First Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

  1. First Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

Dear Friends, Practice this Nadi Simple Method.

 “Mars implements itself in the 10th at the age of 28” I asking to practice this rule mainly as around the age of 28 many things take place around us. In many cases it can be the major years related to professional front, In south Indian middle class people 28… is the average year of marriage.

Case-Mr.X. DOB-8-8-1968, TOB-3-44AM, Bangalore, Karnataka. Ascendant is Gemini-18degree-41Minutes.

As soon as I looked at this chart I asked whether total number of siblings is5? And he said yeas.

Then I asked around the last quarter of 1996 his elder brother committed suicide, because of financial burdens? He & his wife were shocked!

Now use the rule given above. 1996 was the 28th year. So mars implemented in the 10th house from his radical position which becomes 11th house from Gemini Lagna, The house of elder siblings. In that house debilitated Saturn is placed. The lord of 11th house is mars again & is also debilitated being the significator of siblings or brothers & sisters. The dispositer of Mars is Moon is also in the negative8th house.

The “Kaksha Theory”

In my earlier posts I had not revealed the “Kaksha method” as new people would have been confused.

As you know there are 8 kakshas. 30degree divided by 8=3Degree45Minutes.

1st kaksha is of Saturn the slowest moving planet, 2nd is of Jupiter, 3rd is of mars & last one is of Lagna. (no Rahu or Ketu)

I just looked at the kaksha of Mars. Mars is in his Kaksha. Then I looked at the Kaksha of Saturn. Saturn is in his own kaksha.

Then I just had a glance on D-3. In D-3. Mars is again in debilitation & 11th lord in the 6th! So no doubt remained about the death of brother.

As the owner of house vibrated by mars is mars & is in the 2nd Indicating financial problems. I predicted Suicide because of intuition. No any dasa or transits were used! I took just 2 minutes for 2 predictions. Mr. SJ of SA revealed it in word conf.. he was slightly going wrong & Shri. K.N.Rao ji who knew about this prediction of mine repaired him from the audience seat!

  • Kaksha theory is mainly related to Ashtakavarga system. 3deg-45 min per kaksha, Sat,Jupi, Mars, Sun, Ven, Merc,Moon & last kaksha is of lagna.
  • Second Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

A Great Prediction of Shree.K.N.Rao ji. Try this method & please give me the feed back. In my chart (please read my earlier post to get my chart) For Mesha Lagna, 2nd lord Venus is in gemini which is 2 from 2nd. So 2nd from Venus is Cancer, Which is my …Dhana Pada according to Jaimini System. 2 Years back KNR ji, predicted me that since in D-9 (in Jaimini system only 1 divisional chart is used & it is Navamsha or D-9) exalted Jupiter is with Rahu I should get plenty of foriegn money. I didn’t bilieve that as I have stopped visiting any foriegn country as it disturbs my saadhana & in many countries of Europe I have to mainly depend on Bred as I am a vegetarian. As far as online consultancy is concerned I get around 100$ once ina while. But now because of my software company I am going to earn hundreds of crores within 2 years! So Rao ji’s prediction proved correct!! Try this method to find out where your money is? it is 23-7-1971, 01-00-30 AM, Honavar, Karnataka. This Is Shankar hegde birth dta.

Prasana Gopalrathinam data,check this my chart ,DOB -30-04-1978,11.00A.M ,Madurai ,Dhanapada is in Aries, in d-9 Rahu and Sat is placed ,,,im working in foreign country for 10 years

Prasana post on shnkar’s data ,if this formula is working means ,then Saturu Pada A6 also Cancer -Hedge ji chart,be-careful Satru (Enemy ) also from foreign country ???

Shankar’s reply KNR ji doesn’t use use exceptions. Your 2nd lord is Moon. Moon is in 7th from cancer So 7 from moon is cancer only. In D-9 Moon is in own house! The 2nd from Vargottama lagna! 10 years back it was Piscess antara/bhukti! again a watery sign where exalted Venus is there in D-9! I got cheated by 1 NRI in 2002 & lost around 20 lakh rswas Gemini antara (April 2002) The lord of is afflicted in D-9 by debilitated Saturn. From Gemini 2nd house has GK Jupiter So I lost huge amount. Those years Rs20lakhs means now a days few crore I think.

