Formal Methods Of Natal Rectification By Saul Aizin, Russia

Formal Methods Of Natal Rectification


Saul Aizin, Russia

SA Thanks: Sergey Kurapov & Veronica Tkachenko

Rectification is carried out to calculate the time of birth of the person and the most precise coordinates of the vertices house of his horoscope. Indeed, if the natal chart is based not on a time when the person was born, she would not describe the quality and capabilities, not an event in his life. Therefore, you must first determine what time of birth.

Person’s birth – a process occurring in time. It begins with the first contractions and ends when the infant begins to breathe independently and to live. During this time there are different events, each of which in some sense can be birth.

Time, called the time of birth, can only be determined by calculation (rectification). At the same time completely lost the biological sense of time, it is unknown what exactly happened at the time, which is defined as the time of birth of the person. Just found the time for which built horoscope describes the characteristics of the person or event in his life.

In different systems the following coordinates of the vertices of houses and homes of the incident vary. And therefore, if in the process of distillation used information about the characteristics of these houses, the result will depend on which system to carry it out.

As experience proves astrology horoscopes efficiency built into the various systems of homes, we can assume that each system describes a particular layer being (interesting, for example, the hypothesis that B. Izraitelya that each system is identified by a house or a planet, for example Placidus – Moon, Koch – Mars, etc.).

If so, it is natural to assume that different systems of buildings associated with the various events of the process of birth. Because these events are separated in time, the system should be built for different things. This assumption can be verified. Events that occur with a person throughout life, require him to action, adequate environment, forcing him to make choices and to exercise creativity, to preserve the old structures and create new ones, to communicate with people and solve some problems. Almost every event affects all levels of being described by the principles of the planets, and it is possible to predict in any of the really working systems houses. Therefore, for the prediction of events is enough to have a horoscope, in any system built homes, it is only important that it be securely otrektifitsirovan. This position is also checked.

The exact time the event has ever known. The interval in which there is interest to us in time (eg birthday), called the interval of uncertainty. The task of rectification of horoscope is to reduce this interval, inside which is of interest to us at birth, to the required limits.

In general, the solution begins with a distillation interval of uncertainty, equal to 24 hours. (The case is known only to a birthday). Even then, you can apply for rectification proposed method, but need to automate the calculations. If we do this work manually, it is technically possible to use formal methods of rectification is to apply the conditions for the realization of events in the birth of man, when the position of the Ascendant is known to within one or two signs of the zodiac. It is necessary to use a table format of the horoscope – Table Bindu (Bindhu).

Rectification problem is solved in two stages. In the first phase within the initial interval of uncertainty defined periods of time when we are interested at all in place (for example in Moscow) could be born a man. In implementing this event at home working all the natal chart. It can only happen if all the necessary conditions, so by the very fact of birth is sometimes possible to significantly reduce the uncertainty interval for the time of birth.

In the second stage, the time itself was born. It uses information about the events that took place with this man: when he married (or married), children were born, born parents moved to (a) to another apartment, etc.

The first task of rectification begins by using the point of life (TMK), which coincides in time with a person’s birth 0 degrees Aries. If the significator of a house at the time of birth has no direct or indirect aspect of 0gradusov Aries, the top of the house is supposed to do with this point of direct aspect (ie, directly connects the two planets or two of any map element).

For example, we know that at the time of birth back from 4 to 15 degrees of Sagittarius and Mars, which, as I significator of the house, nothing to do with 0 degrees of Aries. Then within the selected interval 0gradusov Aries forms only one aspect of the Ascendant – half quintile with an orb of 1 degree. Thus, ASC may only be in the range from 11 to 13 degrees Sagittarius.

Further reduction of the interval of uncertainty can be achieved by other methods that are used in the case when all the aspects the TMK significators.

In particular, the implementation of the directorate’s work tops of houses must be connected with the provisions of the natal significators direct or indirect aspects (ie the aspect in which the two planets are directly related to aspects of the third). At birth, directional arc is zero, so the very top natal home to make direct or indirect aspect of the significator of the house, and received the same aspect orb orb natal chart.

Consider the birth chart rectification man, born in Moscow on February 4, 1938 It is known that the Ascendant of the horoscope of the man Leo, the initial uncertainty interval of time of birth is 3:00. (Sidereal time from 0 to 3 hours)..

In the rectification process using a table Bindu defined areas of the zodiac, where the top houses make direct or indirect aspects at the same time with his significator and the significator of the house opposite (top of opposite houses aspected the same planet). Then the tables are calculated values of homes sidereal time at which the top houses are the coordinates corresponding to the boundaries of intervals found.


