Fortunate Combinations

When the Bhagya (Fortune) Rises ?

The word Bhagyodaya is a very unique word in the Hindu Astrology. It refers to the time when the happiness in the life is achieved. It is a time in the life of a native when he has a great leap in his progress and enjoys the happiness of the life. Remember, it is not only the wealth, but some sort of satisfaction of desire is achieved which gives the long lasting betterment effect in the path of life.

It is the main concern of every human being when Goddess of Fortune will smile and the Kismet (Bhagya) rises in his life. Ancient Classic on Astrology “Jyotish Ratnakar” describes some clear thoughts on the subject.

Part – 173

  1. If the lord of ninth (Bhagya Sthana) Lord is deposited in one of the Kendras (1, 4 ,7 or 10), the native gets rise in the First stage of life. If the Lord of ninth is deposited in Trines (trikona sthana – 5 and 9) or it is exalted, the native is fortunate in the middle stage of the life. If the ninth lord is deposited in places other than Kendra and Trikona (2, 3, 6, 8, 11, 12) and is in the own sign or in friendly signs, the native is fortunate in the old age of life. This is a very general rule.


  1. Similarly, if we divide the twelve Bhavas in the three groups, each group has four Bhavas(signs). Lagna, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Bhava are in the first group, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Bhava are in second group, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th are in the third group. The first group governs the early stage of life (Balya Avastha). The second group governs the middle stage of Life (Yuva Avastha) and the third stage of life governs the third stage of life (Vridhdha Avastha).

Now, we have to observe the nature of planets deposited in these groups. We know that Guru and Shukra are considered as benefic planets. Budha-Mercury is considered benefic when he is in the company of benefic and malefic in the company of malefic. The Moon-Chandrama is benefic when he is not Ksheena ( क्षीण = अमावास्या चंद्रमा) i.e. the Moon is away from the Sun.

We have to count the number of benefic planets in all three groups of houses. The distribution of benefic planets in the group of houses decides the quantum of happiness in that part of the life. If, all the benefic planets are evenly distributed in the three groups, the person is happy throughout the life. Generally, this is observed in the life.


  1. If the ascendant is having benefic sign with no malefic planet deposited and has the aspect of benefic planet, the person is happy from the early stage, childhood only. If the ascendant has more than one malefic planet, the person is unhappy throughout the life.


  1. If the Lord of Ascendant is deposited in benefic sign and has aspect of benefic planet OR if Ascendant Lord is deposited in ninth house OR the ninth lord is deposited in fifth house, the person is happy after sixteen years of his age.


  1. If the Navamansha Lord of the Lagnesh (Lord of D-9 of Ascendant Lord e. sign lord of the navamansha of the lord of the Ascendant) is deposited in Ascendant, or in the Trines or in the 11th house and has strength, or is exalted, the person is happy after thirty years of his age.


  1. Examine the horoscope for these three combinations:
    1. The Lagnesh is in 2nd house
    2. Navamsha lord of the Lagnesh is in the 2nd house and
    3. 11th lord is in the 2nd.

If any of the combination is found, the native is happy after twenty years of his age.

  1. The Dispositor of the Ninth house i.e. Lord of the sign in which 9th lord is deposited is called Fortune Maker Planet (भाग्य कर्ता ग्रह). E.g. In a horoscope, the ninth lord is Mars and is in Kumbha, the Saturn (being the sign lord of Kumbha) becomes Fortune Maker Planet. The native is fortunate after 36 years in this case. The following Table shows the age after which the native becomes fortunate depending upon the Fortune Maker Planet.


Fortune Maker Planet (Dispositor of Ninth house)

Age after which the Native is Fortunate


22 Years


24 Years


28 Years


32 Years


16 Years


25 Years


36 Years


In the above example, Shani becomes the Bhagya Karta Grah. The native decided to purchase his own house in 36th year and moved from Govt. quarter to his own house in 37th year. His wife had a birth of a son in his 38th year.



The Unfortunate Combinations


Part -174 Unfortunate Combinations for Natives

  1. Of course, no one will be ready to know about the unfortunate combinations in his life, but it is to be accepted that the person has to pass through the unfortunate events as per his doctrine of rebirths i.e. balance of Sanchit Karma (संचित कर्म) in the past births. The fortunate are those who has Bhagyesh (9th Lord), 2nd Lord, Lagnesh etc are exalted and placed in benefic houses. In contrary, if the 9th lord is debilitated or deposited in 6th, 8th or 12th houses and are with or aspected by malefic planets, the native is unfortunate.


  1. If Shani is deposited in 9th house and Lagnesh and Chandrama is debilitated, the native lives by beggary.(भिक्षाजीवी, माधुकरी)


  1. If the Surya and Chandra are debilitated or moving towards Neech (Debiliated sign), it destroys the fortune.


  1. If Mangal is in the eighth, Surya in Trine(5th and 9th) and Chandra is in 10th, the native is Begger.


  1. If the 4th Lord is
    1. Neech (Debiliated)
    2. Asta
    3. Hammed between the Malefic planets
    4. In conjunction with malefic planet
    5. Aspected by malefic planet
    6. Deposited in enemy’s sign and
    7. Deposited in malefic houses, (6th, 8th and 12th)

If any one combination is found in the rasi chart of a person, the native loses his house, estate and land Property. If more combinations are found, almost everything is lost due to misfortune.


  1. If the forth house
    1. is hammed in between the malefic planets i.e. malefics are in 3rd and 5th house, or
    2. has malefic planet deposited in it or
    3. has aspect of the malefic planet or
    4. has sign of malefic planet or
    5. has its Navamsha of malefic sign

the native loses his immovable property-Land, estate etc due to misfortune.


  1. If the 4th lord is in its own sign but with malefic and deposited in 6th, 8th or 12th, the native loses his immovable property.


  1. If the 4th lord is Neecha (Debilitated) and deposited in 2nd with malefic planet, the land property is lost.


  1. If the 4th lord is exalted and conjoins the malefic planet, the native has to sell his immovable property due to lean circumstances.


The forth lord and forth house should be in a good position to preserve the Land and immovable property. The presence of malefic planet or relation with malefic houses poses problems in preserving the land property.