‎ Prasana post on shnkar’s data 100% chart is indicating, your enemies cheated and they had taken action to threaten and cheated you
You had taken action that time ketu is indicating ,you wrongly moved in that time ?
Am I right ,this incident happened after April -7 -2002

Shankar’s reply It took place in the last week of April 2002. They didn’t take any action but I coudn’t also as there were no proper agreements. I had invested money in BIO-Teck company. All were oral agreements.

Hedge Ji, below time and date is based on angular return of Sun and Moon ,you can analyze the chart -if you notice 6th house Rahu is placed ,enemy is from foreign or terrorist,,, April 7, 2002
Time: 23:53:19

Third Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

The method is related to star lord of Ascendant or Lagna.Just take the star lord of Lagna & check in whose star it is situated.Then check the star lord of that planet till any star lord becomes repeated!That planet will show you many things related to dasa , antara/bhukti etc, with respect to the position of that planet!

For Example, My DOB- is 23-7-1971, 01-00-30, Honavar, Karnataka.

Lagna degree is 20-07, Aries.So the star lord of Lagna is Venus.Venus is in the star of Jupiter.Jupiter is in the star of Jupiter!So, Jupiter is repeated here & Jupiter becomes the Key Planet! As you all know what is my profession till today!My Jupiter is exalted in D-9 & in the 11th house in D-10! So I became very popular in Ketu-Jupiter! And I have not seen set back in the same field!!Now take the case of Shree, K.N.Rao ji.

DOB-12-October-1931, 07-55AM IST, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Lagna degree is Libra or Tula, 21degree 48 minutes.The star lord of ascendant is Jupiter.Jupiter is in the star of Mercury.Mercury is in the star of Moon.Moon is in the star of Mars.Mars is in the star of Jupiter! So it is repeated! The Key Planet is Jupiter!He became famous in Jupiter Dasa etc.


  1. Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

Affliction of uranus(indra as per mythology) in D1 and D9 gave extra marital relations or loose character.


Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

If sun is in 6,8 or 12 house in D1 and aspected by saturn in D9 andD12 then that jatak will have his or her child after the death of his father  or atleast at max his father age is less than 65


Method by Shankar Hegde Sir

Dear Friends, Try this research of mine & share with proper people only.

As per BSP or nadi simple method, when Jupi&Sat are together sign Aries will spoil at least 1 siginification of that house whichever the house it becomes from Lagna. For example if Makar is lagna & sat,jupi are together in any sign at least 1 signification of 4th house will be spolied.

My modification is, sign aries becomes sensetive if Sat is with jupiter, sign Taurus becomes sensetive if Sat is in 2nd from Jupi, Sign Gemini if Sat is in 3rd from Jupi & so on. You can check it in D charts also. Whenever transit Jupi or sat touch that sign or aspect it incidents are most likely. For example My Sat is in 7th from jupi so libra becomes sensetive in d-1. During my marriage time transit Jupi & Sat both were aspecting libra the 7th house. In D-9 Sat is in 10th from Jupi so transit sat was aspecting sign makar during the time of marriage. In D-10 Saggi becomes sensetive & when Jupi was aspecting sagi in 2002 I visited many countries. To teach astrology & gained some money also.

Shankar Hegde Sir  method( Dog biting incident)

Ketu represents dog. Any connection of Saturn with Ketu, w.r.t. Dasa, transit & D charts can give hints about such things  The next alternative for dog for the same combination are, Children or stomoc.

Dear Friends, Last night I predicted the time of dog bite to Mr.Bharat Yadav ji. Ketu & Sat are significators for that as I learnt it from a top class Pandit ji of Banaras & Manoj Pathak ji. According to Pandit ji of Banaras, there is a huge difference between 3rd,7th & 10th aspect of Saturn. According to him the 10th aspect of Sat is destructive most of the times. Can we discuss about it today for further verification? These are simple nadi methods in oral form. Manoj Pathak ji, revealed me that according to Lal kitab also ketu represents dog. Stomoc & children were also revead by him only. (See my answer to Prasanna Gopalrathinam ji below). The Banarasi Pandit ji, is also like Shri.KNR ji. He gives outstanding predictions. Let us examine the method

Manoj pathak says that Rahu in Scorpio aspected or conjoining Mars is the combination for snake bite and in present day circumstances for taking regular medicine.