In Table. Figure 1 shows the zones and intervals of the zodiac sidereal time, in which the vertices I and VII of houses made simultaneously direct and indirect aspects of Mars and Venus in Leo in the sunrise of interest to us daily.

Another criterion for a person’s birth, resulting from the conditions of realization of events, is the existence of direct or indirect aspect of the ruler of the house with his significator or direct aspect with apex at home.

In this case, the Sun, which up to 1h 22m sidereal time is the sole ruler of the house I is a map of the indirect aspect with Mars. However, from this point on the top of the house is on the II and the ruler of Virgo is also home I and Mercury, the significator aspects the no. Therefore, after this time the Ascendant and Mercury, which is located in 24.18 degrees of Capricorn, should be directly related to aspect. This is possible provided that the ASC is located on 13.18 degrees to 15.18 degrees Leo (sidereal time 1h 17m – 1h 29m) – an aspect of 160 degrees a degree, from 23.18 degrees to 25.18 degrees Leo (sidereal time 2h 17m – 2h 30m) – 150 degrees and a degree from 29.18 degrees to 30 degrees of Leo (sidereal time 2h 54M – 3h 00m) – 144 degrees 1 gradus. Poluchennuyu information on the possible position of the top I home most conveniently analyzed in using the timeline in which we select intervals when the position of the top home does not satisfy the conditions of implementation of events.


Fig.1. Sidereal time intervals in which the top I home does not meet the

From Figure 1 it follows that this person could be born in a period of 1h 27m to 2h 17m and 2h 30m to 3h 00m before, ie I study at home reduced the initial uncertainty interval of time of birth for 80 min.

Similarly, the analysis of aspects of pairs of vertices of the other houses (II-VIII, III-IX, IV-X, V-XI and VI-XII), moving along the Zodiac as it moves through Leo horizon, as well as the rulers of these houses. Timing diagram showing the results of a study of all the houses natal chart is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2. Sidereal time intervals during which the February 4, 1938 in Moscow could not be born a man with Leo Ascendant at

Thus, we decided the first task of rectification, setting the time interval in which this might have been born a man. Uncertainty interval of time of birth at the same time reduced from 3 hours. to 8 minutes. Thus, there are times when, without involving any other information except the fact of birth, can otrektifitsirovat map very accurately, but this rarely happens.

Now we define when a person was not born at all, but this is quite specific. To do this, ask the time of birth within the previously defined intervals to check, using the conditions for the realization of events could occur whether these or other events in the life of the person at a time when they actually happened. In this case, investigated the death of his father’s master card (working IV, VIII, X and XI of the house, directional arc 22.074 degrees) and the birth of his child (work II, IV, V and X at home, directional arc 26.334 degrees).

First we check the shortest intervals. Subject to the successful hit can rid itself of large and time-consuming chore.

The inspection revealed that this man could be born in minute intervals the second and third hours. Therefore, you must use the conditions for the realization of events to investigate the five-minute interval – from 0h 29m 0h 34m to the sidereal time (the Ascendant in the range from 5.21 degrees to 6.05 degrees of Leo).

If this directional significators and stewards will direct and indirect aspects to natal significators, then no additional information to reduce the interval of uncertainty there will be no need to use more, and other events in the life of this man. If no such issues, and there are direct aspects of the vertices of houses natal chart, you may be able to further reduce the uncertainty interval.

The study Ascendant moves in this range and using a table Bindu determine the coordinates of the boundaries of the existence of interest issues for the vertices of all homes. Then calculate the limits of the coordinates of the vertices house natal chart and the tables of homes is calculated corresponding range of variation of the sidereal time of birth.

In this case, the investigation of the death of his father’s top XI at home doing the proper aspect to 11.74 degrees Gemini (71.74 degrees). Since the directional arc is known, we calculate the position of the vertex XI home birth chart. To do this, subtract the directional arc from the calculated directional boundary at home:

71.740 ° – 22.074 ° = 49.666 degrees.

Consequently, the top XI at home cannot be located on 19.666 degrees of Taurus, which corresponds to 0 h 31m 43sek. sidereal time, i.e. uncertainty interval decreased and became equal to 2m 43sek.

Details of this example is discussed in the article which appeared in number 8 and number 9 of the magazine “Russian Astrology”.

The study of all the houses of horoscope allowed in this example, the analysis of a single event to reduce the uncertainty intrval up to 16 seconds. Distillation showed that this man was born from 0h 30m 30s. 0h 30m to 46sek. sidereal time.

