Groups, if any part is vacant, then when Jupiter passes on such vacant part, then only the native gets a job of ordinary nature and meager income.


  1. Any native who is having ‘Saturn –Ketu’ or ‘Saturn –Rahu’ or ‘Saturn –Moon’ or ‘Saturn –Sun’ combination, he or she will have “Gulami Yoga” and he will be in service. Saturn Ketu in second part provides part –time Business in addition to service.


  1. What about persons having independent profession or business? The answer is that: any person having Venus-Mercury / Saturn – Venus /Saturn –Ketu Combination or if there is exalted Saturn. If such combination is powerful, then only, it can give independent business at the time, when Saturn transits over such combination. According to Nadi principles, a planet is considered “weak” if 2nd, 12th and 7th houses from it are vacant, even if the planet may be in exalted state.


  1. Saturn –Mars Ketu combination provides independent and disobedient and sometimes lazy. Business or profession is suited best to such persons. This combination provide ‘Moksh’ or libration from this Birth. Mostly all Sadhus and Swamis /sages have such combination. If Jupiter also joins the party, then such persons become religious leaders.

An example chart is that of Sri Chandrasehkarendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

Here, Saturn is with Ketu and Jupiter in a trine to this combination.

  1. Any person having weakest Saturn and weakest Jupiter, even though he gets 15 years – one and half decades minimum as a best period of life for which a separate article is written. It is a minimum best period of life which applies, to any person. This means progressed Jupiter on Saturn after which minimum 15 to 17 years are best years of life is started
  2. Saturn’s transit on natal Jupiter gives rise in career or good business progress after 30 years of age. Put in common man’s language, whenever the transit Saturn comes to natal Jupiter gives a rise and increase in income, the period is for 30 months. Normally, in service, such a transit gives change of grades or awards of pay commissions etc., entirely changing the situations and give rise to salaries.
  1. The position of Venus and Mercury in the natal chart is to be analyzed to time prosperity. When Saturn in transit comes in contact with Venus or Mercury income starts to take the upward turn and prosperity starts within 2 to 3 years.
  1. Placement of Rahu or Ketu in next to Saturn, degree wise or signwise and if there is an yoga for independent work or business as given above, then such persons will be doing independent business after 60/62, the period up to the age of 57/59 being nothing notable.
  1. Normally service persons always put up the question of time for promotion. Sun and Mars in natal horoscope provides promotion, status or glorious post in the society. If sun and Mars are in a single house but if they are weak, then promotion is gained only after Saturn transits the third House from such combination e. g. if sun and Mars are Libra then during the transit of Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the 3rd sign counted from Libra, there will be a promotion. If Mars is in the 5th house to the sun then the powerful planet of the two will give promotion in trine Rashies, though the native’s father may have to face surgery for diseases to eyes like cataract etc., as both are fiery planets. (Father /Brother may be in Military or in Police.) If sun and Mars are in opposition to each other then it gives four promotions whenever Saturn pass throught the centre of such combination. If Sun and Mars are with Rahu-Ketu axis, then except Rahu three promotions will be there.
  1. Mars-Rahu combination provides a number of subordinate personnel and whenever Jupiter crosses such combination (Age 12 to 25 years of Age), the native works at a place where so many persons are working. Native gets such chances for business or service at that time. Afterwards, before 60 years of age, during the transit of Saturn over such combination, the native is promoted to a post of administrative or top management position, if he is serving. If he is in business, a number of persons would be employed to work under him.
  1. Saturn –Jupiter opposition provides executive ability – ability to take work from others. Such person becomes executive officer at the time when Saturn crosses such combination before 60years of Age.
  1. To answer the question “At what age, will I leave Service?”, the position of Saturn and Rahu may be analyzed. Conjunction of Saturn with Rahu shows “Tyag or Mukti” means leaving the job or service or business when both this planet of horoscope is meeting each other. Or Saturn –Ketu combination creates “Tyaga- Yoga” or creates such situation to leave the Job between 30 to 60 years of Age. Suppose in an example if Rahu is in 4th from Saturn, then such person tries to leave or leaves the Job at 30+6 to 9 years, means he leaves the job Between 36 to 39 years of age, when transiting Saturn touches Rahu. Such other example is of Rahu in the next house to Saturn, will leave his job between 61 to 63 years of age. (But such persons are serving the elders too much. Such person gets best fruits for such noble services from the Age 57 to 59 years of Age). The same combination effects are: 1) completion of education 2) Partition in the family or 3) Marriage 4) Death.

All such combination depends on the sign where they are located/ placed, showing the minute details, e.g. Saturn – Jupiter strong combination in Taurus or Libra lifts a person to the heights like Administrative Manager, Bank Manger or M.D. etc.

At the cost or repetition, according all Nadis, four divisions of planets of a horoscope is a must. They are divided according to Dharma, Earth, Kama and Moksh (All the Nine planets) and then one must have to learn combination effects and find out way of the destiny. For this method or Nadi technique “will be helpful to the Readers. For this it requires minute psycho analysis of a Horoscope.