Extremely interesting case study. This is my father’s chart. DOB-3-December-1938, 15-41 IST, Honavar, Karnataka. Lagna Aries-11-2429.
On Saturday, 3-12-2011, Around 11;00AM, he had been to give rent of our furniture show room to the owners of the premises. Suddenly the dog woke up at the entrance & the tooth/teeth of dog touched my fathers hand. Blood came out with swelling.
It was Transit Saturn aspecting radical Ketu. (Remember the rule of Banarasi Pandit ji, about which I got clarification from Manoj Pathak ji & till date I have predicted 8-10 amazing predictions related to dog bite, hitting the dog or time of domesticating a dog etc & I have revealed few here).
DAPSP-was, Rahu-Mars-Rahu-Mercury-Saturn!
It was on Saturday & his birth day.
The finger hurt was middle finger again related to Saturn!!

According to Banarasi Pundit ji, the 10th aspect of Sat is always destructive. 7th can give mixed results. The 3rd aspect always hides some hidden blessings. This is the theory. I have modified them with respect to D charts & dasa+transits. It needs some intuition also. Prasanna Gopalrathinam ji, the finger is of right hand. No bone problem. Injury was around the mid phalanx. Since he consulted the doctor & took an injection there is no problem at all. In fact the injection reduced his back pain!

Rahu(+ Mars) serpent, Jupiter&4th Cow were also revealed by Banarasi Pundit ji.

No. I had posted other possibilities like children, Stomach etc.


Case Study D.o.B 25-09-1974 Time 22.21.28 alibagh.Latitude 18.31 N.Long. 73.12 E.The Girl has Some Major Ailment By Birth. Can Anybody find out the area and reason,

Lagna is afflicted by Ketu in D-1, Mercury is in 6th house. In D-9 Mercury is heavilly afflicted. In D-9 Lagna & Lagna lord both are afflicted. In D-60 Lagna is afflicted & Mercury is in 6th. So Head=Brain=Mentally retarded from birth itself. Birth took place in Sun=Head & Mercury antara=Brain=Mentally retarded.

 In this case 2 simple nadi methods can be seen. 1)According to nadi method Ketu is a cheater & wherever he is placed he cheats at least 1 signification of that house. 2)Wherever the dispositer of Venus sits, the owner of that house makes us to consume medicines related to him. I think 1st rule doesn’t need any explanation. Here the dispositer of Venus is Sun in mercury’s house so the person had to consume medicines related to Mercury. Manoj Pathak ji, Am I correct? Shankar Hegde ji you are correct ,I use kalpadruma concept of SA magazine for venus brighu principle
Venus dispositer talked about the medicine
Venus dispositer –dispositer –spend money for medicine
Venus dispositer’s dispositer navamsa –how we are achieving money for medicine

hedge ji ,i come across one rule where ever venus sits ,that place should consume medicine -For me dispositer of venus is new for me –thanks

 Strength of mantra is seen from 5th from moon not from lagna‎Prasanna  palrathinamji

Prasanna Gopalrathinam Dear Hedge ji
I learned some tradition concept from some parampara ,this is opportunity to explain ,please don’t ask the source of information (detail mail will send to you later)
For identifying the buthi lord
You have to shift the moon degree by 1 degree approx
Say example : my moon degree in Capricorn 20 degree ,take 21 degree and calculate the vimosttari dasa.
Buthi lord should understand from 6 and 10 from primary house
Say example if you shift my moon degree 21 degree –then during mar-21-2011 ,mercury buthi was running ….
That is 10th from 7th house –so I got married, they same way you have to identify the which buthi will give results –some minor calculation is there –I cant explain in public ,I will send you the details mail in this subject …

8.Shankar HegdeJi method of Siblings

Shree. KNR ji’s method of predicting the number of siblings (Number of brothers & sisters) as understood by me to a good extent.
1)Check who is the star lord of 5th lord.
2)Check in whose star the star lord of 5th lord is placed.
3)Go on like that till any star lord is repeated.
4)Suppose a star lord repeated when you counted for 5 for example, that is the total number of siblings.
5)Be careful about stars of nodes as many times they lead to abortion.
Rest are further secrets & reason it yourself by using common sense!