In fact, this is not true, because Moscow is great, and the coordinates of a maternity hospital is unknown. In addition, tables of houses are designed with some errors and ephemeris contain some inaccuracies.

Coordinates of the vertices of homes in this sample were determined from the tables of homes Placidus drawn up for Moscow Vladimir Bogdanov. Compare them with those who give some of the astrological programs.


In 1938, Moscow was located approximately between 55 ° 40 ‘and 55 ° 50’ north latitude. At these latitudes at the time of birth considered master card back (CONCEPT) 5 ° 20’21 “and 5 ° 28’46” Leo, respectively. If you do not take into account the position of a maternity hospital in the city, the maximum error in the Ascendant will be 8’25 “. If his hope for the city center, the +4’12”.

During the time interval equal to the above uncertainty of time of birth (which itself has some uncertainty), in accordance with the tables Bogdanov Ascendant position is changed to 2’47 “.

The maximum variation of planetary positions calculated by the ephemeris of Michelson and through programs Table 2, are:

Sun – 34 ”     Venus – 31 “

Saturn – 1’20 ”       Moon – 1’52 “

Mars – 1’00 ”           Uranus – 1’01 “

Mercury – 37 ”       Jupiter – 25 “

Neptune – 28 ”       Pluto – 1’00 “


Thus, even a rough estimate of the error calculation of the Ascendant is 12 – 16 ‘arc, and, consequently, the instrumental error of calculation time of birth in this case lies in the range 1.2 – 1.6’ time.

The scatter of data is not talking about the fact that one of the used programs or tables of houses and ephemeris better or worse than another. All the tables and the data obtained with the help of any software package that contains some errors. Just when dealing with each specific card should be used on any one tool, and remember that all the results are not completely accurate.

Assume sidereal time of birth equal to 0h 30m 38 sec. 8 sec. and test carried out by rectification in another event – the birth of a child. For this we use transits of the planets.

The provisions of all the planets except the Moon and Mars, in a child’s birthday satisfy implement events for all the days of civil time. Moon and Mars during the day do not always satisfy these conditions, which allows you to emphasize during the day time intervals when the event (birth) could not happen (Fig. 3).

Figure 3. Time (Civil) the possible birth of a child during the day

So, we have confirmed the accuracy of rectification. At that date could really be born child. But other than that could also determine the amount of time when this could happen in one day (the child was born during daylight and 12 hours)..

Indeed, the rapid transits of the planets, especially the Moon, may allow to determine the time of implementation of events up to hours and minutes.

Rectification in this case held in the Placidus. When you move to another system of rectification should be repeated in each system houses separately, because each of them is presumably related to the different moments of time. If the horoscope is otrektifitsirovan in any system, the initial uncertainty interval is sufficiently narrow.

Rectification technique in any other systems houses is no different from that used for rectification in the Placidus.

Rectification in the system was carried out by Koch to the same events as in the Placidus – at his father’s death and the birth of a child – with the help of software package ALMAGEST 4.0. The result of rectification – 16h 22m civil time 10 sec. Coordinates of the vertices of houses of horoscopes, built in the Placidus and Koch systems to calculate the time, are presented in Table 3.


Thus, the rectification of the natal chart, drawn in different systems of buildings, gives a different birth time, which confirms the above assumption.

Check with the rectification of the events were not used in this process showed that the conditions necessary for their implementation are carried out in both the horoscopes of the above. This suggests the possibility of predicting events on the map, otrektifitsirovannoy in different systems of buildings. Note that in our practice have not seen cases refute this possibility.

Thus, the experimental data directly confirm the assumption about the properties of systems houses and indirectly – the possibility that each of them describes a certain level of human existence.

These examples show that the rectification procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Identify aspects of TMK significators homes. If any of significators with TMK has direct or indirect aspects, calculated time intervals in which the top of the house, having given the significator, makes direct aspects of the origin.
  2. We investigate aspects of the peaks with their homes and significators set periods of time when such matters (whether direct or indirect) exist. According to the results corrected interval of uncertainty.
  3. Similarly, we study aspects of the rulers of houses significators. If such issues do not exist, defined time intervals in which the lords make direct aspects of the vertices of the houses. The results obtained are analyzed together with the results of paragraphs 1 and 2.
  4. Dates of events that occurred with the owner rektifitsiruemogo horoscope, with the conditions of their implementation checked highlighted in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 intervals.
  5. Work is continuing to establish the required precision of the time of birth. If this is not enough for the analyzed events, their list should be expanded.
  6. The results are verified by fractionation of events, not used in the process of rectification.

At this rectification is completed.

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