Good Remembrances of SHRI SWAMIJI

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The founder of Baroda astrology club, Shri Swamiji.

I always remember their Astrology love & strong faith in it.

I want to share some incidence with u.


When I got contact with him, he had already lost his eyesight in cataract problem.

Because of this problem he could not read but his memory was too powerful.

He could use Astrology’s complicated rules very easily.


When he was young, he worked as personal astrologer of some actors & rich people.

So, he got very much fame & good money also.


He got the shield & shoal from Bhavnagar astrology club.

He got also the respect from Nadiad astrology club. He also got fame at Mumbai, Gujarat and also many more places.


Now, I want to give you such example with client’s personal conversation.


If there was any kundli, which didn’t have any name or any address then also swamiji gave the right answer. (If any person read the kundli, loudly in front of swamiji)

Once up on a time, one person asks swamiji abt the kundli of one lady & asks one important thing for her.

Many astrologers gave different answer but they are not completed and also not sufficient.

At last, swamiji said that “This woman get richer due to or after marriage.”

Actually, that lady got married with rich person & got widow, after that got all wealth of her husband & she had repeated this same incidence in her life twice & she got same result.


One day, well known Astrologer had come to the club with her wife. He was well qualified person.

He had shown his kundli to swamiji…..


When swamiji seen that kundli then he said very strange thing that “your wife will leave you suddenly in your life!”

After some day, that person’s wife left him & went with an edge person.

So, swamiji was right at that time.


Another incidence abt him self once up on a time,

His friend told him to predict swamiji’s own life. This incidence was happened around 1960

Swamiji answered “What do u do after knowing my future, I am not going to become a millionaire or billionaire” and actually, swamiji had lost his eyes at later stage & past his life in social work.


In the same manner with the intension of testing his knowledge, one person showed a photo print of hand, this incidence was happened.

(When the swamiji was able to see)

At that time the person asks abt his wealth then swamiji answered a person is suffering from incurable dieses. & which was an amazingly true.

Swamiji was born on 11th march 1922.

& he was passed away on 23rd July 1995.

From an inspiration of Swamiji, for the fair well of people, Every Sunday at Baroda astrology club, gives free service & teaching of astrology at “Sharda Mandir School, Salatwada.”





 (Baroda Astrology Club)

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