ji, A good question indeed! 3rd house represents younger siblings & 11th elder siblings is well known to all. 5th is 3rd from 3rd & exactly 180 degrees from 11th house is the reason. No doubt KNR ji is a master. I have clearlly written I could understand his method to a good extent only. But the method given by you gave me better results is the truth known to me & truth is truth. Of Course the another truth is that KNR ji predicts like “You are the second child amongst 5 of your parents” I forgot to ask this method when he was teaching me privatelly with a good mood. Still I couldn’t crack that method properlly. Only God knows what else are known to KNR ji


  • 22 mDOB: April, 20th, 1966; TOB: 15:29; POB: Split, Croatia, Europe (16E27; 43N31). In PL6 – time zone -1:00.
  • Having Ketu in 3rd H (Scorpio), I have one step sister and two step brothers. I’m oldest and from my mother’s side I have one step brother and from my father’s side I have step sister and step brother. 3rd Lord is in 8th H (Aries) and 5th Lord is in 7th H (Pisces). Since I’m beginner in Vedic ast. I still need to understand mentioned rules. I just thought it could be combination for discussion. Sorry if I was off topic 😀

Dear Friends (Mainly Vineet Kumar Sharma ji) look at the chart of Vineet ji. His 5th lord is Jupiter is in the star of Sat (with Rahu) so I thought he has 1 elder sister, Then Sat is in the star of Venus in own house with Lagna lord Mars. So I thought it must be Vineet ji. Then Venus is in the star of Moon=1 younger sister. Moon is in the star of Moon so repeated. Total is 4. So he has (in fact we consider died siblings also) 3 siblings. I thought of 1 abortion as I sensed happiness of 2 siblings only & sadly insted of abortion it is death so I went wrong partially. Star lord of Mars is Sun & they are in 2-12 position. As per Desh-Kal-Nyay I cannot predict 12 so I predicted 2 siblings. I have used the methods revealed to you all & not other methods which I know. Lorin Čerina ji, I checked your chart & it is Virgo lagna only. Total number of siblings are matching. Please ask your “Biological Mother” that whether she had 3 abortions or Mis carriages?

9.Shankar Hegde Sir  method of Siblings

Another research of mine to predict number of siblings.
This is my own method dear friends (Mainly Daya Shanker ji) which also works to some extent. But Manoj Pathak ji’s research has very high percentage & without his permission I can’t reveal it.
My Method>Check the star lord of Mars & chek the distance between Mars & Star lord in D-3. Suppose Jupiter is the star lord & in 6th from Mars it can be 6or 8 w.r.t. Desh-kal-Nyay. If Mars is in his own star person can be eldest in most of the cases. (or youngest in few cases).Check the star lord of mars and calculate the distance of mars with its star lord in D3 gives no. of siblings.

10.Shankar Hegdeji method

Dear Friends check this secret(?) rule & give me the feed back.
Original rule, If Mars & Ketu are conjunct in an angle or trine either the father or brother/sister will work for Police or Defence forces.
My modification>Father,Paternal uncle/s or siblings will work for police or defence related sectors & should be checked in D-3 & D-12, if any one of Mars or Ketu are connected to required house it is almost certain.

Arun Sharma ji, Look at your D-12. From Mars (Significator of sibling) 10th is occupied by ketu & From Sun if we take 11 th house which is cancer, the 10th lord is Mars again. So your father’s elder brother worked for defence

11Shankar HegdeJi method

Dear Friends, If Moon is in moksha trikona (4-8-12), in his own house or exaltation one can become an astrologer cum mantrik is also a general rule of Banarasi Pandit ji. When my chart was given to him by my friend saying that this is a chart of an engineer, He just replied “No chance. This is a horoscope of a big astrologer cum Mantrik” when asked for the reason he replied to my friend that above said combination is the major reason along with some other combinations present in my chart up to D-9 & according to some rules of prashna. Suresh Makinidi ji, Prasanna Gopalrathinam ji, Mundane Astro ji & Lalit Joshi ji, Please note this point. (For my Aries ascendant Moon is in 4th in his own house

12.Shankar HegdeJi method

If some jatak has the dasha chiddra on 21st year of his life (ie. After completion of 20 to beginning of 21) then on 32th year of his life he will get mritu or mritu tulya kashta.