Glimpses of Panchadhyayee by Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra

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4- Reference Ch. 3, Shloka 34

‘A house or a Graha resting in Adhomukha or Samhara Nakshatra indicates mediocre effects while the same in Srishti or Urdhvamukha tends to be pro-active.’

Nakshtra occupied by the Sun is known as Bent head or Adhomukha, while the preceding is called as Head raised or Urdhvamukha.

So many dispositions alike have been discussed in the book when a house or a Graha considerably lose its benevolence. Rules have also been profusely illustrated with real examples.

3- Reference Ch. 3, Shloka 6

A house results in  benevolence as more and more of the following are disposed strongly:

  • Degrees of the house (Bhava Madhya) in benevolent Vargas;
  • The house lord’
  • The Kaaraka of the house’
  • The Graha located therein’
  • The Graha rendering aspect to the house.

A house or planet falling in benevolent almost in 6 divisions obtains potential like an exalted planet. That is technically known as ‘Shadvarga Shuddha Graha’.

 A Graha happening to be in ’Bhadra Panchaka’ is all time beneficial in totality.

(vide Ch. 3, Shloka 12)

2- Reference Ch. 2, Shloka 107

The following planets may prove Maaraka even when the planet does not obtain the same otherwise. The most undesirable effects would be there when the planet in consideration is in debilitation, in an inimical rashi or aspected by/ associated with malefics:

  • Sun in the 12 th;
  • Moon in the 8 th;
  • Mars in the 7 th;
  • Mercury alone in the 7 th;
  • Jupiter in the 3 rd;
  • Venus in the 6 th;
  • Saturn in the 1 st.’

The Sun in 12 disburses restlessness, chronic disease, hypertension etc., and hence ill health as the house occupied by Sun becomes combust while house next to the Sun is treated as  ‘Dhoomit’, i.e., smoky.

The Moon in 8 gives rise to sudden bad effects during matured age while in childhood may results in ‘Balarishta’.

Mercury derives effect of the planet associated with or of the dispositor. Such mercury acts like a dummy of the lord of the house occupied. Therefore, Mercury alone in 7 may easily be treated as the benefic 7 th lord in 7, i.e., a Maaraka.

Similarly, other planets also attract relevant plea strictly going with ancient classics. (vide original )

1- Reference Ch. 2, Shloka 53

The Sun is ranked as a special Karaka, when rests in Pushya, Uttara Phalguni, Moola or Rewati Nakshatra.

Similarly, Venus in Ashwini, Krittika, Pushya, Swati or Rewati behaves as a special Karaka.

  • Generally, the Sun in Jupiter’s rashi and Jupiter in Simha are not considered to be much benevolent.
  • Here contrary looks the above-cited rule as Moola and Rewati respectively fall in domain of Dhanu and Meena, while Pushya (ruling deity Jupiter) also belongs to Jupiter.
  • Hence, the Sun happening to be in any of above nakshatra becomes a special Kaaraka irrespective to its house-position.
  • Similarly, Venus sounds in Pushya (ruled by Jupiter).

These are some exceptions where the set doctrine of fixing Karakatwa of a Graha becomes weird.

It would be of some interest of our readers that several other rules of the same kind are inherent in the book.

And this all has been presented in accordance with statements of sages as found in different classics and also illustrated with actual horoscopic examples.

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